Friday, February 29, 2008


Celebrity profile on a band...

Band Name: The Last Goodnight
Members of band: Leif Christensen, Kurtis John, Mike Nadeau, Ely Rise, Anton Yurack and Larone McMillan
D.O.B: Probably in their 20's or 30's.
Significant Achievements: The have a few albums out now but their latest one is called Poison Kiss. Their song that is on the charts is called Pictures of You.
Not-so-significant Achievements: Um. They are innocent little monkeys.
Stalker Rating: Low. I doubt many people know them. Well, they might.
"How can I become one of the said stalkers?": Check out the website, myspace and wikipedia site.
Other (un)Nessecary Information:
The lead singer (Kurtis John) has an awesome mohawk. It looks rad.
Photographic Evidence:
The album cover Poison Kiss
The band members


Yeah, that's right. The first day. =]

Last night, there was two sporting matches on. Australia vs Sri Lanka and St Kilda vs Essendon. I'll give you a recap of Australia vs Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka batted first and made a total of 221. Pretty good, huh? Well, Gilly and James Hopes came in to bat and Gilly smashed every ball to the boundary. Hopes was good too. They got Australia to 100 and went out.
The crowd and viewers and everyone thought Aussies would win for sure. But no. Ponting went out for 1 run. Clarke and Symonds went out for a duck (Quack, quack). Hussey and Hogg were going well till Huss went out. And Hogg was like, "Uh oh." 'Cause all of Australia's good batters went out.

But Brett Lee came in and hit a six and him and Hogg were going well till Hogg went out. Then Mitchell Johnson came in! Yay! =]
But he went out for a duck. Bugger it! Andy G (Nathan Bracken) came in and him and Lee were going so well. They had about 18 runs to make and Brett Lee went out. ='[

So Sri Lanka won that but the footy match was a better story. Bloody Essendon did not win so you can breathe that sigh of relief. I don't know why I hate Essendon but I do. Maybe I just hate Lloyd. *shudders*

St Kilda won and are in the Grand Final for the NAB cup. It isn't that special. Carlton won it last year and everyone was like, "O_O! Carlton are a good team!"
And then in the actual footy season, Carlton was like at the bottom of the ladder for like the whole season. Lol. Not that St Kilda will do that. St Kilda are too good to win a wooden spoon. They're a strong team now. =]

Collingwood are better though. Much better. Especially Dale Thomas. X]

Yeah. That's all I have to say...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tyler and James (TJ) start off first. And then Dustin and Kandice, Rob and Kim and bringing up the rear, Lyn and Karlyn.

Dustin and Kandice reach the airport first. (Yay!) They get tickets to Casablanca via Milan. When TJ arrives, there are no tickets left on the flight so they get tickets to Casablanca via Paris. Rob and Kim get the same flight. Lyn and Karlyn get a different flight. They all reach the destination at pretty much the same time so yeah.

They get off the plane and get the pendant charm thingy. And find out there is a yield coming up. Beware! (Note: A yield is where you can make another team stop for 30 minutes.)
TJ reach the yield first and decide not to yield. Aw, stuff you. Get off the fence!

Dustin and Kandice decide to yield Lyn and Karlyn. Yesss. Thank you God. Rob and Kim don't yield anyone.

Dustin, James and Rob (I think) do the road block. Or maybe Tyler does. I'm not sure...
Lyn and Karlyn just watch 'cause they got yielded!

Rob and Kim finish first. (The road block was having to go round an obstacle course and grab flags.) Dustin and Kandice finish second. They go to next place together. TJ catch up while Rob and Kim have a flat tyre. They fall behind. Argh.

TJ and Dustin and Kandice get the clue which says to do the detour. They both choose squishing olives. Fun!
Dustin and Kandice drove past the place. Shoot. =|
Lyn and Karlyn reach the place at pretty much the same time as TJ. Then Rob and Kim come along.

Dustin and Kandice have to wait 'cause only three teams can squish olives at the same time. Bummer.

