Friday, December 31, 2010


Just the obligatory New Year post in which I tell you all my New Year's Resolutions that I'm probably going to end up breaking but whatev. :P

2011. Twenty eleven. MMXI. The year Collingwood wins its 16th premiership. Etc. Etc.

Anyway, happy new year to my awesome 20 followers! And don't even bother unfollowing me this year, because I have a team of Gremlins that instantly finds you and sets your entire family on fire. :P

What did everyone do on New Year's Eve?
I went into the city with some friends. We caught the train, then went to Crown, then walked along Southbank where we saw the fireworks. It was amazing. It was all like, "FIREWORKZ!!!111!!1!!~". And then Katy Perry came along.
(I'm joking, Katy Perry wasn't there. And she wouldn't have kissed me at midnight anyway, due to the fact that I wasn't wearing cherry chapstick. Whatever.)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, Australia can't win the Ashes. Poo. :(
But they can still draw the series! Hahahaha. :P

Anyway, I'm no expert but I think Australia need a spinner. Like, an actual spinner. Doherty was good and I think they should've kept him but he didn't have much Test experience.
(I don't know why they want Michael Beer in the team because he has no Test experience, but whatever. The selectors probably have ulterior motives.)

I don't see what's wrong with Nathan Hauritz. (If you have any ideas, post a comment. I'd like to know.)
He's a good spinner! Why is he not selected in the team?
And he can make runs. Sometimes. I'm sure he could have made as many runs as Doherty, maybe even more.

Also, as well as a spinner, Australia need some middle order batsmen. (Or maybe just some batsmen, regardless of whether they are middle order or not.)
-MHuss can stay, he's been good in the first three Tests.
-Clarke should be dropped. idk.
-Ponting can stay.
-(t)Watto can stay. (Funny story: I has a poster in my room of Shane Watson. And it clearly says "TEAMWORK" on top. How ironic.)
-Haddin is definitely staying.
-Smith might stay. I don't think they should've replaced Marcus North with a bowler, but Smith is an alright batsman. Not much compared to North, but whatever.
-Siddle can stay, and may as well join the middle order after his 40 runs at the MCG. (But he should restrain himself from mis-timing his sixes. What even.)
-Hughes can stay. We shall overlook his run-out and blame (t)Watto for that. :P
-Johnson should go. But then again, Bollinger isn't much good with the bat either and neither is Hilfy. (My suggestion is Clint McKay but I know that will be ignored.)
-Hilfenhaus can stay. Batting is poor, but his super bowling is good.

I really want Harris to stay, because he's probably the best bowler (after Siddle and Hilfy).
But he's injured. :(

Anyway, I suppose Khawajahaja can come into the team, right? RIGHT?! /wishful thinking.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I know this is a little bit late, but whatever. Christmas has come and gone, and I still haven't blogged in what feels like ages. :/.

For Christmas, I got: a Glee DVD, a Glee CD (with songs from Season 2), shoes, socks, and some more stuff that I've probably forgotten. Whatever.

The Boxing Day test has started. Australia aren't doing too well. They are up to Day 4, and Australia still need about 250 runs to equal England's score, plus another 200 to give England a good run chase. Then, they still have to bowl England out.

And England already have 6 wickets (and maybe one more, because Ryan Harris is injured) and Haddin and Mitch Johnson have to keep batting for two whole days for a draw. :/

Anyway, England may have the urn, but hopefully Australia can win the Sydney Test. It will make the One Day matches a little more interesting, right?

Oh and I saw Hairspray on Boxing Day! :D
It was really exciting and bright and colourful. They sang a lot, and it was really loud, but it was pretty funny and stuff.
I have never actually seen either of the two Hairspray movies, but I still understood what was going on. :)

And the winner of the first SYTYCDA season (Jack Chambers) played Link, the teen heart-throb who the girls had a massive crush on. :P

And yeah. Good times.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I feel like writing another fanfic. Even though you stalkers couldn't give a crap about my epic fanfics, you can put up with them anyway. :P

In another time zone, me and Mitchie sat outside the WACA, soaking up the sunshine.
"La di da," Mitchie mused, happily. He'd just finished playing cricket for the day, and was feeling very joyful.
Naturally, I was jumping out of my skin, because of Mitchie's awesomeness at cricket.

A guy drove past us going really fast.
We didn't notice who he was, until he braked suddenly and said, "Mitch, I want your phone number."
I gave him a fierce look. "Whaaaaaat?"
Kevin Pietersen repeated himself. "Mitch, d'urg? Phone number? Please?"
Mitchie shook his head. "Get lost," he said, frowning at Kevin.

I opened my bag and started to get the pies out. Mitchie beat me to it and grabbed one pie and shoved it straight into Pietersen's ugly face.
"Go Mitchie!" I yelled.
But Mitchie kept going. He got another pie, and shoved that in Pietersen's face.
"Bam!" I cried, grinning.
Mitchie ended up throwing four more pies into Pietersen's ugly face.
"D'urg?" KP asked, his face covered in custard and pastry.

"Hahaha," I said, high-fiving Mitchie, "That's the best 6-faaa of the day!"
Mitchie grinned back. "Uh huh."

Ashes update:
Mitch Johnson got 6 wickets(a 6-faaaa!), Harris got three, and Siddle got 1. Yay.
And (t)Watto and MHuss are going to make a big lead for Australia and bat all today and most of tomorrow. :D.
England were all bowled out for 187 in 1st innings. Shaaaaaaame.
But the hard part comes later when Australia have to get ANOTHER 10 wickets to win the game. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


(click on it to make it bigger.)
I copied the text from my 2010 NaNoWriMo story and pasted it in Wordle.
The above image is the final result.

So, pretty much, I used the word "Sam", "Jack", "Melly" and "Jess" quite a bit. They were the four main characters in my story, so it makes sense. :)

A little recap of my story:
Melly (main character) has been to several different schools but can't make friends at any of them. So, she goes to McKinley High (the school where Glee is set) and meets Sam (blonde guy in Glee). They start dating and are really good friends, until Sam's ex-girlfriend Jess goes to the school. Sam starts dating his ex again, then they both get expelled (I know, it's weird), so Melly is all alone. She makes friends with Mercedes (a girl in the Glee Club) and Ellie (new girl). Sam goes to another school, gets expelled from that, and goes back to McKinley High in a disguise of brown hair and alias of Matt. He befriends Melly and Ellie, who have no idea about his real identity. Then, Sam rings up Melly to explain that Matt was actually him and wants to be friends again. Melly accepts, and is happy that Sam is back at school with her.

And yeah. Long paragraph, I know. And it's a pretty crap story, but hey, I got to 50,000 words! Hahahaha. :P

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, today I made muffins. There was a banana sitting on the bench, and it was about to go black, so I made these epic banana muffins. :P.

I don't know why I chose pink icing. I couldn't find any cocoa (because I totally wanted to do chocolate icing) so I had to choose either red, yellow, green or blue food colouring.

And I chose red. Because it's Christmas coming up, so I thought, "Hey, why not?"
But they turned out pink. (I should've known that white icing sugar + red food colouring = pink. Whatever I was doing in art class in primary school, I don't know.)
(There's nothing wrong with pink, though. I just wanted Christmas, is all.)

Anyway, they are muffin-cupcake hybrids. Because they aren't in little cups (so I can't call them cupcakes), yet they are iced like a cupcake (hence they can't be muffins).
And everyone loves a hybrid, right? RIGHT?!

My muffins are totally awesome, that they make Masterchef's creations look like poo. Hahahaha. :P.
Matt P would be silly to give my muffins anything under 12/10. Ha!

And yeah.
Good times.
I get bored sometimes. Clearly, I need to get out more. :/.

Hm. Glee is on tonight! ^_____^
It's the episode where they bake cupcakes (coincidence? I think not) and they can't sell them so Puck gets some drugs and then, the cupcakes sell really quickly. And all the money goes to Artie, so that he can travel to Sectionals with the rest of the team. :D.

Also in the episode: Sue's older sister who is Down's Syndrome. It's so cute and happy, watching Sue and her sister. :).

That is all.
See ya later, peeps.

EDIT: Has anyone ever been on Dear Blank, Please Blank?
It's pretty funny.
Anyway, I found this one:

Dear Cupcakes,
The fact that you cover yourselves up with icing says a lot about your self-esteem.
Sincerely, Muffins.

Yeah. Obviously, my epic cupcakes have self-esteem issues. Great. :(.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well. I probably haven't blogged properly in ages. Like, besides the fanfics and stuff. (They are good fanfics, I'd totally read them if I were you.)

I've been watching the Ashes lately. (the cricket- Australia vs England.)
Australia hasn't been doing too well. Like, they were lucky to get a draw for the first match, but in the second match, EVERYTHING was going England's way. :(.
(Well, maybe it was because England > Australia, and their batting and bowling was way better, but whatever. It could've been just luck. Who knows?)

