Friday, February 26, 2010


It's my bf! :D.
He went to Alice Springs to play football against Adelaide. Apparently, there was like torrential rain and the forecast predicted "flash flooding".
(As you can see in the picture, my bf was running around in a lake).

And guess who won?
But it was just a practice match. Just a confidence booster. lol.


Um, yes, prepare for a recap.
Because guess why?

I, the awesome detective, got the murderer right. ;).
My first time! (Okay, there's only been 3 episodes but whatever).
I knew it was Hermione (the gf of the victim). She sounded like a bitch and she was all like, "Why, I'm not allergic to nuts, no!" and I'm like, "You liar, why would you lie?"
(She was allergic to nuts, you could tell by the way she made a fuss over *her* donut being taken by someone else and also, by the way her bf was all like, "Wait, don't eat it!" because he knew she was allergic).

And Claire Hooper was the detective and she also got it right. (Although, she had better reasons than mine, I think).
But Claire was awesome. (Actually, I wasn't expecting anything else from her because she's always awesome, lol).

And yeah.
What a great episode.
The victim's name was Cache which was clever because him (and his co-workers) were computer nerds. And the episode's name was "Delete Cache". Get it? They deleted Cache. (Or his gf deleted him, whatev).

Ah, good times.
Speaking of the wonderful Claire Hooper, I mightn't be watching Good News Week on Monday because I will have started uni by then and my nerdy self will be back into study mode (or maybe not. I mightn't feel like studying).
So, all you creepy zombies and mindless stalkers will have to watch it yourselves because my recap will be non-existant. :P.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, I watched SYTYCDA last night. As per usual.
Remember when I wrote this yesterday: The Top 6: Jessie H, Jessica P, Issy, Dougy, Matt, and Gaz.
Well, Gaz and Mikhaela left last night. And Matt is injured.

So, here are my *new* predictions:
TOP 6: Jessie H, Jessica P, Issy, Dougy, Matt (he can still dance with a sore foot, he has awesomeness!) and Robbie.
(But I wouldn't mind if Kieran was in the Top 6 instead of Robbie. They are both awesome).

I am blogging a lot now because when I start uni, I mightn't have much time for blogging and stuff. You can still read my Twitterz but you'll have to be polite in order for me to accept your friend request (my Twitter is on private so that all you creepy stalkers will gtfo).

Or you can go to my Facebook but again, you'll have to be nice and bring me some ice-cream and chocolate. (And also, cbf linking my Facebook, go find it yourself, you lazy stalkers!).

Anyhoo, remember to watch TAYG on Sunday (Ronan Keating, Stephanie Gilmore, some other dude) and Sleuth 101 is on Friday (with the lovely Claire Hooper!).

And also, keep your eyes (or ears, as they might be a little more helpful) out for my bf who'll be on Nova on Friday mornings sometime in the near future. ;).

And good luck and SAY BYE TO YOUR MUM FOR ME.
(lol, I'm not really leaving, I just felt like acting like Rove for a minute. *swivels around in chair*).

Of course I'm not leaving. I wouldn't want you creepy stalkers to be bored, would I? That would be horrible of me. :D.


I know, this is scary, I managed to get ANOTHER award. See, kiddies, you can still win awards even if you don't have a life. ;).
This time, I got an award from Penguins Quack. You should all check out her blog and follow her; she writes some really interesting stuff. :D.

This award means I pass it on to five other bloggers and answer these questions with one word answers. Here are my answers for the questions:

Your cell phone: Old. (As in from the 19th century. But it has Snake! Snake is win).
Your hair: Straight.
Your mother: SAYHITOYOURMUMFORME. /rove.
Your father: Over there. (Wooo~, two words > one word. Suck it).
Your favorite food: Chocolate.
Your dream last night: Non-existant.
Your favorite drink: Coke.
Your dream goal: Millionaire. :D.
What room are you in: Room 101. (Ew, rat poo! Ugh).
Your hobby: Interwebz.
Your fear: Heights.
Where do you see yourself in six years: Hobo.
Where were you last night: Home.
Something you aren't: Blonde.
Muffins: Choc-chip!
Wish list item: Ice-cream.
Where did you grow up: Melbourne.
Last thing you did: Eat.
What are you wearing: Clothes.
Your TV: Bff.
Your pets: Non-existant.
Your friends: Awesomeness. ^_____^
Your life: Great? idk.
Your mood: Nervous (for my uni course, okay!).
Missing someone: Yes. idk.
Vehicle: Beetle. (as in the volkswagon beetle, not the... oh god).
Something you aren't wearing: Pants. (Hell yeah! lol).
Your favorite store: Borders. (CDs and books = awesome).
Your favorite color: Purple.
When was the last time you laughed: Today. (idk).
Last time you cried: Tomorrow!
Your best friend: Mitchie. ;). (We still go around throwing pies at people, om nom nom).
One place you go to over and over: Bed. Shower. Kitchen. ...YOUR MUM! (Yeah, I couldn't choose so I named more than one).
Facebook: Groups! lol.
Favorite place to eat: Maccas! :P.

And the five bloggers I'm giving this award to: Steph, Aidan, Random Rawr, Little Miss Scatterbrain anddddd... I can't choose a fifth one.

I would like to give it to Lucy but I know that she's already got this award.
(Btw~, if any of the blogs I mentioned above already have this award, it's okay. You don't have to accept it again, lol).

Umm.. I'm stuck for options. Most of the blogs I follow are either famous-y people or they don't blog much. I'll just make the fifth blogger go to: ANYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG POST.
(lol, creepy stalkers all around the world are just like, "YES, WE WON AN AWARD!" haha).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I watched SYTYCDA last night.
I can't be bothered blogging about it (you should've watched it!) but I will continue my ~predictions~.

The Bottom Three: Renee and Phillipe, Don and Issy, Kieran and Carly.
Eliminated: Don and Carly. (Or it could be Renee and Phillipe, they are boring. BORING).
Best performance last night: Matt and Jessie H. I'm likin' Matt a lot more now. idk. And I've always loved Jessie, but I really loved this routine. ;).
The Top 6: Jessie H, Jessica P, Issy, Dougy, Matt, and Gaz. (See, if you look at my other predictions from last week, I've changed my opinions).
The Winner (You heard it here first!): Jessie H. ^______^

And yes.
That is all.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I got some awards yesterday from Lucy (who writes a massively awesome blog so I suggest you click on her name and follow her blog, y'know). I was so excited when I realised I received not one but TWO awards. (Yes, I know, even though I only blog about Dale Thomas and other random crap, I still manage to win awards).

Instructions for these awards:

+ accept the awards, post them to your blog along with the person who granted them and their blog link
+ pass the awards to blogs you really like. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards!

I'm passing on these two awards to: Steph, Penguins Quack, Random Rawr and Aidan.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Check out this awesome website. Turn your sound up, lol.
Yeah, if you like the start of the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, then you should totally click the link. ;).

Anyhoo, I went to my first day of Orientation today.
We had a welcome thing where the lecturer/professor people talked to us and told us about Monash and stuff.
And then, we split into groups (of about 20 or something) and had a tour around the Science faculty.
After the tour, there was an info session where they told us more about lectures and stuff. Y'know.

And then, they had a barbeque and I ate, like, two sausages and had a can of drink. :D.
I saw four of my friends from high school (who were all doing science-y type subjects) and so I mainly chatted with them.

And I met two people who were from the country or something and they were staying on campus. (The queue for the sausages was REALLY long so I got to meet other people, y'know).

Ah, good times.
Oh and when I was on the bus, some person came on and gave us all these awesome toothbrushes which you can use wherever or whenever. They were pretty cool. (Only for single use, though. Like, you can't use it multiple times).

And yeah.
My actual lectures/classes start next week. Scary. :/.

AND TAYG WAS ON LAST NIGHT. It deserves caps lock because it is an awesome show. And also, shows that I'm shouting to you to go and watch it. :P.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Follow this blog, okay. (It's not my blog, it's someone else's). But they are nearly on 700 followers. NEARLY.

Some awesome pictures:
Spoiler alert! :D. (Aw, he's so cute, omg).

That is so true. :P.

