Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I watched Celebrity Masterchef last night and Josh Thomas was THE BEST. Because I said so.


There was only three celebrities competing each week and one from each threesome goes into the semi final.

And last night, they all had to cook Bombe Alaska which is like a meringue ice-cream with fig and other fruits, etc.
Anyway, Josh Thomas was all like, "Omigod, I love dessert~!" so I thought he would win because he liked cooking desserts. But noooooo, his meringue kept sliding down the thingy and it wasn't an ACTUAL Bombe Alaska. Epic fail. :/

Matt Preston must have something against people with the surname "Thomas" because Angus Monfries beat Dale Thomas; Kirk from INXS beat Josh; and that guy from Masterchef Australia didn't win and his surname was Thomas... idk.

But Josh was a really good cook. Except he was competing against some woman who was VERY experienced with food and stuff and she was VERY confident (although she didn't win, haha). And also, he was competing against Kirk from INXS (y'know, the one with the moustache?) who seemed nervous at the start, and nervous when cooking the dessert yet he still won. :/

Josh's signature dish! (Morrocan curry and saffron custard).

Oh well. I just hope there is a ~wildcard~ round where the judges choose some contestants to come back, idk. They did that in Masterchef Australia because I remember Justine got eliminated and then, she came back or something. :D. (Well, I suppose Justine only came back because she was the most awesome contestant on that show, duhh).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi everyone~!
Has anyone tried the new Vegemite?
I have.
It's awesome. Because it's all cheesy and stuff yet still has the awesome Vegemite taste. :D

Except I agree with the #7pmproject. The name sucks. iSnack2.0? Whut?
So, I was watching the 7pm Project (as you do) and people had come up with WORSE names for the Vegemite.
Some of my favourites were:
  • "I Can't Believe It's Not Vegemite". Because it's totally not, lol.
  • "Salty Black Crap With Cheese." LOLWHUT?
  • "YourMumMite." Haha, Charlie read this one out on TV. And I lol'd.
  • "ChkChkBoomMite." Yes, someone suggested this name. Whut.
  • etc. etc.

So, post your own ideas, kk.

And also, Josh Thomas was on the 7pm Project. He was in Darwin and he was holding a little crocodile, lmao. HE'S ON CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF WHICH IS ON TOMORROW NIGHT, OMIGOD, YAYYY~!

And yeah. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I totally watched Rove last night. ;)
And I watched a bit of Australian Idol. (When I say "a bit", I mean I didn't see the first few singers and the person get eliminated).
Stuff that happened:
  • On Australian Idol, some chick was like talking about how she hated being in the bottom 3 and Andrew Gee was like, "Well, people will have to vote for you." And the chick was like, "I'm gonna go home and buy me some phone credit~!" And I was like, "Omg, you're my favourite, LOLLLLL." Because she totally implied that no one votes for the Idol contestants. :D
  • Rove told us all that Channel 10 is for sale. Yay, I can totally buy it and own Channel 10! I'll be like an evil dictator (like Big Brother!) and put the Simpsons on 24/7. (And, of course, put Rove and TAYG on).
  • Rove's wifey is on next week. She released a book or something so she'll be plugging that.
  • Kristy Warner, saying that Damien Leith's biggest debt was his phone bill. HAHAHAHA~, no wonder he won Australian Idol.
  • FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Nick Maxwell does the voice for KRudd PM. Wow, that Nick Maxwell is very talented if he can play footy AND do an awesome laugh. LOLWHUT?
  • Australian Idol reject, Lisa Mitchell, is performing on Rove next week. I'm hoping she sings Neopolitan Dreams but she'll probably just sing Coin Laundry. :/
  • Ryan Shelton was epically awesome. :D
  • Haydo brushed (or straightened, lol~) his hair. :)

And yeah. The show was good but my recap is bad. Sorry to all you followers who didn't watch Rove last night. Because, y'know, I has SOOOOO MANY followers... NOT.

St Kilda lost the Grand Final, epic fail. I was going for the Saints but they missed too many opportunities to score a goal. :/. And Geelong suck. They can all go fall off a cliff (except for Jimmy Bartel who is really really awesome~!).