TJ finish that leg of the race first! Woo hoo! TJ for the win. =]
Lyn and Karlyn finish second and I nearly missed the next part of the race because I smashed the TV with my baseball bat. Luckily the neighbours let me watch theirs.

Anyway, Rob and Kim come third. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Bloody hell! Argh.
Dustin and Kandice reach the pit stop and Phil is all like, "You are the last team to arrive."
And I'm like, "Argh. I can't believe it."

And then Phil goes, "It's your lucky day. This is a non-elimination leg."

And I'm like, "OMG! I love you, Phil!"
And Dustin and Kandice hug Phil because they are so happy too. Yay.
Watch it next week, k? On the 6th March. <-- Good day. If Dustin and Kandice leave, I'll kill someone. And it might be YOU! X]

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Big girls - you are beautiful
Big girls - you are beautiful
Big girls - you are beautiful

Yeah, you are probably thinking, "What the...?" But I assure you, I am not insane. I just have a song stuck in my head. It is the new song by Mika and I don't like it as much as Happy Ending. Actually, let's just say I hate it, k?

And I think those are the lyrics above in the italic writing. Anyway, I was trying to find the correct lyrics and I came across another single Mika has put out. It is called Lollipop. I have never heard it but going from the title, it reminds me of, "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows." *Starts singing*

That's the video clip. Kinda cute. Well, I think that is the right video clip. IDK..

Monday, February 25, 2008


OMG! Has anyone heard the song Break the Ice by Britney Spears? I heard it on the radio but I didn't know it was Britney Spears. And I was like, "What the hell. This song is all about ice."

And after the song, Akmal was like, "That was Britney Spears' new song."
And I was like, "OMG! Britney is singing about drugs. Lol."
And Akmal read my mind and said, "That song wasn't about the drug called ice."
And I was like, "Dammit."

Good times. =]
I watched So You Think You Can Dance. And oh my gosh. The chick who was partners with Rhys was like, "I'm scared my nanna will see me in a sexy routine." And in the TV Week blog, Mary Kiley (TV Week blogger) was like, "Um... Jemma... it's with Rhys. I think you're pretty safe, darling."

So does that mean that the TV Week chick agrees with me that Rhys is gay? So that means my gaydar has really got batteries in it and is working fine. Whoa. Newsflash.
I love Rhys. Not in the 'sexual' way or anything.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


My 100th post! Woo hoo! =]

Anyway, enough of the cheering and what not. I came here to say, "Time for a competition!"
The way this works is: I'm going to post two pictures on here (Picture A and Picture B) and you have to choose one of them and write a caption.
(Make sure you tell me what picture you are writing a caption to).

Picture A -

Picture B -

And yeah. Enjoy the task. And tell other people about the task too. Please! X]
The winner shall get a prize. I don't know what, though. I can't really send a chocolate bar through the computer, can I? I doubt it, lol.

Hm. Hey, I was reading the newspaper and it has stuff about Generation Z and how they are smart and stuff. And I was like, "But I'm Generation Y... and I am smart."

But anyway, Corey is the same generation as me. Same with Britney Spears. And it says that Generation Y are big spenders and that we are tech-savvy. Whoa. I sure am. =]

And when I saw 'big spenders', I was like, "Hey big spender!" That's how the song goes, lol. I started singing it. Probably because someone on So You Think You Can Dance Australia danced to that song. And I have it stuck in my head.

Well, see ya! =]

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yes, I am back.

I have just watched the cricket and so far, the Aussies are going really well. Gilly made about 16 runs and then went out. And Ponting and Hayden are about to make a half century. Yay!

I was watching Video Hits this morning and Nathan and Fuzzy were talking to Axle. Yes, Axle is the guy who dacked his pants in public and got axed as the host of Video Hits.
Anyway, Nathan is a better guy than Axle. (I love Nathan, btw)

I love all people called Nathan. Let's make a list.

