Sunday, March 30, 2008


I haven't posted in ages. Sorry guys. =]

Footy was on the weekend. How did everyone go in footy tipping? I got 5 teams correct! Yay! =]
Oh, I am a genius. *cough*

SYTYCD was on last night. Best performance was Jack's solo. He did Mission Impossible theme. It was so fawesome. And another good performance was Demi and Graeme's. They acted as creepy crawlies. Really creepy. X]

Oh and Graeme did his solo on Bohemian Rhapsody. He may be the youngest but he is the fawesomest.. =]

The worst performance was Anthony's solo... He danced to Blower's Daughter. The fangirls in the audience would be all over him. But luckily the performance ended when the song got to the "I can't take my eyes off of you..." part. I hate that song. Most annoying song in the whole world. Argh. I thought I killed that song. Argh!

And Rove came back. With Pete and Carrie and Hamish and Andy and Hughesy. And Ross Noble was also there. And some guy who I don't know. Some Ryan dude. Anyway, they were all funny. Especially Hamish and Andy's "Honk if you have an idea." I loved their ideas bonanza thingy. They are brilliant. =]

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog: Vanessa leaves SYTYCD. (Well, hopefully)

Monday, March 24, 2008

MY RANT!! =]

Don't you hate it when you log in to myspace and there is a sign saying, "What is your IQ? Click here." And you're all excited and you click and do this quiz. And then at the end of the quiz, they're like, "What is your mobile number so we can send you your IQ." And I'm like, "Dude, I'm not giving you my mobile number! Just tell me now!"

I'm sure if I did give my mobile number to them, they'd send me the IQ and charge me for it. I have never tried it but I am quite positive that would happen. Bastards.

Yeah, I should like join Hughesy and we'd have a segment called, "Hughesy and Laura lose it!" And we'd both get angry together. Lol. X]

Oh and I'd be on Rove. I'd walk up to Rove and be like, "OMG! It's Rove McManus!" Then I'd die because Rove is so freaking cool. And Pete would be there too. We'd talk about footy and Collingwood and Dale Thomas for hours. And then, he'd take me to the Lexus Centre where I could actually meet Dale Thomas and Nathan J. Brown!! Holy crap. This idea is the best idea ever.

And Carrie Bickmore would be there! She is the best newsreader ever!

Carrie Bickmore > Anna Coren and Tracy Grimshaw and such. =]

Best. Idea. Ever. =]

Saturday, March 22, 2008


OMG! It's Easter! And I got chocolate. Yum! *drools on keyboard*

And I actually went to church today. Now, I may be Catholic but going to church is like unlikely for me. I'm one of those lazy people who sleep in too long. =]

Anyway, at church, the priest gave out Easter eggs to the little kids (i.e. primary school kids). And I was like, "OMG! I want one." And I was going to go and get an Easter egg but all these little kids were already running up to the altar and I just sit down because I don't want to get trampled. And yeah. That was the most exciting part of my day (Yawn).

Hm. Rhys is favourite to win SYTYCD! Well, they are only up to the Top 10 but in the Herald Sun, they showed who was favourite. Lol, I found out today that Rhys used to be the elf in the kids show called The Fairies. He is so cute. =]

Speaking of cute, I have another boyfriend. To remind you, my boyfriends are: Dale Thomas, Timothy Commandeur, Nathan J. Brown, Nathan Sapsford, Joe Jonas' scarf (two people I know have a crush on Joe, lol)... And yeah. Oh and Rhys. (Sorry Rhys, I forgot about you)

Anyhoo, my other boyfriend is... JIMMY BARTEL! Lol, he was on Before The Game yesterday. Hughesy was like, "Now, we predicted you'd win the Brownlow and you did... So now we are predicting you'll win something else..."

And they brought out a sash and put it on Jimmy. It said, "MISS UNIVERSE." And Sam Lane put a tiara with pink fluffy bits on Jimmy's head. And they gave him a bunch of flowers. It was the cutest thing ever! I can't find a picture but I'll try. =]

Oh and Jimmy was talking about him and his team mates going into a room and everyone saying what they thought of the other players. And guess what they said about Jimmy? That he is quiet and needs to speak up more. I was like, "Oh my god! We're twins!" Exciting moment.

South Park Jimmy with tiara and sash. I forgot to add the flowers... Sorry.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes, I am a talent. And my limericks are brilliant. But most of these limericks I got elsewhere. =]
To write a limerick, line number 1,2 and 5 must rhyme. And line number 3 and 4 are like a rhyming couplet. Write your own limerick about anything you want and post it in the comment section, k?

1st limerick
The third judge on the panel is Matt
He is surely the coolest cat
Busting a move
He's in the groove
He is really 'the cat in the hat'!

I didn't make this one up. Matt Lee is the coolest hat-wearer in the Southern Hemisphere. (He is also known as Mattalieee!)

2nd limerick
Rhys & Jemma are number-one picks,
Though they cannot do Anthony's 'tricks',
Laura's danced for her life,
and Kate's been facing the knife,
as has Graeme, but he's still in the mix.

Rhys FTW! Oh and Jemma, she rocks my socks. =]
Go Laura! You're fawesome! Why'd you have to get yourself eliminated?!

