Sunday, November 28, 2010


Remember when I used to write fanfics on this blog, which were just stories about me being bffs with Mitchell Johnson?
WELLLLL. Here is another one:

Me and Mitchell Johnson were walking down the street. It was a bright and lovely day, and the sun was shining.
"La la la," I sang, skipping along the footpath.
"Ho hum," Mitchie said.

Then, suddenly, Jonathon Trott appeared from behind a bush.
"MWAH HA HA~," he said, d'urggggingly, "YOU'LL NEVER GET ME OUT, JOHNSON."
I got angry. No, wait, I got FIERCE. Like a tiger. I whipped out an apple pie from my back pocket and held it in one hand.
"Shut up, Trott," I said, fierceeeely.
"NOOO," he d'urggged.
I was just about to throw the pie, when Mitchie yelled, "Laura, I'll throw it! I've been practising!"
So, I gave the pie to Mitchie. He hurled the pie at Trott in a perfect throwing action. It hit Trott's ugly brutish face and we heard Trott scream, "D'URGGGG!"

Me and Mitchie high-fived each other and laughed.
We ran away, still laughing, all the way back to the pie shop. Hahahaha.

(Note to reader: If you haven't been watching The Ashes, Mitchell Johnson has bowled a few balls that are so wide, that some people call it "pie throwing".)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


For those of you who didn't know, I did NaNoWriMo. Which meant I had to write a 50,000 word story in the month of November.

And I did it! The pictures (above) are my proof.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yeah, it was the State Election that I voted in this time, and like the Federal one, I had no idea who to vote for. :/.

So, I voted Liberal. (And because the Liberal candidate was at the top, I did a donkey vote. Hahaha.)
And then, I voted Liberal above the line, in the other House. :P.
(I really wanted to vote below the line and mark a number in every box, but I got lazy.)

My reasons for doing so:
-They are going to build a Southland station. I don't even go to Southland that much, but hey, it's a cool idea.
-Myki was Labor's idea, right? So maybe Liberal might get rid of it? idk. (fyi~, Myki is the company that does the public transport tickets, and I don't hate Myki, I just prefer the old system.)
-Labor have been the government for 10 years or something. Time for a change.

And yeah.
I also like the Greens. As I've said before, they are pro-environment and all that. But I don't know anything else they care about so whatever. :/.

I just hope it's not a Hung Parliament or whatever the hell happened last time. That was pretty messy, and this time, there will be no Bob Katter to clean it up. :(.

Oh and you guys! Glee is on Monday! :D.
I don't know much about the episode, but I've seen some promos for it. There's going to be a marriage (probably Finn's mum and Kurt's dad) and Finchel (Rachel & Finn) do this epic dance-y thing at the wedding and it's all so cool and amazing. ^_____^

And also, my NaNoWriMo is going well, I'm up to 47,000 words or something. :).
If you're lucky, I will post a little exercept of my story on this blog. MAYBE. (Don't get your hopes up, though.)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Omg, you guys, OH MY GOD.
I went to see the Harry Potter movie today and it was AWESOME.

Okay, so I may review it and release some spoilers but I'll try not to.

So, even though the tickets were $17 or some ridiculous amount like that (SERIOUSLY! I even showed my concession card and it's STILL expensive. The adult tickets were $20. wtf.), I was still excited, y'know.

THEN, the movie started and it was kinda sad with Hermione leaving her parents. :(.
But the whole movie was kind of like that, being all solemn and suspenseful. The movie ended in a "What will happen next?" way (which was probably done to get people to watch the second half next year.)

There were two really sad moments. (spoilers are in white writing, k?)
When Hedwig came to save Harry from the Death Eaters and died, that was pretty sad. She just fell to the ground, cos one of the Death Eaters probably used a Stunning spell or something.
But they didn't go into much detail around this death, which was kind of good, cos I didn't want to flood the cinema. ;_;

Then, Dobby died at the end of this movie. ;_;
They showed Harry crying over Dobby's dead body, then Luna came over, then they buried him in the sand. IT WAS SO SAD. Dobby was like my favourite character (as well as Luna and Hedwig). WHY. :(.

