Friday, September 30, 2011


I went to Collingwood's training today.
It was amazing, they all trained well and are totally ready to smash some pussy cats tomorrow. :P

I didn't go to the parade though, so I missed out on this:

Sinclair and Faz, being awesome as per usual. :)

But I went to watch Fright Night instead.
It was really scary, I had to cover my eyes when the evil vampire was biting people's necks. :/
But there was Barty Crouch (a.k.a. David Tennant) who was really funny and liked to walk around shirtless and drink martinis.
Plus, DYLAN. From Modern Family.

"Do you wanna do me, do me? I just wanna do you, do you.. underneath the moonlight."

But he was barely in the movie. :(.
I kept thinking he would bring out his guitar and start serenading me random girls walking past.
And he was in the car with his friend, and they were like, "Hey, what's up with Charlie?" and Dylan goes, "He's paranoid. I was paranoid when I saw a carrot with a machete." And then, they died and I was sad. RIP Dylan. I love you. ;_;

Oh and there was this Spanish woman in the movie, and she totally reminded me of Gloria from Modern Family. But I was like, "Nahh, it can't be".
Then, on further investigation (i.e. Wikipedia searchings), I found out that the Spanish woman is not Sofia Vergara (a.k.a. Gloria) but her sister, Sandra.

Speaking of siblings, James Franco's brother was in the movie too.

Anyhoo, it was totally worth it.
I'd totally suggest for you guys to see it, but it's been at the cinemas for awhile, I think, so it's cinema-screening may be ending soon.
Get it out on DVD. Totally worth it. :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Last night's episode was so awesome, you guys.
It was full of unicorns and Kurt and Beth.
Brittany makes a wonderful unicorn. :P

"What do you call a unicorn with no horns? A friggin' horse!"

Jokes aside, I love Kurt more than ever. His first audition was AMAZING. I totally loved it. :D
And Beiste, Artie & Emma were so awful to him.
First of all, Beiste said that he "was too much of a lady" (or something like that) and "too delicate" to be Tony.
Now, I don't know Tony (having never ever seen West Side Story), but Beiste is such a hypocrite.

Kurt is too much of a girl? Really?
Well, you certainly are not a girl, Beiste! Eating a whole freaking chicken at every meal? Oh yes, because that's sooooo lady-like. I can just imagine some Southern belle back in the 1800's scoffing down a whole chicken.
So, shut up, Beiste. Just shut it.

And then, in Kurt's second audition, where he was Romeo, and Rachel was Juliet, Beiste & co were laughing at him!
The kid is trying his best, acting his little heart out, and they laugh at him.
What kind of guidance counselor are you, Emma?
Aren't you meant to be an outcast, Beiste? Trying to fit in?
And Artie? I HATE YOU.

Kurt, you did a wonderful job at being manly and straight.
You make a great Romeo.
I'm sure you'd make a great Tony.

And for the first time since he's been at McKinley, I love Blaine.
Yay Blaine, go you good thing!
Keep refusing to be Tony. They can't force you to be Tony. Don't do it, Blaine! We can have slumber parties and paint each other's nails with all the shades of pink! :D

Oh and Quinn. She was so good at being punky, stealing people's lunch money and yelling at Mr Schue.
And when she saw the picture of Beth... it was so sad. ;_;

Puck and Beth. It looks like Puck has styled Beth's hair into a mohawk. :P

Beth and Puck were so awesomeeeee, and the Clown Pig that he drew. Awww! :D

I have really missed Beth. And Shelby/Idina/whateverrrrr.
I was so happy when they both came back! It had seemed, for awhile, that Glee had forgotten about little Beth. :/

What are you talking about, Quinn?
You gave her up for adoption! Shelby signed the papers and now OWNS Beth.
Just shut up, Quinn. Go back to underneath the bleachers, okay?
You don't deserve Beth anyway. Just like Shelby doesn't deserve Rachel.

Anyhoo, make sure you all tune in for Glee next week.
I hope Blaine still refuses Tony.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Swanny won the Brownlow last night. :D
The picture above is from a few years ago, but it involves Swanny's cool hat and tattoos, plus My Own Personal Leprechaun, Damian Marty Clarke.

Anyway, my point is...
The last time a Collingwood player won the Brownlow in the same year as Collingwood winning the premiership was 1930.

Now, time for a bit of History:
When the Cats beat the Pies twice; once in the home-and-away season, and once in the preliminary final. (Really confusing, no idea how the system worked back then.)
And in October, for the big Grand Final, the Pies beat Geelong.

Bring it on, pussy cats. :P

Friday, September 23, 2011


Marching to October, thanks to pinching a win from the Hawks' little hands.
We're gonna smash some Eagles next week. :D

Jarryd Blair is tasting a Starburst-combination of victory. Yum.
I only watched the first half, haha I get too scared, shut up.
(The Emmys were so good, though. Jane Lynch sung a really cool song about TV and how awesome it is, and then threw a slushie in Sue's face, ha! And Modern Family had won about 289383 awards before I flicked it back over to the footy just in time to see Mick shed a tear.)

