Monday, August 30, 2010


I am awesome. Because I have done 6,666 tweets on my Twitter.
Yeah, you should be jealous. :P.
(For anyone that does follow me, you'll know that half of the tweets are like, "I am cool" and "this is what I did today, not that anyone cares, lol".)
But whatever. I still reached 6,666.

And this picture = awesome. I don't watch Doctor Who, but I do know that this is a Dalek thingy.
But this is a NICER Dalek who wants to exfoliate your skin, instead of exterminating your ass. :D.

Aaaaaaaaand I'm done. See you next time.

EDIT: Be jealous of my profile picture for Twitter (see above). Collingwood > all the other teams.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hawthorn continued being poo-heads and beat Collingwood. By 3 points. :(.
First they beat Melbourne, then Freo, and now Collingwood? Booo.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.
Collingwood remain minor premiers (yay!) and still get to play the Dogs next week.
And some Q and A for you (courtesy of someone on Twitter)-
Q: What happened in the Round 20 of the home-and-away season in 1990?
A: Hawthorn defeated Collingwood.

And we all know who won the premiership in 1990... :D.

So, it's all falling into place. Collingwood will beat the sick Doggies, get a week off to bake in the hot September sun, get back at the Pussycats in the prelim, and then defeat the Saints in a thrilling Grand Final.
(With Dale Thomas winning the Norm Smith medal, and Swanny winning the Brownlow. You heard it here first.)

Fun times.

In other news, TAYG is on Sundays and Modern Family is on Sundays and Tuesdays.
Except they took the Simpsons off Wednesdays! And put Undercover Boss on! WHAT EVEN.
I like my Simpsons, Channel 10, and don't you dare take it away from me! :/.

Also, I read Gone With The Wind recently (and it was really good!) and I found this video on some website and it's a Simpsons version of Gone With The Wind but because it's shown in the nursing home, the ending is changed to a happier ending. (Yay.)

It's so funny. Scarlett is like, "OH, RHETT, RHETT, WHERE WILL I GO? WHAT WILL I DO?"
And Rhett is like, "Frankly my dear... I love you, let's re-marry!"

Anyway, you should watch the video. idk.
I watched a little video clip of one of the scenes in Gone With The Wind but they were pronouncing "Tara" all wrong.
They said "TAH-ra" instead of "TUH-ra". Damn Americans and their pronunciation!
It annoys me. :(.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Nothing interesting has happened to me lately...

I voted for the first time in a Federal election. Win.
For those of you wondering, in the House of Representatives, I voted- 1: Labor. 2: Greens. 3: Family First. 4: Liberal.
And in the Senate, I voted Labor above the line. Yeah, I couldn't be bothered marking a number in every box below the line. WHAT EVEN. I have more important things to do, like checking my Twitter.

I don't know why I chose Labor (so don't even bother asking).
Some parties I was thinking of voting:

-Greens. They are pro-environment. And pro-climate change. And pro-same sex marriage. And pro-other stuff. But I thought maybe they could send Australia broke with all their policies and stuff. idk. And also, they said they'd put a tax on chocolate bars and KFC and stuff. WHAT EVEN. You can tax whatever you like, Bob Brown, but don't you go taxing my Mars bars! Rude.

-Aus Sex Party. I know what you're thinking, and no. Just, no. I only wanted to vote for this party purely for one reason: they are pro-Equality for both genders. (And pro-same sex marriage and the like). I didn't vote for them because I think they are pro-nuclear energy. Fail.

-Shooting and Fishing Party. The "fishing" part nearly made me vote for them. Because I like fush and chups. :). But because of my hatred for guns and shooting things, I didn't vote for this party.

-Liberal. I considered voting for them. idk. Whatever.

And yeah. There are other parties I was going to vote for. Like Family First or something. idk.
I don't know much about politics. I was just hoping for some party to be like, "FREE CHOCOLATE FOR EVERYONE!" or "Let's get Zoidberg_cool to have 100 followers on Twitter!"
I mean, seriously. Parties should really think more about their policies. :/.

Anyway, in the month leading up to the election, I was so undecided. People on Twitter would say to vote Greens, and other people on Twitter would say vote Liberal.
And there was ads on TV that were like, "Don't vote Labor, they are borrowing too much money and the debt is growing" or "Don't vote Liberal, they are bringing back WorkChoices!"

What a joke. Don't tell who NOT to vote for, tell me who to vote for. :(.

I voted Labor. All other parties can go drown in poo. Despite Julia Gillard saying she hated Collingwood, she got my vote. She should consider herself lucky.

Saturday, August 14, 2010



Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yeah, suck on that, all you other AFL teams! :P.
Collingwood are awesome, yay!

