Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sorry for not blogging in ages (lol, I'm sure you've all missed me).

I went to see the movie Kick-Ass on the public holiday on Monday. :D.
It was awesome and so funny! Chris was my favourite character, he was the bad guy's son.
And Hit-Girl was so cuteeee, she would have been only 10 or something.

And when Kick Ass aimed the bazooka at Frank D'Amico, I was expecting him to be like, "HASTA LA VISTA, BABY." But he didn't, he just fired it at him and Frank D'Amico DIED. Yay.

Good times.
And Dave (the guy who was Kick Ass) is played by Aaron Johnson, and Dave is seen as a bit of a dork/nerd, y'know. But the funny thing is, in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Aaron Johnson plays the Sex God (aka Robbie). lolwhut.

And also, to continue the OMG-Facts, Aaron Johnson (irl) is dating a 43-year-old woman who is now preggerz. (But I'm sure they love each other muchly and the age difference wouldn't matter).

And yeah.
Btw~, Collingwood thrashed Essendon on Anzac Day, yay! And Scotty won the Anzac Day medal, and Sharrod and Dayne Beams just missed out. lol, it was very close. :D. Sharrod made 123 points for my Dream Team, yet my Dream Team still didn't win. Aw, I lost by only 70 points or something.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Happy Anzac Day, everyone! :D.
Lest we forget, etc etc.

Anyhoo, Collingwood vs Bombers Annual Anzac Day Match is today.
My predictions: Collingwood by 38 points, Daisy Thomas winning the Anzac Day medal, and Rusty kicking 5 goals. ;).

Before The Game was awesome last night. Things I found out:
  • Barry Hall likes gardening. So, if you ever get caught in a dark alley with the Big Bad Bazza, just ask him how his daisies are growing and ask for a few parsley leaves while you're at it.
  • Harry Taylor is very funny. Very surprising for an evil Geelong player, lmao.
  • Ben Hudson is also very funny. lolwhut.
  • Jobe Watson won Tool of the Week, haha. (That's the only thing he'll be winning this weekend, lol).

And yeah.

Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Yo everyone! :D.
The season of SYTYCDA has ended... But that doesn't mean I'm removing the picture at the top. Too bad, deal with it. :P.
Anyway, I predicted that Jessie H would win (at the beginning of the season) but unfortunately, I was wrong. She came second, lol. But I was happy with the winner (Robbieeeeeee~!) especially since in Ivy's goodbye speech, she basically "let the cat out of the bag", and hinted that her and Robbie had some "relationship" and were in love with each other. (Or, that Ivy was in love with Robbie).

It's so bad now that SYTYCDA and TAYG have ended. Now, what do I watch? The wall?! (Or Masterchef, but that just makes me hungry and I'd end up on the Biggest Loser...).
Glee is coming on TV! On Thursdays, Channel 10, 8pm. ^_______^

Oh and y'know that debate I was getting y'all to help me with it?
Well, I did it. Last Wednesday.
It went.... okay. Not good, but okay. The topic was about biotechnology's maximising profit being their only concern. And I was on the negative team. It was really difficult to rebut, because I didn't understand the other team's arguments. And the other team won, by an audience vote. (I think that the other team bribed the audience, because the voting was unanimous, but oh well).

And the first speaker came out and talked REALLY REALLY fast. And we were like, "O_____O. *brain explodes* lolwhut". lmao.
And yeah. :D.

Btw~, Collingwood beat Hawthorn last Saturday! Yay. Essendon is going down on ANZAC Day, haha.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay, I got tagged by two people (I think) for two different memes. I shall do one of them now. (And the other one is coming, don't worry!).


I got this from Penguins Quack who gave me the task of finding 7 things that should not exist. (Hm, there are way too many things and I haven't even started yet, lol).

Here it is:

  1. War and guns and stuff like that. Who invented all that stuff? "Hey dude, I just invented the light bulb!" "Yeah, well, I invented this machine that kills people when it is pointed at them, but you don't hear me bragging~". lolwhut.
  2. Twilight. Justin Bieber. Short Stack. All the things that those little 12-year-old girls like. Tweenies, as they are called these days. Maybe we should eliminate tweenies, yes? And then, Short Stack and Justin Bieber and SMeyer wouldn't make much money, be forced to retire and live in a dumpster. :P.
  3. Prejudice and racism and homophobia. Hmm, the world would be a much better place without this. We should all learn to get along like we did in middle school, and bake cakes with rainbows and... "Do you even go here?" /mean girls.
  4. The overcrowdingness that is coming to Melbourne. In the future, Melbourne's population increase even more and there'll be more people and less space and we'll all die. (Because the population is, somehow, increasing rapidly and no one knows what to do).
  5. Dale Thomas' girlfriend. Basically, I don't know her or what she looks like, but I don't like her. And this is not because she is dating my bf. (Or maybe it is).
  6. Speaking of bitches, Mitchell Johnson's girlfriend. She may have a black belt in karate, but I don't like her. WHY IS SHE DATING MY BFF? WHY. Mitchie should just dump her already, he knows he wants to. Whut.
  7. Exams and stuff. Whyyy. Why can't we all just bludge through school and uni, and then everyone sits around with a wad of cash in one hand and a cocktail in the other hand, thinking, "Now, THIS is the life!" Ah, good times shall be had.

