Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Remember some time ago when I related characters of Hunger Games to Glee characters?
Yeah, well, I'm bored again, so I'll now relate City of Bones characters to Glee ones.

Let's begin, shall we?

  • Marley Rose = Clary Fray. I mean, come on, absoutely adorable, both of them. And yes, Clary is a ranga and Marley's not, but ADORABLE. And they both love a guy who's like a badass but also a mega stud. And that guy loves Marley/Clary more than anything in the world and would never ever hurt her.
  • Jake Puckerman = Jace Lightwood. Both badasses and tough, but would do anything for the girl they like, and would never hurt them.
  • Sam Evans = Simon Lewis. So geeky and nerdy omg. Simon's in a band, Sam's in the glee club. Both play guitar. Did I mention adorable and geeky? Both of them love Star Wars.
  • Kurt Hummel = Magnus Bane. GAYGAYGAYGAY and loves glitter and fashion and cats.
  • Blaine Anderson = Alec Lightwood. The alpha gays. More manly than their respective partners, they were the pants in the relationship.
  • Quinn Fabray = Izzy Lightwood. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning but can be ruthless if need be. Both of them are in love with a nice geeky guy (Sam/Simon)
  • Tina Cohen-Chang = Maia. Kind of shy, I guess? But really nice sweet girl, yet if a guy mistreats her, watch out.
  • Artie Abrams = Jordan. Artie may have said some horrible things to Tina, but he didn't really mean them and loved her. Same with Jordan, except Maia/Jordan is endgame; and Artie/Tina is my fantasy.
  • Finn Hudson = Luke Garroway. MY DREAM GUY. Always helpful and selfless and so great (well, Finn tries to be helpful but he's a little thick) and they love their respective partners a lot. 
  • Rachel Berry = Jocelyn Fray. Rachel's somewhat annoying and Jocelyn is an overprotective parent. Same diff.
  • Sebastian Smythe = Sebastian/Jonathan. EVILLLL. 
Yeah, idk any others.
Please feel free to add your own in the comments. If anyone is reading this. Which I doubt it. 

Friday, January 18, 2013


One word: embarrassing.

I mean, when none of your batsmen can make over 10 (except for Starsky and some kid who reminds me of Jace*), then your team sucks pretty bad.

And the bowling seemed pretty damn good, like 6 wickets and a few dropped catches and a missed run out opportunity. Oh and that one where the ball nicked the bat but the umpire said no and Pup didn't review.
So yeah, great pressure in the field, Australia really made Sri Lanka work for those 75 runs. Top job, boys.

The batting.
Bring Mike Hussey back.
Thank you.
Glad we sorted that out.

*You know, Jace. idk what it is, maybe they have the same birthday. Or something.

Friday, January 11, 2013

FANFIC #827424

"Where would you like to go today?" Starsky asked.
It was his day off, and he picked the place on his previous day off (playing an intense game of two-man cricket) so it was my turn.
"Umm," I said, thinking hard, stroking my non-existant hard-to-grow goatee, "The zoo!"
"The... what?" Starsky said, shaking his head in bewilderment, "Yeah, sure, let's go."

We packed some food and stuff, and hit the road, Starsky behind the wheel and me inserting my Glee Christmas CD into the CD player.
"Haven't you listened to that enough?" Starsky muttered.
"No," I replied, "One hundred and forty three is not enough."
Starsky sighed.

We arrived at the zoo, got out of the car, me still singing Jingle Bell Rock as Starsky put on the backpack and we headed in.
"I should write a zombie novel," I mused, as we walked around to see each animal. "This is good inspiration."
"How is this inspiration for a zombie novel?" Starsky asked, lathering his nose and cheeks with zinc.
"It just is," I replied, grinning at some monkeys.

After spending the whole day at the zoo, eating chips and chocolate and squished vegemite sandwiches from Starsky's backpack, we headed home.
"That was such a good day," Starsky mused, as we walked back past the monkeys and gorillas.
"Yes, definitely," I agreed, "Inspiration for my zom---"
"Don't say it!" Starsky yelled, pointing at me as if that would shut me up.
It did. I fell silent, gazing at the huge gorilla who was staring at me with human eyes.
"That gorilla has such human eyes," Starsky said, staring at the same gorilla that I was, "They look familiar."
"Hamish and Andy!" I yelled, excitedly.
"Hamish and An---," I tried to say again, but the gorilla had leaped straight towards us.
Zookeepers were on the gorilla in no time, seizing it before it could get past the enclosure.
The gorilla ripped off his head.
It was Dilshan.
He looked right at Starsky, angrily.
"D'urgggg, why can't Sri Lanka win for once?" he yelled, as the zookeepers stood there, perplexed.
Starsky blinked.
"Don't talk to Starsky that way!" I yelled, "It's your own fault, play some decent cricket for a change."
Dilshan glared at both of us.
The zookeepers remained stunned.
Starsky blinked.
I reached into his backpack, retrieved an apple pie that had clearly seen better days, and chucked it straight at Dilshan.
It hit him in the face.
I high fived Starsky, and we bolted out of the zoo, got in the car and were on the road singing The First Noel before Dilshan could utter a single word: "D'urg".