My predictions for the rest of the AFL season:
Top 4: Collingwood, Geelong (unfortunately), St Kilda, and Bulldogs.
Rest of the Top 8: Freo, Hawthorn, Carlton, Melbourne(!).

Brownlow Medallist: Dane Swan! (In his spiderman costume. Because I said so.)
Teams in Grand Final: Collingwood (obviously) and Melbourne (because they managed to not only get to finals, but win every finals match, including thrashing Geelong and St Kilda.)
Winner: Collingwood.
Norm Smith Medallist: Dale Thomas. (But it could be any of the following: Wellingham, Beams, Swanny, Didak, Pendlebury, Jack Watts, or Steele.)

And yeah.
Don't go doubting my predictions. I'm always right. Last year, I predicted that Jimmy Bartel would win the Norm Smith medal. And he did. (Although, they read out Paul Chapman's name and gave him the medal, but I know who the true winner of the medal was.)


Friday, August 6, 2010


The cutest thing everrrr.
Someone (I don't know who, but they should be worshipped like a god and given a medal) gave a watermelon to a polar bear, took photos of it and placed them on a website.

Apparently, July is National Watermelon Month. Probably in America though, seeing as watermelon is more of a "summer" fruit. (idk. What am I, a doctor?).

Moving on.
TAYG is on Sunday night! (with three guests I don't know, lolwhut).
But whatever, it's still a good show. :D.
And Josh Thomas is on Good News Week on Monday. Yessss.
(Frank Woodley was on GNW last week, and I was thinking of watching it and then, I found out that Denise Scott was on there so thank God, I didn't watch it. Ha!).

Anyhoo, I'd just like to say:
People are so stupid. :(.

And goodbye!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, how is everyone these days?
My blog counter has just reached 200! Either a lot of people have been reading my interesting blog posts, or one of you have been refreshing the page over and over again.

And because Twitter is down for maintenance at the moment (fail whale!), I'll amuse you all by writing a story of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and their 2010 election campaign. Enjoy!

"And suddenly after being down by 75 points, Bulldogs are now within 1 goal of winning the 2010 premiership! Will someone be able to kick the much needed winning goa--- Oh! Julia Gillard has taken a screamer, 45 metres out from goal, 45 degree angle! This is unbelievable! Julia Gillard, number 1 goalkicker of 2010 with 106 goals this season, best full forward in the competition, is now lining up for the match-winning goal. And she kicks it and the crowd goes WILD---"

Julia Gillard arose from her slumber. Lolwhut, was that all a dream? Bulldogs weren't really in the Grand Final? Bugger.
She lifted herself out of bed, and walked forward towards the kitchen. Breakfast time. Coco Pops or Corn Flakes. Decisions decisions. Hm.
After a couple of bowls of corn flakes, Julia kissed her bf goodbye and headed out the door. Ah. "Not long now till the election," Julia thought, as she hopped in her car and drove away.
The traffic jam on the main road was horrendous that morning!
"WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN," Julia thought, impatiently tapping the steering wheel, "Is there an accident or something? A pile-up of those stupid boat people? I thought I told them to piss off to East Timor. Or maybe it's those insolent homosexuals, with their drunkenness and rudeness. What a world we live in!"

Julia wound down her car window and screamed, "MOVE FORWARD, YOU INSOLENT DRIVERS!"

After what felt like an eternity, Julia entered her office and went straight to her Bulldogs scarf sitting on her shelf. Patting it every morning gave her luck, but whether it was good or bad luck, she couldn't tell. Yesterday it was good luck, what with Ruddy being sent to hospital to have his gall bladder removed. Ha!
Julia walked over to her desk, and glanced at all the papers spread everywhere.
"I should really sort these out," Julia thought, unmotivated.
So, she just dragged the desk forward. "Well, that's enough moving forward for the day, I'm having a break!" Julia exclaimed out loud.

Julia awoke with a start, as the door opened and Tony Abbott walked in.
"Excuse me?" Julia said, rudely, "Do you mind interrupting my daydream?"
"You'll never play full forward for Bulldogs, it'll never happen," Tony said, cruelly.
"And you will?" Julia said, angrily.
"Well, I'm fitter than you! I just came back from swimming 1500 metres and running 2000 metres!" Tony said, proudly.
Julia snorted. "Poof! I could do that. Easy peasy."
"Fair dinkum, Julia, you couldn't! It's taken me years to be this fit, wanna see my abs?" Tony said, grinning.
Julia grimaced. "No thankyou."

Tony left the room, and Julia went back to sleep, dreaming about her holding up the 2010 premiership cup with a Norm Smith medal around her neck. Ahhhh... this is the life!

And that's all. There might be another chapter coming soon, if you're lucky. :D.