And now, I have to tag four people. This is the hard part. :/.

You can all just tag yourselves (so EVERYONE is tagged and EVERYONE is happy) and do 7 movies or TV shows that rule your life. (i.e. movies and TV shows that you love).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know when I needed help for my Biotechnology debate thingy?
Yeah, well, we got put into groups and I am on the negative side of the topic (so, I'm saying why maximising a company's profit is not the SOLE concern, etc etc) and I am le third speaker (so I have to sum up and rebut, etc etc).

Now, thank you to all who helped out with ideas and stuff.
But your job isn't over yet.
Basically, I want y'all (yes, that means you!) to pretend you are on the positive side and just say what you would argue, kk. (I need ideas for rebutting).

For those of you who have forgotten the topic, here it is:
"A biotechnology company's sole concern is to maximise its profit by satisfying the market."


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Aw, one of the reasons I love Operator Please. It's Taylor (the Operator Please band member who plays violin) reading The Great Gatsby. :D.
And she dyed her hair brown, btw~. (Confirmed by Timmy, of course).

Oh and Timmy and Chris (again, these two are in Operator Please) went to a party thingy and Tim was like, "I study architecture at uni" and Chris goes, "I study physics" but they were both joking, lolwhut.

Speaking of being all smart and stuff, Luke Ball got 98.8 (or something) VCE enter score. (He did VCE years ago, idk).
He's so clever. :D.
I'm sure he got his cleverness from one of his primary school teachers (who, coincidentally, is my friend's mum). lol.
But of course, Luke Ball isn't the smartest player at Collingwood. No way.
Dale Thomas, the little smart cookie, answered my question, "Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?" and instead of answering with an answer that everyone else answered with like "A best friend" or "someone I like", Dale answered with, "An elevator repairer".

Ah, good times.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Does anyone know what a Clerihew is?
*tumbleweed goes past*

Okay, fine. A Clerihew is a poem where the first two lines rhyme, and the last two lines rhyme. And there are four lines to the poem.
I made some yesterday (on Twitter, so you may have already seen them) and I want to share some-

Tiger Wood
is misunderstood
he yelled out "fore"
and got a whore.

Zoidberg cool
is such a tool
she spams Twitter way too much
someone should throw her into a rabbit hutch.
(Yeah, my Twitter spamming goes too far sometimes).

Harry O
Is a pro
And loves to inspire
everyone except Eddie McGuire.
(Nothing rhymed with inspire, okay! Whatever).

Jack Watts
Did a few squats
But he heard a loud crack
And realised it was his back.

Luke Ball
Went to the shopping mall
He was sick of French fries
And decided to eat pies.

Angus Monfries
Choked on his peas
When Jobe Watson called him a pest
And Zaharakis jumped on his chest.

Dale Thomas
Can beat the Bombers
But choked on his spaghetti
When he got a visit from the Yeti.

And I made this one to celebrate my 5000th tweet on Twitter-
It's my 5000th tweet
and as a treat
you may all have a whole cake
and give yourselves a stomach ache.

Hope y'all enjoy! :D.
(Btw~, I predicted the Top 4 in my previous blog post and guess what? I GOT IT CORRECT. Epic win).
(Speaking of getting things correct, Sleuth 101 is on 6:30pm on Sunday on the ABC1. It's the last episode, methinks).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello to my 19 followers! (Although, one of them is my Twitter account, lol).
I watched SYTYCDA last night.
It was great, Robbie and Jess S danced as sad clowns. Have you ever seen a sad clown? It was so cuteeeeeee. :D.
(Well, Robbie is always cute. It's hard for him not to be cute).

Anyway, my predictions:
The two people eliminated- Nick and Jess S.
Top 4- Jessie H, Ivy, Robbie and Phillipe.
Winner- Jessie H.
(Yes, this is the first time I have put Phillipe in the Top 4. He's growing on me, like mould).
(I wouldn't mind if Ivy or Robbie win, though).
(And as much as I like Jess S, I love the other two girls more, so Jess S has to go home, haha).