Sunday, January 6, 2013

FANFIC #628642

"Laura, you have won the chance of a lifetime... a boat trip with three of your closest friends," the radio announcer announced.
"Wooo hooo!" I yelled into the phone, as I stuffed a piece of cake from the fridge in my mouth.

The next day, I brought my three buddies down to the local harbour to begin our boat trip around Melbourne's stunning beaches.
The owner of the boat was waiting beside it, grinning at us. "Who have you brought?"
"Alex Fasolo, Matty Wade... aaaaaaaand T-Pain!" I said, pointing to each person in turn. I grinned at them all, and each one grinned back.
Bad Haddin was lurking behind Tim. "But... I... I thought I would be..." Bad started to say.
I shook my head at him. "We're going on a boat trip, Bad, we can't have someone constantly dropping the anchor all the time. Jaysus."
Bad sighed. "Okay."

Me, Alex, Wadey, and Tim jumped on the boat and the sailor got it moving. We waved goodbye to the owner, who was grinning, and also Bad, who was sulking.

"I'm flippin' burgers!" Tim said, gleefully, starting up the barbeque and throwing some burgers on.
"Put some sausages on for me," Alex called, lounging on chair with an ice cold beer.
"Me too," I yelled, sitting on a chair near Alex.
"Pass me a beer, Faz," Wadey called, sitting on the other side of the decking.
Alex chucked a beer in his direction. Wade stretched out his hands, fumbled it, and ended up catching it between his knees.
Tim chuckled. "Oh Matt," he said, shaking his head.
"Hey, it didn't drop," Wadey countered, taking a swig.

We laughed and drank and ate burgers for a few hours. It was glorious fun.
Tim showed us all his skillz, like flipping burgers straight into our bread rolls from about 5 metres away, and reflexively putting tomato sauce and onions on four sausage-in-breads at once, and getting them to each person at the same time.
"I can do that too," Wadey said, munching into a sausage.
"We believe you," I said, smiling kindly at little Wade, "it's just T-Pain is impressive."
Wadey fell silent, probably imagining his wonderful century at the SCG.
"I can do that too," Alex exclaimed, throwing his serviette at me.
"Sure you can," I said, throwing the serviette back.
"I'll show you," Alex said, "I will serve the dessert."

We all watched as Alex got a few mini apple pies out of the Esky. He put one in each bowl, added some ice-cream, and tossed them at us.
I got my pie straight into my face. I groaned as apple, pastry and the coldness of the ice-cream slid down my face.
Wiping the majority off with my hands, I glanced at everyone else. Wadey had apple and ice-cream splattered on his good cricket whites, and T-Pain had apple smeared around his mouth and ice-cream on his expensive new shoes.
I glared at Alex, who was innocently eating his pie and ice-cream without a worry in the world.
I saw that Wadey and Tim were also glaring at Alex.
I nodded at them.
They nodded at me.
Alex was absent-mindedly eating.
I snuck over to the Esky, fished out a blueberry pie, spun around quickly and shoved it in Alex's face.

Alex's bowl smashed on the ground.
I laughed.
Wadey laughed.
T-Pain laughed.
Alex stood there, his face hidden behind a curtain of blueberry, and laughed too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FANFIC #8267482

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I yelled, running up to Starsky and hugging him, "I haven't seen you since last year!"
Starsky laughed. "Yep," he said, "it's been awhile."
"Did you have a nice holiday?" I asked, releasing him from the hug.
"Yes, it was magical," Starsky said.
I grinned. "You should've taken me!"
Starsky just smiled and shook his head. "No, just me and Alyssa."
"Aw," I said, sadly.
"You'd like her, she's a keeper like your friend.. what's his name, um..."
"Yeah!" Starsky said, "him."
"You don't know his name?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.
"So, you don't like him much?" I said, loudly, "So, your girlfriend's uncle has been getting in your ear and..."
"No," Starsky said, indignantly. "Of course I like Wade, I..."
Starsky didn't trail off, he never trailed off. I knew something was up, when my confident bff was stuttering and not finishing his sentences.

I turned around.
A Sri Lankan was standing behind me, his face resembling a pixie, his hand wrapped in a bandage.
He was crying.
"Um, are you... are you okay?" I asked him.
The man nodded, tears falling down his cheeks.
"Would you... do you like pie?" I asked.
He nodded again.
I got out a blueberry pie from my pocket, and whipped it into the man's face.
He licked his lips.
And laughed.
Me and Starsky laughed too.
"Thank you," the man said, still laughing, "I feel so much better now."

P.S. Pies makes people happy
go pies.
2013 premiers.