And yeah.

This boring blog post is over. I'm sorry for wasting your timez. :/.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello to my 14th follower! :D.

Dear Nick Riewoldt: Leave my Luke Ball alone! You horrible person. Sincerely, me.
I just wanted to hug Luke Ball and protect him from the evilness. :/.

So, I totally watched Sleuth 101 yesterday.
The second episode was even better than the first! But then again, Frank Woodley is so funny that anything with Frank Woodley is good. Even the bus. ;).
I, of course, got the murderer wrong. Again. I thought it was the receptionist-producer person. Jessica or something. idk. :/.
Speaking of rangas, has anyone been watching the Winter Olympics lately?

He looks like a girl, hehe. But that is one awesome shaped gold medal. :D.

And Australia won its first gold medal. Hell yeah. ;).

Some other pieces of news:

  • Kate Ritchie is on TAYG on Sunday. Omg. She is awesome. It'll be like Charlie and Kate, sitting next to each other, soaking up each other's awesomeness. Wow.
  • Eamon Sullivan and Corinne Grant on Good News Week. Epic win. :D.
  • Nat Bass is having a baby.
  • In my previous post, I said that Ilona may get eliminated. WELL, SHE DID. Haha. (The other one eliminated was Will. There will be no more shameless plugging of Will and Grace tv show. Fail).

And yeah.

Some pictures for y'all:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Okay, so I watched SYTYCDA last night.
One thing I noticed about the show: NOBODY CRIED. I was shocked/amazed. The judges/host must have given the contestants a lecture on not crying after dancing so that they won't get criticised on Good News Week again. :P.

However, there was some other parts worth ranting about:
#1 - Matt Lee saying, "I like girls who dance with their hair." Umm, Matt, have you not watched Glee? That's called "Hairography" and the hair distracts the audience from the dancing. You only use Hairography if the dancing is horrible.

#2 - Jason saying, "For all you people at home..." and he would explain the dancing techniques for the viewers. Ummm, Jason, we don't care about the knowing the techniques! And if we did want to know the techniques, we would already know them! It's called Wikipedia, dumbass! :P.

#3 - Carly and her high-pitched voice. Just stop talking, Carly, stop it! :/. And Jason described her as "squeaky". Haha. Even Jason agrees with me. :P.

#4 - Renee and Phillipe's routine. It was boring, okay. BORING. And Matt in the Hat said the "storytelling was confusing" or something, idk. I totally agreed with him. And Renee and Phillipe are boring people. Fail.

And that's all that I can remember. idk. There was probably more, okay, I can't remember everything. :/.

Some awesome parts of the show:
  • Issy. Omg, there was a cute picture of her in a tutu when she was little. Aw! And her dance was awesome, she danced as a construction worker and IT WAS SO GOOD. :D. (Her partner, Don, was really bad - I hate him).
  • Mikhaela and Robbie dancing to a Glee song (Endless Love). ;).
  • Will and Grace. (The dancers, not the TV show). But it is a shameless plug for the TV show, lol. :P.
  • Jessie H, the ranga. (Or one of the rangas).
  • Jess and her fierceness to Dougy in their routine. Hehe. :P.
  • Jessica P and her maths skillz.
  • Matt in the Hat, dressed in awesome clothing. Hehe.

And yeah. My recaps fail. Whatev.

My predictions for the dancers eliminated tonight: Carly and Don (hopefully). But I think Renee and Phillipe might go. They were pretty uninteresting. And maybe Ilona. idk. And there's another one that is boring. I forgot. :/.

My predictions for the Top 4 and winner: Okay, I can't decide on a Top 4. But the Top 6 will be Jessica P, Jessie H, Issy, Dougy, Kieran and Nick. And the winner is one of the girls. ;). YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, GUYS!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay, I watched Good News Week last night. (I know, I watch a lot of TV, stuff you).
It was so exciting. Omg.

