Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ben Sinclair, doused in Powerade. :D

Massive comeback by the mighty Pies!
Down by 30 points or something, but there was never a doubt for them EVER.

Alex Fasolo (above) kicked a 5-faaaa, putting his AFL goal tally to 9. He has kicked the second-highest amount of goals at Collingwood in a number 35 jumper.
He may get a Rising Star nomination (yay!) and hopefully, a spot in the team when all the other players get back from injury. :P

And Clokey is only THREE GOALS away from Buddy Franklin for the Coleman medal.

Such a good win.
Hopefully, Daisy can come back next week. Surely a corked thigh can't be THAT bad.
I mean, that Hardingham dude was running around today with a corked leg. Yes, he may have been sore at some points and really should've had a rest, but he was out there for pretty much the whole game. *shrug*

Essendon had so many injuries, though. Basically, that's probably how they lost, not having many interchanges.
I suppose that is the worst thing about being a top team, injuries are more likely if your team is working hard, all day at training, in the gym, at a game, trying to improve.

Top of the ladder, yo.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Took me about two weeks, but I finally saw Harry Potter 7 and a 1/2.

Move over Fabrevans, I like Romione so much more.
When they were in the Chamber of Secrets, the moment was so bubbly and then, out of nowhere, the kiss! It was wonderful, and magical and I.. um.. kind of squealed a little bit. Shut up.

Romione have such cute moments, though. Like, in the 6th movie, with Ron in hospital, and Lavender Brown was all like, "WON-WON" and Ron was like, "Err-my-nee" and it was like ADORABLE and BUBBLY and ahhhhhh.

Anyway, whatever.
I loved the Neville killing Nagini part (I silently clapped at that part), the "you and whose army" bit, the awkward hug with Draco and Voldemort (lol), Snape and Lily (Snape: Always. Me: CREYS), Snape in general, Fred Weasley (noooo!), when McGonagall said, "I've always wanted to use that spell" and I went "Nawww" cos she's so cute, Molly Weasley, etc etc.

And, of course, when Harry broke the elder wand and I channeled my inner Damian (from Mean Girls) and gasped.

All in all, AMAZING.
You should go and see it.
All of you.
Why are you all still sitting here? You already saw it? SEE IT AGAIN.

P.S. lol, I almost left the cinema before the movie even started. They had a preview for Breaking Dawn and I was like, "No. You don't even go here." Rude. But I stayed and commentated the whole preview to my friend, who's never read the book. I was like, "That's the sex scene. That's where she's preggerz. The baby eats her. They have to dig the baby out. Bella nearly dies." etc etc. (But the sex scene was pretty cool, they were in bed and the whole roof nearly collapsed. Or something. I think that was the sex scene. Whatever.)

EDIT: But I like Twilight okay, don't get me wrong. It's good, I read the books, they were fabulous, I watched the first two movies, they were fabulous.
I just disagree with splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies.
Yes, the last Harry Potter movie was split into two, but that was because there was SO MUCH in the book, jam packed with SO MUCH.
What happens in Breaking Dawn? A wedding, a sex scene, preggerz, baby tries to kill Bella from inside, Bella nearly dies, Bella changes into vampire, pedo-wolf, Bella adjusts to being a vampire, Bella finds J.Jenks, a "fight" with the Volturi, happy ending.

Not much involved.
Surely SMeyer has enough money.
Her house is solid gold.
She sleeps on a bed made out of money.
SURELY, this stupid movie does not need to be broken up into two movies.
What the hell.

The fight was only good, because it involved Bella wanting to fight, wanting to save her friends, her baby, her new vampire family.
And if Bella didn't put the shield up, the Volturi's attack would've been stupid, their fighting technique wasn't very... interesting.
It didn't involve wands and magic. It didn't involve running and chasing their enemies. It just... was through the mind. Which is lame. Sorry, Stephenie Meyer, your book is really good. Just... idk.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Did I mention how I got 8 in my footy tipping last weekend?
Well, I DID.