Speaking of Jimmy Bartel, he didn't get the Norm Smith medal. And he even had 16 tackles (which either says he put lots of pressure on the Saints or he just likes hugging other men, lmao).


EDIT: Next week, on Idol, they are singing P!nk songs. So, tune in to Australian Idol where 8 wannabe singers ruin P!nk's songs. YAYYYYYYYY~, SOUNDS LIKE FUN!! #sarcasm.

Friday, September 25, 2009


To continue with the last blog post...
I watched Before The Game last night.
  • Fitzy was awesomeeeee. He should be regular panellist. idk. And he was like the ~host~ of the Mars Challenge. And Steele Sidebottom won one of the challenges (The challenge where he had to knock out Buddy's teeth~!). :D And they won 100 Mars bars each, methinks.
  • And when they all did their predictions, everyone said Geelong/Gary Ablett for Norm Smith. And Lehmo said, "Jimmy Bartel." LOLLLLL, THAT'S WHY I FOLLOWS HIM ON TWITTERRRR~!
  • Richo. Best case scenario for Richo's future: He retires, and then comes back in the draft, and then, Collingwood will pick him~! (Well, idk if Collingwood will pick him or not.. probs not..).
  • Tool of the Year. It went to the guy that took a dump while Gary Ablett was being interviewed. lmao. :/
  • Dale Thomas vs Angus Monfries to see who could cook. Monfries won. Epic fail. Dale should be good because he is ~related~ to one of the people on Celebrity Masterchef this year. Whut.
  • Strauchanieeeeeeee~! He quit AFL (Aw, whyyyy?) and then went to join Melbourne Vixens (LOLLL), Melbourne Victory (he sang the Victory Blinds song, thinking that it was the Melbourne Victory theme song) and Melbourne Storm.
  • The three people who had to pretend-commentate the last 15 seconds of the Grand Final. And the Geelong woman was hopeless; she can't commentate to save her life. (Neither could I but whatever). And the last guy (some Saints supporter) was like, "And Max Hudgton marks the ball AND WHAT THE HELL IS HUDGTON DOING ON THE GROUND, WHUT?!" And I lol'd. And Richo must have lol'd too because Richo declared that guy the winner. :DDDDDD
  • And in the quiz thingy, that Number 2 draft pick guy (who isn't as good as my bf who was also a Number 2 draft pick) had to name some footy players with ~rude~ names and he named three Collingwood players! PICK ON YOUR TEAM, DUDE, YOU HAVE A COX TOOOO~!

My predictions for the Grand Final today:

  • Winner: St Kilda.
  • Norm Smith: Jimmy Bartel ftw~!
  • First goal: Jimmy Bartel.
  • Winning goal: Jimmy Bartel.
  • Most disposals: Jimmy Bartel.
  • Most goals: Jimmy Bartel.
  • Person to take an awesome specky: Jimmy Bartel. (Or Dale Thomas, idk).
  • Person to kick an awesome from the boundary line: Leon Davis. LOLWHUT? I TOTALLY MEANT TO WRITE JIMMY BARTEL BUT MY HANDS HAD OTHER IDEAS... :/


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi everyone~!
The Grand Final is tomorrow.
Who are y'all going for?
I'm going for St Kilda because Geelong suck. :/
And I want this guy to win the Norm Smith medal:
Well, when I said, "this guy", I was talking about both the awesome people in the picture. :D
Because, y'know, it'll be a tie between Dale and Jimmy even though only one of them is playing in the Grand Final. :/

And also, Before The Game is on tonight~!
Hopefully, someone who is awesome wins Tool of the Year. ^_____^
Jobe Watson could win it, methinks. I may or may not have voted for him. (I forgot who I voted for...)
And hopefully, other Collingwood players are on too. ;)

And that's the end of this post.
Stay tuned for the next instalment: THE THRASHING OF GEELONG IN THE 2009 GRAND FINAL....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Okay, so the red dust covered Sydney today.Some people have ideas as to why the red dust occurred. These basically include: Mars, aliens, zombies, Clifford the Big Red Dog sneezed, taste explosion at KFC, apocalypse, blood, etc.
But I have my own idea.
Dale Thomas doused the whole of Sydney in red Powerade and all the sky and dust and stuff got dyed red.