Oh well. Australia can win the next three Test matches, no problem. Just bring in some other players, maybe Hauritz (cos he has experience at Test cricket, right?).
And I don't know who can substitute Marcus North, because you'd need someone who can score runs AND bowl a bit too.
And maybe drop a bowler. idk, maybe Bollinger?

La la la. :)
I watched Glee on Monday night. It was a repeat but still good. ^____^
I so hope that they put the Glee Christmas episode on TV in December, and not next year in March or whenever the ratings season starts again. :/.

Anyway, I am awesome. :P
Goodbye for now, peeps!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"La la la," I said, bored. It was raining heavily, as me and Mitchie stared out the window sadly.
December promised summer and sun and fun times to be had! But all we could see was the gloominess out of the windows of the pie shop.

"Let's get another pie!" Mitchie said, brightly.
So we did. And we ate the hot apple pie, enjoying every last bit of it. Mmm.

Our moods dampened when the pie was finished. "If only I was going to Adelaide, y'know," Mitchie said, glumly, "I'd get away from the east coast, leaving the rain behind me~".
"Yah, too true," I agreed, sadly, "If only."

Minutes went by. Then it turned into hours.
But before hours could even think about turning into days, a guy walked into the shop.
"Howdy," the guy said, taking off his hat and glancing around at the shop, "I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow, d'urg, I need a pie for a snack, y'know?"
The shopkeeper looked at him. "What flavour pie?"
"D'urggg," the guy said, "A custard one."

When the shopkeeper gave the custard pie to the guy, I finally realised who it was. Andrew Strauss.
"Ah, you century-making bitch!" I yelled, jumping up and grabbing the pie off him.
"D'urggg?" Strauss asked.
I was about to chuck the pie at him, but I slipped on something wet on the floor. As I fell, the pie fell from my grasp. "Nooooo!" I screamed, falling to the floor, "The pie, the pie!"
Mitchie was already on it, standing up and swooping down on the pie before Strauss.
In an ineffable pie-throwing motion, Mitchie chucked the pie right in Strauss' face. Score!

"Hahaha," I said, still on the floor. I reached up to high-five Mitchie, and then he helped me up.
"Teamwork," Mitchie said, grinning.

(Note to reader: Comment the story if you wish for any characters to appear in a fanfic.)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Remember when I used to write fanfics on this blog, which were just stories about me being bffs with Mitchell Johnson?
WELLLLL. Here is another one:

Me and Mitchell Johnson were walking down the street. It was a bright and lovely day, and the sun was shining.
"La la la," I sang, skipping along the footpath.
"Ho hum," Mitchie said.

Then, suddenly, Jonathon Trott appeared from behind a bush.
"MWAH HA HA~," he said, d'urggggingly, "YOU'LL NEVER GET ME OUT, JOHNSON."
I got angry. No, wait, I got FIERCE. Like a tiger. I whipped out an apple pie from my back pocket and held it in one hand.
"Shut up, Trott," I said, fierceeeely.
"NOOO," he d'urggged.
I was just about to throw the pie, when Mitchie yelled, "Laura, I'll throw it! I've been practising!"
So, I gave the pie to Mitchie. He hurled the pie at Trott in a perfect throwing action. It hit Trott's ugly brutish face and we heard Trott scream, "D'URGGGG!"

Me and Mitchie high-fived each other and laughed.
We ran away, still laughing, all the way back to the pie shop. Hahahaha.

(Note to reader: If you haven't been watching The Ashes, Mitchell Johnson has bowled a few balls that are so wide, that some people call it "pie throwing".)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


For those of you who didn't know, I did NaNoWriMo. Which meant I had to write a 50,000 word story in the month of November.

And I did it! The pictures (above) are my proof.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yeah, it was the State Election that I voted in this time, and like the Federal one, I had no idea who to vote for. :/.

So, I voted Liberal. (And because the Liberal candidate was at the top, I did a donkey vote. Hahaha.)
And then, I voted Liberal above the line, in the other House. :P.
(I really wanted to vote below the line and mark a number in every box, but I got lazy.)

My reasons for doing so:
-They are going to build a Southland station. I don't even go to Southland that much, but hey, it's a cool idea.
-Myki was Labor's idea, right? So maybe Liberal might get rid of it? idk. (fyi~, Myki is the company that does the public transport tickets, and I don't hate Myki, I just prefer the old system.)
-Labor have been the government for 10 years or something. Time for a change.

And yeah.
I also like the Greens. As I've said before, they are pro-environment and all that. But I don't know anything else they care about so whatever. :/.

I just hope it's not a Hung Parliament or whatever the hell happened last time. That was pretty messy, and this time, there will be no Bob Katter to clean it up. :(.

Oh and you guys! Glee is on Monday! :D.
I don't know much about the episode, but I've seen some promos for it. There's going to be a marriage (probably Finn's mum and Kurt's dad) and Finchel (Rachel & Finn) do this epic dance-y thing at the wedding and it's all so cool and amazing. ^_____^

And also, my NaNoWriMo is going well, I'm up to 47,000 words or something. :).
If you're lucky, I will post a little exercept of my story on this blog. MAYBE. (Don't get your hopes up, though.)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Omg, you guys, OH MY GOD.
I went to see the Harry Potter movie today and it was AWESOME.

Okay, so I may review it and release some spoilers but I'll try not to.

So, even though the tickets were $17 or some ridiculous amount like that (SERIOUSLY! I even showed my concession card and it's STILL expensive. The adult tickets were $20. wtf.), I was still excited, y'know.

THEN, the movie started and it was kinda sad with Hermione leaving her parents. :(.
But the whole movie was kind of like that, being all solemn and suspenseful. The movie ended in a "What will happen next?" way (which was probably done to get people to watch the second half next year.)

There were two really sad moments. (spoilers are in white writing, k?)
When Hedwig came to save Harry from the Death Eaters and died, that was pretty sad. She just fell to the ground, cos one of the Death Eaters probably used a Stunning spell or something.
But they didn't go into much detail around this death, which was kind of good, cos I didn't want to flood the cinema. ;_;

Then, Dobby died at the end of this movie. ;_;
They showed Harry crying over Dobby's dead body, then Luna came over, then they buried him in the sand. IT WAS SO SAD. Dobby was like my favourite character (as well as Luna and Hedwig). WHY. :(.

Anyhoo, the scariest part was the bit at Godric's Hollow. I won't bother going into explanation but it was SCARY.

But yeah, it was a good movie. Seriously.
I really recommend you all go see it.
Like, it helps if you read the book, but even if you don't, I think you'll still know what's going on.

It's really well set out and very graphic and, except for the part where they are running through the forest and the camera goes all jerky, it's pretty clear what's happening. :)

And even if you are a bit of a cheapskate, I still recommend it. Just buy some cheap lollies from Safeway or something, or go without food.
It's 2 and a half hours (which may seem long), but it's so engrossing and you'll love every minute of it. And go to the toilet beforehand, you will not want to miss a thing.

Luna Lovegood was so good in it. She's still my favourite character. :P
I kind of wanted her and Harry to get married but whatever.

J.K. Rowling may be a good author, but she kills off some of my favourite characters and doesn't arrange the couples very well. :(.
(Although, Ron and Hermione are okay together. I like them both so I'm happy.)

And yeah.
Go see it. NOW.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Some fun facts about some cricketers who are playing Sheffield Shield matches with their state before starting the Ashes:
  • Most in-form batsmen at this present time: Mitchell Johnson. 101 not out. Hahaha. :P.
  • MHuss' state playing Victoria. And MHuss had faced 18 balls before he was caught out BY HIS OWN BROTHER. And he got a duck! Haha. Gee, imagine the upcoming family dinner- AWKWARD. :/.
  • Steve Smith is the "king of FIFA". (he told me on Twitter.) I think he should join the Melbourne Demons, they seem to be addicted to FIFA. ;)
  • Clint McKay got a duck. (he told me on Twitter.)
And yeah, that's all I has.
I watched a bit of Junior Masterchef on Monday. The finale.
It was alright (the girl won, haha) but the judges fail at maths!
They gave one of the kids an 11/10.
You can't have 11/10! WHAT EVEN. :(.

Masterchef is going to have to restore the faith that I had in that show!
I was all like, "Oh yeah, this show is good, getting people to cook and learn new skillz and that fat people may have to lose weight but if you wear a cravat, it's okay."

No. It's also teaching us that 11/10 is a legit score. :(.

Anyway, I watched TAYG on Tuesday.
They had a Stuart Little doll on Shaun's desk. It was epic. And then, the Baby Boomer guest was going to kill it because they didn't win. NOOOOOO!
But Gen Y won. Hahahaha. :D.

