Thursday, October 2, 2014

copeland trophy 2014

let's continue with the trend started last year and predict the winners of the awards tonight

for the main copeland trophy award, i'll guess the top 10-
1st: Scott Pendlebury
2nd: Dayne Beams
3rd: Travis Cloke
4th: Steele Sidebottom
5th: Jamie Elliott
6th: Jack Frost
7th: Brent Macaffer
8th: Dane Swan
9th: Heritier Lumumba
10th: Alex Fasolo

Best Finals player: uhhh yagz (does this award still count if the AFL team didn't make finals??? dammit poor yagz)
Best first year player: tom langdon, duhhhh
Best VFL player: again, duhhhh Kyle Martin
Leading goalkicker: Travis Cloke
Best clubman: idk probs Swanny or ummm Alex Fasolo (what's a clubman hahaha)
Desire indicators: brent macaffer

(is desire indicators the one that the players vote for??? so yeah probs Caff b/c he's so nice and a good team player and the players legit cried when he did his ACL again lol)

(really though, the top 5 are so even lol and idk how they do the voting b/c it's not like the brownlow b/c defenders get votes soooo idk)
(actually no, it's like pendles, daylight, then beams/trav/jamie/steele, then yeah the others idk)
(i'd like to see someone else win other than pendles, like some underdog who we didn't expect like jack frost or something idk)
(nothing wrong with pendles though, soz scotty)

Monday, May 12, 2014


hey follow readers of my blog (*cricket sounds*), did I ever recap the finale of SYTYCDAU???
Well, Michael won, blah blah what a cutie, I wanted Sam to win, blah blah good times

Yeah, I hope they put the show to rest now??? No but it really was a good show several years ago and I don't know what changed b/c I adored Carrie as host and the new judges were alright, but SOMETHING changed and it definitely got worse which is a shame b/c it used to be so good???

So yeah, instead of continuing the show next year in the same format, axe it. If it keeps going, it will only get worse and we should remember SYTYCDau for what it was several years ago and not what it was this year.


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello everyone
Guess what
They eliminated Sam, it was the WORST ugh why so stupid what a dumb show :(
See??? Taylor Adams summed it up perfectly ugh stupid show.

Lol, anyway.

Best Parts:
Sam's dances LEGENDARY
idek the one where two people danced as old people???? that was really amusing
umm Lauren was good, i adore Renelle
so glad Ashleigh went home YESSSS
Michael's solo dance, like i was floored he is amazeballs

Worst Parts:
Sam going home ;____;
uhhh Jay getting in the Top 4??? how dumb

Winner: Michael
Faves: Sam (sadface), Michael, Lauren, Renelle
Top 2: Michael & Lauren

yeah i'm devastated b/c Sam :(
i'mma gonna run over to Mount Gambier and stalk him, bye

Thursday, April 17, 2014


lol yep, I pretty much guessed the ones eliminated last night yessss Eden's gone and yeah i'm sad about Blond b/c he was good, but not as good as Sam and Michael :)

Best Parts:
Sam, dancing to Titanic
Sam, having a week to rehearse two dance routines, and watch the Titanic for the first time, mad skillz
Sam, in general
Sam, performing a routine as a mad scientist
Michael's cute face, aww
idek Lauren was pretty fab, she danced with Sam

Worst Parts:
The judges falling over themselves to fangirl over Blond and Ashleigh and everyone else except Sam, lol nope
The judges continuing their rudeness to Sam
me, remembering about Zoey being eliminated booooo :(

Winner: Sam (babe)
My faves: Sam, Michael, Lauren, uhhh idek Renelle's okay, the rest are kinda boring
Eliminated next week: uhh Ashleigh hopefully, and also Jay

Also, usually when the judges hate someone, that person goes home straight away like usually the "audience" votes according to what the judges say, or the show is rigged based on what the judges say
Which is weird, like why is Sam continually in there every week??? HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN MOUNT GAMBIER
anyway, go Sammy!!!! :D

Thursday, April 10, 2014


ugh Zoey why :( :( :(
but yeah, Sam had the second highest votes!!!! winning

Best parts:
Sammy baby
Lauren's performance was pretty fab (forgot what it was, i just remember i suddenly liked her???)
Zoey is a babe ugh i love her
Michael is adorable, ugh i hate how the judges are all over him like YOU DIDN'T LIKE HIM BEFORE???? AND NOW YOU DO??? WHY
so annoying
and Patric going home yesssss :D

Worst parts:
The judges having obvious favourites
the judges hating on Sam and basically telling him to "piss off" from the competition (they're actual words were "this is the top 10, why are you here")
also Zoey going home THAT WAS THE WORST UGH DAMMIT :(

Winner: Sam (stupid judges)
My faves: Sam, Michael, Zoey, Lauren, idek who else ugh i miss Zoey
Eliminated next week: umm for the boys, obvz Jay or Blond, and for the girls, uhhh idek Eden?? they're all pretty mundane ugh

Thursday, April 3, 2014


so yeah, Patric with no stupid K was in the bottom 3, and so were Blond and Stephen, so i was like "surely SURELY they'll send Patric home b/c the other two are too fab????" but NOOOO THEY SENT STEPHEN HOME AND I CRY

Best parts:
Sammy baby
ummm idek Stephen and Sam's tango, absolute BABES
Michael b/c cutie
Jay b/c also a cutie (and is now partnered with Zoey!)

Worst parts:
umm Patric OBVIOUSLY like is he bribing the judges HOW IS HE SAFE EVERY WEEK what a boring guy i hate him
Eden b/c ugh just so boring and now she's partnered with Sammy aw :(

Winner: Sam
Faves: Sam, Zoey, Michael, umm Jay,
Eliminated next week: PATRIC and also Ashleigh and maybe Eden, okay yep also Lauren

Thursday, March 27, 2014


i was enjoying Sam and Zoey :( :( :( :(

Okay okay, here's my recap

Best parts:
Sam and Zoey dancing to Footloose BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT oh my god and then they kissed awwww i love them so much it hurts
uhh Michael's adorable face awww
i think it was Eden/Blond???? their routine was pretty cute, yeah
oh oh and Stephen & partner did a nice dance but they said it was Hunger Games related and it wasn't???? anyway
ummm Maddie/Chris were excellent, ugh so sad to see Chris go :(

Winner: Sam, obvs
Favourites: Sam, Zoey, Maddie, Michael, Stephen, idek the others whatevz
Eliminated next week: bloody Patric b/c he gotz no K, and um maybe Ashleigh b/c I think she's dating Patric???? i feel sorry for the poor thing hahaha

good times