Friday, July 31, 2009


I found a quiz from this website and I'm going to bore you all with my answers and then force you all to do the same quiz.

Available or single?
Uh, both? Aren't they the same thing? Whut?

Best Friend?
The computer. We spend so much time together, it would be mean if I didn't mention it.

Cake or Pie?
Pie. As in "Dale Thomas" or "Let's all eat some pie".

Drink of choice?
Umm.. Coke. As in the soft drink, not the drug.

Essential item for every day use?
Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Big surprise, I know. No one would have predicted that I likes Twitter. :)

Favorite color?
Purple. Or pink. I don't mind. :D

Mm, yes, Google and me are BFFs. We have sleepovers every day and paint each other's nails. LOL.


Blogging. Cake. Dale Thomas. Eating. Twittering. TAYG. Rove (the show, not the guy).

January or February?
January. It's still holidays in January, yay! ^__^

Kids and their names?
Hayden, Jayden and Aidan. They all rhyme, lol.

Life is incomplete without...?

Marriage date?
Yesterday. We secretly went to Broome and totally got married and the paparazzi were all like, "O____O!" So yeah. Me and Dale Thomas are married. Suck it.

Number of siblings?
Two. :/

Oranges or apples?
Oranges. More juicier. And yummier.

Phobias and fears?
Heights, spiders, scary murderers (nice, friendly ones are okay), Barry Hall, Eminem, and plenty more.

Quote for the day?
"This is my knife. It is very sharp and very eager to hurt you." -Lemony Snicket

Reason to smile?
Because I'm awesome. Totally.

Autumn. Because my birthday is in March. And my birthday is special. :)

Tag 3 people?
I tag you. ALL OF YOU. Go and be tagged.

Unknown fact about me?
I had swine flu. This is what I ate:

Vegetable you hate?
Um, not many. I hate chilies. :/

Worst habit?
I constantly make bad jokes.

Xrays you've had?
None. idk.

Your fave food?

Zodiac sign?
Pisces. I'm related to Nemo. We hang out under the sea in a shipwrecked boat.


Aw, poor little banana.
Katy Perry's Tumblr is the most awesome thing in the world. :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I watched TAYG yesterday.
It was awesome.
Gen Y won. (Well, when I said "won", I actually meant "equal first" because Gen X won too).
They had to set up a tent so Charlie, Carey Hart, Andy Lee and Josh were all hurrying to put the poles in and the girls (Amanda and Gretel Killeen) were just like, "Meh, stuff this." And they just used their tent as a doona and went to sleep. LOLLL.

And Shaun Micallef is a fabulous singer. He was all like, "This is the part when you lean forward and poise your finger on the mute button." And then, he sings, "WHAT'S A, WHAT'S A DOODLE DOOO~! WHAT'S A, WHAT'S A DOODLE DOOOO~! etc." And I lol'd.

Just ignore the post below about the Third Transmission video. It was part of a competition and I didn't win. #fail.
Oh well.
I hadn't even read the second book in the series. idk.

Next week on TAYG is Nikki Webster on Gen Y (uh, yeah, I hate the song Strawberry Kisses, doesn't everyone?) Angus Sampson on Gen X (yay, comedians ftw~!) and some old chick on, you guessed it, Baby Boomers.
I hope Gen X win just because I hate Nikki Webster. (And mainly because Charlie is, like, awesome, js).

Oh and I totally put Harry O'Brien on my Dream Team.
My Dream Team > your Dream Team. So put that in your plastic cup and chew it~!
P.S. I miss Rove.
P.P.S. Why did Tasma and Rove have to go to Africa for a honeymoon? Isn't Melbourne good enough? Epic fail. #usingroveformyownselfishneeds