Oh and I watched Modern Family last night. It was a Halloween episode.
Mitchell went to work wearing a Spiderman costume, only to realise he was the only one in a costume. So, he goes to the bathroom to change, but his clothes get soaked in the toilet and he calls up Cam and is like, "I'm stuck in the cubicle wearing only a Spiderman costume!!" lol.

If someone called me and said that, I'd be like, "SWANNY? IS THAT YOU?" :P

And they did the Baby Jesus thing on Modern Family. Like, Jay was criticising Gloria for mispronouncing words all the time (cos English is her second language.) And Gloria had to get some crackers and baby cheeses for Jay. So, she brings them home in a package, gives it to Jay and he opens it.... and there's a statue of baby Jesus inside. Hahaha. :D
(They did pretty much the same thing on Kath and Kim.)

Then I watched Raising Hope.
It was... okay.
I think they should've kept the baby's name as Princess Beyonce. :(
And I liked the cashier at the supermarket. She turned the soup cans upside down and drew faces on the melons. :P. Ha!
It's a comic with my name in it! Haha, I'm awesome! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


So, I've finished exams for the year. :)
Does this mean I will be blogging a lot more?
This is what I'll be doing till November 30th:
It's NaNoWriMo! Where you write a 50,000 word story in a month! :D
As you can see from my word count, I'm halfway there!!

Except my story is a whole lot of crap thrown in with more crap.
It's like a Glee fanfic, so it's about a new girl who goes to McKinley High and joins the Glee Club. And Mr Schue is in there, as well as Sam, who is one of the main characters in my story.

(For those of you who don't know, Sam is the blonde footballer in Glee, and Mr Schue is the teacher/director of the Glee Club.)

And yeah.
It kinda sucks. :/.
Even worse than my NaNoWriMo story last year, and that was basically just song lyrics!
I remember in last year's story, I had 10,000 more words to write and only one day left, so the characters just sang "100 bottles of beer on the wall" over and over again. Great fun. :P
(My characters liked singing, okay! Whatever.)

Anyhoo, TAYG is on Tuesday night and Modern Family is on Wednesday.

Oh, you guys, I watched Modern Family last night (Sunday) and Phil and Claire made a "competition" with their kids and them, as to who could last the longest without using any technology (i.e. laptops, mobile phones, interwebz, etc etc). And Phil promised that if any of the kids won, he'd buy them what they wanted. (e.g. he promised Hayley a car.)

And they were all going so well, but then Luke was desperate to watch a video clip on YouTube, so he was out. And then, Alex got a B on her Biology test because she used encyclopaedias which were old fashioned and not up-to-date. So she was out, cos she never wanted to get as low as a B ever again. (Nerd.)

Then, Claire was, like, trying to get airfares so the family could visit Phil's family in... somewhere. idk. But she couldn't do it on the landline, cos it was heaps confusing and annoying. So she got them on the interwebz. Oops. :P

Then it was Phil and Hayley. And it was SO FUNNY, cos Phil and Claire heard Hayley laughing and talking on her "mobile". So they stood outside her bedroom door and she was like, "Oh, hey, I'll just text you, k? IM you? Sure" etc etc and so, Phil and Claire burst in and were like, "BUSTED! YOU LOSE" and Hayley's like, "Whut" and Phil gets out a laptop cos he thought he won. So he goes online and stuff, and Hayley goes, "Are you online?" And Phil's like, "...Yeeeeah" and Hayley's like, "Hahahahahahahaha, I win, I win!" And Claire and Phil are like, "...You were talking on your mobile" and Hayley's like, "Um, it was just a bar of soap with lines drawn in it".

Hahahaha indeed.
So funny. And so, Hayley was like, "I get a car, I get a car! You promised to give me a car!"
And Phil was like, "Uhh, we can't afford to get you a car..."
And Hayley's like, "Whuuuuut. I've been talking to a bar of soap for NOTHING?"

And yeah.
Hayley was such a genius though, the bar of soap was such a clever idea. Hahaha. :P

(fyi~, if you didn't understand the above dialogue, Phil and Claire are the parents, Alex and Hayley are their daughters, and Luke is their son. Now read it again.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In my previous post, I made some predictions which I kind of got right. :P
I said Australia would win last Sunday, and THEY DID. It was so cool, I don't think Sri Lanka was even trying. They batted first and Australia just bowled them out really quickly for 115. Haha.

Now, I said Mitchell Johnson would get 7 wickets and McKay would get 3.
I nearly got it right, McKay got about 5 wickets and Mitchell Starc (a new kid) got about 5. idk, whatever. And (t)Watto didn't make a century and neither did Hussey. :/.

Oh well.
No more cricket is on till the Ashes, which start on November 25th. :P

And I watched TAYG last night.
Charlie was so good at the body art. Seriously.
Generation X had to paint someone in front of a jungle mural thingy. And they did TARZAN. They painted the dude to look like Tarzan.

See how cool it was? :P
The underwear wasn't painted on though, that's just there to keep it G-rated.
But omg.
Even though Josh Thomas is extremely awesome and I always want him to win, I wanted Gen X to win this time. BECAUSE THEIR BODY ART IS AMAZING. Ahhh.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I watched the cricket yesterday.
And wow, the Sri Lankans are really good at bowling and stopping the other team from hitting boundaries and getting wickets! Australia really needs to take note, y'know? :P

But the game was kinda screwed up because it kept raining and then not raining and then raining again. So the Duckworth/Lewis system came into it a lot. And the grass was wet when Australia had to bat. Which means the ball couldn't roll very far. :(.

And the ball kept getting wet. So Sri Lanka kept changing it. And this one time, they changed it, and bowled to Cameron White and bowled him out. First time with the new ball. WHAT EVEN. :/.

Anyway, Sri Lanka won.
But it's okay because Australia will win on Sunday. They will. You heard it here first. And Mitchell Johnson will get 7 wickets, and McKay will get 3.
And then, (t)Watto will make a century and a 200 partnership with Hussey.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, I watched the cricket last night.
It was epic.
Australia were doing okay with the bat, like Haddin was smashing fours but they kept going out, and no one could make over 50. :(.
And then, Hussey and Marsh came in and had to get Australia back on track.
And they did SUCH a good job. Hussey hadn't really been playing well in recent Test matches so he came out and played Test match-style cricket (i.e. no risks, which means he didn't smash boundaries much) in a One Day match. :P.
And they just made singles, which meant a lot of running, but hey, they got there.

Anyway, then Sri Lanka came in to bat.
And they had to make 240. And Sangakkara and Jaywardene (can't spell, sorry) were like going really well and stuff and I was like, "Oh no, they are going to win... :(."
But Glee was on, so I had to stop watching the cricket. :/.

It was epic.
They did Rocky Horror, and although I had NO idea what was going on, it was still good. :D
Like, Mercedes was Frank-n-furter which means she got to dress like a transvestite. :P. And she was really good at it, even though Frank-n-furter is a boy dressed as a girl, whatever.

And when Emma was singing that Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me song (whatever), she was dancing around Will, and Will was like so mesmerised with the gazing and all that. GET OVER HER, WILL, SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU. No, seriously, she doesn't. Okay, she might, but she has CARL. Carl is good for her, she's not so paranoid with Carl. :).

Another highlight:
Sam, in gold shorts. Wow. Actually, the highlight was Sam, just being present. :D.

Anyhoo, then I watched the cricket (when Glee was finished).
And I missed six wickets! Like, I missed the whole part when Doherty made a mess of the Sri Lankan team. :P.
But anyway, I came back, and Malinga and Mathews were like smashing fours and sixes all over the place and even though they only had 2 wickets in hand, they looked like they could win. :/.

And the bowlers could NOT get the batters out. Clarke was being captain, and he tried every possible way and every possible bowler (except one, but I'll come to that later) but they would not leave. :(.
Then, when the scores were level and Sri Lanka had one more run to make, they hit the ball and Malinga must have been so confident that he'd make it because he got RUN OUT. Ha! So, Murali came in and he was on strike and (t)Watto was bowling and I was like, "please be a draw, come on, please" (because everything is a draw in Australia this year, I mean come on, I've already predicted the Ashes result) and Murali edged it and..... it went for four. :'(.

And the crowd were going ballistic because they were mostly Sri Lankans. :/.

Anyway, the bowler that Clarke didn't try was Steve Smith. I have no idea why. He only bowled 3 overs and had 8 runs scored against him. WHY DIDN'T THEY BOWL HIM? I think he might have been injured. What even.

And I think Clarke should've rung up Ponting. WHERE WAS PONTING? He'd know what to do. He is a good captain, but they're probably saving him for the Ashes. Like, Dougie Bollinger didn't play, probably for the same reason.

In summary, the game was like-
Australia: We're gonna win, we're gonna win~.
Sri Lanka: We gonna bowl you out, mwa ha ha.
Australia: Yay, we made 240, try and beat that, haha!
Sri Lanka: We will, hahahahaha.
Australia: YAY, WE GOT SIX WICKETS, WOOOO~, WE CAN WIN, OMG OMG OMG...................................................... lol jk, cbf.