  1. Nathan J. Brown - Only two years older than me (Yay!) He plays for Collingwood but he didn't play a game in 2007. But he will in 2008 because Jimmy Clement has gone.
  2. Nathan Buckley - He is a little bit old for me and already married but I never wanted him in that way anyway. I just love him because he is a good football player. But he retired last year. Dammit!
  3. Nathan Sapsford - Host of Video Hits. Not sure how old he is but he is probably in his 20's.
That's all I can think of at the moment.

And yeah. SYTYCD is on tonight. Check out the TV Week blog. Mary Kiley (from the TV Week) blogs about So You Think You Can Dance every week. She is a good blogger. Much better than me. =]

Friday, February 22, 2008


The cricket was on last night. And because it rained, Australia won! Yay!

You know what song I like? Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight. Go and listen to it. I have heard it so many times on the radio and yeah. Oh and I was watching Video Hits this morning and there was a song on (Whoa!) and it sounded cool.

It was called S.O.S by Jonas Brothers. (Did Jonas get swallowed by a whale?)

I am starting to like the Wombats. Especially their song Let's Dance To The Joy Division. Good song. Oh and Pnau are pretty rad. They sing Wild Strawberries. I love that song, lol.

OMG! This game is so fun. Especially if you want to get your anger out.

And yeah. Go onto the Nova website. For those of you who can't, go to the nearest wall and stare at it. Fun. Very fun, indeed.

This game is so addictive. I remember in grade 5 when everyone wanted to play this game. It was like so cool. And because the game is called "Nerds", I did fit in well. =]

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yeah. They start off with TJ (Tyler and James) going down the wall first and finding out that they have to keep racing. "Bugger that!" they all say. Not really of course, but still.

They all have to fly to Chernobyl. Do we all know what Chernobyl is famous for? Good. TJ and Dustin and Kandyy get to the airport first and get the flight to Kiev via some other place.

Lol, it was so funny when Rob and Kim are in the car on the way to the airport and Kim goes, "I'm geographically challenged." Whoa, I love Americans.

Anyway, Rob, Kim, Lyn, Karlyn, Erwin and Godwin all get the same flight to Kiev via some other place that is totally different from TJ's and Dustin and Kandyy's. Anyway, their flight gets delayed so TJ and Dustin and Kandyy get to Kiev first. They run to the parked cars and drive to the army place following each other.

When they reach the army place, it is a road block. One team member has to drive a tank. Dustin and James drive like side by side except at the end when Dustin finishes first. Yay!

Then they have to drive back to town. TJ are in front and when they are about 100 metres from the army place entrance, they see Rob and Kim. So TJ show them where to go. And Dustin and Kandyy are like, "Why are they giving the correct instructions to another team? Oh right, those teams are friends. We don't have any friends..."

And then I cried. And I was like, "I'll be your friend."

Anyway, TJ and Dustin and Kandyy drive back into the town while the other teams are doing the tank driving thingy. Once in the town, they have to find an apartment and knock on some old lady's door and ask for a clue. I feel sorry for the lady. I wouldn't want five teams coming to my door when I could be doing something more important.

Once they receive the clue from the lady, they have to choose out of: Make music (producing a rap mentioning all the countries they've been to) or Find music (find a sheet of music and listen to it being played on the piano). Dustin and Kandyy choose the make music and gosh, they are so talented. (Sorry, Eminem). TJ choose the find music.

They both finish the task at the same time but TJ get to the pit stop before Dustin and Kandyy. Luckily, Dustin and Kandyy come second so all is good.

Rob and Kim come back from the army place and their car breaks down. A new car comes and they drive away. Luckily for them, Erwin and Godwin kept stopping for instructions and Lyn and Karlyn were with them so no one overtook Rob and Kim while they waited for the new car.

Rob and Kim choose the rap music and reach the pit stop third. Thank God. =]

Lyn and Karlyn get sick of following their friends (Erwin and Godwin) so they both go separate ways towards the town. Erwin and Godwin choose find the music and Lyn and Karlyn choose the rapping. They both finish at the same time but Erwin and Godwin drove into some part which was being blocked off by cones. Police talked to them for a few minutes and then let them go.

Meanwhile, Lyn and Karlyn come fourth. Damn it! I hate them...