What are your opinions? :D


That's what Carrie did on Rove. She threw the M&M's everywhere~! And I lol'd. :D
If I were on Rove, I would throw the M&M's everywhere too. And everyone would be like, "?" and I'd be like, "Five second rule~!" and crawl around on the floor eating M&M's.

Also, in the "What Have We Learned..." segment last Sunday, Hughesy goes, "I've learned that my chewing gum is still here from last July... -eats chewing gum-"
And Carrie goes, "I've learned that even though I left a month ago, I still watch Rove. -dramatic pause- I found a nice place in the bushes outside his bathroom window."
LOLLL. #carrieisawesome.


Hey everyone~!
The Brownlow was on last night.
Unfortunately, Gary Ablett won. :/
And Dane Swan didn't get many votes. Epic fail. As Alistair Clarkson would say: "Damn that number 17~!" (Don't ask me who number 17 is, idk).

Anyway, Rove is on Sunday! Yay.
Epic win.
I'm hoping they'll still have TAYG on at 6:30pm.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rove turned 10 yesterday.
Some of the awesomeness:
  • What the...? Ryan Shelton showed us some of his "What The...?" moments. Except his "What The...?" moments were like, "This title looks like a normal title. Except if you remove most of the letters except an A-S-S..." And Rove was like, ":/ ...."
  • Rove's version of Shannon Noll's What About Me that he did in 2004 or something. I lol'd. And Pete was the little boy at the milkbar. :)
  • When Dave Callan was saying his "words" that sound different when he says them. And Pete jumped and was like, "I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, AND I'M GOING TO LET YOU FINISH..." And I didn't hear the rest because I lol'd. :/
  • The Funniest Home Funerals. Haha. Some guy was riding a bike and he fell in the grave. It was exactly like Funniest Home Videos except, well, Rove > Channel 9.
  • Hamish and Andy's ghosting. I remember that~! It was funny. :D
  • Flick Your Lights. I can see why this segment had to be cut out of the show. Basically, Rove just said, "Flick your lights, Australia!" And he would look outside the window and lights would be flickering. That would have been fun but, of course, it does use up more electricity. :(
  • It was horrible when they killed two birds with one stone. But according to Corinne Grant, "The birds didn't die."
  • The show went really late (like, 11pm or something) so I taped the end of it. I don't know why it went THAT late. Either Australian Idol went for a bit longer or it just went for a long time because Rove turned 10. idk.
  • Next week, Wolfmother and Tony Martin are on next week. And maybe others. idk.
The Brownlow is on tonight.
Obviously, we already know the winner.
It will be Dane Swan. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, GUYS~!
I would be happy if Jimmy Bartel won but not Gary Ablett. No way.
And I wouldn't mind if Jobe Watson won (I follows him on Twitter!).
And goodbye. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This post-it note will be the new motto/picture thingy for my blog. :)

As you all know: Collingwood lost. Epic fail.
I'm hoping for Dane Swan to win the Brownlow Medal (in a spiderman suit ftw~!) and I hope Geelong get thrashed in the Grand Final. :D #ihategeelong.
And also, Geelong won the Grand Final two years ago and St Kilda haven't won for 43 years.

Rove is on tonight~! It's his birthday and he's turning 10. :)
And TAYG is on at 6:30pm. It is a repeat (like, the episode has already been shown before) but oh well. I'm still going to watch it. ^_____^

Friday, September 18, 2009


Soviet Russia jokes ftw!

I is very happy. For these reasons:
  1. Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation is on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Idk if it is a repeat or a new episode but omg, Josh Thomas ftw~! I will get my weekly dose of Shaun Micallef's and Josh Thomas' funniness. :D
  2. Tomorrow When The War Began is becoming a movie. Omg. I loved that book and all the other books in the series. They've released some of the actors for the main characters. Most of the actors I don't even know but I do know that Lincoln Lewis (y'know, that Home and Away guy who is all over the Girlfriend/Dolly/etc magazines and that's basically why I don't read those magazines anymore) is in the movie.
  3. I got 76% in my Specialist Maths SAC. The SAC was on Dynamics and so, that is a pretty good score for a non-Physics student. :)
  4. I only has about 10 days left of school (this doesn't include the days where I only come to school for practice exams and actual exams and stuff). ;)
  5. I never have to wear the school winter uniform EVER AGAIN. Epic win.
And yeah. ^____^

And also, if Collingwood beats Geelong tomorrow, I shall be happy because THEY'LL BE IN THE GRAND FINAL, YAYYY~!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Haha, I love this one. ;)
Kanye West is an idiot. If you have been living under a huge boulder, what happened was: Taylor Swift won an award at the VMAs and she was all excited and stuff and halfway through her acceptance speech, Kanye West got up on stage, grabbed the microphone and started saying how Beyonce should have won the award and not Taylor.