And yeah. Enjoy your day, peeps!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I watched Glee last Wednesday. :).
And the new kid (Sam) was so cool. He was like, "Hi, I'm Sam... Sam I am... I, uh, like green eggs and ham". And I drew a picture of the awesomeness of Sam and his epic quoting skillz:
Anyway, it was such a good episode.
Except for the fact that SUE WASN'T IN IT! What even. :(.

And the Rocky Horror episode is next week!
Hopefully Sam is in it. And all the other epic characters.

I'm sick of Rachel and Finn. Not that their "offensive" song offended me (I didn't even know what the song was about...) but their characters are getting, uh, boring. idk.

Aaaaaand goodbye. :P.
Oh and the AFL fixture came out today for 2011. Not really riveting. But I thought I'd mention that Collingwood only plays Freo ONCE and it's at Subiaco. Which isn't even called Subiaco any more. WHAT EVEN. But Freo and Melbourne play at the MCG. I suppose that's a good thing, y/n?

And Collingwood has to play Geelong and St Kilda TWICE. :/.
Also, they play Geelong in the last round, right before the finals. WHY. :(.

Pfff, the good thing is that Collingwood plays NO teams that were above them on the ladder at the end of the season. Ha! :P.
Epic win.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay, awhile ago, I made a form thing on my blog, that enabled y'all to ask questions. I forgot about it till now, because I just got a question.
(You can post your own questions by clicking the link at the side.) ------->

The question is:

Are you a noob?

And my answer is:

If anyone else wants to ask a questions (silly or serious, I don't mind), go ahead and ask it. :D.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


'Sup, guys?
Ignore the post below with the crappy pictures. My plan turned out to be a big fail whale. Not that I tried it or anything, I just know that it wouldn't work. :(.

But it's okay! There is still hope for Artie.
He's still cool, and I would still choose Artie over Mike. :P.
And he won his first football game! Epic win.

I totally watched the Grilled Cheesus episode of Glee. Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich and it had the face of Jesus on there. So he made three wishes: 1. win football match, 2. advance relationship with Rachel, and 3. become quarterback again.
(Except the first one, that's okay. He did that one for Artie.)

But the second one? Your relationship with Rachel is FINE. You're still in school, you don't need to advance your relationship! Kurt's dad falls down with a heart attack, goes into a coma, Kurt is really upset, AND FINN IS MORE WORRIED ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH RACHEL?! What even.

The third wish. FAIL. Sam is doing a fine job at quarterback (being all awesome with his lemon-y hair) and Finn is being selfish. Sam dislocated his shoulder during the game and Finn got to be quarterback again. And again, Kurt's dad is in a coma, won't wake up, AND FINN IS MORE WORRIED ABOUT BEING THE POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL AGAIN.

You're so stupid, Finn. Grow a brain. :/.

Anyway, the episode was kinda sad, because Kurt was crying over his dad for most of it. ;_;

And Kurt was being mean for the first half of the episode because he was all like, "I don't want you guys to express your spirituality around me- I don't believe in God. :P".
And the Glee Club were just praying to God to help Kurt's dad and Kurt was all like, "NO, GTFO~". :(.

KURT, RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S BELIEFS! This is how wars are started- because people are worried about what OTHER PEOPLE are believing in. For a utopian society, everyone should believe in whatever they want to (Flying Spaghetti Monsters, unicorns, God, etc etc) and don't judge other people's decisions. Why can't we all just get along like we did in middle school and bake rainbows and cupcakes... /mean girls.

Anyway, enough ranting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

MY IDEA FOR ARTIE (in picture form!)

So, I'm reading this book at the moment (Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell) and one of the characters is in a wheelchair. Anyway, this boy in the wheelchair had to get on the bus so he pulled out some crutches and used them! WHAT EVEN.

Okay, he wasn't actually walking, his feet were "dragging in the dirt". But come on! This book is so stupid, any person with half a brain (and who watches Glee) knows that a person in a wheelchair cannot use crutches because they just fall over. :/.

Anyway, if this book is accurate, then there's hope for Artie (the boy in the wheelchair on Glee).
Maybe if Artie got stronger (according to his drug-induced sleep, he has), he could totally use the crutches again!

Or my other idea is: he could have a bake sale (with me and the other Glee Club members helping, of course) and raise moniez and collect the thingies on soft drink cans to buy his own prosthetic legs!

And then, he can do a dance routine and show off his abs and Tina will be all like, "swooooon~" and I'll be like, "You had your chance. :P". SUCK ON THAT.

Let's draw some pictures to illustrate this moment of awesomeness:

Artie and I baked some cupcakes (the food fight was epic, you should've been there!).
The bake sale was a complete success! We ended up with a bag with a dollar sign on it, plus all these yellow ball things. And after going through the trash outside McKinley High's cafeteria, we were drowning in those metal thingies on the top of soft drink cans. We're in business!

I waved my arms in the air and went nuts.

Artie went on a trip to the doctor, who gladly took our bag with the dollar sign on it and all our metal thingies.

The doctor amputated Artie's non-functional legs, and attached the new prosthetic legs. After a great deal of rehabilitation and learning to walk again, Artie was back on his feet, with a brand new pair of tap shoes.

Artie showed off his tap dancing skillz with his newly acquired, badly drawn six pack.
While Artie and me jumped for joy, Tina realised her mistake in choosing the wrong man. That's her problem, Artie is mine now! :P.

And yeah. My idea for Artie is awesome. Ryan Murphy would be so lucky to have me writing scripts and stuff for Glee. :D.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, my lovely 18 followers who will follow me to the ends of the Earth, here's something to gross you out.

I got to dissect a toad in Biology last Wednesday.

(I was going to post some pictures, but decided not to. If you would really like to see the insides of a toad, I will post some pictures but only if this post gets at least 5 comments from 5 different people.)
(Or you can just google it yourself. Whatever. It's pretty gross.)

Anyway, the cane toad looked like a cane toad- all gross and stuff. :(.
At first, it smelt REALLY bad and I nearly had to ask for a face mask, lmao. But slowly, I got used to the smell.

I'll draw some cartoons to illustrate my experience:

The prac started at 2pm. I was freaking out, because cane toads are gross and I was so sure I would vomit all over the poor ugly toad.
The toad was placed in front of me. Panic rose from me. I HAVE TO DISSECT THIS? Eww.
Also: it smelt. BAD. :(.

Luckily, my prac partner had "experience" in these matters, and gladly took on the cutting of the toad's skin while I waved my arms in the air and acted like a freak.
My prac partner cut open the toad and we saw its massive livers and heart and fat bodies. And then, the little pink stomach (which was sort of curved and epic!) was so cute! The whole digestive system looked awesome! I was amazed at how un-gross it looked.

And there were no ovaries in this toad. Therefore, it was a BOY.

With the cane toad now christened "Mr Toad", we cut out the digestive system and looked at the nervous system. The demonstrators told us that cane toads should have 9 vertebrae, but some might be deformed and have fused vertebrae.

My joy was so obvious when I realised that Mr Toad was not a mutant! ^____^

After answering all the questions and drawing the diagrams, I started to pack up my stuff. The dissected toad lay there, and I wanted to take it home! A pet toad! My very own pet toad that I can use for dissecting! Fun!
But sadly, all good things come to an end. As the toad was placed in the bucket labelled, "Toad waste- in here", I was devastated. Mr Toad is no longer with us. His toad guts are all in the waste, heading out to the dumpster as I write this.

Mr Toad- Eulogy.
I never knew you when you were alive.
I was disgusted by your first appearance, on a waxy plate, dead.
But hate turns into love, and your guts were mighty fine to dissect and draw.
Enjoy Toad Heaven, I hope you get lots of insects to swallow whole and no one tries to dissect you.

And yeah.
That's my Toad Dissecting Experience.
A little sarcasm and hyperbole never hurt anyone. :).

Sunday, October 10, 2010



But anyway, who's back?

Yeah, Chris Tarrant is at Collingwood. Yet again. :D.
And the best part about it: we didn't have to give up a premiership player! Freo wanted a premiership player (either Sharrod, Goldsack, or Dawes) and Collingwood were like, "Nope."

AND THEN, AND THEN, AND THEN, Freo must have decided that Taz + one draft pick is only worth two draft picks. So technically, Collingwood only had to give up ONE draft pick. Ha!

I thought that Taz might choose to go to North Melbourne, because his brother plays for them. idk. And also, North Melbourne have a whole list of young players and Freo wanted a young player... whatever. :P.

