Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know you followers have a lot of questions to ask me yet are too scared to ask them. (How do I know this? I KNOW ALL).
So, I have devised a way for y'all to ask as many questions as you want and you can do it ANONYMOUSLY. Yes, that's right, anonymously.

So, you can ask me about my bf, my bffs, an awesome TV show, my favourite colour, ANYTHING. And I'll answer all the questions on my blog. :D

So, ask away!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Today happens to be Halloween (and if you go to Google, it has a picture of lollies and says "CLICK OR TREAT") and also, the Melbourne Cup is in a few days.

If only the dog (in the picture above) was a horse because that would have been an AWESOMEEEE jockey. :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had my English and Specialist Maths exams today.
It was the non-calculator Specialist Maths exam and it had some REALLY hard questions and some quite easy questions. :D

And as for the English exam, the Language Analysis was pretty good (the article was basically some dude saying how awesome technology is and how if technology hadn't evolved, we'd still be swinging from trees and living in caves), my creative piece was okay (idk, I wrote about someone staying true to their goals and not letting others tell them what to do) and the Text Response was good, methinks (I wrote on Inheritance which I find is much easier than 1984, idk).

Overall: I think I went okay. :)
And also, I finished a few minutes earlier (wtf, I read over my three essays, like, 4 billion times and still had time leftover) and I noticed one of the texts was called Citizen Kane and I drew a cane next to it and lol'd.

Because in the Simpsons, Lisa was at a nerdy sci-fi convention and she was like, "ISN'T THAT THE CANE FROM CITIZEN KANE? WAIT- THERE WAS NO CANE IN CITIZEN KANE. :/"

And yeah.
So, 2 exams down, 5 to go. ^___^
How was your day and what are y'all doing for Halloween?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Because no one reads this blog, I thought I'd post a whole lot of (awesome) pictures. Idk why. It felt like a good idea at the time. :D
The pictures above are planning lists for certain books. If you can guess the book, you win...
Suck it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

GLEEEEE. ^_____^

Glee is awesome. :D
Especially when the football team randomly started singing Single Ladies. Ah, good times.
And last night, Will's wifey, Terri, gave the Glee Club members some pills to make them hyperactive and those pills were illegal or something and Terri couldn't be the school nurse anymore. (Well, she was never an ACTUAL nurse... she just wanted to spy on Will.. >_____>)

And yeahhh.


More awesome than Hollywood. Oh yeah!

See? My bf is totally famous. Suck on that. :P


I will never get sick of these Kanye West thingys. :D


Wouldn't y'all love this restaurant?

The candy heart that only I can receive because I am totally awesome. :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Oh yeah. It's Stephenie Meyer's planning list for when she was making Twilight. :D
It's totally written in blood if you didn't realise, LOLLL.

You can make your own. Just click HERE or HERE or even HERE.
(The third link is the insideadog website, kk).

In other news, today was Muck Up Day where all the Year 12's burnt down the school and all the teachers inside it.
Okay, I'm joking. We didn't really burn it down. We just put glad wrap everywhere and egged the teachers' cars.
OKAY, OKAY, I'm joking about the egging. :/

And then, we went to assembly where the year 12's all got a flower (yay!) and the Year 12 teachers got a present.

And yeah. Tasma's planning list is more awesome than SMeyer. Probably because Tasma is better than SMeyer. Duh.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I totally watched Rove and TAYG last night. :D
It was awesome because Rove was on TAYG so I basically watched two hours of Rove (yayyy!).