And everyone on Twitter has been tweeting about this. Basically everyone agrees that #kanyeisadouche and #teamtaylor/#teamswift.

And I love this picture too:
It's funny, okay?
It is some lyrics from a song but they changed "desert" to "dessert".

And yeah.
I'm done. :D

Oh and btw~, Rove is on at 9:30 pm on Sunday.
Hopefully, Australian Idol isn't on for 3 hours. WE CAN'T EVEN HANDLE TWO HOURS OF IDOL, LET ALONE THREE. :/
Actually, I think Australian Idol is on at 7:30 and something else will be on at 6:30. idk. Hopefully, it's the Simpsons or Futurama or a whole show about Dale Thomas (LOLWHUT?) or some other awesomely cool show like TAYG or something. idk.

And another one before I go:
It's Eddyyyyy Cullen, my bf. Or one of my bf's. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's an awesome post-it note. ^____^ There are more if you click hereee.
Cupcake~! With Smarties. :D
I totally watched Rove yesterday.
To sum it up: It was awesome. Too bad if you missed it. :D

And next week, it is Rove's 10th birthday. I know. I thought he was older too. :/
Anyway, there'd better be cake. A big cake with pink frosting. ;)

And everyone will be on Rove next week. Well, not EVERYONE in the world. I meant EVERYONE who has ever been in Rove's cast such as Corienne (can't spell) Grant, Meshel Laurie, Carrie (omg!), Hughesy, Judith Lucy, Kristy Warner, Ryan Shelton, Hamish and Andy, Pete (duh!), etc.

And yeah.
Collingwood are playing on Saturday. Against Geelong. ;)
Hopefully, Scottyyy Pendlebury will be alright to play. (He's listed as a test in the injury list so idk).

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday, I went to the footy (Collingwood vs Adelaide) and we were sitting right near the Adelaide cheer squad.

...Wait, what's the point of the star-thingys when y'all already know who won?
Anyway, for those of you who have been living under a rock, Collingwood won~! By five points. Jack Anthony kicked the winning goal and then, the siren went and yayyy!
And even Hughesy was barracking for Collingwood (which is kinda amusing because I was barracking for Carlton when they played Brisbane, lol).

Oh and apparently, Strauchanie was on Before The Game. And I missed it?! Epic fail.

And Rove is on tonight~! :D
With Peter Helliar (STRAUCHANIEEEEEEE~! Yay, go Pies!), Kristy Warner, Robbie Williams, some Xavier dude, Mick Molloy, and also Grinspoon are performing.
So, if you likes any of these people, watch Rove. ;)

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the blog: The thrashing of Geelong...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, yesterday was the 9/9/09. Yay, celebrate. LOLLL.
And tomorrow will be 9/11. And it's the Walkathon. So, I should come as a building and someone else come as a plane and that would so much fun. :/

Today, I did two SACs (English and Math Methods).
And everyone said the Maths SAC was really really really hard and I thought it wasn't THAT hard (there were some easy questions and some hard ones). And it was on Probability which is pretty easy. :D
And the English SAC was alright. I probably found it easier than most people because the SAC was on 1984 and some lazy people in my year level hadn't even read the book so yeahhh.

Oh and Collingwood play on Saturday WITHOUT Dayne Beams or Scotty Pendlebury or some others who I forgot. idk.
But Brad Dick and Cameron Wood are playing~! YAYYY. ;)
And also, Sharrod Wellingham is playing. ^____^

ANDANDAND Celebrity Masterchef is coming on TV sometime in the next year or something, idk.
Clue: His surname is Thomas.
Scroll down for the answer....