Anyhoo, Glee and TAYG haven't been on lately (stupid Commonwealth Games!) and neither have the Simpsons! :(.
But luckily, Channel 10 are making it up to me by putting the Simpsons and Glee on next Friday from 6pm till 9pm. ^_____^

Now, goodbye. Me and Dayne Beams are going to enjoy a nice cup of Milo. :P.
Be jealous.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Changed the picture at the top.
I know you all got sick of looking at Jessie and Issy from SYTYCDA so I put something everyone can enjoy! :P.

I am awesome.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


lol, it's Sharrod on Mad Monday! :).
He's so cute as a fairy/princess in an awesome pink dress!

Party pies. :P.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Maxy. The premiership captain. At the family day.

I went to the Collingwood Family Day thingy today.
Yeah, be jealous. :P.

And as the players went down the race thingy back to the Westpac Centre, I got to high-five them AND touch the premiership cup as it went past. :D.

And when the players went on stage and got interviewed, the microphone wasn't working so we didn't hear what they said! Fail whale. :(.
But most of the players were wearing sunglasses. Either because it was sunny or they were hungover. Actually, it was a little from column A and a little from column B.

But Toovey wasn't wearing sunnies. He was showing off his possum eyes, lmao. :P.
And yeah.
Good times.


In case you haven't heard (or you are clever and know where to hide), Collingwood won the premiership! :D.

My predictions (on the previous post) were pretty good. I predicted the winner correctly (go me!), and although I said Dale Thomas for the Norm Smith, it says Scotty Pendlebury in the brackets. :P.

And then, the first goal was kicked by Tyson Goldsack. But Travis Cloke did have the chance of kicking the first goal from directly in front, but something happened and St Kilda got a free kick. idk what it was, Channel 7 didn't show it. :/.

Anyway, some highlights from the match:
  • Nick Riewoldt, kicking from point blank range and Heath Shaw smothered it! You champion, Heath! :P.
  • Maxwell's marks and desperateness in the defence. Well done, Maxy.
  • Steele Sidebottom. Could've been BOG, he was so good! And he's only 19, the youngest player on the field. :D.
  • Swanny and Pendlebury and Daisy and Didak and so many other players who are so good every single week. :).
  • Tyson Goldsack kicking the first goal. ^____^
  • And so many other moments! idk.
  • Also: Nathan Brown did a fantastic job on Nick Riewoldt, kept him goalless the whole match! :).
A picture:

Ben Reid. Hurt his ankle/knee/something in the game, but managed to come back and play! :).

And goodbye! See you next year (or tomorrow, idk).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Because I'm bored.
Deal with it. :P.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My predictions for the first Grand Final were all wrong. WHAT EVEN.
It was actually a draw, Lenny Hayes won the Norm Smith, and Jolly who kicked the first goal.

So, I have a chance to redeem myself.

Predictions for Grand Final 2.0:
Winner: Collingwood.
Norm Smith: Dale Thomas. (or, as I said last week, Scotty Pendlebury.)
First goal kicked: Travis Cloke. (A chance to redeem himself. He'll kick the first 10 goals.)

La la la.

And yeah.
Glee was on last night!
It was the Britney Spears one. And the Glee Club members went to the dentist (I know, riveting) and get put under anesthesia and then they have dreams of dancing with Britney Spears!
Cool, right?

Anyway, it was such a good episode.
But I really want Emma and Will to be together. idk. When they were in the car and Terri came along, I was like, "OH, TERRI, YOU COULDN'T HAVE PICKED A BETTER TIME?"
What even.

And I want Artie and Tina to be together. And Artie is on the football team! Hell yeah!
They are going to use him as a battering ram because he's in a wheelchair and stuff.

Tina better pay him some attention now. Damn right.

Anyhoo, I shall stop rambling about Glee. Whatever. :P.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I watched Glee yesterday!
My thoughts:
  • Rachel is so mean. A new girl, Sunshine, came to the school and she was a REALLY GOOD singer and was so awesome. And Rachel was sorta jealous of her and didn't want her spotlight stolen so she sent Sunshine to a "crackhouse" or something instead of the Glee auditions. :(. FAILLL.
  • Artie and Tina breaking up. Nooooo! I love Artie. Tina and Artie = OTP. They were so good together and that Mike dude and his epic dancing skillz had to come along. :(.
  • Santana's boob job. Ha! That was so funny. :P
  • That Beist woman. EVILLLL. Okay, Will was so good in befriending her and not Sue. I like you, Will, don't change! But this Beist woman, she's like so evil. She removes Finn from the team permanently and makes that blonde dude scared to join the Glee Club. Noooo. :(.
  • Did I mention how I liked Sunshine? She shouldn't go to Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse is EVILLLLL. I think Sunshine should sing Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows and it will be epic. :).
  • Will and Sue ordering pizzas for Beist as a joke. Ahhh, so childish. Love it. ;).
  • Puck. Always awesome. ALWAYS. :P
And yeah.

The Grand Final is on Saturday!! :D.
Pies vs Saints.A picture from the Collingwood training (I didn't go to the training, I was at uni.)
Anyway, if you look closely in the picture, there's a magpie on the field. It's trying to be selected in the team for Saturday. :P.

My predictions for the Grand Final:
Winner- Collingwood. (That's obvious.)
Norm Smith medallist- Dale Thomas. (Although, I think Scotty Pendlebury will get it because he gets everything. Or tries to, anyway.)
Person to kick the first goal- Scotty Pendlebury. (I'd like to say Travis Cloke but as I said earlier, Scotty attempts to get everything.)

La la la.
Pies for Premiers 2010. :D.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Pies!

So, Collingwood won the prelim. :)

To show you my excitement (and also because I can't upload gifs on this blog, fail whale), here are some gifs expressing the aforementioned excitement.

La la la.
So, I shall be barracking for the Doggies tonight, hopefully they can win (or, if not, hopefully Barry Hall brings his punching gloves and stuff).

Hopefully, Swanny can win the Brownlow medal on Monday (because he deserves it) and can win the Grand Final on his 150th game. What an awesome week. Tattoo artists must be rubbing their hands with glee. It's like they've won Tattslotto. :D.

Anyhoo, that's all from me.
(Did I mention I went to a cocktail party on Thursday night for a 1-year-school-reunion? Not important now, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. You stalkers would be interested, I'm sure. It was a pretty good night, except quite a few people from our year level didn't come. Probably lazy, or had uni assignments to do. Or exams, like mid-semester ones. idk.)

Friday, September 10, 2010


Freooooo, way to go! :)
The pussycats are going to get a good whippin' tonight, brought on by the purple army. :P

Anyhoo, here's a story that I has contributed in. I've written Chapter 3 and 7. All the other chapters were written by other people who are (slightly) more talented at writing than me. :D.

You may read my horrible attempt at writing, but only if you comment and say how awesome it is. I don't want anyone commenting the truth though, just lies. Lies that make me seem really awesome like "wow, you are awesome, Laura" and "your story writing is so good".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday featured two good footy matches- Pies vs Dogs, Freo vs Hawks.

lol, it was so cool.
The Purple Haze was out in force at Subiaco. And the Hawks played so badly, I think they forgot it was an important final or something. idk. Whatever. Freo won. :P.

And Collingwood thrashed the Dogs. Haha.
This guy:

had a field day. Nearly 40 disposals, and kicked 3 goals.
If you could get Brownlow votes for finals matches, Swanny would get 3 votes for this match, without a doubt.
But sadly you can't. So the commentators rewarded him with a Panasonic TV at the end of the match. Because Dane Swan can never have too many TVs.

But it wasn't all Dane Swan. Part of it goes to these two:

Anywayz, it was so funny when Big Bad Bazza gave away two free kicks in, like, 5 minutes. He was so angry, and was fighting Harry O for a bit, and then got reported for "abusive language at the umpire". Ha. :P.

Surprisingly, Nathan Brown (with a little help from Maxwell) did a good job on Barry Hall.

Anyway, next week, it's all up to Freo. They have so much pressure on them now to ease everyone's discomfort and knock Geelong out of the finals. Teehee. :).

Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm actually pretty proud of my Swanny picture.
Well, the writing sort of ruins it, idk. I shouldn't have written "Dane Swan" on there, I think everyone knows it's him. lol.

But yeah, I am totally a budding artist. You wish you were as awesome as me. :P.

And don't ask why Swanny has a pointy head in my picture. Whatever.

The writing is meant to be his name with ink running down the page. Y'know, like tattoo ink.
idk. I should remove it. :/.

(I drew it on DeviantArt, btw~. They have a new section where you can draw pictures. It's totally awesome.)

Monday, August 30, 2010


I am awesome. Because I have done 6,666 tweets on my Twitter.
Yeah, you should be jealous. :P.
(For anyone that does follow me, you'll know that half of the tweets are like, "I am cool" and "this is what I did today, not that anyone cares, lol".)
But whatever. I still reached 6,666.

And this picture = awesome. I don't watch Doctor Who, but I do know that this is a Dalek thingy.
But this is a NICER Dalek who wants to exfoliate your skin, instead of exterminating your ass. :D.