Anyhoo, the scariest part was the bit at Godric's Hollow. I won't bother going into explanation but it was SCARY.

But yeah, it was a good movie. Seriously.
I really recommend you all go see it.
Like, it helps if you read the book, but even if you don't, I think you'll still know what's going on.

It's really well set out and very graphic and, except for the part where they are running through the forest and the camera goes all jerky, it's pretty clear what's happening. :)

And even if you are a bit of a cheapskate, I still recommend it. Just buy some cheap lollies from Safeway or something, or go without food.
It's 2 and a half hours (which may seem long), but it's so engrossing and you'll love every minute of it. And go to the toilet beforehand, you will not want to miss a thing.

Luna Lovegood was so good in it. She's still my favourite character. :P
I kind of wanted her and Harry to get married but whatever.

J.K. Rowling may be a good author, but she kills off some of my favourite characters and doesn't arrange the couples very well. :(.
(Although, Ron and Hermione are okay together. I like them both so I'm happy.)

And yeah.
Go see it. NOW.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Some fun facts about some cricketers who are playing Sheffield Shield matches with their state before starting the Ashes:
  • Most in-form batsmen at this present time: Mitchell Johnson. 101 not out. Hahaha. :P.
  • MHuss' state playing Victoria. And MHuss had faced 18 balls before he was caught out BY HIS OWN BROTHER. And he got a duck! Haha. Gee, imagine the upcoming family dinner- AWKWARD. :/.
  • Steve Smith is the "king of FIFA". (he told me on Twitter.) I think he should join the Melbourne Demons, they seem to be addicted to FIFA. ;)
  • Clint McKay got a duck. (he told me on Twitter.)
And yeah, that's all I has.
I watched a bit of Junior Masterchef on Monday. The finale.
It was alright (the girl won, haha) but the judges fail at maths!
They gave one of the kids an 11/10.
You can't have 11/10! WHAT EVEN. :(.

Masterchef is going to have to restore the faith that I had in that show!
I was all like, "Oh yeah, this show is good, getting people to cook and learn new skillz and that fat people may have to lose weight but if you wear a cravat, it's okay."

No. It's also teaching us that 11/10 is a legit score. :(.

Anyway, I watched TAYG on Tuesday.
They had a Stuart Little doll on Shaun's desk. It was epic. And then, the Baby Boomer guest was going to kill it because they didn't win. NOOOOOO!
But Gen Y won. Hahahaha. :D.

Oh and I watched Modern Family last night. It was a Halloween episode.
Mitchell went to work wearing a Spiderman costume, only to realise he was the only one in a costume. So, he goes to the bathroom to change, but his clothes get soaked in the toilet and he calls up Cam and is like, "I'm stuck in the cubicle wearing only a Spiderman costume!!" lol.

If someone called me and said that, I'd be like, "SWANNY? IS THAT YOU?" :P

And they did the Baby Jesus thing on Modern Family. Like, Jay was criticising Gloria for mispronouncing words all the time (cos English is her second language.) And Gloria had to get some crackers and baby cheeses for Jay. So, she brings them home in a package, gives it to Jay and he opens it.... and there's a statue of baby Jesus inside. Hahaha. :D
(They did pretty much the same thing on Kath and Kim.)

Then I watched Raising Hope.
It was... okay.
I think they should've kept the baby's name as Princess Beyonce. :(
And I liked the cashier at the supermarket. She turned the soup cans upside down and drew faces on the melons. :P. Ha!
It's a comic with my name in it! Haha, I'm awesome! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


So, I've finished exams for the year. :)
Does this mean I will be blogging a lot more?
This is what I'll be doing till November 30th:
It's NaNoWriMo! Where you write a 50,000 word story in a month! :D
As you can see from my word count, I'm halfway there!!