The best part: Josh Thomas and Claire Hooper criticising So You Think You Can Dance Aus. ;). Remember my rant on the first episode? Well, Josh was saying how he doesn't like the crying and that you shouldn't cry, just because you did a dance, whut.
And Claire Hooper didn't like how the judges said to the contestants, "You've got to have passion or you can go work in a post office." And Claire goes, "GOOD PEOPLE WORK IN THE POST OFFICE~!" :D. See, I'm not the only one ranting on it. My work here is done.

Some other awesome parts:
  • Claire Hooper, who is made of win. ;).
  • Fiona O'Loughlin, doing the trivia thingy. And her buzzer was to say "Fiona". And she kept forgetting her own name. (And the other guy called himself "Ram Jet". And was talking in the third person. Lolwhut).
  • Fiona O'Loughlin, answering a question with "frozen ice-cream". Umm, do you think we should tell her...?
  • Josh Thomas. They kept picking on him 'cause he's Gen Y and everything. Like, when they were saying about people over 18 have to move out of home. And Paul McDermott goes, "Over 18-year-olds who still live at home in Australia are called Gen Y." And the camera goes straight to Josh Thomas, who is innocently taking a sip of water. lmao.
  • Mikey and his spam. ;).

And yeah, I can't remember anymore. But it was REALLYYY funny. Really.

I watched the Big Bang Theory before it (I didn't wanna watch the Biggest Loser, ew). It was very funny, even though I only watched the last half of it. Hehe. :D.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was tagged by Random Rawr for Cassie’s Therapy Video tag. I’ve already done this once before, but I feel as though I should do it again. The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video. Below, the bolded (red) things are what you MUST include. Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!

(Okay. Note to reader: I have no idea what I'm doing. cbf watching the video).

Abracadabra, Wow!

I like drawing pictures of awesome things.

I like reading books that are funny and witty. ;).

I like watching movies that I've already seen a billion times yet still enjoying it.

I like holidays. :D.

I like favouriting awesome tweets on Twitter.

I like becoming a fan of Facebook groups.

I like listening to music that you loved ages ago and thinking, "Now, THIS is good music. ;)".

I like watching TAYG and thinking, "String Art looks so much fun." Think of the lulz.

I like eating chocolate.

I like finding out something really exciting. ^___^

I like getting a book that you've really wanted to read.

I like knowing that I'm not the only one in a situation.

I love Dale Thomas. (Yeah, I know, BIG SURPRISE!).

Today I drew cartoon versions of Harry Potter characters. They looked crap but oh well. ;).

In some ways, I love everything.It’s less, it’s less of a thing to like, it’s less distinct, it’s less particular. I like things that I like, but I love everything. There’s more choice in like Cause even the worst things have things you love in them. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.

I hate it when a giraffe falls on you when you walk outside.

I hate too many ads on TV. (Actually, I hate ads altogether. Whatev).

I hate the stupid jingles in the ads that get stuck in my head. idk.

I hate that I'll be a loner on my first day of uni. :/.


I hate any WAG at the Brownlow/Allan Border medal. Yeah, alright, we get it, you're dating a sportstar, how exciting, would you like a medal? No? Then, stop wearing un-flattering dresses, this is not your night, this is your bf's night. Deal with it.

I hate the fact that Rove quit his show. Sadface.

I hate thinking of things I hate. (Yeah, I REALLY HATE THIS, lol).

I hate this, wow. . . Sorry.

I tag: Lucy, Penguins Quack, and Aidan. :D.


TAYG was so awesome last night. Omg.
Gen Y won, in a really awesome End Game where they used hammer and nails to make a piece of artwork with string. It looked amazing, hehe. ;).
It would be awesome to do some string art but cbf. Whatev~, maybe I'll have to find a way to go on TAYG, lol. I can be all like, "I am famous, I am Dale Thomas' wifey~!"

And Josh Thomas was so clever with the Horses questions, lol. What a smart cookie.
Whereas the other teams (including the know-it-all Charlie) failed at the Horses questions. Ha!

And I loved the game where Charlie and Nat Bass had to look through people's bins and guess what sport star's bin it was. Hehe. I knew the Lleyton Hewitt, btw~. As soon as they mentioned the Bahamas, I was like, "LLEYTON HEWITT!" :P.
I was kinda hoping that the bins could've belonged to any celebrity and then, they could've put Rove's bin there because we all know how Rove hates it when people go through his bin, lmao. Cop that. :P.
(Rove puts the bins out at 4am so that no one can go through them, haha).