Aaaaaaaaand I'm done. See you next time.

EDIT: Be jealous of my profile picture for Twitter (see above). Collingwood > all the other teams.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hawthorn continued being poo-heads and beat Collingwood. By 3 points. :(.
First they beat Melbourne, then Freo, and now Collingwood? Booo.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.
Collingwood remain minor premiers (yay!) and still get to play the Dogs next week.
And some Q and A for you (courtesy of someone on Twitter)-
Q: What happened in the Round 20 of the home-and-away season in 1990?
A: Hawthorn defeated Collingwood.

And we all know who won the premiership in 1990... :D.

So, it's all falling into place. Collingwood will beat the sick Doggies, get a week off to bake in the hot September sun, get back at the Pussycats in the prelim, and then defeat the Saints in a thrilling Grand Final.
(With Dale Thomas winning the Norm Smith medal, and Swanny winning the Brownlow. You heard it here first.)

Fun times.

In other news, TAYG is on Sundays and Modern Family is on Sundays and Tuesdays.
Except they took the Simpsons off Wednesdays! And put Undercover Boss on! WHAT EVEN.
I like my Simpsons, Channel 10, and don't you dare take it away from me! :/.

Also, I read Gone With The Wind recently (and it was really good!) and I found this video on some website and it's a Simpsons version of Gone With The Wind but because it's shown in the nursing home, the ending is changed to a happier ending. (Yay.)

It's so funny. Scarlett is like, "OH, RHETT, RHETT, WHERE WILL I GO? WHAT WILL I DO?"
And Rhett is like, "Frankly my dear... I love you, let's re-marry!"

Anyway, you should watch the video. idk.
I watched a little video clip of one of the scenes in Gone With The Wind but they were pronouncing "Tara" all wrong.
They said "TAH-ra" instead of "TUH-ra". Damn Americans and their pronunciation!
It annoys me. :(.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Nothing interesting has happened to me lately...

I voted for the first time in a Federal election. Win.
For those of you wondering, in the House of Representatives, I voted- 1: Labor. 2: Greens. 3: Family First. 4: Liberal.
And in the Senate, I voted Labor above the line. Yeah, I couldn't be bothered marking a number in every box below the line. WHAT EVEN. I have more important things to do, like checking my Twitter.

I don't know why I chose Labor (so don't even bother asking).
Some parties I was thinking of voting:

-Greens. They are pro-environment. And pro-climate change. And pro-same sex marriage. And pro-other stuff. But I thought maybe they could send Australia broke with all their policies and stuff. idk. And also, they said they'd put a tax on chocolate bars and KFC and stuff. WHAT EVEN. You can tax whatever you like, Bob Brown, but don't you go taxing my Mars bars! Rude.

-Aus Sex Party. I know what you're thinking, and no. Just, no. I only wanted to vote for this party purely for one reason: they are pro-Equality for both genders. (And pro-same sex marriage and the like). I didn't vote for them because I think they are pro-nuclear energy. Fail.

-Shooting and Fishing Party. The "fishing" part nearly made me vote for them. Because I like fush and chups. :). But because of my hatred for guns and shooting things, I didn't vote for this party.

-Liberal. I considered voting for them. idk. Whatever.

And yeah. There are other parties I was going to vote for. Like Family First or something. idk.
I don't know much about politics. I was just hoping for some party to be like, "FREE CHOCOLATE FOR EVERYONE!" or "Let's get Zoidberg_cool to have 100 followers on Twitter!"
I mean, seriously. Parties should really think more about their policies. :/.

Anyway, in the month leading up to the election, I was so undecided. People on Twitter would say to vote Greens, and other people on Twitter would say vote Liberal.
And there was ads on TV that were like, "Don't vote Labor, they are borrowing too much money and the debt is growing" or "Don't vote Liberal, they are bringing back WorkChoices!"

What a joke. Don't tell who NOT to vote for, tell me who to vote for. :(.

I voted Labor. All other parties can go drown in poo. Despite Julia Gillard saying she hated Collingwood, she got my vote. She should consider herself lucky.

Saturday, August 14, 2010



Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yeah, suck on that, all you other AFL teams! :P.
Collingwood are awesome, yay!

My predictions for the rest of the AFL season:
Top 4: Collingwood, Geelong (unfortunately), St Kilda, and Bulldogs.
Rest of the Top 8: Freo, Hawthorn, Carlton, Melbourne(!).

Brownlow Medallist: Dane Swan! (In his spiderman costume. Because I said so.)
Teams in Grand Final: Collingwood (obviously) and Melbourne (because they managed to not only get to finals, but win every finals match, including thrashing Geelong and St Kilda.)
Winner: Collingwood.
Norm Smith Medallist: Dale Thomas. (But it could be any of the following: Wellingham, Beams, Swanny, Didak, Pendlebury, Jack Watts, or Steele.)

And yeah.
Don't go doubting my predictions. I'm always right. Last year, I predicted that Jimmy Bartel would win the Norm Smith medal. And he did. (Although, they read out Paul Chapman's name and gave him the medal, but I know who the true winner of the medal was.)


Friday, August 6, 2010


The cutest thing everrrr.
Someone (I don't know who, but they should be worshipped like a god and given a medal) gave a watermelon to a polar bear, took photos of it and placed them on a website.

Apparently, July is National Watermelon Month. Probably in America though, seeing as watermelon is more of a "summer" fruit. (idk. What am I, a doctor?).

Moving on.
TAYG is on Sunday night! (with three guests I don't know, lolwhut).
But whatever, it's still a good show. :D.
And Josh Thomas is on Good News Week on Monday. Yessss.
(Frank Woodley was on GNW last week, and I was thinking of watching it and then, I found out that Denise Scott was on there so thank God, I didn't watch it. Ha!).

Anyhoo, I'd just like to say:
People are so stupid. :(.

And goodbye!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, how is everyone these days?
My blog counter has just reached 200! Either a lot of people have been reading my interesting blog posts, or one of you have been refreshing the page over and over again.

And because Twitter is down for maintenance at the moment (fail whale!), I'll amuse you all by writing a story of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and their 2010 election campaign. Enjoy!

"And suddenly after being down by 75 points, Bulldogs are now within 1 goal of winning the 2010 premiership! Will someone be able to kick the much needed winning goa--- Oh! Julia Gillard has taken a screamer, 45 metres out from goal, 45 degree angle! This is unbelievable! Julia Gillard, number 1 goalkicker of 2010 with 106 goals this season, best full forward in the competition, is now lining up for the match-winning goal. And she kicks it and the crowd goes WILD---"

Julia Gillard arose from her slumber. Lolwhut, was that all a dream? Bulldogs weren't really in the Grand Final? Bugger.
She lifted herself out of bed, and walked forward towards the kitchen. Breakfast time. Coco Pops or Corn Flakes. Decisions decisions. Hm.
After a couple of bowls of corn flakes, Julia kissed her bf goodbye and headed out the door. Ah. "Not long now till the election," Julia thought, as she hopped in her car and drove away.
The traffic jam on the main road was horrendous that morning!
"WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN," Julia thought, impatiently tapping the steering wheel, "Is there an accident or something? A pile-up of those stupid boat people? I thought I told them to piss off to East Timor. Or maybe it's those insolent homosexuals, with their drunkenness and rudeness. What a world we live in!"

Julia wound down her car window and screamed, "MOVE FORWARD, YOU INSOLENT DRIVERS!"

After what felt like an eternity, Julia entered her office and went straight to her Bulldogs scarf sitting on her shelf. Patting it every morning gave her luck, but whether it was good or bad luck, she couldn't tell. Yesterday it was good luck, what with Ruddy being sent to hospital to have his gall bladder removed. Ha!
Julia walked over to her desk, and glanced at all the papers spread everywhere.
"I should really sort these out," Julia thought, unmotivated.
So, she just dragged the desk forward. "Well, that's enough moving forward for the day, I'm having a break!" Julia exclaimed out loud.

Julia awoke with a start, as the door opened and Tony Abbott walked in.
"Excuse me?" Julia said, rudely, "Do you mind interrupting my daydream?"
"You'll never play full forward for Bulldogs, it'll never happen," Tony said, cruelly.
"And you will?" Julia said, angrily.
"Well, I'm fitter than you! I just came back from swimming 1500 metres and running 2000 metres!" Tony said, proudly.
Julia snorted. "Poof! I could do that. Easy peasy."
"Fair dinkum, Julia, you couldn't! It's taken me years to be this fit, wanna see my abs?" Tony said, grinning.
Julia grimaced. "No thankyou."

Tony left the room, and Julia went back to sleep, dreaming about her holding up the 2010 premiership cup with a Norm Smith medal around her neck. Ahhhh... this is the life!

And that's all. There might be another chapter coming soon, if you're lucky. :D.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Masterchef is over for this year. ;_;
And I wanted Callum to win, but he didn't. :(.
But Adam won, and that's nearly as good. Yay.