Mick, with his cool hat. It's awesome. :P
Anyhoo, apparently Jolly and Reidy have hurted their legs, and Maxy broke his ribs? Ugh. Hopefully, the Eagles can punch some pussy cats today (and vice versa, depending on who wins).
Luckily, we've got Goldsack to fill in for Reid, right? And Woody can play too, I guess, and then Alex Fasolo for... I don't know, whatever. Just stick Faz in the team, okay.

Go pies. :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is Lindsay.
She came 3rd/4th in the Glee Project, and was on Glee last night. She is lovely, and one of the reasons that I will watch Season 3 of Glee. Other reasons: Damian and Samuel. :D

It was awesome.
Except I don't like Mercedes, because she's just moved on so casually from Sam. As if you just do that! If me and Sam were dating, and then he left to go to another state, I'd be devastated. I would become like Bella, just sitting in my room all day erry day.

And I hate Mr Schue.
He rejected Sugar because she couldn't sing. I HATE YOU, WILL!
And the whole part (or parts) with Emma and Mr Schue were awful. Ugh. Can't believe I shipped those two in Season 1. :/

I loved Quinn's pink hair, and punk attitude.
I didn't like how she didn't get shown much in the Glee episode. But what do I expect? The whole thing is basically Rachel and Kurt, plus Blaine, and then Mr Schue & Emma.
Even when Sam was on the show, he barely got any screen time. :/

Anyhoo, can't wait for next Wednesday!! :D
Hopefully, Damian or Samuel will be there, because I love them so much.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Remember my Hunger Games soundtrack Parts 1 & 2?
Well, I need a song for Buttercup.
I don't want Buttercup to sing anything (that would be weird), but just when the cat is introduced in the movie, there should be a song and Buttercup will sit there, all badass and protective-y.

I was thinking Build Me Up Buttercup, but well, that has nothing to do with Buttercup besides the fourth word in the title.

Hmm, maybe U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.

Buttercup is very similar to Lord Tubbington.
The movie should consist of Prim feeding Buttercup some goat's cheese and Katniss will be like, "...Ew" and Prim will be like, "Buttercup only consumes human food".

Perfect song: Hate On Me. idk who sang it, but it was on Glee.
Add this to the soundtrack.
It shall be played for Buttercup, showing a bit of his background, such as Katniss trying to drown him and Katniss hating him, and then him looking fondly at Prim.

...I think.


This is Damian.
Damian, meet the readers of my blag.

For all of you who haven't heard, Damian won the Glee Project.
(Well, it was a tie between Samuel and Damian, but I think it's safe to say Damian won.)

He gets to be on SEVEN Glee episodes.
I wonder what character he'll play. He's so cute and lovable. :D
And I wonder if they will have subtitles for him.
His accent is amazing, you guys.
Well, all irish accents are amazing, duh.

And Lindsay gets to be in two episodes of Glee.
She's so adorable.

So excited for Season 3 of Glee.
It starts on Wednesday at 8:30pm.

The only downside is little Sammy Evans won't be there. Whyyyyy. He was the best. THE. BEST. He sang Justin Bieber songs and Friday and he made them good. He dated Quinn, and she was mean and cheated on him, then dated Santana and she was mean and teased his mouth and moved on to Karofsky without telling him, and then Mercedes who probably smashed the windows on his motel room who is a wonderful girl and totally deserved Sam.

BUT ENOUGH CRYING, DAMIAN IS HEREEEE. He will make everything good again. He will fill the hole in my heart that Sam has vacated. He will stop all the crying. He will make sure the sun is shining. He will stop me using the lyrics from Songbird and turning them to poo. (Apologies to Fleetwood Mac, sorry, won't happen again.)

Anyhoo, see you next time. :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Dayne Beams has big ears.

People who shouldn't shave their heads: Daisy Thomas, and Alex Fasolo.

Ben Johnson is a "grumpy old man".

Dawes is spending his free time doing a Property essay, i.e. uni work, I guess. Massive nerd right there. Not even I do essays. The last essay I did was on Genetically Engineered Salmon and I never want to see salmon ever again in my life.

Fasolo is nicknamed "Onions". You wanna know why? Because when you look at him, you cry.

Above: My response to why Faz is called "onions". Absolutely pmsl-ing. :P

Alex Fasolo has one serious list of nicknames: Faz, Beyonce Bum, Fatsolo or Fatolo (depending on how you wish to spell it) and Onions.

Dawes is skilled at giving death stares.

And that's it! Stay tuned for next edition of the blag: When I go crazy over Alex Fasolo. Oh wait... that's every week. Oops.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Remember my "Hunger Games soundtrack" blag post?