Anyhoo, I also watched the cricket.
It didn't rain, so T-Pain got to prove his awesome wicket keeping skillz. (Which were so awesome, btw~).
Except he did miss a few balls that went straight to the boundary but whatev. I'm sure Haddin and Gilly did that too, lolwhut.

And Australia won, yay. :D.
Haha, they made, like, 324 so it was a big challenge for the West Indies but they went pretty well. Like, West Indies got about 274 or something which is a good score for a one-day match, it just wasn't high enough to beat Australia.

And yeah.

Friday, February 12, 2010



Well, Sleuth 101 was a good show. :D.
Dave O'Neil was the detective and he had no idea who the murderer was. I thought it was the daughter, whut. Because she was the only one who went in the room, I thought. :/.

Cal Wilson was a good host. She's an awesome ranga, hehe.
And one of the actors was from Thank God You're Here. And I'm like, "I knows you!" because she had acted on Thank God You're Here, lol.

And the AFL started last night (although it was just the NAB cup) but whatev.
I was hoping for Essendon to win (Go Monfries, you good thing!) but noooooo, the not-so-awesome Draft Pick Number 2 had to kick 4 goals or something. :/.

And it rained at the SCG so the cricket match was abandoned. It's funny, West Indies could've won 'cause they bowled Australia out for 225 and Chris Gayle didn't go out in the first over. And the rain stopped them from winning. Haha.
But we didn't get to see much of T-Pain's awesome wicketkeeping skillz. No fair.
And I wanted T-Pain to be all like, "I'M ON A BOAT" but sadly, no.


I'm hoping Haddin gets to rest for another match (or maybe ten matches, just saying) so that T-Pain can show his skillz. ;).
Because we all know T-Pain > Haddin. (Although, T-Pain could take a fishing trip with Symonds and be like, "I've got my swim trunks, and my flippie floppies, I'm flippin' burgers~!").

TAYG is on Sunday (with the Nat Bass), Good News Week is on Monday (with the ultra-cute Josh Thomas) and SYTYCDA is on Wednesday (yeah, expect another rant, lolwhut).

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was just thinking.. I'd make an awesome contestant on SYTYCDA, y'know.
Like, when Nat Bass reads out the partners, I'd be like, "Oh noes, I don't wanna be with him!" And all the contestants will hate me. :P.

And when someone get eliminated, I'd be like, "Wooo~, finally the bitch has gone, yay!" and started cheering. And the contestant will start crying (because they have to leave) and I'll be like, "Crybaby."

And I'd make an alliance with the ~fierce rangas (Jessie and Grace). And my bffs would be Mikhaela (she's an awesome tomboy) and Gaz (the tough guy). We'd totally run amok through the place, omg. And I'd do a performance and as soon as Bonnie starts talking, I'll be like sharpening my knives. :P.

I could totally go on the show next year and be bffs with the guy-with-the-yellow-hat-glued-to-his-head. Wow. He was wacky, and would totally be my bff. We go around throwing pies in Bonnie and Jason's faces and be like, "COP THAT!" :P.

In other news, the Cal Wilson show thingy is on tonight. The one called "Sleuth 101" or something, idk. Hehe.
And Josh Thomas is on Good News Week on Monday, omg. Y'all should be expecting a recap of that, lol. ;).

And if you wanna read an awesome rant, scroll down. My rant on the first episode of SYTYCDA is awesome, kk. Y'all should read.
Say hi to your mum for me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, I watched So You Think You Can Dance Australia (aka SYTYCDA) last night.
The first performance of the night was... crap. I'm sorry, it was the all-girls routine so it should've been good.
But it wasn't. It had a sort of burlesque-y, sexy vibe to it. Which I did not like. If I wanted to see girls with not many clothes on, I would've gone to a strip club. :/.