And I saw an ad for TAYG and the ad was like, "DROP EVERYTHING! ...except not your pants". And I lol'd. Teehee.
Hamish Blake and Poh are on TAYG on Sunday. lol, Hamish is win.

Andandand guess who's on Before The Game on Saturday?
He's gonna play well on Friday, I know he will. He'll be all like, "SUCK ON THIS, NICK RIEWOLDT!" and throw a pie. That's my Lukey. :P.

Oh and I haven't been watching Sleuth 101 lately. Due to forgetting it's on (because ABC moved it to ABC2 on Sundays, fail whale) and also, the Simpsons being at the same time. /simpsons geek.

Speaking of geeks (or more commonly known as gleeks), it's April and GUESS WHAT COMES ON TV IN APRIL?????????!
With Puck and Finn and Sue (singing Madonna songs, lol. LIKE A VIRGIIIIIIIIIN~) and Rachel and Quin (Finn don't like you no more, haha) and Brittany and Santana (you bitch, Santana, how could you?) and Will and Emma and Artie and Tina andandand you can totally tell I've been on Wikipedia, lolwhut.
(Sorry for the spoilers, guysssssss).

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yay, it's the trailer for Tomorrow When The War Began!
Homer doesn't look like I pictured him. Sadface.
But Fi does. She's the blonde one.
And Corrie's the ranga, lol. And Kevin is the Lincoln Lewis one. (So, it's obvious which one he is).

I can't wait till September.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I went to the footy today (Collingwood vs Melbourne) and I was all like, "Yeah, Collingwood will win for sure" etc etc.
Ummm, no. It wasn't that easy. Melbourne came out firing. They played so well (although the scoreboard didn't really show it). If you looked at the scoreboard, it was an even match. If you looked at the ground with the players, Melbourne was OWNING. (Melbourne missed a lot of easy shots, but then again, so did Collingwood).

The guy in the picture below (number 15) was part of the aforementioned owning. Ricky Petterd. Kicked about 4 goals. Was basically everywhere. (Or just in their forward 50, idk).

Anyway, Collingwood still managed to win.
The guy below played well, got the ball a lot, etc etc. But he was mainly under pressure A LOT OF THE TIME. So, he turned it over so much.
I don't know why there's a bandage around his head. I know Travis Cloke had a bandage around his head (because of blood) but I never saw my bf have to leave the game because of blood.

And Rusty did a good manoeuvre on the boundary line. Basically, Rusty had two Melbourne players on him, and Rusty had the ball, then kicked it a metre ahead of him (to keep the ball in play) and then, Rusty just picked up the ball and kept playing! The Melbourne players didn't even touch the ball when Rusty didn't have it. lol.

Oh and after the game, we were on the train. And this guy was sitting in our carriage, with his earphones in, talking to his friend in Newcastle. And the guy was talking SO LOUDLY and describing every aspect of the Collingwood/Melbourne match REALLY LOUDLY and the whole carriage could hear. And we were all laughing yet the guy had no idea that people were listening. And when the conversation FINALLY ended, the whole carriage cheered and goes, "Yay, he's finished!" And the guy STILL had no idea, because he had earphones in. It was so funny. :D.

Ah, good times. ;).

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So, how is everybody? :D.
I'm fabulous, lol.
I have a week's break (wooo~) but unfortunately (or fortunately for you guys), I won't be blogging much (or will I?) because of all the homework/essays/assignments to do. Ew.

I watched The Bounce and SYTYCDA tonight.
The Bounce is an okay show. If you haven't watched it and have a life, don't bother. idk. Richo is pretty funny, Arj Barker was hilarious (but I think he was only a guest), Peter Rowsthorn's taxi drivin' is awesome, etc etc.

And on SYTYCDA, my little Babyface Kieran left! O________O. NO WAYYY. Not fair. And Squeaky Carly (the really cute one who was so cute) left too. WHAT IS THIS.
My Top 4 predictions are failing. Ugh.

Top 4: Jessie H, Ivy, Robbie, anddddddd Nick.
Winner: Jessie H.
(But I wouldn't mind if Ivy or Robbie win).
(I also like Phillipe, so I wouldn't mind if he was in the Top 4 instead of Nick).

Also: Anyone heard of Andrew McDonald?
Neither have I. Until THISSSSSSS.
He did that camera-loss thingy that got passed around on email. (If you never received the email, allow me to send it to you. Orrrrr, you may click the link above and find the link for the camera-loss thingy yourself).
Anyway, this Andrew McDonald guy (no, not the ranga that plays cricket) seems really funny. And he's blogging inside a dog (how can he do that? Isn't it dark and cold inside there?) for the month of April. :D.

Anyhoo, pinch punch first of the month no returns, etc etc.
Anyone play any pranks for April Fools' Day? Anyone get pranked?