Except my story is a whole lot of crap thrown in with more crap.
It's like a Glee fanfic, so it's about a new girl who goes to McKinley High and joins the Glee Club. And Mr Schue is in there, as well as Sam, who is one of the main characters in my story.

(For those of you who don't know, Sam is the blonde footballer in Glee, and Mr Schue is the teacher/director of the Glee Club.)

And yeah.
It kinda sucks. :/.
Even worse than my NaNoWriMo story last year, and that was basically just song lyrics!
I remember in last year's story, I had 10,000 more words to write and only one day left, so the characters just sang "100 bottles of beer on the wall" over and over again. Great fun. :P
(My characters liked singing, okay! Whatever.)

Anyhoo, TAYG is on Tuesday night and Modern Family is on Wednesday.

Oh, you guys, I watched Modern Family last night (Sunday) and Phil and Claire made a "competition" with their kids and them, as to who could last the longest without using any technology (i.e. laptops, mobile phones, interwebz, etc etc). And Phil promised that if any of the kids won, he'd buy them what they wanted. (e.g. he promised Hayley a car.)

And they were all going so well, but then Luke was desperate to watch a video clip on YouTube, so he was out. And then, Alex got a B on her Biology test because she used encyclopaedias which were old fashioned and not up-to-date. So she was out, cos she never wanted to get as low as a B ever again. (Nerd.)

Then, Claire was, like, trying to get airfares so the family could visit Phil's family in... somewhere. idk. But she couldn't do it on the landline, cos it was heaps confusing and annoying. So she got them on the interwebz. Oops. :P

Then it was Phil and Hayley. And it was SO FUNNY, cos Phil and Claire heard Hayley laughing and talking on her "mobile". So they stood outside her bedroom door and she was like, "Oh, hey, I'll just text you, k? IM you? Sure" etc etc and so, Phil and Claire burst in and were like, "BUSTED! YOU LOSE" and Hayley's like, "Whut" and Phil gets out a laptop cos he thought he won. So he goes online and stuff, and Hayley goes, "Are you online?" And Phil's like, "...Yeeeeah" and Hayley's like, "Hahahahahahahaha, I win, I win!" And Claire and Phil are like, "...You were talking on your mobile" and Hayley's like, "Um, it was just a bar of soap with lines drawn in it".

Hahahaha indeed.
So funny. And so, Hayley was like, "I get a car, I get a car! You promised to give me a car!"
And Phil was like, "Uhh, we can't afford to get you a car..."
And Hayley's like, "Whuuuuut. I've been talking to a bar of soap for NOTHING?"

And yeah.
Hayley was such a genius though, the bar of soap was such a clever idea. Hahaha. :P

(fyi~, if you didn't understand the above dialogue, Phil and Claire are the parents, Alex and Hayley are their daughters, and Luke is their son. Now read it again.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In my previous post, I made some predictions which I kind of got right. :P
I said Australia would win last Sunday, and THEY DID. It was so cool, I don't think Sri Lanka was even trying. They batted first and Australia just bowled them out really quickly for 115. Haha.

Now, I said Mitchell Johnson would get 7 wickets and McKay would get 3.
I nearly got it right, McKay got about 5 wickets and Mitchell Starc (a new kid) got about 5. idk, whatever. And (t)Watto didn't make a century and neither did Hussey. :/.

Oh well.
No more cricket is on till the Ashes, which start on November 25th. :P

And I watched TAYG last night.
Charlie was so good at the body art. Seriously.
Generation X had to paint someone in front of a jungle mural thingy. And they did TARZAN. They painted the dude to look like Tarzan.

See how cool it was? :P
The underwear wasn't painted on though, that's just there to keep it G-rated.
But omg.
Even though Josh Thomas is extremely awesome and I always want him to win, I wanted Gen X to win this time. BECAUSE THEIR BODY ART IS AMAZING. Ahhh.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I watched the cricket yesterday.
And wow, the Sri Lankans are really good at bowling and stopping the other team from hitting boundaries and getting wickets! Australia really needs to take note, y'know? :P

But the game was kinda screwed up because it kept raining and then not raining and then raining again. So the Duckworth/Lewis system came into it a lot. And the grass was wet when Australia had to bat. Which means the ball couldn't roll very far. :(.