Now, shall I just comment on random performances? (Like, I can't remember the order of the performances so whatev).
ISSY and ROBBIE's routine: It was good. It wasn't bad, just good. But I didn't like how when they finished, Issy was crying. STOP CRYING. I don't care. You'll wash your fans away with a flood. And then, when Robbie was talking, he sounded like he was holding back tears. Fail. Just because you are the youngest in the competition (they were only 18) doesn't mean you get special consideration. Pull yourselves together.

The Twilight routine: They did a routine, based on Twilight. Umm, what is the world coming to? Couldn't they have just said "vampire routine"? :/. The two rangas were in this routine (who were awesome) and Nick (who is also awesome) and some other dude. But seriously, Twilight? With a Muse song? What is this, did SMeyer ring up SYTYCDA and force them to do a Twilight routine?
Anyway, Matt Lee admitted he "liked vampires". Umm, that better be referring to Dracula. And Nat Bass goes to Bonnie, "Team Jacob or Team Edward?" And luckily for Bonnie, she didn't say either of them. Otherwise I would've sharpened my knives.

The choosing of the partners for next week: They were all like, "YAYY!" when they found out their partner. Surely, one of them is a bitch that no one wants to dance with. I just wanted someone to say out loud, "AW, I DON'T WANNA BE WITH THEM." It'd make it more interesting. The ads would be like, "These two people hate each other. What will they do when they dance together? DUN DUN DUN!"
Oh, wow, I started suggesting ideas for TV shows.

GAZ and DOUG's routine: Umm, what the hell? Basically, it was just a choreographed, rehearsed fight. I half-expected Gaz to get a chair and slam it on Don's back. (Or, at least, for Rove to come along and smash a chair on both of them. Win).
And the judges said it was humourous. Um, humorous? I'm pretty sure it was just a normal day in karate. Except for they didn't touch other. Fail. I would've liked to have seen Don rushed off in an ambulance but oh well. I suppose that will happen next week.

MIKHAELA, CARLY and RENEE's routine: Well, Mikhaela was good. Can't say much for the other two. But I have to admit: I enjoyed this routine. Good song choice (Tik Tok by Ke$ha) and good choice in clothes. ;).
The choreography just looked like they were three girls dancing at a nightclub except in sync. Well, I suppose that's what it was meant to look like. Which is a fail on the choreographer's part.

The fact that there was no BJ: Remember BJ from last year? Remember?

The awesomeness of BJ wearing red pants. Omg. There was no BJ look-a-likes this year, no contestants who had the awesomeness of BJ, nothing. FAIL. What were the judges looking for in the auditions? A boring bunch of people? Well, they achieved their goal.

Nat Bass, who kept saying "hot": The word of the day must have been "hot". I kid you not. After every performance, Nat Bass would go, "THAT WAS HOT." Or in Nat Bass' voice, "THAT WAS HAWWWWWWT". Either the weather was 40 degrees in Sydney yesterday or Nat Bass forgot her lines and could only remember one word. :/.

And yeah. That's all for now.

EDIT: I did think it was clever that Will and Grace were partners, omg. Hehe, I bet that was Matt Lee's suggestion. He's a funny one. :P.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Life According To Fall Out Boy.

Okay, this is a meme thingy that I got from this person (check out their blog, it's pretty rad).

Basically, you have to choose ONE ARTIST and using the songs from that artist, you have to answer a series of questions. And you can't use the band that I used, you can't repeat a song choice. It seems really hard, idk.

Artist: Fall Out Boy.

Are you a male or female: I Don't Care.

Describe yourself: Don't You Know Who I Think I Am.

How do you feel: Golden.

Where do you currently live: Carpal Tunnel Of Love.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet.

Your favourite form of transportation: Alpha Dog.

Your best friend is: Tiffany Blews. (idk, this one was hard... like Pete Wentz, haha).

You and your best friends are: Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over. (lmao, omg).

What's the weather like: Calm Before The Storm.

Favourite time of day: 7 Minutes In Heaven.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Beat It.

What is life to you: Thriller.

Your relationship: I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me.

Your fear: Sugar, We're Going Down. (I'm scared of heights, you see).

What is the best advice you have to give: Gay Is Not A Synonym For Shitty aka G.I.N.A.S.F.S.

Thought for the Day: Fame < Infamy.