Answer is....

(All you Dale Thomas fans got excited, thinking I would say Dale Thomas. LOL, suck on that!)

Monday, September 7, 2009



In other news, Rove was awesome last night.
To sum it up in a few sentences, in no particular order: Rove totally got chased around by a big wrestler and then got pushed off a ledge-y thingy and he fell and Kristy, Pete, etc were like, ":/ .... whut" and Kate Miller-Heidke sang her awesome song and Pete was hurting because Collingwood lost and I could totally agree and on the American News, they were like, "WHOAAAAAAAA, A BROOM CAN STAND UP VERTICALLY WITH NO ONE TOUCHING IT, THIS IS A MIRACLE, OMFG, yes, I know there is more important news but HOLY CRAP, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS BROOM~!" and Rove was wearing a pink hoodie and Kristy was a good newsreader and Rove hit the wrestler with a chair and I was like, "GO ROVEEE~!" and Hamish & Andy finished their Caravan Of Courage across America and they'll be on TV on Thursday at 7:30 pm on Channel 10, talking about their American adventure and Judith Lucy said some funny things and so did Robin Williams and speaking of Williams, Robbie is on next week along with Richmond supporter Mick Molloy. :)

And that's my recap.
I hope you enjoyed it. *pokes reader who fell asleep on the keyboard* You can wakes up now, I finished.
Carlton and Collingwood lost on the weekend (I was barracking for both teams, okay, stfu).
And Carlton NEARLYYYYY won but Jonathan Brown and that stupid Rising Star dude kicked about 1 MILLION goals and I was like, "DUUUUUUDE, NOOOOO!" And KRudd was all like, "YAYYYYYYY~!" And I was like, "I'LL VOTE LIBERAL NEXT ELECTION, KRUDD! AND I'LL UNFOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER~!"

The end.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Make a list of 6 people.
Answer the questions below.
Tag at least 5 of your friends.

cbf tagging anyone. Tag yourselves.

1. Dale Thomas, my bf.
2. Andy Clemmensen. From Short Stack. ;)
3. Jack Watts, my bff.
4. Katy Perry. I follow her on Tumblr and she's awesomeeee. ^____^
5. Rove McManus. Because he's awesome. :D

What last words did you hear from 5?

Who do you think is a good kisser? 4 or 2?
Andy or Katy? Hm. Well, I know that Katy can kiss girls but I choose Andy because I don't have any cherry chapstick, lmao. :)

Who’ll have a better threesome? 1,4,6 or 2, 3, 5?
2,3,5. Andy and Roveeeey and Jackyyy = WHOA.

4. What part of 1 is hot?
Um, everything. If you looked up "hot" in the dictionary, there's a big picture of Dale Thomas.
Totally. ^_____^

If 2 and 5 married each other, who’d be the father and who’d be the mother?
Andy is the female. Mmhmm.
And Rove can be the male. Because I said so. :P

If 3 and 4 had a baby, who’d be the best to give birth to it?
Um, obviously Katy Perry. She's older and has the womanly figure to carry the baby. :D

4 has suitors: 1 and 5. Who do you think will be picked?
Rove. They know each other - Katy Perry performed on the show Rove. So yeah.

Who’s the best in bed? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?
Number 6. Obviously.

Don't worry, I'm only joking. I actually choose 1 or 2. Mm.

Who’s more of a flirt? 3 or 6?
Hm, that's difficult. Strauchanie probably thinks he's better because he's all like, "I'M THE BEST AT EVERYTHING, ^__^" but Jack Watts would have tonnes of girls befriending him and flirting with him so he'd get the practice from thereee. And also, he goes to a co-ed school (I'M NOT A STALKERRRRR, WHATCHU SAYING?) so yeah. I choose Jack. ;)

A short message to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
1: Dale Thomas, my lovely bf, you are awesomeee. ^___^ I can't wait to see you in the Grand Final, LOLLLL. :D
2: Andy Clemmensen, hi. I follow you on Twitter. I'm the one who looks in your window and waves. Mm.
3: Jack Watts, my bff who is awesome and will win the NAB Rising Star award next year and also will win the Grand Final on account of his awesomeness. D:
4: Katy Perry, YOU KISSED A GIRL AND YOU LIKED IT~! Totally.
5: Rove McManus, keep up the funniness. Your show is LOLARIOUS (new word, peeps, look it up) and one week, one of the guests should be MEEEEEE. Or Dale Thomas. idk.
6: STRAUCHANIEEEEEE, if Rocca can get a game after being injured, then surely you can. LOLLL.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Oh noes, the "o" is being abducted!
Now, it'll only say GOGLE. :/