And my Dream Team won, and is now in the Top 8 on the ladder! Go me.
And for the last home-and-away Dream Team round, I am playing one of the bottom teams.
All I have to do is thrash the poor sucker, and 6th place is MINE.
So bubbly-making.

In other news, I'm reading the Uglies series at the moment.
It is very exciting.
I'm up to the 3rd book, Specials.
Basically, I totally shipped Tally & David, and then when Zane came along.. Well, Zane kind of rocked my world.

And Dr Cable is awful. But that's her job, so I guess it's okay.
But it's not Maddy's job to be cruel, yet she is so mean to Tally.
Okay, her husband died and it was all Tally's fault. Fair enough. But it's not ALL Tally's fault. Yes, she betrayed the Smoke, I get it. But Maddy knew about the risks of escaping the city, she knew what the Specials would do to someone who knows the truth about the operation.
Why is she being a bitch to Tally?
Because Tally ruined her and her family's life and home?
Because David loves Tally so much and Tally goes and dates another guy?
Because David still has feelings for Tally, pretty or not?

Screw Maddy.
No wonder Tally didn't choose David at the end of the Pretties book.
It wasn't to do with Zane's big beautiful eyes, and his gorgeous pretty face.
It wasn't that David was ugly and Tally didn't want to look at him.
It was his MOTHER. His psycho-bitch mother, controlling him, informing him that pretty people aren't the same as when they were ugly.
Well, Maddy, I think Tally has proved that she CAN be the same, due to some bubbly activities and whatever, you're totally wrong. Go away.

A bit of a rant and a few spoilers, but DEAL WITH IT. :P
Also, Zane is a really cool name. I want one of my children to be named Zane. Or, as I will be a crazy cat lady in the future, one of my cats.

Friday, July 22, 2011


This is Hayden.
Eliminated from Masterchef just before the final 5.

It is sad that he left. Utterly bogus.
He was one of the best cooks in the competition and was so hot, he could easily melt butter.

So, there goes my viewing of Masterchef.
But I've found a better reality TV show.
Heard of it?
It's like American Idol, as they have auditions and from those auditionees, they choose a top 12 and eliminate a contestant every week.
But instead of a record deal and some cash, the winner gets a few episodes on Glee. :D

I have my favourites.
Damian, who has an Irish accent and I just wish he could talk FOREVERRR.
Ellis, who is so tiny and cute and looks like a 10-year-old. (But she got eliminated, so much creys.)
Lindsay. Massive bitch-making, hahaha. Entertaining, utterly. :P
Alex. He's a guy with a girl's voice, what more could you want? I said, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? That's right, nothing. NOTHING.
Samuel. Totally.
The short guy, Matheus or whatever. He sang Gives You Hell and I nearly died from all the awesomeness. Ah.

And that is all, my pretty-minded friends.
Tune in to The Glee Project on Friday nights on Eleven, if you're not too busy with your important lives.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For someone who has so many different hair colours that they've forgotten their natural shade, Jason Akermanis is so right.

Usually I skip over his articles, they're just his weird opinions, usually about some bogus thing that I have no interest in whatsoever.

But he's really hit the nail on the head with this one.
Here I was, thinking that Heath Shaw's penalty was fair, that the bet was stupid and totally against the rules and Heath deserved every part of the penalty.
But compared to other things, other events that have happened in the wide world of football, a $10 bet is not so bad.

Read the article, dudes. Go and read about Jason Akermanis' bubbly opinions, showing that the AFL aren't always fair, dishing out their penalties and stuff.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Good weekend of footy.

Collingwood won.
Melbourne won.
Freo won.
My Supercoach team won.
...and my Dream Team lost. (But I made over 2000 points, so surely that's a good thing, am I right?)