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OH, LOOK, JACK HEATH'S NEW BOOK. Y'all should buy it when it comes out, okay? I demand you all to read it despite if you haven't read the other two books in the series. Actually, just buy all three books. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yes, I saw the movie. The 6th one.
It was really good, except it was slightly different from the book because they cut out some scenes and added some. idk.
Anyway, overall, it was funny but if you haven't read the book, I don't think the movie would make a lot of sense. I don't really know.
Some awesome scenes:
  • When Harry needed to take someone to Slughorn's party and he was like, "I'm going to take someone cool.." And he took Luna! Because, y'know, Luna is the coolest person in the world.
  • Harry ran up to Snape and was like, "Sectra semprum!" And Snape comes up to Harry and goes, "Do not use my own spells against me... And yes, I AM the Half Blood Prince~!"It would actually be a better ending if Snape had said, "I AM your father" instead. And then, Harry would be like, "?" And Snape would be like, "I was with Lily before James ever was." Well, that's not entirely true; Snape was never WITH Lily but close enough.
  • Hermione. She was so cute. And Ron was so cruel because he was snogging that other girl. Fail.
  • Luna Lovegood. She was wearing a hat with a lion's head on it (which looked really out of place) and then she goes to Ron, "Wow, you're not looking normal today." Well, I forgotten the actual words but it was funny.
  • When Harry was at the train station and he was kinda in love with a girl who was also there. And Dumbledore was like, "Take my arm." Because they needed to apparate. And Harry was just like, "Uhhh..." Because the girl was watching. And Harry didn't want to hold hands with a gay guy in front of the girl he was checking out.
  • Tom Riddle and his cuteness at (and before) Hogwarts. He was all like, "I can speak to snakes. Is that normal?" And Dumbledore was like, "Ummm..."
Some not-so-awesome scenes:
  • They burnt down the Weasley's Burrow. So, where are they going to have Bill and Fleur's wedding? Are they going to perform a bit of magic and get the Burrow back again?
  • When Dumbledore died. (SPOILER!) Well, I already knew this would happen but still.
  • Not enough Neville. Like, when Slughorn was ~stealing leaves from the Herbology building, I half-expected Neville to pop out and be like, "Whatcha doing? ...Oh hi, Harry!"
  • Ron being in love with Lavender and making Hermione sad. Epic failuure, Ron.
In conclusion, I totally would see it again and I'd recommend for y'all to go and see it. Even if you haven't read the book, just go. NOW.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Next week on TAYG: Andy Lee, Gretel Killeen (I didn't know she was old, whut?) and Pink's bf, Carey Hart.
I think Strauchanie would be great on TAYG. He was really funny on Before The Game. Like, there was a fruit bowl and Strauchanie was like choosing a fruit. And I'm like, "?" because Strauchanie isn't the type to eat fruit. But then, he pulled out a Mars bar and I'm like, "Whoa, I wish I had Mars bars in my fruit bowl."
And Leon Davis was on Before The Game. Did anyone watch it? jw.
Also, Mick Molloy was being mean to Hughesy, Sam and Andy 'cause Carlton got thrashed. And they were like, ":... -changes subject-"

Did everyone read my Twilight rant? Scroll down if you missed it. Because, y'know, my rants are rare these days.
And yeah.
Collingwood totally won, btw~.
They thrashed Carlton (as I mentioned earlier). So, now I have 4/5 in my footy tipping because Fremantle won. /fail.

Oh and on the 7PM Project, the Perth guy was all like, "There was a baby whale swimming in the ocean. At first, someone thought it was Casey Donovan making an appearance but no, it was a whale." And he showed the footage. And I was like, "Awww~!" Partly because it was so cuteeeee and partly because it reminded of that other whale who swims up and down the Queensland coast (?). I don't know why that amuses me. :.

And that is all.
Say hi to Rove's mum for me! #rove.
5th Grader is totally starting on Monday~! TV is so cruel - it has put 5th Grader on Monday, TAYG on Tuesday, The Simpsons on Wednesday, Amazing Race on Thursday, Before The Game on Saturday, Rove on Sunday (starting from the 16th August).

Dear TV,
How am I meant to get into university when I'm spending every night watching you? Sincerely, Laura.
P.S. When I'm a hobo, living in a caravan with 7 cats, I'll blame you. js.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Click here for some pictures.
They are interesting pictures. You shall all enjoy them, kk.