But I will miss Masterchef. What will I watch every night? The wall?!
Apparently, they've got Junior Masterchef on soon. I've seen the ads.
And according to the ads, the kids are, like, 8 years old and cooking food that isn't Vegemite on toast. wtf.
How am I going to watch Junior MChef without feeling jealousy that kids 11 years younger than me are plating up food that looks nothing like my signature dish, burnt toast?

I hope Callum is still eligible for Junior Masterchef. His chocolate fondants will easily beat the food those kids plate up. And those kids are probably getting their parents to help them. Boooo.

Anyway, TAYG comes back on Sunday! Woooo~.
So excited. :D.
Prepare for one of my craaaazy recaps where I go crazy with the awesomeness of TAYG. :P.
(Or don't prepare. See if I care).
(Although, I mightn't be bothered to recap TAYG. Whatever).

The view's still good at the top. It's nice to look down on people for a change. ;).
Hopefully, Collingwood can thrash Carlton's pants off, and I can remain at the top rung of this awesome ladder. :P.

Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm in this group thingy, where each person can write a chapter of a story and so, it's called Collaborative Story mainly because it's a story with many people collaborating, and also because no one thought up a better title. lol.

I just thought I should tell you all, just in case you wished to laugh at my attempt at writing a story. :/.
Just to let you know: Only three chapters have been written on the story and I wrote Chapter 3.
(I added in a pie to the story, yay! I should've made Tim throw the pie at someone but whatever).

You should all click the link above and follow that blog. I promise it'll be a good story. It's a suspenseful thriller in a dystopian sci-fi world with a bit of fantasy. The main character (so far) is Tim, and he likes apple pies. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


And some of you are probably like, "Where's Laura? Oh noo, she's gone!"
Well, creepy stalkers, I'm here.
And to answer your question of where I've been: In front of the TV watching Masterchef.

But omg, Masterchef is interesting, okay!
I like Adam and Callum, and I hope one of them wins. :D.
(I was so happy when Jimmy left, haha).
And I never really liked Claire (she's got no personality, talks in a monotone voice, etc etc) and she gets pretty boring sometimes.
But when they were making the V8 cake (8 layers of vanilla), Claire goes, "Tempuring white chocolate is a bitch!" Omg. :).
(But then, in the next episode, she put her two meals in front of the judges and CRIED. wtf. YOUR DESSERT LOOKED NICE, STOP BEING A CRYBABY! Fail whale).

And the contestants had to express their cookbook idea last night.
None of the contestants' cookbook ideas really appealed to me, but then again, I ain't a chef and wouldn't know one end of a spoon from the other. :/.
Anyway, it would be awesome if Marion was still in the competition. She could have a Thai cookbook, and there are TONNES of good titles.
  • Thai-dye. It rhymes too.
  • Thai-tanium. It's Thai food with Chemistry involved!

I'm awesome, I know. Marion should thank me for my ideas. ;).

Oh and before I forget, it's a good view here at the top. Hopefully Collingwood can thrash Richmond's pants off so I can remain where I am and look down on everyone, feeling mighty superior. :D.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I now has a blog counter on my blog. (Look to the right).
So, now I'll know how many of you stalkers are creeping around on my blog, acting like ninjas so you don't get seen. Well, you don't fool me! Mwah ha ha. :P.

Anyway, guess who got three credits and a high distinction for her first semester of uni?
Yes, that's right, ME.
Be jealous, I dare you.
The high distinction was for Statistics, btw. What did it require to get a high distinction, I heard you ask? Well, a large bag with a dollar sign on it usually does the trick. ;).

And on Masterchef, Aaron and Jonathon were both eliminated this week. :O.
Although I don't really like either of them (Aaron's quirky pasta styles are pretty epic though), they both competed in the elimination rounds with Jimmy.

And I really don't like Jimmy. He's a joke. I mean, come on! For the Mystery Box challenge, he made a croquembouche (one of those towers of profiteroles or something). As if you'd make a croquembouche in a 30-minute challenge. lolwhut. I ain't no chef, but I do know that croquembouches take hours to make. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out.

Then, for the challenge where the contestants had to cook a signature dish for the food critics to taste, Jimmy gets a massive plate, chucks some curry on it with a whole heap of rice and stuff, and serves it. what the..?
Everyone else made five separate plates for each of the food critics, but Jimmy just chucked everything on the one plate, not even worrying about presentation.

And then, it was Jimmy, Alvin and Aaron in the elimination round and they had to Name That Fish.
And Jimmy named the most fish correctly. Noooo, go away Jimmy! Can't you see you're not wanted?
I didn't want my Alvin to leave. He's so cute! And him and Aaron had to make fish and chips, and luckily for Alvin, Aaron's chips weren't crispy enough for the fussy Gary and George.
Wooo~, go you good thing, Alvin! Now for your next challenge, I want a deep fried Jimmy with a lightly roasted Claire on the side. :D.

As you can tell, I'm not obsessed with Masterchef. :P.

Oh and speaking of being obsessed with Masterchef, in the newspaper, there was a story of some woman who bought glasses that looked like Marion's, and a guy who bought glasses that looked like Aaron's. lol.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Knock knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow wh--

Modern Family is such an awesome show. :D.
I loved last night's episode (called "Fizbo" or something) and throughout the episode, they showed the family at the hospital which gave the impression of someone being badly hurt, and it turned out to just be Luke with a broken arm because he "slipped on the stupid beads".

And Cameron's alter-ego Fizbo the Clown was so funny. Especially at the petrol station, with his giant clock. :P.

Anyway, Jonathon left on Masterchef. And even though I don't particularly like him (although, I don't hate him either, idk), I'm still not happy with it because Jonathon had to leave and Jimmy (the dude that can only cook curries) got to stay. FAIL WHALE.

Oh well. Hopefully, there'll be a Non-curry challenge later on, where the contestants have to cook something OTHER than a curry. Haha, suck on that, Jimmy! :P.

And yeah.
TAYG is coming back to TV on August 1st! Yay!
And hopefully, Glee comes back soon. /gleek.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, last night, I watched Masterchef and Glee.
And Marion was eliminated. :(.
Because Gary and George were all like, "Marion, your satay sauce was as thick as our heads" and "we're both nuts".

Fail whale.
Now who will win Masterchef? Marion was the winner that I predicted, why couldn't they just give her the crown and move on?

Damn Aaron and Jonathon for their knowledge of nuts. :/.
I hope Alvin, Adam or Aaron win. Someone starting with A. Because Alvin and Adam are so cute. ;).
Or Callum should win. Or Courtney. idk.
But not Claire, no wayyy. If Claire, Jonathon or Jimmy win, it will be a very failed whale.

Moving on to the epicness of Glee.
Ahhh. The New Directions' performances were AWESOME. They sang Faithfully and some other song and I was like, "Surely, they win. SURELY." And they did Don't Stop Believin'. Yay.
But then, Vocal Adrenaline sang Bohemian Rhapsody and I hate Jesse so much. :/.
And while Vocal Adrenaline were performing, they kept showing Quin giving birth. And it was funny, because she was in such pain when Jesse was singing. :P.

And in the end, Vocal Adrenaline won (epic fail) and the other Glee Club (Oral Intensity) came second. DAMN YOU, OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN!!! :(.
And the New Directions' sang To Sir With Love to Will and it was very emotional.
AND THEN, Sue was like, "Aw, I will miss you too much, Will! Your Glee Club can have another year. ;)". And so, Will sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow (yay!) with a ukelele (or a small guitar, idk. I fail at musikz) and all the New Directions' members were like, "Wooooo~."

So, there will be a Season 2 of Glee! Yayyyyy.
And also, there's a book/novel type thingy coming out in September of the Glee Club members before they started Glee Club. :).

So yeah.
With the epic failure of Masterchef, Glee was able to restore my joy. lol. :P.

And it is Dale Thomas and Harry O's 100th game today! Yay, I hope they beat Port Adelaide by 105 points. And Dale will score 10 goals, with one of the goals being Goal Of The Year. :D.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


In the middle of round 14, this is how the ladder stands.
And the team at the top is the most awesome team ever. :D.
So, in order for the ladder to stay like this, Melbourne and North Melbourne need to get their arses into gear. :P.

And I went to the West Coast vs Collingwood game.
It was really good, especially since Collingwood kicked 6 goals in the 1st quarter and West Coast kicked none. Haha.
And then, in the 3rd quarter, Collingwood kicked, like, 9 goals. And Didak really knows how to entertain a crowd. Like, the whole stadium was pretty much filled with Collingwood fans so when Didak kicked three goals in about 5 minutes, everyone was loving it. (Well, except the West Coast fans, but whatever).