The coolest person you will ever meet. :D

Although, my footy tips didn't go very well, I only got 3. But when do I ever go well in footy tipping?
I completely suck at it.
Why do I even bother?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heath Shaw. :/

8-week suspension for Heath Shaw, for betting on Nick Maxwell kicking the first goal in Round 9.
8 weeks, from Round 17 to 24.
I hope he learns his lesson, and doesn't do anything silly for the next 8 weeks, so that he doesn't have to carry out the full 14 weeks. That would suck.

But due to my optimism and looking on the bright side, here are the positives:
  • He learned his lesson from that other scandal, the drunk driving thing. I don't think Heath will LIE about this, DENY that he had this bet. That would get him in a much bigger pickle.
  • My Supercoach team is already crap, I knew that already. I'm on the bottom, or near to it, and I just made a substitution for Heath Shaw. All is well, on that account.
  • It's about time Shaw had a rest, he's been a super player, always playing well, working hard, dishing out instructions to everyone, including the coach and captain. There are several younger players, waiting in the wings, ready to play. S.Bucks and Goldsack, maybe Macaffer could play Shaw's role?
  • My Dream Team doesn't have Heath Shaw. That's gotta be a good thing, right? RIGHT?!
  • He can still play in the finals, if he's a good boy.
Maybe Heath Shaw can go on a holiday to Arizona.
Didak and Dawes and Dayne Beams can go too, a nice relaxing time in the Magical Gypsy Land of Healing. They all could do with a bit of healing, with Didak, Dawes and Beams all injured and Shaw in desperate need of a few brain cells.

Maybe the little pixies and their fairy dust can weave their magic, creating hundreds and hundreds of grey matter, enough to fill the space between Heath Shaw's ears. (And mine too, I wouldn't mind some of those cells, to close my gap.)

And yeah.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Fun fact: Collingwood has never beaten North Melbourne by more than 113 points since 1926 or something.

And, much to the radio commentators' excitement (and mine), the Pies made history, thrashing the Kangas by 117 points.
Steele Sidebottom, in his 50th game, kicked 4 goals. :D
And Lachlan Keeffe made his debut, took a few strong marks, etc.

2nd-gamer Lukey Rounds had the job on Brent Harvey, and holy crap, he actually did a good job! Rounds managed to stick with the Kangas skipper for most of the day, limiting him to 2 goals and just 12 disposals.

Swanny is well and truly fit from his relaxing holiday at the Magical Gypsy Land of Healing. He managed about 38 disposals, and 2 goals.

Not all good news for Collingwood, with my pretend boyfriend Daisy Thomas getting an ankle injury just before half time.
I'm not really sure what happened, but he came back on the field in the 3rd quarter and got some possessions and another goal, so I thought that everything was okay.
But just before 3/4 time, Daisy was substituted, so the ankle injury must have been worse. idk.

Oh and Alex Fasolo managed to keep up his 1-goal-per-game quota. Four for you, Alex, go you good thing!!

Top of the ladder, yo.


I went to La Porchetta on Friday night, and then, after a nutritious dinner of pizza and chips, we went outside in the freezing cold, across the parking lot to McDonald's.
Then, as we shivered from a brief exposure to the cold, we got soft serve cones/sundaes/mcflurries for dessert.

True story of me and my friends' insanity, and the fact that I still do not know where to put the apostrophes.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is in the preview for Masterchef on Wednesday night.
We know that Dani gets into an immunity challenge, we found out last night.
But does she win?
Well, this is usually answered on Tuesday night, when the immunity challenge is done.

But they already showed a preview of the wednesday night's episode.
And they showed Dani.
And if you look closely (at the picture below), there's a little gold badge on her apron.


Go Dani.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Collingwood are one step closer to being Top Of The Ladder again.

Because Essendon beat the pussy cats.

Basically, Collingwood and Geelong have the same amount of losses and once Geelong have their second bye, we're moving on up to higher ground, where the grass is greener, the view is magnificent, and the food is fabulous. We don't have to sit underneath, waiting for the scraps, having poop and kitty litter falling on our heads.

It will be marvelous.