And the ball kept getting wet. So Sri Lanka kept changing it. And this one time, they changed it, and bowled to Cameron White and bowled him out. First time with the new ball. WHAT EVEN. :/.

Anyway, Sri Lanka won.
But it's okay because Australia will win on Sunday. They will. You heard it here first. And Mitchell Johnson will get 7 wickets, and McKay will get 3.
And then, (t)Watto will make a century and a 200 partnership with Hussey.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, I watched the cricket last night.
It was epic.
Australia were doing okay with the bat, like Haddin was smashing fours but they kept going out, and no one could make over 50. :(.
And then, Hussey and Marsh came in and had to get Australia back on track.
And they did SUCH a good job. Hussey hadn't really been playing well in recent Test matches so he came out and played Test match-style cricket (i.e. no risks, which means he didn't smash boundaries much) in a One Day match. :P.
And they just made singles, which meant a lot of running, but hey, they got there.

Anyway, then Sri Lanka came in to bat.
And they had to make 240. And Sangakkara and Jaywardene (can't spell, sorry) were like going really well and stuff and I was like, "Oh no, they are going to win... :(."
But Glee was on, so I had to stop watching the cricket. :/.

It was epic.
They did Rocky Horror, and although I had NO idea what was going on, it was still good. :D
Like, Mercedes was Frank-n-furter which means she got to dress like a transvestite. :P. And she was really good at it, even though Frank-n-furter is a boy dressed as a girl, whatever.

And when Emma was singing that Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me song (whatever), she was dancing around Will, and Will was like so mesmerised with the gazing and all that. GET OVER HER, WILL, SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU. No, seriously, she doesn't. Okay, she might, but she has CARL. Carl is good for her, she's not so paranoid with Carl. :).

Another highlight:
Sam, in gold shorts. Wow. Actually, the highlight was Sam, just being present. :D.

Anyhoo, then I watched the cricket (when Glee was finished).
And I missed six wickets! Like, I missed the whole part when Doherty made a mess of the Sri Lankan team. :P.
But anyway, I came back, and Malinga and Mathews were like smashing fours and sixes all over the place and even though they only had 2 wickets in hand, they looked like they could win. :/.

And the bowlers could NOT get the batters out. Clarke was being captain, and he tried every possible way and every possible bowler (except one, but I'll come to that later) but they would not leave. :(.
Then, when the scores were level and Sri Lanka had one more run to make, they hit the ball and Malinga must have been so confident that he'd make it because he got RUN OUT. Ha! So, Murali came in and he was on strike and (t)Watto was bowling and I was like, "please be a draw, come on, please" (because everything is a draw in Australia this year, I mean come on, I've already predicted the Ashes result) and Murali edged it and..... it went for four. :'(.

And the crowd were going ballistic because they were mostly Sri Lankans. :/.

Anyway, the bowler that Clarke didn't try was Steve Smith. I have no idea why. He only bowled 3 overs and had 8 runs scored against him. WHY DIDN'T THEY BOWL HIM? I think he might have been injured. What even.

And I think Clarke should've rung up Ponting. WHERE WAS PONTING? He'd know what to do. He is a good captain, but they're probably saving him for the Ashes. Like, Dougie Bollinger didn't play, probably for the same reason.

In summary, the game was like-
Australia: We're gonna win, we're gonna win~.
Sri Lanka: We gonna bowl you out, mwa ha ha.
Australia: Yay, we made 240, try and beat that, haha!
Sri Lanka: We will, hahahahaha.
Australia: YAY, WE GOT SIX WICKETS, WOOOO~, WE CAN WIN, OMG OMG OMG...................................................... lol jk, cbf.

And yeah. Enjoy your day, peeps!