Erwin and Godwin finish and are eliminated. Yay! If you were friends with David and Mary, you should be eliminated. X]

Who will leave next week? Only four teams left and three of those teams will be in the finale. =]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Some questions that need answering...

Could you be a closet claustrophobic?
A: Well, no. You'd just go out of the closet if you got stuck in it. Well, Tom Cruise and R Kelly and John Travolta did...

Why is it written "May contain traces of peanuts or other kind of nuts" on peanut butter jars. Are people stupid enough not to realize it themselves?
A: Well, we are humans, so we aren't the brightest buttons. I mean, why do you think they put erasers on pencils?

What would happen if you found a four-leaf-clover under a ladder?
A: The bad luck and the good luck would cancel out. It's like breaking a mirror while talking to a leprachaun. (That is good luck, is it not?)

If ketchup is good on french fries, how come it isn't good on mashed potatoes?
A: Because French fries are dipped in oil and fat and stuff so they taste different to the starchy potatoes.

If you get chemo-therapy do you lose your pubic hairs?
A: I guess so. Because that would be unfair if you lost the hair you wanted and still kept the hair you didn't want. But I'm not sure. I'll talk to Delta Goodrem, k?

Would you die if you didn't pee?
A: Yes, you would. Did you hear about the chick in America who held her wee so she could win a Wii that was a competition hosted by a radio station?

If a king is gay and marries another guy what is that guy to the royal family?
A: There is always a king and queen. So one of the guys would have to be girly.

When the French swear do they say pardon my English?
A: Yes, they do. =]

What smart genius put an 's' in lisp?
A: Well, if you have a lisp, you have to prove that you have a lisp or otherwise people will think you are lying. So, you say, "I have a lisp." And then people will be like, "You said lisp wrongly. You must have a lisp."

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
A: Well, my answer is based on a few facts.
1. Men grow beards, do they not?
2. And women don't grow beards.
3. Tarzan is a woman! =]

Monday, February 18, 2008


No! Damn you! =|

Sorry, I was just talking to the So You Think You Can Dance judges. They voted off Courtney last night. It was so sad. *tear*
Courtney was the chick who danced with Hilton. And they did Romeo and Juliet or something. I loved it. Twas awesome. =]

And anyway, Courtney and Hilton were in the bottom 3 (based on Australia's vote) and then the judges had to pick one guy (out of three) and one girl (out of three). They chose Courtney (unfortunately) and Khaly (who had so many piercings - I hated him).

Now, I'm not sure what happens next. Does all the contestants swap partners? Or do Courtney and Khaly's partners have to get new partners? IDK...

Anyway, Mitchell Johnson is still really cool, despite liking a band which I have no intentions to listen to. I can't wait till Friday because Australia plays Sri Lanka (Am I right?)

Brett Lee will probably play! (OMG!) And Gilly. <3

On SYTYCD, The Veronicas were there. And they played Untouched. Awesome song. But on their new album, I like Popular the best. =]

Pop, pop, pop-u-lar...

And yeah. Good singers. Oh and Laura didn't leave. (Yay!)
I was so happy 'cause anyone by the name of Laura is cool. Especially me. =]

Sunday, February 17, 2008


You want to know what I hate? Facial piercings.

Well, some facial piercing are alright. =]
On So You Think You Can Dance last night, there was a guy with so many nose rings and eyebrow piercings and oh my gosh! It was freaky and I hate him. Forgotten his name, though.

I mean, I don't mind piercings on your ears. And I don't mind tongue piercing as long as you keep your mouth shut and don't speak about it. Like if you got a tongue piercing and something goes wrong, it is your problem... not mine.

Anyway, this chick on SYTYCD danced to a Veronicas song. I was like, "Whoa! She's awesome!"
And her name was Stephanie. =]
Oh and two other people did a dance that resembled Romeo and Juliet. It was really good.