Some of the awesomeness:
  • Seth Green. Does the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy. How could you NOT love him? ^____^ And him and Rove swapped places because they have so much in common that they could be the same person. So, Seth had to be the host but it was extremely distracting because of his voice (an accent, idk) and his Ranga-Beard. :/
  • Ryan Shelton, explaining how there is no chocolate in Hell. OH NOES, NOW I HAVE TO BE REALLY GOOD SO THAT I CAN GO TO HEAVEN. Uh oh.
  • They'd showed a picture of some bird "rooting" some guy's head. I know, WTF indeed. Anyway, Pete goes to Rove, "Is this one of those ~sexy bird dances~ you do with Tasma?" And I lol'd. :)
  • Barry Humphries, explaining that "The Tasma" was the name of a coffee and that Tasma (Rove's wifeyyy) could have been named Starbucks. :D LOLLL.
  • And next week, Rove is going to interview as many people as he can within 60 minutes to set a world record. Hopefully they interview some really awesome people. Like Dale Thomas or something, idk. :D
And yeahhh.
So, how was everyone's weekend?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Y'know the guy on Rove who does the KRudd PM voice?
His name is Nick Maxwell and he's getting married today in Byron Bay.
And my bf and Harry O'Brien are going to be there. Because, y'know, they play footy with him. :D

But some Collingwood players aren't going to Nick Maxwell's wedding. Because Chris Tarrant is also getting married so all the ~bad boys~ like Swannie and Didak are going to Tarrant's wedding. FAILLL. wtf. Nick Maxwell > Chris Tarrant.

Btw~, Nick Maxwell was on Rove a few weeks ago, cheering up the Parramatta Eels and Nick was like, "I love rugby, and I would have played but I, uh, have a neck." LOLLLL. (Luckily, he didn't play rugby otherwise Collingwood wouldn't be so good...).

And I watched the 7pm Project yesterday. And they were discussing the Balloon Boy story.
(Basically, what happened was that everyone thought a little boy fell out of a hot air balloon so there were search parties EVERYWHERE because this boy was lost and he was only 6 and anyway, the boy actually was NEVER in the balloon; he was hiding in the attic).

And I really hope the episode of TAYG on Sunday is the episode with Rove. ;)

EDIT: Seth Green (some Family Guy dude) is on Rove. ^_____^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Aw, the cupcakes are taking a vacation. :/. DON'T LEAVE, SWEET LITTLE CUPCAKES!

Yes, I realise that I haven't blogged in awhile. idk.
(Not that anyone cares but whatever).

I watched Masterchef last night and Eamon Sullivan won! I was hoping that he would win. :D
Well, I didn't know the other two people who he was competing against (Anna Bligh and some Simon dude, idk) so yeah.

I wish Josh Thomas was still in it and then, I'd actually look forward to the semi finals or whatever. Epic fail.

ANDDDDDDDD also, on Sunday, TAYG is on at 6:30pm. And according to the TV Guide, it's the episode with Rove. ^_______^
And Rove is on at 9:30pm as well which is even more exciting. :D.
Australian Idol and its boringness ruins Sunday nights. The only good thing about Australian Idol this year is THIIIIIIIS. (Yes, it is a link to some blog where they recap Australian Idol every week... I KNOW, WHAT A BORING LIFE, WTF... but the recaps are always funny so yeahhh).

And yeah.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I watched TAYG and Rove yesterday. :D
(I also kinda watched Australian Idol but that was reallyyyy boring except for one particular performance...)
  • On TAYG, Charlie made a b'day cake, which resembled a footy field. :D It was exciting. And he won~!
  • The only good performance (in my opinion) on Idol was some dude performing to the Single Ladies. On Big Band night. :D It was funny because a) the gridiron team in Glee danced to it and b) the dude had pretty good dance moves. Hahaha, LOLLL.
  • And on Rove, they totally said that they were looking for look-a-likes of the Rove cast and there'll be a show where the look-a-likes do the show. Soooo, I could just wear a blonde wig, take a photo of myself, send it in to Rove, and WHOAAAA, I could be reading the news on Rove. :D
  • The most annoying word is... WHATEVER. So, whatever. I don't care that no one reads this blog. WHATEVERRRRR.
  • Delta Goodrem was on. Epic win.
  • Oh and Haydo and Delta totally got married because Delta lost her shoe and Haydo gave it back to her. :/. Gee, I hope Dale Thomas loses his shoe.... LOLLWHUT.
It's a short blog today. stfu.