And everytime Josh Kennedy was lining up for goal, everyone sitting near me would just laugh at his run-up. Aw. I like your stuttering run-up style, Josh Kennedy, I think it's awesome. :D.

And yeah.
Oh and I nearly got 8 in my footy tipping (if St Kilda, Geelong and Sydney win) but Essendon and their hopelessness just had to let me down. Booooo. I took a risk in tipping Essendon anyway, but I thought they were capable of winning a game interstate. FAIL WHALE.

Speaking of playing games in Adelaide, Collingwood has to go to Adelaide to play Port Adelaide. Oh yeah, get ready Port Adelaide, be ready for a thrashing. :P.
And it's Dale Thomas and Harry O'Brien's 100th game! Yay.

So yeah.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ahh, Eclipse comes out today.
This picture (above) is of Bella Swan and Jacob Black sharing a sleeping bag (because Bella was cold, and Jacob has an unnatural temperature higher than normal) and Edward is sitting nearby, reading Jacob's thoughts.
And Jacob and Bella are gazing into each other's eyes, waiting for the moment when they can produce some Black Swan dip with the ever-blossoming love.
(I wanted Bella to choose Jacob. He was so cute, and I felt sorry for him when the evil vampires broke his arm or something, and he was injured).

I actually want to see this movie.
Mainly for the cute cuddly dogs, and Seth and Leah. Because Seth and Leah were, by far, my favourite characters.
And yeah.

I also want to see Toy Story 3 at the movies. :D.
I loved the first two movies and really want to see the last one. Apparently, it's really good.
And yes, I'm still a kid. Seeing kiddy, cartoon movies. stfu.

So yeah.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I received this from Penguins Quack, who didn't really tag me but then again, who can be bothered tagging these days?

Using only titles from books on your bookshelf, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 10 people you like and include me. Try not to repeat a title. It's a lot harder than you think!

Are you a male or female: Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Describe yourself: Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell. :D.

How do you feel: Undine by Penni Russon. (No idea what "undine" means. But it sounds good).

Where do you currently live: Town by James Roy.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden.

Your favourite form of transportation: Apostle Bird by Gary Disher.

Your best friend is: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. (I have great best friends, okay!).

You and your best friends are: Surf Sisters - Laurine Croasdale. (Okay, okay, me and my friends don't surf, but whatever okay!).

What's the weather like: Different Seasons by Stephen King.

Favourite time of day: Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld. (Midnight is awesome, okay? That's when I'm asleep!).

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Queen Kat, Carmel and St. Jude: Get A Life by Maureen McCarthy.

What is life to you: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Your relationship: Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. (Still looking for the right dude, lmao).

Your fear: The Maharajah's Ghost by Sophie Masson.

What is the best advice you have to give: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Thought for the Day: Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

How would you like to die: Loathing Lola by William Kostakis.

My soul's present condition: King Dork by Frank Portman.

My motto: Find Your Tribe by Rebecca Sparrow.

Yeah, I suck at this. Oh well, I tried. :D.
And here's some good news:

I reached 6,000 tweets today! Yeah, bring out the balloons and cake! All you dear readers of my blog can have a piece of the cake! Woooo~.


This is just a random picture, idk.
I just like it because I likes watermelon. :D.

Anyway, Collingwood downed the Swans on Saturday. Ha! :P.
Interesting fact: Luke Ball is cousins with the Sydney player Josh Kennedy (as opposed to the West Coast player and Socceroos player).
Is Luke Ball related to everyone? What is he, Tasmanian? (dodges tomatoes coming from Tasmania).
Apparently, some guy made this family tree or something, and it showed Luke Ball, Nathan Buckley and another player (Jonathon Brown, I think?) were all related. lol.

Oh and I watched Masterchef last night, and 11 of the eliminated contestants got to come back, and three of them would get to go back into the competition.
Anyway, I was so excited with Phillipe, Skye, Matt (the Kurt-lookalike), Sharnee (the ranga), and Jake (cement dude) got to come back. :D.

But sadly, Sharnee was the first eliminated (she failed at peeling prawns); Matt's pancakes weren't perfect enough for the fussy judges; when they made the Bruschetta Royale, Skye's hollandaise sauce split (fail whaleeeeeee!) and she was eliminated; and then, the stupid 7 contestants still in the competition didn't choose Jake or Philippe's dishes as the best. FAIL.

And the eliminated contestants that came back to the competition are just people I've forgotten/couldn't care less about. :(.
So, my favourites are still Marion, Alvin and Adam.
And the other seven contestants are boring. /masterchef fail.

It doesn't matter about any of the contestants, Marion's already won. Just give her the crown and move on.

And yeah.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, you read the title correctly.
Joanne was eliminated.
Thank God, because she was really starting to annoy me.
And when Joanne went home, only her husband and kids were waiting for her. And normally, when someone goes home after being eliminated, a whole ton of people are waiting for them. :P.

Anyway, I watched Glee last night.
BEST PART: Puck singing Good Vibrations or whatever the song was called.
And then, I liked the ending, where the New Directions sang Give Up The Funk (or something) in front of the Vocal Adrenaline. And at the end, Jesse was like, "They pulled out the one thing we couldn't do: Funk. I feel so depressed."
I hated Jesse so much, especially when he organised the egging in the carpark. Booooo.

And when Will and Terri were signing the divorce papers, Terri looked so different. wtf. Like, I knew it was Terri because there were divorce papers on the table and Will was there.
She looked different. idk.
But when she spoke, I knew it was her. Haha.

And that whole thing with Terri and Finn was just weird. At first, I thought Will had come into the shop and was planning on re-uniting with Terri. And I was like, "NOOOOOOOOO!" but then it was just Terri's imagination. :D.

Oh and I liked Quin's funky singing/dancing. She's pretty awesome, okay.
And now I know where Quin's been living for the past few weeks. Like, when Quin told her parents she was preggerz, she had to go live with Finn. But then, when Quin and Finn broke up, they never said who Quin was living with.
She was living with Puck in her post-Finn days. And because she got tired of Puck's mum's criticisms of her fatness (and everyone else's criticisms), Quin moved in to Mercedes' house (in the "Funk" episode, as Mercedes and Quin seem to have bonded over their "we're too fat for the Cheerios" connection).
I feel updated. It feels good. :D.

Anyhoo, it sucks that the last episode of Glee Season 1 won't be on for two weeks. I can't wait that long, nooooo!
And I've already had the result of Regionals spoiled for me, due to a certain person's Facebook status update. Ugh. :/.

Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc. :P.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What a good week.
Marion (who is my favourite on Masterchef) won BOTH challenges this week, yay!

And I know this is premature, and I shouldn't really say this seeing as nearly all my favourites have been eliminated from Masterchef, but I predict Marion will win Masterchef 2010.
I kid you not.
She's so happy ALL THE TIME. I love it. :D.
So yeah. You heard it here first. :P.

On with the good news, Julia Gillard is the new Prime Minister!
Well, because of my lack of knowledge of politics, I don't know whether she IS the Prime Minister NOW, or whether she could be the next prime minister if she wins the election.
Anyhoo, hopefully everyone votes for Labor over Liberal. Because I said so. :).
Julia Gillard's first act of PM: Payback for all the 'ranga' jokes over the years.

Now, to finish off a good week, I want to see Geelong get thrashed on Friday night, Sydney thrashed on the following night, and Adelaide thrashed on the following day. :P.
And Glee is on tonight. ^________^

Monday, June 21, 2010


(If you click on the picture, it should be bigger. idk).
I was doing the 2010 AFL Footy Fans survey and I came across the question "Which player would you love to hate?".
And I looked at the options you can choose from AND THOSE BITCHES PUT DALE THOMAS ON THE LIST! :(.
Dale Thomas works so hard every single game, tries his best, and has improved dramatically this year to be the star player that Collingwood hoped for when he was chosen as the number 2 draft pick.
I don't see why he is on this list. There are many other players that people should be hatin', rather than Dale Thomas.
And as for the other players on the list, why is Jack Anthony there? He hasn't done anything wrong. Okay, he might have got a few dodgy free kicks or something, but don't hate on Jack Anthony for THAT. A lot of forwards get given dodgy kicks, and Nick Maxwell knows all about this.
Fair enough putting Barry Hall, Fevola or Jason Akermanis on the list; three players who do stupid things and deserve to be hated.
But Alan Didak and Colin Sylvia?
Yes, I know Didak has been a naughty boy in the past, going out to nightclubs, getting drunk, being in Heath Shaw's car, etc. But now, Didak has improved his behaviour, he is a much better player nowadays and does not deserve to be hated in 2010.
And then, Colin Sylvia. Um, what has Sylvia done? I'm preeeeeeeetty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) that Melbourne players are good boys and work hard and it paid off on Queen's Birthday when they didn't let Collingwood win.
In conclusion, the Herald Sun should only put players in this list who are actually being "loved to hate". Dale Thomas is, certainly, NOT one of them.