The cricket was on too. I didn't watch the end, but the Aussies won (after dismal batting).
And Mitchell Johnson got three wickets! And Andy G (Nathan Bracken- chick with the headband) got a few wickets too. (Yay!)
But Brett Lee didn't play. It was sad. But James Hopes played. He got two wickets. =]

Hm. Mitchell Johnson has a facial piercing. I don't know where, though. I still don't know what band he likes. Fall Out Boy?

When I was watching the cricket, I was like, "I wonder if I could ask Mitchell Johnson a question..."

Is there a website like, "ASK MITCHELL JOHNSON A QUESTION."
I wish. I'd ask him so many questions. For example:
  • What is your favourite band?
  • Where on your face is your piercing?
  • How many Weet-Bix do you eat for breakfast?
And yeah. I guess that is all. X]

Friday, February 15, 2008


Yeah, I really should do a blog on a TV show. But which one?

If you have a favourite TV show, comment this post, k?
Then I can blog about it and you can read it. (Whoa!)

Zombie Idol. Coolest thing ever. Take a paragraph of a random book and add a zombie in it. I'll do an example, k?
(It'll probably suck but still)

Book: The Shadow Thief Author: Alexandra Adornetto

"Passionate zombies were considered little more than a nuisance in Drabville as they still were tempted to suck out your brains and then questioned the answers they were given. Being passionate meant that when Milli got a bee in her bonnet even a zombie couldn’t shake it. Although small in stature, Milli could be formidable. As far as a social life was concerned, she preferred her own company to that of tedious zombies and there was only one small zombie in her desolate neighbourhood whose company she could tolerate and, sometimes, even enjoy. His equally unfortunate name was Ernest Perriclof."
Oh Gosh. That sucked. =|
Really sucked. I'm going to go check out some better ones. Maybe.
If I find any, I'll tell thee.

Zombies are pretty rad creatures. I have an idea! (Yay!)
I did the zombie thing on Alexandra Adornetto's book The Shadow Thief so I'll change the book cover into zombie stuff.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yeah, we are reminded that David and Mary were eliminated last week. (Yes!)

Anyway, Dustin and Kandyy start off first. And then TJ (Tyler and James). Then Rob and Kim. And then the Six Pack (or what's left of them) come next. They catch the same flight which evens it out. Damn it! Dustin and Kandyy were ahead. X]

They get off the plane and run to the cars. Dustin and Kandyy first and TJ behind them. And everyone else. They go to a cafe and receive an email. It reminds them of why they went on the Amazing Race in the first place: To get away from annoying parents and siblings. They catch the same freaking train (which, quite frankly, sucks) and yeah.

Dustin and Kandyy and TJ get the first taxis. (Yay!) Everyone else has to wait.
They arrive at the detour. What should they pick? Mud or... Mud with skis? I'd go for the Mud and run through it. Gosh, it looks like so much fun. Too bad it won't rain otherwise I'd be running in mud too. =]

Dustin and Kandyy and TJ finish first (Surprise!). And they get to the train first and catch the train before any other teams (Yay!)

They get to the mines and TJ find it first. The blondes have to ask someone. Gosh, they are living up to their nicknames.

Down into the mine. They have to ride motorbikes into a dark mine and find limestone. TJ go well (being boys) but Dustin and Kandyy are still good.

When they leave the mine, Lyn, Karlyn, Erwin and Godwin come. With Rob and Kim following.
They finish the mine task together. Rob catches up pretty quickly.

Anyway, Dustin and Kandyy and TJ have gone to Olympic Stadium (or whatever). They have to walk down a wall).
TJ walk down the wall but it doesn't show Dustin and Kandyy doing it too. Hm...

As soon as Rob and Kim, Lyn and Karlyn and Erwin and Godwin show up, TJ have finished walking down the wall and receive their next clue: KEEP RACING!

Oh God. The freaking leg hasn't finished yet. Watch next weeks to find out who goes. =]

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today Kevin '07 apologised. To the Aboriginals. Whoa. =]
And as I go to a religious school that is all about caring, I think we should do a project/assignment on the apology for every subject.