Yeah, I have some new additions.
  • Defying Gravity from Wicked. Rue could sing this, as she flies from tree to tree. Maybe when she's in the private session for the Gamemakers, they could show a bit of her background and then show her flying around the Training Centre. (Or Katniss could sing it, idk.)
  • Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Something for Gale/Liam Hemsworth to sing. If this is going to be a musical, we need ALL the characters to have a performance. Gale shall sing this in the woods, with no one around, when he's thinking of Katniss and such. idk. He can be all like, "Let's run away and never look back" or something. idk the lyrics. Whatever.
  • Grenade by Bruno Mars. (or technically, any other Bruno Mars song, they all serve the purpose) This is sung by Peeta/JHutch. He can sing it in the arena, or before the arena, I don't even know. It would suit him well, to be like, "I would jump in front of a train for yaaa~" which equals "get cut by Cato for yaaaaa".
And yeah.
Hopefully, I get paid in royalties for this. Think of all that money Suzanne Collins will make from this movie if she uses my ideas. And if she uses my ideas, I will be RICH.
And if she refuses to acknowledge me, my gremlins will eat her alive and set fire to her family. Or maybe my lawyers will sue her, I don't know, whatever.


One goal assist, a mark, and a goal after the siren, for the wonderful Alex Fasolo. All in about 10 minutes.

Poor Reidy was injured, so little Faz got to come in and warm up the bench.
Then, when Didak had run his little heart out in his 200th, they sent Fasolo on at about the 15-minute mark of the 4th quarter.
And that was a great decision! After seriously lacking in the goal department on the 4th quarter, Faz handballed to Lukey Ball, and BAM. Straight into the prelim, watch out Daisy and Reidy, your spots are totally not there. :P

Oh and who said Neon Leon couldn't play finals? WHO?
Leon was fabulous, as per usual. :D
Basically the whole defence was good, so who needs Reid?

Pretty sure Collingwood escaped without an injury. Epic win.
(Although, idk why Didak was subbed off, maybe just resting his tired little legs? And apparently Toovey had some "medical issues" but I hope those are okay.)
(Speaking of Tooves, he's up for a logie with his Neighbours role of Creepy Pervy Guy #1. Maybe even a recurring role?)

Alex Fasolo ftw~.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It sucks when you get kicked out of the team because the coach prefers a player that either has a broken thumb, coming back from a hamstring injury, or hasn't played in 8 weeks.

But don't you worry, Alex Fasolo is still amazing. :D

Anyway, I hope Collingwood can beat West Coast on Saturday. :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two blag posts in a day, but this is important.

I have never noticed this before.
They are, like, twins.

Holy crap.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As you all know, or should know, the Hunger Games movie coming out next year.
I don't know if they've chosen a soundtrack, but just in case they haven't, I'm here.

These are songs that I think should be in the movie, preferably sung by the respective actor. Musicals are awesome, okay. Dig it.
  • Maybe This Time from Cabaret. This will be sung by Elizabeth Banks, at the reaping. Instead of saying, "May the odds be ever in your favour", why not channel your inner Liza Minelli and sing it?
  • Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. Remove the lullaby that Katniss sings to Rue in the book. There's no need for it. Jennifer Lawrence will sing "and the songbirds keep singing, like they know the scoreee~, and I love you I love you I love you like never beforeee~" etc etc. It totally fits, okay. TOTALLY.
  • A Muse song. Time Is Running Out or something like that. They need a good rebellion song to play at the end, when Katniss presents the berries. Or at the very end, on the train home. Which will link up Hunger Games with the next movie, y'know. They don't necessarily have to sing this song.
And that's it.
I should direct a movie one day, I'd be so great. :D
Stay tuned for next week: when I crap on about Alex Fasolo.

Monday, September 5, 2011


My Dream Team lost the grand final.
Okay, I was only in the finals for the bottom 8, and half my players got "rested" in Round 24 so I really didn't have much hope. :(
(Luckily I didn't have any Hawthorn players, lol.)

Anyway, TAYG was hilarious last night.
Basically, they all swapped places.
Shaun Micallef did a good job at being Josh Thomas, imitating his accent and his standing-up-when-answering-a-question. :P
And Amanda was pretending to be Shaun, so she was the host. And she sang "What's A Doodle Doo", and was so good at copying Shaun, hahaha.
And one of the games was Trust Me, where one person was turned into a Human Parfait. Which, to Amanda's obvious amusement, happened to be Shaun. :P

And Natalie Tran (the guest for Gen Y who I didn't know existed until last night, but she's really cool and I am now following her on Twitter) pretty much answered every question correctly, but Amanda, being evil, twisted things a little and poured the three ingredients for the parfait all over Shaun. :D

Anyway, on with this blag.
There are two winners for the Glee Project (who get to be on 7 episodes of Glee), and then the other members of the top 4 get to be on two episodes of Glee.
I hope Damian, Samuel or Lindsay wins. Or Alex, I don't really care. THEY ARE ALL WINNERS, YAAAAY!

More good news, HEATH SHAW COMES BACK NEXT WEEK! To smash some Eagles, mwa ha ha ha. :P
And Daisy comes back the following week, yay. :)