Friday, October 9, 2009


'Sup, everyone?
I watched 7pm Project, two episodes of the Simpsons and then, THE SIMPSONS MOVIEEEEEEEE~! :D
And Tasma Walton is on the 7pm Project next week to do some more plugging of that book. :)

Speaking of books, click here.
It is a competition or something where people vote for the best book of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Anyway, you can only vote once and they make sure that everyone only votes once because you have to put in your name and email address.
So, anyway, I went to vote and submitted my name and stuff, chose the books I wanted to vote for, clicked "vote" and waited. AND THEN, SOMETHING COMES UP AND SAYS, "YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED." wtf. No, I haven't already registered.

All I wanted to do was vote for Everything Beautiful (which I've read and it's awesome!) and Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (which I haven't read but people say it's a really good book and stuff).
Why can't I vote? :/

In other news, the ALL NEW Simpsons is on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. EPIC WIN. :D
And less studying will be done but whatever. I'll just live in a cardboard box like a hobo, LOLLLL.

And yeahhhh.
ROVE IS ON SUNDAYYYYY~! #roveisawesome. With TAYG on at 6:30pm. ^_________^

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi everyone!
I know I haven't blogged in awhile. I'm sorry.
(idk who that "sorry" was for. It's not like anyone reads my blog anyway...).

The Simpsons Movie is on Friday night! Yay, Simpsons ftw. :D
Channel 10 obviously does not want me to study as they put Simpsons Movie on Friday, TAYG and Rove on Sunday, Masterchef on Wednesday, etc.

And also, Collingwood totally has Jolly (they had to give up two draft picks but whatever!).
Which is good because now, there's no pressure on Josh Fraser as the only ruck. (Well, Cameron Wood is a ruck but he's young and inexperienced.. idk).

And also, Fevola is a Lion now. Which is kinda bad because Brisbane have two big forwards. :/

Rove is on Sunday. With Delta Goodrem. Excited much?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I watched TAYG and Rove last night. :D
Some awesome stuff that happened:

  • After the Simpsons ended, they had a sneak peek of Glee. And all the rugby players were all lined up in their positions to start the game, and they were all looking fierce and stuff. And then, the red team burst into singing, "ALL THE SINGLE LADIES~! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES~! IF YOU LIKED IT, THEN YOU SHOULDA PUT A RING ON IT~!" And I lol'd. :)
  • TAYG was funny too, it was the episode where they had to parallel park and yeah. Ah, good times.
  • On Australian Idol, they sang Pink songs so I kinda watched it. Like, I was reading through my notes for Accounting while watching them sing Pink. Anyway, I thought that they'd all be really bad singers and ruin the song but the first guy didn't. He was really good. So, I was like, "YAY, MAYBE THEY'LL ALL BE GOOD!" But unfortunately, the next guy came out and did a poor version of So What and I continued sticking pins in my Idol voodoo dolls.
  • And then, Rove came on. Finally.
  • Or as Rove called it, "iRove2.0". And Kristy and Pete tasted the iSnack2.0 and they both were like, "Ughhh." I don't agree though. I liked the new Vegemite. It was all cheesy and stuff. idk.
  • Then, Tasma came out. And everything got awkward. :/
  • Tasma's "What Have We Learned..." thingy was funny. She was like, "I learned that David Letterman admitted to having sex with his co-workers... Gee, I should be worried when Rove goes for sleepovers at Pete's house..." And Pete goes, "OH NO, WE'VE BEEN BUSTED~!" Haha, lol.
  • And Jess Harris' segment was good. She taught us how to have a dinner party. The best idea was to, like, not prepare anything and then, an hour before the guests arrive, you put a three-course meal together Masterchef-style and serve it to them straight away. Clever.
  • Speaking of Jess Harris, during her segment, they had ~sexy~ photos of Ryan Shelton and Jess Harris. Does that mean that they are dating or were those photos just done for the segment? LOLWHUT.
  • Back to Tasma. For the public probe (or Pete's Private Probe because Pete said it was too easy for Rove to publicly probe his wifey), we found out the following: Rove and Tasma live in an area where they put out their bins on a Sunday night (stalkerrrr!), Rove puts his bins out at 4am, Rove likes toys, Rove does not like Tasma being a backseat driver hence why he always lets her drive, Tasma wouldn't say what Rove's PIN number was (ha, we already know because Carrie released it earlier this year! It's 8742, btw~) and yeah.
  • Tasma, saying that she wanted to be a heart surgeon except in Human Biology, the teacher put the aorta from a sheep's heart on her finger and waved it in everyone's faces and Tasma was like, "Ew. Note to self: Don't be a heart surgeon."
  • We found out a story from Rove and Tasma's wedding night. (NO, NOT THAT STORY, wtf). And Rove totally danced to Footloose and he did the splits and his pants ripped and everyone saw his Superman underpants. LOLLLL.
  • Kristy Warner's "What Have We Learned..." thingy. She was like, "I learned that my hybrid car doesn't make much noise and no one can hear it coming. Environment: 1. Dead pedestrians: FIVEEE~!" Haha, you're so funnyyy, Kristy.
  • Delta Goodrem is on next week. Mmhmm. ;)
  • And Drew Barrymore is on too. She totally directed a movie (starring the girl from Juno, Ellen Page!) and yeahhh. :D

