Sunday, August 21, 2011


Faz and his epic boots are cooler than all of you.
Deal with it.

Anyway, Collingwood managed to beat the Lions last night. Yay!

Clokey kicked 5 goals, and is now EIGHT GOALS away from Buddy on le Coleman medal thingy.
I hope Buddy falls off a cliff and breaks both his legs I mean, what? I love Buddy, of course I do. I'd never wish such a cruel thing on poor little Buddy...

Oh and Mick Malthouse gave S.Bucks a spray at Quarter Time.
Either Simon Buckley scratched his key on Mick's car, or... idk, whatever.

My point is, I don't think Mick will be coaching the Demons next year. I mean, I'm sure he has nothing against the Demons and everything, but after having to put up with one Demon player for a year, Mick wouldn't want to put up with 40 of them. I mean, that's a bit risky for his car...

I still love S.Bucks, though. He's so cute, and always tries hard. :D
And Ben Sinclair played so well yesterday!
Same with Tom Young. He kicked two goals, one of them being a torp. And they doused him in red powerade at the end. Hahahaha. :P

I hope Faz gets to play next week. And Sharrod and Leon and Toooooooooves. All those awesome people that came from Perth. :)

Top of the ladder, yo.

Friday, August 19, 2011


This lovely girl was eliminated from The Glee Project last night.
Her name was Marissa and she had banana earrings. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID, RYAN MURPHY.

The episode was tenacity (with Karofsky chucking slushies at them!) or TE-NASTY as Alex said.

If you don't know Alex, he's one of the contestants on The Glee Project. GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Geez.
And he would be the offspring of Kurt and Mercedes, if they had children together.
And he's like tall and big and everything, so he comes across as really tough and strong, yet when he talks, his voice is like a girl's, so he's all sweet and soft.
Aw. :)

What's the point of this blag post, I hear you ask?
Well, there's no point. Since when have you read a post on here that has a point? You just wasted about 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back. :P

Friday, August 12, 2011


Daicos who?

And Collingwood wins another one, yay!

An awesome number 35 kicked a goal and took a specky because he's awesome and everything. :P
Just take the whole bus, Alex Fasolo.
Congratulations on your existence. :D

Not all good news, with one of my favourites on The Glee Project getting eliminated.
The really short guy, Matheus, who's like shorter than Jarryd Blair (I know, it's ridiculous, how could little Blairy be taller than anyone?) got eliminated. Sulk.
He was so cool.

But it's okay.
Damian is still there (he's the Irish one) and Lindsay and Samuel. :)
And I really like Marissa too. She's got red hair and is really pretty and I didn't really notice her till last night's episode. :/

But it was funny how Cameron got kissed by Lindsay, and rang his mum to cry about it because he's all Christian and stuff.
Like, if I were in Cameron's position, being kissed by Lindsay (or anyone, for that matter), I'd call EVERYONE and be like, "I just got kissed! GET THE CAKE AND BALLOONS OUT, PARTY TIEMZZZ!"
And we'd all celebrate me not being a kissing virgin anymore. Yay.


Top of the ladder, yo.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy 250th, Taz. :)

Half good and half bad weekend of footy.
Collingwood won.
Freo lost. :(
My Dream Team and Supercoach lost, ugh.
I lost to one of the bottom teams in the Dream Team. So annoying. Two of my players were injured, and, of course, I didn't have a reserve. FAIL WHALE.

So, I probably won't get to be 6th on the ladder. Still stuck in 8th, or if I'm really unlucky, NINTH.

There's more bad news.
Travis Cloke, ex-sufferer of the dreaded yips, caught up to Buddy Franklin on the Coleman medal goalkicking thingy.
And then, today, Buddy just had to go and kick 3 goals. WHAT EVEN.
(And to make matters worse, Riewoldt kicked 4 goals and is equal with Buddy.)

Why didn't I break Buddy's legs?

(Quotes from Futurama are very bubbly-making.)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Heath Shaw will jet off to the Magical Gypsy Land of Healing.

I called it. I totally wrote, on a previous blag post, that this will happen. I predicted THE FUTURE.

By the way, the Powerball numbers are 2, 13, 17, 22, 32 and the PB is 35.
Enjoy. :)
Also, there will be hoverboards in the near future. With crash bracelets and belly sensors and grippy shoes.

(After reading the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, I want a hoverboard. Hurry up and invent them, you inventors! What are you doing? Why do I not have my hoverboard yet? What is taking so long?)