Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Because I'm bored.
Deal with it. :P.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My predictions for the first Grand Final were all wrong. WHAT EVEN.
It was actually a draw, Lenny Hayes won the Norm Smith, and Jolly who kicked the first goal.

So, I have a chance to redeem myself.

Predictions for Grand Final 2.0:
Winner: Collingwood.
Norm Smith: Dale Thomas. (or, as I said last week, Scotty Pendlebury.)
First goal kicked: Travis Cloke. (A chance to redeem himself. He'll kick the first 10 goals.)

La la la.

And yeah.
Glee was on last night!
It was the Britney Spears one. And the Glee Club members went to the dentist (I know, riveting) and get put under anesthesia and then they have dreams of dancing with Britney Spears!
Cool, right?

Anyway, it was such a good episode.
But I really want Emma and Will to be together. idk. When they were in the car and Terri came along, I was like, "OH, TERRI, YOU COULDN'T HAVE PICKED A BETTER TIME?"
What even.

And I want Artie and Tina to be together. And Artie is on the football team! Hell yeah!
They are going to use him as a battering ram because he's in a wheelchair and stuff.

Tina better pay him some attention now. Damn right.

Anyhoo, I shall stop rambling about Glee. Whatever. :P.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I watched Glee yesterday!
My thoughts:
  • Rachel is so mean. A new girl, Sunshine, came to the school and she was a REALLY GOOD singer and was so awesome. And Rachel was sorta jealous of her and didn't want her spotlight stolen so she sent Sunshine to a "crackhouse" or something instead of the Glee auditions. :(. FAILLL.
  • Artie and Tina breaking up. Nooooo! I love Artie. Tina and Artie = OTP. They were so good together and that Mike dude and his epic dancing skillz had to come along. :(.
  • Santana's boob job. Ha! That was so funny. :P
  • That Beist woman. EVILLLL. Okay, Will was so good in befriending her and not Sue. I like you, Will, don't change! But this Beist woman, she's like so evil. She removes Finn from the team permanently and makes that blonde dude scared to join the Glee Club. Noooo. :(.
  • Did I mention how I liked Sunshine? She shouldn't go to Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse is EVILLLLL. I think Sunshine should sing Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows and it will be epic. :).
  • Will and Sue ordering pizzas for Beist as a joke. Ahhh, so childish. Love it. ;).
  • Puck. Always awesome. ALWAYS. :P
And yeah.

The Grand Final is on Saturday!! :D.
Pies vs Saints.A picture from the Collingwood training (I didn't go to the training, I was at uni.)
Anyway, if you look closely in the picture, there's a magpie on the field. It's trying to be selected in the team for Saturday. :P.

My predictions for the Grand Final:
Winner- Collingwood. (That's obvious.)
Norm Smith medallist- Dale Thomas. (Although, I think Scotty Pendlebury will get it because he gets everything. Or tries to, anyway.)
Person to kick the first goal- Scotty Pendlebury. (I'd like to say Travis Cloke but as I said earlier, Scotty attempts to get everything.)

La la la.
Pies for Premiers 2010. :D.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Pies!

So, Collingwood won the prelim. :)

To show you my excitement (and also because I can't upload gifs on this blog, fail whale), here are some gifs expressing the aforementioned excitement.

La la la.
So, I shall be barracking for the Doggies tonight, hopefully they can win (or, if not, hopefully Barry Hall brings his punching gloves and stuff).

Hopefully, Swanny can win the Brownlow medal on Monday (because he deserves it) and can win the Grand Final on his 150th game. What an awesome week. Tattoo artists must be rubbing their hands with glee. It's like they've won Tattslotto. :D.

Anyhoo, that's all from me.
(Did I mention I went to a cocktail party on Thursday night for a 1-year-school-reunion? Not important now, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. You stalkers would be interested, I'm sure. It was a pretty good night, except quite a few people from our year level didn't come. Probably lazy, or had uni assignments to do. Or exams, like mid-semester ones. idk.)

Friday, September 10, 2010


Freooooo, way to go! :)
The pussycats are going to get a good whippin' tonight, brought on by the purple army. :P

Anyhoo, here's a story that I has contributed in. I've written Chapter 3 and 7. All the other chapters were written by other people who are (slightly) more talented at writing than me. :D.

You may read my horrible attempt at writing, but only if you comment and say how awesome it is. I don't want anyone commenting the truth though, just lies. Lies that make me seem really awesome like "wow, you are awesome, Laura" and "your story writing is so good".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday featured two good footy matches- Pies vs Dogs, Freo vs Hawks.

lol, it was so cool.
The Purple Haze was out in force at Subiaco. And the Hawks played so badly, I think they forgot it was an important final or something. idk. Whatever. Freo won. :P.

And Collingwood thrashed the Dogs. Haha.
This guy:

had a field day. Nearly 40 disposals, and kicked 3 goals.
If you could get Brownlow votes for finals matches, Swanny would get 3 votes for this match, without a doubt.
But sadly you can't. So the commentators rewarded him with a Panasonic TV at the end of the match. Because Dane Swan can never have too many TVs.

But it wasn't all Dane Swan. Part of it goes to these two:

Anywayz, it was so funny when Big Bad Bazza gave away two free kicks in, like, 5 minutes. He was so angry, and was fighting Harry O for a bit, and then got reported for "abusive language at the umpire". Ha. :P.

Surprisingly, Nathan Brown (with a little help from Maxwell) did a good job on Barry Hall.

Anyway, next week, it's all up to Freo. They have so much pressure on them now to ease everyone's discomfort and knock Geelong out of the finals. Teehee. :).

Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm actually pretty proud of my Swanny picture.
Well, the writing sort of ruins it, idk. I shouldn't have written "Dane Swan" on there, I think everyone knows it's him. lol.

But yeah, I am totally a budding artist. You wish you were as awesome as me. :P.

And don't ask why Swanny has a pointy head in my picture. Whatever.

The writing is meant to be his name with ink running down the page. Y'know, like tattoo ink.
idk. I should remove it. :/.

(I drew it on DeviantArt, btw~. They have a new section where you can draw pictures. It's totally awesome.)