Thursday, October 28, 2010


I watched Glee last Wednesday. :).
And the new kid (Sam) was so cool. He was like, "Hi, I'm Sam... Sam I am... I, uh, like green eggs and ham". And I drew a picture of the awesomeness of Sam and his epic quoting skillz:
Anyway, it was such a good episode.
Except for the fact that SUE WASN'T IN IT! What even. :(.

And the Rocky Horror episode is next week!
Hopefully Sam is in it. And all the other epic characters.

I'm sick of Rachel and Finn. Not that their "offensive" song offended me (I didn't even know what the song was about...) but their characters are getting, uh, boring. idk.

Aaaaaand goodbye. :P.
Oh and the AFL fixture came out today for 2011. Not really riveting. But I thought I'd mention that Collingwood only plays Freo ONCE and it's at Subiaco. Which isn't even called Subiaco any more. WHAT EVEN. But Freo and Melbourne play at the MCG. I suppose that's a good thing, y/n?

And Collingwood has to play Geelong and St Kilda TWICE. :/.
Also, they play Geelong in the last round, right before the finals. WHY. :(.

Pfff, the good thing is that Collingwood plays NO teams that were above them on the ladder at the end of the season. Ha! :P.
Epic win.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay, awhile ago, I made a form thing on my blog, that enabled y'all to ask questions. I forgot about it till now, because I just got a question.
(You can post your own questions by clicking the link at the side.) ------->

The question is:

Are you a noob?

And my answer is:

If anyone else wants to ask a questions (silly or serious, I don't mind), go ahead and ask it. :D.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


'Sup, guys?
Ignore the post below with the crappy pictures. My plan turned out to be a big fail whale. Not that I tried it or anything, I just know that it wouldn't work. :(.

But it's okay! There is still hope for Artie.
He's still cool, and I would still choose Artie over Mike. :P.
And he won his first football game! Epic win.

I totally watched the Grilled Cheesus episode of Glee. Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich and it had the face of Jesus on there. So he made three wishes: 1. win football match, 2. advance relationship with Rachel, and 3. become quarterback again.
(Except the first one, that's okay. He did that one for Artie.)

But the second one? Your relationship with Rachel is FINE. You're still in school, you don't need to advance your relationship! Kurt's dad falls down with a heart attack, goes into a coma, Kurt is really upset, AND FINN IS MORE WORRIED ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH RACHEL?! What even.

The third wish. FAIL. Sam is doing a fine job at quarterback (being all awesome with his lemon-y hair) and Finn is being selfish. Sam dislocated his shoulder during the game and Finn got to be quarterback again. And again, Kurt's dad is in a coma, won't wake up, AND FINN IS MORE WORRIED ABOUT BEING THE POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL AGAIN.

You're so stupid, Finn. Grow a brain. :/.

Anyway, the episode was kinda sad, because Kurt was crying over his dad for most of it. ;_;

And Kurt was being mean for the first half of the episode because he was all like, "I don't want you guys to express your spirituality around me- I don't believe in God. :P".
And the Glee Club were just praying to God to help Kurt's dad and Kurt was all like, "NO, GTFO~". :(.

KURT, RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S BELIEFS! This is how wars are started- because people are worried about what OTHER PEOPLE are believing in. For a utopian society, everyone should believe in whatever they want to (Flying Spaghetti Monsters, unicorns, God, etc etc) and don't judge other people's decisions. Why can't we all just get along like we did in middle school and bake rainbows and cupcakes... /mean girls.

Anyway, enough ranting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

MY IDEA FOR ARTIE (in picture form!)

So, I'm reading this book at the moment (Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell) and one of the characters is in a wheelchair. Anyway, this boy in the wheelchair had to get on the bus so he pulled out some crutches and used them! WHAT EVEN.

Okay, he wasn't actually walking, his feet were "dragging in the dirt". But come on! This book is so stupid, any person with half a brain (and who watches Glee) knows that a person in a wheelchair cannot use crutches because they just fall over. :/.

Anyway, if this book is accurate, then there's hope for Artie (the boy in the wheelchair on Glee).
Maybe if Artie got stronger (according to his drug-induced sleep, he has), he could totally use the crutches again!

Or my other idea is: he could have a bake sale (with me and the other Glee Club members helping, of course) and raise moniez and collect the thingies on soft drink cans to buy his own prosthetic legs!

And then, he can do a dance routine and show off his abs and Tina will be all like, "swooooon~" and I'll be like, "You had your chance. :P". SUCK ON THAT.

Let's draw some pictures to illustrate this moment of awesomeness:

Artie and I baked some cupcakes (the food fight was epic, you should've been there!).
The bake sale was a complete success! We ended up with a bag with a dollar sign on it, plus all these yellow ball things. And after going through the trash outside McKinley High's cafeteria, we were drowning in those metal thingies on the top of soft drink cans. We're in business!

I waved my arms in the air and went nuts.

Artie went on a trip to the doctor, who gladly took our bag with the dollar sign on it and all our metal thingies.

The doctor amputated Artie's non-functional legs, and attached the new prosthetic legs. After a great deal of rehabilitation and learning to walk again, Artie was back on his feet, with a brand new pair of tap shoes.

Artie showed off his tap dancing skillz with his newly acquired, badly drawn six pack.
While Artie and me jumped for joy, Tina realised her mistake in choosing the wrong man. That's her problem, Artie is mine now! :P.

And yeah. My idea for Artie is awesome. Ryan Murphy would be so lucky to have me writing scripts and stuff for Glee. :D.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, my lovely 18 followers who will follow me to the ends of the Earth, here's something to gross you out.