English: Analyse the apology and state your opinion
Religion: Compare Kevin '07 to Jesus
Chemistry: Work out which elements Kevin used in his apology. i.e. Oxygen
Biology: Dissect Kevin's head. And write up a prac.
Math Methods: Write an equation to go with the apology.
General Specialist: Take the equation for Math Methods and make it more complex.
Accounting: What accounting principles did Kevin use?

These are just the subjects I am doing this year. And by the way, I wasn't given any of these assignments; just the English one. I made the rest up.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Anyone getting anything? X]
I'm not. =[
I remember one year in primary school, I got a massive heart-shaped lollipop for Valentine's Day. And all the boys came up to me and were like, "Ooh, Laura! Who's your valentine?" They said it in a teasing way.
And I was like, "It was from my mum."
And they were like, "Oh." And they went away. =]

I had Chemistry today. The teacher played us this video type thing. And it was song including ALL the elements of the periodic table. But not in order.
Everyone was like, "O_O! Do we have to learn all of that?"
And the teacher was like, "Pretty much."
And then we fainted. 'Cause there were so many elements. Argh.

Yeah. Today, at recess, some people stole our seat. So, we got it back at lunchtime.
And I was walking down the stairs and I noticed my group got our seat back. So I grinned. And a girl (from the group who stole our seat) was like, "Damn it. Don't laugh, Laura!"
And then I felt bad. 'Cause we stole her seat. =|
Well, she's in my Chemistry class. And I sit on the same table as her. =]
Oh and she's in my General Specialist and English and Religion class. X]

Well, goodbye, y'all. X]

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes, I had an epiphany. Not a good one or anything. Just a sudden realisation... =]

Okay, I'll explain. I was sitting in Chemistry and I suddenly thought of peanuts. Why? I don't know.

Next, I noticed my teacher reminded me of my former netball coach. Who liked peanuts.
So, I was sitting in Chemistry thinking about peanuts and how good they are and everything.

Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham. I was one of them and so are you...

My song. Well, I don't own it. I just have it in my head.

Did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? I did not. But my source told me that Laura (from Adelaide) got to the next round. Yay! *celebrate*

Um, yeah. Peanuts are really nice. Especially chocolate-coated peanuts. I remember in year 9 when me and my friend (yes, I have friends) dipped peanuts in chocolate. It was yum!
And we put them in our hamper. It was cool. =]

Oh and we also made marzipan for our hamper. Oh my gosh. If you haven't tried it, go and try it!
And chocolate-coated raspberries. Am I making you drool? Sorry if your keyboard (or sidekick phone or patkick) is covered in saliva. X]

My Biology teacher relates everything to food. Like in the chloroplasts, there are stacks of membranes and she calls them stacks of "pancakes". Yeah.

The next series of Survivor is Fans vs Favourites. Whoa. Except Rob and Amber aren't on it. Boo hoo. Amanda and James are though. My source will be happy. (She loved James. Especially when he was shirtless).

Anyway, back to the hamper I made in year 9. It had raspberry jam in it too. Oh and toffees. We made our toffees pink. 'Cause our hamper was meant for Valentine's Day. Not that we gave it to anyone. We ate it ourselves. =]

And the marzipan was like pink and white. And some was dipped in chocolate. My friend thought of that. She is a brilliant cook. I mean, I can make vegemite on toast and that is all.

Once I made a chocolate cake but it turned out flat. Still good though.
I make good muffins though. And cookies. Like Anzac Day ones. I love them.

Collingwood are going to win on Anzac Day. Stuff you, Essendon fans!
And Dale Thomas will be man of the match. And I don't want any comments saying, "Don't you mean 'woman' of the match?"
Because I would know who that comment is from. Even if you put 'anonymous.'


I have been watching the cricket. Yeah. And India just had to win even though they are lame and what not. =]

Mitchell Johnson got three wickets though and I still don't know what his favourite band is. Argh.

