Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the way to the top..

Six wins in a row to the mighty Pies, and we managed a win over a very in-form team.

Remember my one-off "Collingwood will make the grand final" post? Yeah well, this is another one of those.
We beat Adelaide fairly convincingly.
I didn't watch it, but we had most of our players out... Lukey Ball, Swanny, Reidy, Nathan Brown, Taz, Krakouer, and probably heaps more. Plus Keeffe went down during the match. And yet, we STILL won. That's pretty good, amirite?
I am right.

Anyhoo, we've got the Suns, Demons and then a bye. Plus West Coast after that, but it's at the MCG so shouldn't be too hard. And then Freo, also at the MCG, piece of cake.
Then it's Carlton, pussycats, and Hawks soooo... :/

The teams are all pretty even at the moment, so our draw isn't that hard. The only real in-form teams, at the moment, are Essendon (we beat them, and play them again in the last "dead rubber" round), Adelaide (we beat them and won't play them again till finals), West Coast (injuries), St Kilda (we only play them once), Richmond (only play once), Sydney (only play once), etc etc.
And with Hawks and pussycats and Carlton, yes they are hard. But those teams are going through their own rough patch at the moment, they aren't coasting through, so they are battling just as much as us.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.
I think Richmond* or Collingwood, both have seemed to come good in recent weeks. Maybe Essendon, too. Cats/Hawks/Carlton will be up there too, they are strong teams and will no doubt finish the season strongly.

EDIT: I saw the Avengers yesterday. It was AWESOME. Chris Evans is my new future husband, although he won't replace Chandler and taco-crazy Oliver but whatever.

*I have a slight soft spot for the Tigers. If Pies don't win the flag, I'd be happy if it was the Tigers. I probably wouldn't be happy if Tigers won the flag by beating Pies in the Grand Final, but whatever.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This new blogging system is weird, no wonder I don't come on here much.

Friday, May 4, 2012


 So, last night, the mighty Pies played the Doggies, and I made some gifs of the two most epic moments.

My gif-making skillz are terrible, okay.
You can't really see which one is Ben Sinclair, but he's the one who kicks the ball sideways to Ben Reid.. GOAL ASSIST OF THE YEAR.
Sinclair has mad skillz. Give the kid a car.
Seriously though.
They need a prize for awesome goal assists. I have no idea how Sinclair could've pinpointing this sideways kick straight-ish to Reidy, but HE DID. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And then, the other epic moment was my gorgeous Alex Fasolo, ducking and weaving and kicking an awesome goal because he's awesome and all that. <3

And that's all folks. Enjoy my awesome gifs and feel good that you can make better ones than me.