How would you like to die: Dead On Arrival.

My soul's present condition: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race.

My motto: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.

Well, that was difficult. :/.
First, I tried Operator Please but they didn't have many songs and I'm like, "WHATEV."
And then, I tried the Killers. But their songs didn't fit any of the questions.
So, I tried Fall Out Boy. It didn't really work but oh well. I fail.

Monday, February 8, 2010


So, Good News Week was quite awesome last night.
Tim Minchin said some unfunny/inappropriate stuff and I'm like, "Stop talking now, dude, just shut up."
But then, he sung the Single Ladies and all was good. ;).

And Tim Minchin said the word "buoy". But because he's all American or something, he pronounced it "BUU-EEE". And Colin Lane was like, "Um, what is BUU-EEEE?" Because he didn't know.
Obviously, he doesn't watch the Amazing Race. :P.

And one of the Strange But True stories was that a bear (y'know, like a grizzly bear) was the best man at a wedding.
I want a bear at my wedding. Never mind about an elephant and peanuts, I want a bear.
I wonder if Dale Thomas likes bears...

Anyhoo, SYTYCDA is on Wednesday.
Some awesome facts about some of the dancers (from this source and this source)-
ISSY: Did a show for a Hair Expo, and got to have scissor blades for fingers. I knew there was a reason I loved her, lol.
IVY: Dancing in a white tutu in the McDonalds carpark for McHappy Day. Oh, this girl is win. ;).
JESSICA P: If she wasn't a dancer, she'd be a mathematician. Omg, maths nerd, haha. :D. She did a Bachelor of Mathematics and loves calculus and cryptology. Also, she can usually be found solving some algorithm.
RENEE: Dressing as Bob The Builder for Bunning's Warehouse. Hehe.
KIERAN: He barracks for Essendon in the AFL. (Well, the only awesome thing about that is the ultra cute Angus Monfries plays for Essendon). If he wasn't a dancer, he'd be a pastry chef (Om, nom nom, bake me a pie!). And he has a piece of chocolate before he goes on stage (Chocolaholics Unite!).
ROBBIE: If he wasn't a dancer, he'd be a jockey (Oh yeah, that would suit him perfectly... He's so short, hehe).
MIKHAELA: Is awesome.

And yeah. ^_____^
I can't wait till tomorrow.
Except I don't understand the SYTYCDA ads how they say "9 FULL PERFORMANCES." Why would there be only 9 performances? I thought there are 20 contestants, so 10 performances. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSE, NATALIE BASSINGTHWAITE?


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hehe, Cameron Wood reading Where's Wally. And Tyson Goldsack got a high score on PaperToss on an iPhone.
I'm glad that Collingwood players have their priorities straight. ;).
Yesterday, I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Omg. It was awesome. :D.
My favourite chipmunk was Alvin, he's so funny. And he had to choose between singing at the talent quest or football. And he chose football. And I'm like, "THAT'S LIKE FINN, OMG."
And I watched TAYG last night.
Josh Thomas got to do the game that was in 3D. And he was throwing bread at the camera so it looked like he was throwing bread to the people at home. Hehe. Oh, Josh, that bread was om nom nom.
And Basil Brush was SO FUNNY. ^____^
Gen Y should've won, though. Josh Thomas' plastering skillz were amazing. He should be a doctor. Totally.
Amanda Kellar just got the bandage stuff and wrapped it around Basil Brush. And then, she bandaged his mouth shut. And I'm like, "SCREW YOU, AMANDA, JUST BECAUSE BASIL BRUSH > YOU." Epic fail.
Ah, good times.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow. It's the Twenty20 match at the MCG yesterday.
It looks awesome, the patterns on the ground. Omg.
They should totally leave the ground like that for the AFL. :D.

But anyway, the Twenty20 world champs Pakistan played the awesome Australia in a Twenty20 match.
And Australia won. By 2 runs. :P.
Australia doesn't really go well with the batting. idk. They were on track to make 160, yet some players only made about 1 run and they only got to 127.
But the bowling is REALLYYYY good, especially this season. 'Cause Tait bowled at, like, 160 km and Smith got two wickets and Johnson bowled a couple of maidens. ;).