Sunday 9th March. Whoa. Good day. Three days after me birthday and I get to see Dale Thomas. Yeah. X]

In the book I'm reading, Twilight, Bella goes shopping with Jessica and Angela but comes back with a freaking VAMPIRE!!! And she knows he is a vampire at that stage. She is so daring...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


i t'nod ekil zlatipac rof siht tsop. =]

i osla ekil gnitirw sdrawkcab. ti yllaer swohs fi ym gnilleps si thgir.

yawyna, i dehctaw eht llabtoof tsal thgin. doowgnilloc tog deppihw. ni eht tresed. a tib ekil susej (ro subej).

elad samoht saw a doog reyalp hguoht. i evol mih. X]

i t'ndid hctaw rovivrus. ohw now? llet em won erofeb eht vt keew kcihc setirw reh golb. yllufepoh yentruoc now. ehs saw gniyd morf noitirtunlam; os gnikaerf ynniks!

i t'ndluow dnim fi ddot now. he saw ytterp looc tpecxe eh debbatskcab a tol fo elpoep ni eht emag. =]

m'i gnihctaw os uoy kniht uoy nac ecnad thginot. llew, i kniht i ma.

nahtan si emosewa! did enoyna ees mih no oediv stih siht gninrom? eh dah a looc tekcaj no htiw a knip trihs. toh! XD

Friday, February 8, 2008


Do you believe in UFOs? Do you?? X]
Well, I saw a UFO today.
I was on the way to my eye appointment and a UFO darted across the sky.



Oh and go to my other blog. --> It is on the side but I'll give you the link.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Of last night.. =]

Anyway, they remind us that Dustin and Kandyy won last week. Yay! And of course the stupid brats (David and Mary) are still in the freaking race.

So, they all catch the same flight to Madagascar. Whoa. I loved that movie.. With Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. Lol.

I'll keep going on with the recap. The Six Pack (David and Mary; Lyn and Karlyn; Erwin and Godwin) get into the taxis first. But guess who arrives at the Intersection first? TJ (Tyler and James), Rob and Kim and DUSTIN AND KANDYY!!

Except the Intersection is where two teams work together to complete the next tasks. So TJ, Rob and Kim decide to go together and run off to do the fast forward. (Which is eating cows lips).

Anyway, Dustin and Kandyy haven't paired up with anyone because the other freaking teams haven't turned up.

Okay, now the stupid teams have arrived. Dustin and Kandyy run straight to Erwin and Godwin and run to the detour. Lyn, Karlyn, David and Mary come behind feeling rejected, as Dustin and Kandyy didn't want to be paired up with them..

So they have to deliver mattresses to some place which is awkward to find. I have no idea how the mailman delivers the letters there but oh well. We'll figure it out another day..

So Dustin, Kandyy, Erwin and Godwin work well together and get the job done. Then they have to go back to working as a pair so they both rush to the road block.

Meanwhile TJ, Rob and Kim are finding it hard to eat a plate of cows lips. Oh god...

Back to the road block. One team member waits at the pit stop while the other one finds four stamps.

And guess who finished the detour and road block before TJ, Rob and Kim finished the fast forward?? DUSTIN AND KANDYY!!!! =]

So anyway, Dustin and Kandyy win a trip for two to some overseas country. And TJ get to the pit stop next thinking they just won but no. HA! Serves you right! =]
Bastards.. (I have been learning off Brad Hogg..)

Rob and Kim come third. Yay for Kim. X]
She still reminds of that chick on Don't Forget The Lyrics. (That ep was ages ago..)

Erwin and Godwin come fourth. Go them. =]
David and Mary rock up next except they have a 30-minute time penalty so they stand and wait.
Luckily, Lyn and Karlyn (after a few petrol stops) come into fifth.

OMG! David and Mary are finally eliminated. YAY!! Thank God. XD

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Swimming carnival. Ew. I can't swim for peanuts..

Anyway, I won't be talking about the swimming carnival. It rained. Argh.
Instead, I'll do a profile on... *drum roll please*... ASHLEY NOFFKE! Yay.