Okay. So, those people with those tattoos are, basically, obsessed with Twilight. And people say that I am obsessed. At least I don't get a massive tattoo of Edward on my back with the words "You are my life now" underneath.
Those people with tattoos like that, are OBSESSED. Obviously. Why would someone go to all that pain and effort just for a tattoo about the lion falling in love with the lamb?
No one can be obsessed with Twilight FOREVER.
I mean, teenagers (like me) are obsessed with Twilight because Edward is so awesome and sparkly and SMeyer makes vampires/werewolves seem AMAZING.
But they won't be obsessed for their whole lives. They'll get a job, get married, have a family and they'll still have a tattoo to remind them that they were obsessed with a load of trash (the books are trash, the movie is good, stfu).
If someone is obsessed with something childish (or teenager-ish) when they are a child, they won't be obsessed when they are an adult. I'm not going to get the Simpsons tattooed on my back or Dale Thomas on my arm. Fair enough if you do something like Mitchell Johnson and get your all-time favourite band tattooed on your back. (Except if your all-time favourite band is a tweeny band like Jonas Brothers or Short Stack, js).

But getting Twilight tattooed on to your body is going too far.
It's not even an extremely good book. Yes, I enjoyed it. But if you think Twilight is your "FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME, LIKE, OMIGOD, NO WAY", then you haven't read many books. I'm not very good with literature but click here and ask them for a good book which is better than Twilight (she is very smart and has probably read way more books than me).

And that's the end of my rant on tattoos and Twilight.
Say hi to your mum for me.
Rove McManus took a four week break to go on a honeymoon with his wifey. I wonder what will arrive in 9 months... hmm...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I watched TAYG.
Shaun Micallef was funny, as per usual. And guess what? He'll be on 5th Grader (y'know that show where adults try and beat kids but they lose and have to look down the barrel of the camera and admit that they're dumbasses?) some time. It'll be like Rove + Shaun Micallef = More awesome than me and Dale Thomas getting marriedddd~!

I'm glad 5th Grader will be on TV soon. No Rove and no Pete Helliar-and-his-awesomeness makes Laura something something... GO CRAZY?! Don't mind if I do. -goes crazy-.

And, um... I got 7 in my footy tipping last week. Did I tell y'all?
I would've got 8 but Buddy and Roughead kicked too many goals. FAIL.
Well, I guess I can only yell at Roughead on account of Buddy being on my Dream Team WHICH WON THIS WEEK, OMIGOD, YAY~!

Did anyone watch Masterchef on Sunday?
Or any other night?
I wanted Justine to win but, of course, Justine didn't even make the top 2. #fail.
But I did want Poh to beat Julie. But that didn't happen either.
I was surprised about how many people actually watched Masterchef. Like, everyone on Twitter was tweeting about it during the show. And at school on Monday, everyone was talking about it.

So, I want to know, what made Masterchef better than any other reality TV show? Like, no one watches Big Brother or Australian Idol or The Biggest Loser yet EVERYONE watched Masterchef. Is it the cravat? The food? The general awesomeness of Justine?
Comment this post if you has the answer. Or just comment it anyway.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


1. You can choose any celebrity to adopt you. Which famous person would you choose?
Rove McManus. He's funny. I'd die of laughter. :)

2. Was the moon landing in 1969 a hoax?
No. They actually did land on the moon. They were all like, "One small step for mankind.."
And in the year 3000, there'll be an amusement park on the moon. And Fry will go there and be like, "I wanna see the moon landing site~!" And he shall find it and take refuge there. The End.

3. If you could choose any other era to be born in, what would it be?
Hm. Probably the year Jesus was around. It was be interesting. I'd be one of the disciples. Even though I'm not a man and I hate fishing. :/

4. You must always wear one colour of clothing for the rest of your life. What colour?
Purple. I want to keep my purple dress, kk.

5. You can spend a week on a desert island. Assuming there's unlimited food and water, what do you take with you?
I'd somehow get hold of an iPhone so I can tweet. And I'd manage to get Dale Thomas to come. We'd have fun together. And I'd bring some books like Loathing Lola and Harry Potter which I can read over and over again.

If you want to answer some questions, comment this post with "Interview me" and your email address and then, post the answers to your questions on your blog or something.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Characters from Harry Potter. They have changed so much.

Aw, Neville was so cute in Harry Potter 1. He's really changed. He'll never be the same adorable little Neville. :(

Harry hasn't changed dramatically but he looks much more mature and grown up. Well, he was only 10 in Harry Potter 1; and that was about 10 years ago or something. idk.

Wow, she's changed heaps. From a cute little girl to a girl with Kristen-Stewart-esque demeanor.