And yeah. That is all for my crappy review of last night's TV. :/.

And for all you Masterchef fans, Matt Preston has a book called CRAVAT-A-LICIOUS. The title symbolises his love for two things: Cravats and, um, Beyonce.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Okay, so the guessing game doesn't work as I hoped because I can't actually choose a number for you all to guess. :/

In other news, Rove is on tonight~!
With Lisa Mitchell, people from that movie thingy, Rove's wifey, Jess Harris teaching us how to be cool (finally, someone actually teaches me something I need to know!), Kristy Warner, Peter Helliar, and plenty more. :D
Btw~, it looks like I wrote "Rove's wifey, Jess Harris". LOLWHUT. It's meant to be two separate people, okay? The comma is separating the two people. Just sayin'.

And also, the boring-est sporting match in the history of sporting matches is on tonight. Eels vs Storm. jw, did they name the Melbourne team based on Melbourne's weather? :/

Oh and why would someone call a team "Eels"? wtf. Eels are slimy, gross creatures which live in the ocean. SLIMY AND GROSS. Why would people go for a team which is SLIMY AND GROSS? WHYYYYY?

Anyhoo, bye. :D

Friday, October 2, 2009


If you scroll down to the bottom, I've added some gadgets to this blog. Like a BMI calculator so that you can check if you're overweight (yay!) and a guessing game where you have to guess the number that I picked.

There will be a prize for the person who guesses the number first. (The prize will basically be the glory of guessing the right number ^____^). When you've guessed the number, post a comment on the most recent blog post and mention the correct number, kk.

And also, I've changed the background of the blog (it's now black to symbolise that New Moon is coming out soon - Jacob Black ftw~!).

EDIT: I lied. I didn't actually change the background because of Jacob Black. I changed it to suit my own personal needs. :/

EDIT X2: Instead of "0 people have commented", I changed it to "0 people inside the house." And there are different reactions to choose from at the bottom of each blog post. :D


Go onto this website.
And scroll down and vote for "KanyeMite".
I actually don't agree with that because I likes the new Vegemite but whatever.

Thursday, October 1, 2009



Mm. I am following Nacho Pop on Twitter. :D
Just in case you've been living in a hole (or you have a life and don't watch SYTYCDA), here is a little information about Nacho Pop:
~He's a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance Australia (SYTYCDA).
~Has an awesome name. ;)
~Choreographs awesome dances. (Well, sort of. idk).
~His main genre is Hip Hop so he choreographs the Hip Hop dances on SYTYCDA.

And yeah.
ALSO: Rove is on Sunday night. :D. And on Australian Idol, they are singing P!nk songs. Lucky that P!nk is out of Australia otherwise she'd be throwing bricks at her TV.
(Well, that's only if P!nk watches Australian Idol and I'm guessing that she doesn't).

Anyhoo, I shall go now.
The Copeland Trophy is on tonight. What's your predictions?
I'm guessing the Top 3 will be: Swannyyy, Scottyyy, Maxwell. :D