I got to dissect a toad in Biology last Wednesday.

(I was going to post some pictures, but decided not to. If you would really like to see the insides of a toad, I will post some pictures but only if this post gets at least 5 comments from 5 different people.)
(Or you can just google it yourself. Whatever. It's pretty gross.)

Anyway, the cane toad looked like a cane toad- all gross and stuff. :(.
At first, it smelt REALLY bad and I nearly had to ask for a face mask, lmao. But slowly, I got used to the smell.

I'll draw some cartoons to illustrate my experience:

The prac started at 2pm. I was freaking out, because cane toads are gross and I was so sure I would vomit all over the poor ugly toad.
The toad was placed in front of me. Panic rose from me. I HAVE TO DISSECT THIS? Eww.
Also: it smelt. BAD. :(.

Luckily, my prac partner had "experience" in these matters, and gladly took on the cutting of the toad's skin while I waved my arms in the air and acted like a freak.
My prac partner cut open the toad and we saw its massive livers and heart and fat bodies. And then, the little pink stomach (which was sort of curved and epic!) was so cute! The whole digestive system looked awesome! I was amazed at how un-gross it looked.

And there were no ovaries in this toad. Therefore, it was a BOY.

With the cane toad now christened "Mr Toad", we cut out the digestive system and looked at the nervous system. The demonstrators told us that cane toads should have 9 vertebrae, but some might be deformed and have fused vertebrae.

My joy was so obvious when I realised that Mr Toad was not a mutant! ^____^

After answering all the questions and drawing the diagrams, I started to pack up my stuff. The dissected toad lay there, and I wanted to take it home! A pet toad! My very own pet toad that I can use for dissecting! Fun!
But sadly, all good things come to an end. As the toad was placed in the bucket labelled, "Toad waste- in here", I was devastated. Mr Toad is no longer with us. His toad guts are all in the waste, heading out to the dumpster as I write this.

Mr Toad- Eulogy.
I never knew you when you were alive.
I was disgusted by your first appearance, on a waxy plate, dead.
But hate turns into love, and your guts were mighty fine to dissect and draw.
Enjoy Toad Heaven, I hope you get lots of insects to swallow whole and no one tries to dissect you.

And yeah.
That's my Toad Dissecting Experience.
A little sarcasm and hyperbole never hurt anyone. :).

Sunday, October 10, 2010



But anyway, who's back?

Yeah, Chris Tarrant is at Collingwood. Yet again. :D.
And the best part about it: we didn't have to give up a premiership player! Freo wanted a premiership player (either Sharrod, Goldsack, or Dawes) and Collingwood were like, "Nope."

AND THEN, AND THEN, AND THEN, Freo must have decided that Taz + one draft pick is only worth two draft picks. So technically, Collingwood only had to give up ONE draft pick. Ha!

I thought that Taz might choose to go to North Melbourne, because his brother plays for them. idk. And also, North Melbourne have a whole list of young players and Freo wanted a young player... whatever. :P.

Anyhoo, Glee and TAYG haven't been on lately (stupid Commonwealth Games!) and neither have the Simpsons! :(.
But luckily, Channel 10 are making it up to me by putting the Simpsons and Glee on next Friday from 6pm till 9pm. ^_____^

Now, goodbye. Me and Dayne Beams are going to enjoy a nice cup of Milo. :P.
Be jealous.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Changed the picture at the top.
I know you all got sick of looking at Jessie and Issy from SYTYCDA so I put something everyone can enjoy! :P.

I am awesome.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


lol, it's Sharrod on Mad Monday! :).
He's so cute as a fairy/princess in an awesome pink dress!

Party pies. :P.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Maxy. The premiership captain. At the family day.

I went to the Collingwood Family Day thingy today.
Yeah, be jealous. :P.

And as the players went down the race thingy back to the Westpac Centre, I got to high-five them AND touch the premiership cup as it went past. :D.

And when the players went on stage and got interviewed, the microphone wasn't working so we didn't hear what they said! Fail whale. :(.
But most of the players were wearing sunglasses. Either because it was sunny or they were hungover. Actually, it was a little from column A and a little from column B.

But Toovey wasn't wearing sunnies. He was showing off his possum eyes, lmao. :P.
And yeah.
Good times.


In case you haven't heard (or you are clever and know where to hide), Collingwood won the premiership! :D.

My predictions (on the previous post) were pretty good. I predicted the winner correctly (go me!), and although I said Dale Thomas for the Norm Smith, it says Scotty Pendlebury in the brackets. :P.

And then, the first goal was kicked by Tyson Goldsack. But Travis Cloke did have the chance of kicking the first goal from directly in front, but something happened and St Kilda got a free kick. idk what it was, Channel 7 didn't show it. :/.

Anyway, some highlights from the match:
  • Nick Riewoldt, kicking from point blank range and Heath Shaw smothered it! You champion, Heath! :P.
  • Maxwell's marks and desperateness in the defence. Well done, Maxy.
  • Steele Sidebottom. Could've been BOG, he was so good! And he's only 19, the youngest player on the field. :D.
  • Swanny and Pendlebury and Daisy and Didak and so many other players who are so good every single week. :).
  • Tyson Goldsack kicking the first goal. ^____^
  • And so many other moments! idk.
  • Also: Nathan Brown did a fantastic job on Nick Riewoldt, kept him goalless the whole match! :).
A picture:

Ben Reid. Hurt his ankle/knee/something in the game, but managed to come back and play! :).

And goodbye! See you next year (or tomorrow, idk).