In other news, Anthony Rocca is playing on Sunday. Against St Kilda. I don't really see WHY they want Rocca to play against the top team if he's had an injury all year. What if he doesn't play well and can't kick goals against St Kilda?
Oh well. I suppose Mick knows what he's doing. Mick = clever.

With Kate Miller-Heidke singin' her new song and Hamish & Andy (AND HAYDO~!) in the studio, back from their adventure. ;)

Did everyone read the awesome obituary I wrote? Scroll down if you missed it. ^______^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is what happens when the teachers tell us to come at 1 pm: I write my bf's obituary. (i.e. Dale Thomas' obituary).

On the shortest day of 1987, the world welcomed a cute little baby. His name was Dale Thomas.
When Dale came home from the hospital, he fought and fought with his older sister, Jessica. "This is my room! And my toys!" Two-year-old Jessica would scream.
Dale just sat there with his bottle of milk.

One day, Jessica was being kind and yelled, "You can has these videos of some footballer who gets violently drunk and his children and mother went away to find safety." She threw the videos at Dale.
Now, Dale didn't idolise any football team. He didn't care about AFL. But he watched the videos over and over again till they were worn out.
When he could finally talk, his first words were, "Mummy, I want to be Gary Ablett."

On a foggy day in March 1997, Dale borrowed his sister's hair straightener. Oh and he also started Auskick. The other kids marvelled Dale's ability to leap over everyone and take a specky and then kick a goal from an impossible angle.

Dale's blonde hair and flair really helped when he was drafted to Collingwood at a young age of 18.

He played with Collingwood for about 12 years, won a couple of premierships, a few dozen Brownlow medals and a banana.
He was 31 when he made his announcement to retire, saying that his relationship with his gf, Laura, was too involved and he wanted to start a family with her.

At 32, Dale got married to Laura in a secret wedding in Broome on June 16th. They were surrounded by family and friends and Dale has always described it as "beautiful and magical".

Laura and Dale had several children together and named them Aidan, Jayden, Hayden, Richard and James. They were a happy family until Laura got struck by lightning while retrieving the mail from the mailbox. Dale was deeply hurt by this and took the five children to America where he married Kristen Stewart.

Dale and KStew had one child together but unfortunately, couldn't have any more because KStew died from all the pot that she smoked.

So, 41-year-old Dale and his six children went travelling the world, only to stop when Dale fell in love with a man from Brisbane named Josh Thomas. Dale and Josh decided to get married because a) they loved each other and b) they didn't have to change their surname.
So, Dale and Josh petitioned, wrote letters and even stood on a roof with a megaphone to persuade the Prime Minister KRudd to legalize gay marriage.
But KRudd didn't want to upset his Christian followers on Twitter so he said no.

Fortunately, there was an election coming up and Rove McManus was elected to be Prime Minister of Australia. The first thing Rove did was buy a puppy for his wifey to play with in the White House. The second thing he did was blow up the House of Representatives and Senate and suggested that all politicians' debates and meetings be held on the social networking site, Twitter.

Finally, Rove legalized gay marriage. Dale and Josh and their six children celebrated with some non-alcoholic champagne and all was good.
A few hours later, Dale died because he drank too much non-alcoholic champagne and then, someone told him it was actually alcoholic champagne and he had OD'd.


Aker, lying on the ground after last Sunday's game.

Collingwood, obviously, didn't play badly. (Well, no one is disagreeing with that statement but whatev).
I know that Collingwood didn't play their BEST footy but they worked those doggies pretty hard. Aker is so tired that he is lying on the ground. :)
Hopefully, the doggies tire themselves out so that when it's the Grand Final and it's Collingwood vs Bulldogs, Collingwood will knock them over with a feather.

P.S. TAYG is on tonight. Omigod. Epic win.