Aw, Ron was the cutest in the Harry Potter 1 and 2. And then, in Harry Potter 4, his hair is long and in serious need of a haircut. :/

I watched Harry Potter 4 yesterday and the Cedric was awesome. I would've preferred if he was in a meadow with the sun shining down on him but oh well. He was still cool.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello to my 9 followers and random stalkers!
Just a note for you all: If you want a copy of Surf School and Surf Sisters by Laurine Croasdale, click HERE. These books are really good and you have a good chance of winning this competition because it is only open for people living in Australia and not many Australians have entered.

My Formal was yesterday. The DJ wasn't particularly good, there was a lot of hip-hop and techno played. But they did manage to play a lot of Michael Jackson songs. :D
And the food was really good too.
And, at the afterparty, we just chatted and played Uno. And I won two games of Uno. ^_____^

Uh oh. Jimmy Bartel is injured and I didn't trade him off my Dream Team. Damn.
And Sandilands isn't playing either. My Dream Team is on the way down. Especially since I only have one trade left for the whole season. #fail

Harry Potter 4 is on tonight. Sparkly vampires ftw~! Well, there's just one sparkly vampire: Edward! (Except he goes by the name of Cedric Diggory..)

P.S. Yes, I'll keep using that line to end my blog posts. stfu.
P.P.S. Don't forget to enter the competition above.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I totally watched TAYG last night.
It was so funny.
Josh Thomas was the best at building a tower of blocks but then, Charlie Pickering cheated. And won. Epic fail.
Kate Langbroek was on TAYG. She was 7 months pregnant when that episode was recorded so I'm presuming she's giving birth right about.... NOW.
Oh, apparently, Fuzzy is going to be on TAYG next week. In Gen Y. Ah, wow, I thought she was older than the Gen Y people. Oh well. I kinda want Haydo to be on Gen Y. He's awesome, okay. Much more awesome than Fuzzy. :D

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out today. Omigod. Harry Potter ftw.
I am definitely going to see it, probably on the weekend, idk.


Did you all enjoy my obituary?
If you missed it, scroll down a little bit. :)

Collingwood play Hawthorn on the weekend. Collingwood will win, of course.
And my Dream Team will also win. Except a lot of players on my Dream Team are injured. idk why. Injured players fail. js.

And that's all.
SAY HI TO YOUR MUM FOR ME. #rove. #fourweekswithnorove. #help.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is what happens when the teachers give us the day off school: I write my own obituary.

Laura was born in Melbourne and grew up in a small suburb of Bentleigh. She could read at a young age of 3 and had two extremely annoying brothers. At primary school, she had several friends over the period of seven years. Unfortunately, they all left to regain their sanity after being friends with Laura.

Laura went to high school, which was just down the road from her primary school.
She ended up with straight A's but had no idea which career to choose so ended up living in a luxurious cardboard box with nothing to eat except free samples from Bakers' Delight and sugar sachets from McDonalds.

A year later, a handsome prince named Dale Thomas came out of nowhere and took Laura to a mansion and they had three children together. They lived happily until Dale got struck by lightning at the age of 28 when walking their dog, Missi.

Laura got the inheritance money and moved on. Shortly after, she married Jack Watts, an accountant from the city. They had two children together and were very happy.

Laura realised she needed a job as Jack's wage couldn't support five children. She quickly wrote a book "Edward Cullen and the Holy Grail" and earned billions. Some people criticised it for copying J.K. Rowling's and Stephenie Meyer's works so Laura was shunned from Melbourne. Laura and Jack and their five children went to find refuge somewhere else.

Years later, Laura and Jack made a living by solving the problem of global warming and were welcomed back into Melbourne again. A few days later, Jack was struck by lightning on his way to work. Laura was deeply saddened at this and left the country with her five children.

She lived in Austria and married Bruno which was a big surprise considering he was gay and also fictional. They had four children together and lived in a castle on a big hill.
Days later, Laura was hungry and ate a whole cheesecake which was past its use-by date. She died with nine children and a banana surrounding her. Bruno was at work that day but came home, devastated.