So, basically, Australia owned Pakistan this summer. Cop that.
Let's see if Australia can dominate the West Indies. LOLLLL.

TAYG is on tomorrow.
I can't wait.
The guests are: Joe Hockey (some politician in Gen X), Jolene Anderson (some Gen Y chick) and Basil Brush (a puppet of some sort). I don't know any of these people but if y'all know them, you should watch TAYG. With your 3D glasses. (Or not, it doesn't really matter. They can't expect everyone to buy the TV Week magazine, y'know).

And SYTYCDA is on Wednesday. ^_____^
Speaking of SYTYCDA, y'know how I said in the previous post that Robbie was short?
Guess who else is short?
Like, he came out to bat and when he stood with another player, he looked tiny. It was cute, lmao.
He is, like, 170 cm. By golly, that's shorter than Rove. Haha.
Ah, good times.

Say hi to your mum for me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I watched So You Think You Can Dance Australia (aka SYTYCDA) last night.
It was boring because they kept crying and crying and I'm like, "CRYING WON'T GET YOU IN THE TOP 20."

But anyway, my favourite was the guy with the yellow hat glued to his head. He was funny, as well as wacky and out there. Lolwhut. And the judges didn't want him and I'm like, "OH HELL NO!"

But some of my other favourites got through. Issy who just finished year 12 and was ultra cute; Ranga 1 who had long red hair and was fierce; Ranga 2 who had short red hair; Robbie who was vertically challenged and will make up for the lack of short people on TV this year; Dougie who had a wifey in America and was ultra cool; and the fact that there are three Jessica's who are gonna own this competition. :D.

So yeah. Epic win. ^___^
I can't wait till next Wednesday, lol.

I still think the guy with the yellow hat glued to his head should've got in. He was awesome, okay. The judges were all like, "COME BACK NEXT YEAR, Y'KNOW." And I'm like, "I can't wait till next year, I want him now." Fail.

Oh well. Hopefully, the 20 dancers who did get in are fabulous. ;).

Monday, February 1, 2010


(It's not my competition, by the way. I'm just blogging about it, kk).

I watched Good News Week. I just thought that maybe I need another show to obsess over now that someone (gives someone in particular an evil stare) decided to quit.
Soooo, as I was saying, Good News Week was an okay show.
(I haven't actually watched Good News Week, except when Josh Thomas was on, so yeah).

Some good parts:
  • Ross Noble, shooting shaving cream everywhere. And when I say "everywhere", I mean EVERYWHERE. I kid you not.
  • Corinne Grant. Her funnyness is funny, okay. I love her, so cuteeee. ;).
  • Cal Wilson. She's one of my favourite rangas. (Besides Corrie and Ryan Shelton's gf).
  • DUDE, WES MY CARR. I haven't seen him in awhile now. I had forgotten about him. (Speaking of which, I was watching Video Hits and Hayley Warner was on. I was like, "HEY, I HASN'T SEEN YOU IN AWHILE, LOLWHUT.").
  • Tiger Wood jokes. Ah, good times.
  • Paul McDermott, Claire and Mikey. They are good people. ;).
  • Ross Noble, slipping on shaving cream. COP THAT, FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS. :P.

Some bad parts:

  • Akmal. Inappropriate, little Akmal. Fail.

And yeah. Not many bad parts, I know. But Akmal is epic fail. Epic fail is Akmal. Whatev.

(Akmal wasn't so bad when he was doing radio with Cal Wilson. Or when he was doing radio with Kate Ritchie. Maybe Kate Ritchie's awesomeness distracted me from Akmal's inappropriateness. Or maybe the timeslot was different).

I'm still going to miss Rove. And Good News Week is never going to fill that gap. But oh well, what else can I do? Use Rove for my own selfish needs? Steal into Rove's house with a crowbar, demanding him to put on a show for me every night? Stalk Rove as he walks to the milkbar to buy some milk and demand that he continues tweeting? (Hmm, these are great ideas. brb going to get myself a crowbar...).

Anyhoo, goodbye. Say hi to your mum for me, etc, etc, whatev. :/.