Monday, December 31, 2012


It is now 2013, or as I* like to call it: 20daisy.

I spent New Year's Eve at a friend's house, and we watched The Office (U.S.) and the Rocky Horror movie and then walked to the park to watch people launch illegal fireworks into the sky and hope the police don't come by.

It was the first time I've seen Rocky Horror omg
But I've seen the Glee episode so it was pretty similar but better.
And Meatloaf died.
Poor thing.
He'll never get to perform at the 2011 AFL Grand Final and get criticised for it.
I don't care what anyone says about that performance, I liked it. Well, I liked the first song he sung. Which was the Rocky Horror one - Hot Patootie or something. I can't even remember if he sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light or anything else, b/c idk any Meatloaf songs.

The Office was hilarious. We only watched a few episodes (maybe about 5 or 6) but so so so funny.
Good times.

As for New Year's Resolutions this year: idk.
Here's my list:

  • More exercise
  • Less Tumblr
  • Less Glee
  • stop downloading Glee every Friday at 2pm, and reblogging every photoset about Sammy Evans
  • get a life
  • less chocolate
  • actually stop eating chocolate altogether, already eaten enough to last me several lifetimes
  • marry Alex Fasolo**
  • invent machine that turns fictional characters into real people
And yeah.
Contrary to popular belief, I'm not great at keeping resolutions.
lol exercise, that ain't happening /fatty

It was funny on The Office, how Dwight put a fire in the office and everyone's like panicking to get out and some are smashing windows and climbing through the roof and rescuing the cat and a guy ran up to the vending machine and starts smashing the glass... that guy is me.

Good times.
Cool story bro.

*Well, not me. Daisy himself thought of it. My future husband is so clever.
**Or Daisy, if Alex doesn't accept my marriage proposal. Or Chord Overstreet. Or any of the Glee cast, I don't mind, I'm not fussy. Can I have Chris Martin too, kthx.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Okay guise, remember my posts (Part 1 and 2) where I suggested songs for the Hunger Games soundtrack?

Yeah well, here's one for Catching Fire:

  • Rock Around The Clock - sung by Finnick, Katniss, Peeta and co. They can dance around the clock, going past each segment singing this. Fun times
  • Smooth Criminal by MJ - sung by Finnick, when the jabberjays were torturing him. ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY, ARE YOU OKAY ANNIE~
Also, here's some for Mockingjay:
  • Fix You by Coldplay - sung by Katniss to Peeta when the Capitol muck up his brain
And yeah.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Triple J's Hottest 100

You guise, I did it, I voted! 
It only took me two hours or something, and it took forever to narrow down the Temper Trap songs to just 3, haha. I could've had more of them, but I wanted to include a few of Lisa Mitchell's, plus a few others.
Also, I thought about putting in Muse's Olympic song (Survival) but idk, it wouldn't fit.
I honestly didn't realise Lisa Mitchell had an album out this year omg and I did the stupid thing of putting them all on my shortlist and listening to them. Not really a stupid thing, but it meant I had to include some of them and I DON'T HAVE ROOM.
I had to cut out the other Bat For Lashes song (All Your Gold) which was annoying but again, NO ROOM.
I also like Rabbit Hole and London's Burning, and also Never Again, so that was annoying too.
Matt Corby is rad.
I don't understand the {Like a Version} songs though, like Temper Trap covered Don't Fight It and it's on the list to choose from. I should listen to Triple J more often, haha. :/
Also, I don't like that Thrift Shop song.

For the #1 song of the year, I chose Trembling Hands (duh). It was either that or Laura, and I saw Temper Trap live so yeah.


And now we wait. For Australia Day. Fun times.
omg remember when I went to Hanging Rock on Australia Day a few years ago and the kangaroos were all over the field like a rash, and they cancelled the horsey races hahaha
and remember last year when Somebody I Used To Know got #1 which everyone easily predicted, ha
and Matt Corby got #3 (or something) for his song Brother, Australian Idol represent.

If that Thrift Shop song gets #1, I'll kill everyone. Ugh.

They really need to make it more than 10, because I really couldn't narrow it down. I had about 20 songs (in total) that I really wanted to vote for, and about 36 songs that I had on my shortlist.
It would've been more if I listen to Triple J on a regular basis, of course.
I reckon other people would have close to 50 or 100 songs on their shortlist, just because they actually listen to Triple J and know more songs than me.
lol, at least we all know how to put the "short" in shortlist. Heh.

Bat For Lashes - Laura 
Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) {Calvin Harris Remix} 
Lisa Mitchell - Bless This Mess 
Lisa Mitchell - Spiritus 
Lisa Mitchell - The Story Of The Raven And The Mushroom Man 
Matt Corby - Souls A'Fire 
Missy Higgins - Unashamed Desire 
Temper Trap, The - Need Your Love 
Temper Trap, The - This Isn't Happiness 
Temper Trap, The - Trembling Hands



Monday, December 3, 2012


So, South Africa came, they conquered, they left.
Left with their #1 title and glory, while we stay here, still at #3 and a bowling problem and a serious need for some great batsman (I said SOME, omg we don't need to replace Huss and Pup).

All is not lost! I presume Sri Lanka are clutching on to the #2 position with their sweaty paws, so we'll knock 'em off, ay.

Let's rank our players and be the judge on whether they stay in the team or not.

  • Captain AwesomePup - the most awesome captain ever, not including all the previous captains. Two double centuries in consecutive matches, mad skillz. Awesome. But not so good batting in the 3rd Test means only a 9/10. Still.
  • SuperHussey - a few centuries and saving people from burning buildings. Never leave us, Huss. Ever. 
  • Siddle - super effort, especially his effort in the 2nd Test. Even the 1st Test was excellent. Works hard on energy from a lentil burger. 
  • JPattz - As good as a bowler as Siddle but with added steaks. Sucks that he got injured. A miracle and he'll be back for Boxing Day. Yeah.
  • Warner - flashes of star quality
  • Cowan - see Warner
  • Twatto - what kind of fitness test did he pass and how can we get it eliminated?
  • Ponting - will miss him. Legend. Made a score of 8 in his last innings to show everyone why he retired.
  • Wadey - better than Haddin. Could bring in Painey for a Test (that's Tim Paine, not Jackson), or maybe save Paine for the One Dayers? idk idk Paine's injury run of broken fingers has been terrible for him, but let's not compare that to Wadey's "injury".
  • Hilfenhaus - great for bowling out tailenders. Good to have around when everyone else is tired.
  • Starsky - MAD SKILLZ. A six faaaa and a maiden half Test century. 
  • Mitchie J - ha
  • Hastings - you tried
  • Lyon - MAD SKILLZ. and that's not even about his batting.
And yeah.
The XI for the next Test (Hobart, December 14th) based on the above information will be:

Warner, Cowan, Twatto (unless a replacement appears), Khawajaahdakaja (idk his name), Captain AwesomePup, SuperHussey, Wadey, Starsky, Siddle, Lyon, Hilfenhaus.