And you can read Josh Thomas' obituary HERE.
I watched Rove last night. And the end of Masterchef.
Some of the highlights (or lowlights):
  • Hamish & Andy freating. They taught us how to do ghosting, doorknocking and now, how to survive off free food. Thankyou, Hamish and Andy, you have made being a hobo a little bit easier.
  • Cameron Diaz and her new movie about the book that we read a bit of in Religion. When they showed the previews during the interview, it was so confusing. idk. The girl that plays Olive in Little Miss Sunshine also plays Anna in My Sister's Keeper. I kid you not. :D
  • Ryan Shelton implying that Rove is really small. And Rove was like, "WELL, I guess that's three people leaving tonight!" And I lol'd.
  • Ryan Shelton imitating Carrie. I think they've found a new newsreader for Rove, lmao.
  • Carrie and Hughesy leaving. FOREVER. Why? ;_;
  • Petespace. Oh, look, that tree outside reminds me of MJ and I don't even know why.... :/
  • Rove's monologue. The NRL player pooed in the hallway of the hotel. LOL. There are so many scandals in the NRL. Why?
  • Before Rove, Josh Thomas started a Trending Topic called #chrisisadouche. Because on Masterchef, Chris is a douche. (I don't exactly know what "douche" means but oh well). And everyone on Twitter hates Chris because he is so arrogant and stuck-up. I hate Chris too. And I've barely watched Masterchef. :)
  • Josh Thomas' other Trending Topics. Like, #hugmejulie and #marrymejulia. lmao.
  • And the devastation of Rove not being on till 16th August. Great. I can just see myself sitting somewhere staring at the wall for the next few Sunday nights.
  • Katy Perry is on Rove on 16th August. Well, that makes up for 4 weeks for boring Sunday nights. ^_____^
And yeah.
TAYG is on Tuesday night.
With Kate Langbroek and two other people. And, of course, the delightful Josh Thomas who left his phone at Qantas accidentally and then, had to call Qantas but Qantas, being a douche and all, didn't answer their phone.
SAY HI TO ROVE'S MUM FOR ME! #rove. #shaunmicallef

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Okay, so my footy tipping isn't going too well this round. I got about 5 or something. idk.
I tipped Geelong and Port Adelaide and Sydney. They all lost. Epic fail.
And Melbourne won. Which could end up bad because Jack Watts (who isn't playing as he has an illness) mightn't be able to get back in the team. :/

Oh and Rove is on tonight but then, they will take a four week break. I kid you not. ;_;
Well, I suppose it won't be on for 4 weeks 'cause the 7PM Project will probably be on for the next 4 weeks or something. idk. Or maybe Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (I really need an acronym for this show.. something like AYSTAFG) is coming back on.
Hopefully, TAYG continues to be on Tuesday nights. :)

In other news, the finale of Masterchef is next Sunday, I think. Even though I don't really watch it, I hope Justine wins. She is the most awesome contestant. ^______^

My formal is next Friday, kk.
If I had an iPhone, I'd twitter all night and be like, "Eating food" and "Music is good" and "TWITTER TIME" and "On the toilet" (because you all need to know that, lol).

And yeah.
Hopefully, Collingwood can thrash Hawthorn next week. I'm sure they will. Dale Thomas and Dayne Beams will kick about 400 goals each and Buddy will kick ZEROOOO~!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yes, Collingwood totally won yesterday. And I tipped them in my footy tipping, yay~!

Aw! Another hug from Dayne Beams.
Two awesome players.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi y'all.
I know this blog is starting to turn into a recap-of-random-TV-shows so you, the readers (if there are any of you left), should tell me if my blog posts are too boring with the TAYG and Rove and other such TV shows. :|.

Anyway, TAYG was awesome last Tuesday.
Rove was on.
Speaking of Rove, on Sunday, it was funny as per usual. At first, I thought that the lead singer of Short Stack was a girl. I kid you not. But don't throw your stones at me yet, Short Stack fans; I like Short Stack songs so yeah.
Next week on Rove is where Ryan and Hughesy and Carrie and Pete will all be there. :D
Should be exciting. ^_________^

I've also been reading The Da Vinci Code lately. I haven't finished it yet but I have found out that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene (yes, she is the one who got stoned or something) and they had a baby named Sarah. But Jesus never got to see his baby on account of the dying and what not.

Oh and I watched the Chaser on Wednesday. It was funny. :)
And yeah.