Monday, June 25, 2012

THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER what I'm reading right now.
And I'm up to page 26 but I just thought I'd make a few comments.

So, basically, what I know is that Victoria has created a whole army of newborns just to kill one person: Bella Swan. (Oh and to get revenge on Edward and co, for killing her mating partner/boyfriend/person who liked to sniff her hair.)
And that's it.
The funny thing is, Victoria hasn't even met these newborns, the newborns don't know her name, they think of her as her.
They know Riley, they've met Riley, Riley is a sensible vampire and is in charge of some of the newborns.

So, did Victoria just make this huge army of vampires just to defeat Bella and co? 
Or are there other people?
Maybe Victoria has so many enemies and she wants to get back at them all. Maybe people have blackmailed her or ran over her dog. Maybe she's had a multitude of lovers in the past and they've all been killed. Maybe she wants another boyfriend and is making a series of newborns to choose from (which doesn't explain Bree's presence, maybe Victoria is bisexual?). Maybe Victoria wants to rule the world and can only do so with a huge army worshipping her and bringing her cocktails. Maybe...

Maybe I should continue reading the book and the answer could lie in there.

P.S. Have a picture of Daisy's butt. Enjoy!
You know you love it.

Monday, June 11, 2012


The cream rises to the top.
Back where we belong.
I get that West Coast and Adelaide haven't played yet and would probably be above us, but STILL. For one whole week, I get to go around saying, "Ain't no skim milk baby, we're the cream that rises to the top". Because we are. We're on TOP of the world.

And we did it with half a team.
Pendles, Daisy, Swanny, Lukey Ball, Heath Shaw, Krak, Macaffer, Didak, Tarrant, Nathan J Brown THE LIST IS ENDLESS have all been injured for a certain amount of games and we've still managed 8 wins in a row.

That's pure skill.

Friday, June 8, 2012


It's the wonderful Alex Fasolo's birthday today and because you all enjoyed yesterday's post so much (admit it, you totally did), here's another one.

(Disclaimer: I hope Fasolo himself never ever reads my blog, he'd get a restraining order for sure)

Alex Fasolo after kicking his first goal in a finals match and is about to hug his mentor/One Direction member to celebrate.

Alex Fasolo chucking a powerade bottle at the new kid, because chucking powerade is kind of old school.

Fasolo, hanging out with his ol' buddy Chewbacca. You may think he is dressed as Hans Solo, but he's not because that's copyright. But Faz is just about to launch into singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town so all is good.
Hope you enjoyed the second edition of Alex Fasolo Appreciation Post. Stay tuned for the next one and the one after that and the one after that, etc etc etc.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Guess who's birthday is tomorrow???

Prepare for pictures and gifs and random awesomeness of the wonderful Faz.

Fasolo seeing me in the crowd even though I wasn't there but whatever.

After just kicking a goal, Fasolo acknowledges his lovely biceps and launches into singing I'm Sexy and I Know It.

Alex and Jye have a little cuddle after Faz slots a goal in the NAB Cup against Sydney. This was not the only cuddle they had that night, I'm sure they got it on in bed afterwards.

Fasolo hugs the guy wearing his future number.

Fasolo looks for someone to kick to, except they are all admiring Faz' mad cool boots.

Alex Fasolo sings I'm Sexy and I Know It one more time because it is completely true and everyone knows it.
I hope you all enjoyed this, stay tuned for next time: when I make more blog posts on Alex Fasolo.