Full Name: Ashley Allan Noffke
AKA: Noffers, Wombat
D.O.B: 30th April 1977 (age 30)
Signifigant Achievements: Plays for Australia in One-Day matches and the Twenty20 matches. All rounder which is pretty cool.
Not-so-significant Achievements: None. He is my perfect angel.
Stalker Rating: Low. I own him and I would kill you if you took him. *evil eye*
"How can I become one of the said stalkers?": You can't. He's mine.
Other (un)Nessecary Information: He is completing a degree at some university in Queensland.
Photographic Evidence:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Howdy Backward Readers....

Uoy evah neeb detceles ot daer yreve drow sdrawkcab.

I dehctaw eht tekcirc yadot. X]

Dna sseug tahw? Ttam ybroc si gnignirb tuo na .P.E ... =]

I tog dlot yadot taht na .P.E ylno sah 5 sgnos no it tub ti si ylno 5 skcub. =]

Friday, February 1, 2008


Melted cheese oozed into my mouth as I ate the last of my toasted sandwich. I just had to make another one. I got out the Bega cheese and the Heinz baked beans and started to make it. Until something caught my eye.

On the TV, there was an ad for McDonalds. A guy was enjoying a toasted sandwich. I finished making my toasted sandwich, ate it and raced out to my Mitsubishi Lancer. I drove towards the closest McDonalds. I ran in and asked for a toasted sandwich.

“Oh, could I have a Granny Smith apple, too?” I asked.

“Sure.” The girl handed me an apple and the toasted sandwich.

I sat down at a table and ate them, while reading the Herald Sun.

I got home about an hour later. My husband was sitting on the couch that we had recently bought at Ikea.

“How’s the Panasonic going?” I asked, nodding to the TV.


“I was thinking about going to Safeway,” I said.

“Okay. Get some beetroot. The Golden Circle brand is the best.”

“Sure is,” I said, smiling.

I drove to Safeway and parked next to a brand new Holden.

“Whoa, I’d hate to crash into that car,” I said to myself.

I walked into the store and went down to the fruit and vegetables. The Lebanese cucumbers were so expensive. I grabbed a Continental one and went to the deli.

“I’d like some ham, please,” I told the guy.

“What sort?”
“Um, do you have Ingham ham?” I asked, “Actually I’ll have the shaved ham.”

I received my ham and went to the biscuit aisle. There was a child there and his mum. The child was screaming.

“I want the iced Volvos!” he screamed.

“No. You can’t have them!” said the mother, sternly.

“I want them!”

I took a packet of Iced Vo-Vo’s and looked at the packet closely. The child was mispronouncing the word. He said ‘Volvo’ not ‘vo-vo’.

I gave the child a strange look and walked away.

I arrived home with all the groceries and my husband was still watching the cricket.

“Hey sweetie,” he called to me.

“How’s the cricket going?” I said, putting away some White Crow tomato sauce.

“Good. Australia is winning but I am sick and tired of the Ford ads. There are too many.”

“Oh well. They are sponsors of the cricket.”

“Did you buy Pura milk?” he asked.

“Oops,” I said, “I’ll walk down to the milk bar now.”

I got to the milk bar and grabbed some milk. Then I noticed they sold Nippy’s iced chocolate here. I grabbed one too and headed to the counter.

The guy in front of me had heaps of Cadbury chocolates. The total came to about two hundred dollars. Whoa.

I bought my purchases and went home. I drank the iced chocolate while walking through the park. I sat on a bench and watched a little girl drink some Diet Coke and shove some Mentos in her mouth.


I watched the cricket last night. And Australia won. Yay.

There were some amusing things that happened...

Like a new guy on the Australian team (Voges) was on a hatrick. And before he bowled the ball, the whole Australian team was crowded around Sharma. I thought that was funny. Lawl.

Oh and another new guy on the team has an awesome nickname. His name is Noffke but they call him Wombat. Which is cute. =]

And Nathan Bracken has long blonde hair (much longer than Dale's cos it goes down to his shoulders). And they call him Andy G. Lol.

Guess what didn't play last night? Mitchell Johnson. Argh. =|

But Gilly played. Oh yeah. Except his nickname is Churchie. I like the nickname Gilly better. =]