3rd limerick
There once was a guy called Dale
He would never ever go stale
What a fawesome bloke
Enjoys a glass of coke
One thing he'll never do is fail!

I made that one up! I feel so proud, lol. =]
Dale Thomas is fawesome, right?

4th limerick
A dancer called Henry went to bed
He woke up with less hair on his head
He shouted out
Had a pout
And realised he looked better than Fred!

Oh yeah. Who's good at making up limericks? Me, that's who. =]

5th limerick
Gilly is the cutest guy on Earth
He's the number 1 for Perth
I love him
More than Tim
Because you don't have to be 18 to see him on the turf!

It says, "More than Tim." That just means Adam 'Gilly' Gilchrist > Timothy 'Little Timmy' Commandeur.

6th limerick
Nathan and Fuzzy are massively cool
They would never think I'm a fool
Nathan may think I smell
But that's all too well
'Cause Rexona makes me smell better than a mule!

Oh my gosh. Nathan thinks I smell? I only just realised that, lol.

7th limerick
There once was a man named Pete Wentz,
Who wanted to build a big fence,
To keep Trashlee away,
Because he was gay,
And didn't want her to take offence!

This one is done by Miri. She's really smart. =]

8th limerick
Laura wants "fawesome" to rule,
But it will never be cool.
She says it a lot,
Miri thinks it's grot,
But who cares 'cause there's no more school!

Also done by Miri. =]

9th limerick
Emily has a beret,
She got it yesterday.
It's really "fawesome"
She thinks it's awesome,
So everyone shout hooray.

This one is done by Emily. X]

10th limerick
Miri found a piano that's lovely,
As lovely as a piano can be!
I can play All That Jazz
Because I'm a spazz,
And sing along with myself, out of key!

Done by Miri. =]

11th limerick
One day I'll find Dale
Even if he is for sale
I'll go with the flow
And hand over the dough
And Dale Thomas will arrive in the mail!

Oh My Gosh! Best limerick ever! I'd die if that actually happened. Dale Thomas, I am thinking about my doorbell... When are you going to ring it?? Lol, White Stripes FTW!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

F****** AWESOME!

Yes, that is the line that Sermsah said when he left the SYTYCD show. F****** Awesome. But he actually said the f-word. And it wasn't bleeped out. So, I have made up another word instead of saying f****** awesome.

With my word, you take all the letters is these words: F****** AWESOME. So what are the letters? We have an F, we don't count the asterisks, we have an A, a W, an E, a S, an O, an M, an E.

What does it spell? Fawesome. So, fawesome is an abbreviated version of F****** AWESOME. =]

I am a genius. Skill. X]

Anyhoo, read my friend's blog. Now!
She has written about transvestite fish and such. It was very interesting.

And now go and make your South Park characters!

Ashley - Bassist

Amandah - singer and guitarist

Taylor - Violin player

Timothy - drummer

Sarah - keyboard player

Sunday, March 16, 2008


School photos were today... Guess what? I didn't sit in the front row! I was standing in the middle row! I'm not that short!!! XD

Shut up, Shaquille O'Neal!! (Sorry, can't spell his name). Just because you ALWAYS stand in the back row... =|

Anyway, I watched SYTYCD last night. Rhys is so fawesome. So are yellow skinny leg jeans. Rhiannon wore them at the start of the show. (Go Rhiannon!)

Except RED skinny leg jeans are still cooler. Not that I own any. My legs are too fat. ='[

Anyhoo, Rhiannon and JD did a dance to Big Girls (You Are Beautiful). By Mika. Such a catchy song. I mean, once it's stuck in your head, it is stuck in your head FOREVER! And then you die because the song kills you. *dies*

Another catchy song is... LET'S DANCE TO THE JOY DIVISION!!! And celebrate the irony. When everything is going wrong.. We're so happy!

The Wombats FTW! *dances* Ashley Noffke (fawesome cricket player) is nicknamed 'Wombat.' That is such a cool nickname. =]

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Great song. =]

Has anyone seen the ad for the Apple Mac Air laptop? New Soul by Yael Naim is the song which plays in the background. Good song, right?

Lol, I was searching celebrities on Wikipedia (as you do) and I came across Timothy Commandeur's Wikipedia page. And it said that he was gay. So I added some more text and wrote, "NO HE ISN'T! I LOVB HIM!"

And I came back to the Wikipedia page today, and it didn't say anything about Timmy being gay and my message had been erased. I was so relieved that he wasn't gay. X]

Hm, yeah. OMG! Have you seen the video clip for the new Veronicas song This Love? Have you?
Apparently in the video clip, Lisa and Dean are in bed together. I found that out from the radio. But I haven't seen the video clip yet. =]

Did you know three of my favourite bands are going to tour Australia in the next few months? And all three of them don't want me at their concert. How lame. Rogue Traders, Operator Please and Pnau are doing one show at a place near me and the place is a goddamn over-18's place. Cbf getting a false I.D. I wouldn't know how and I don't look 18... Even though in a year, I'll be 18. Gosh, I am old. The anti wrinkle cream isn't working. Argh. X]

What anti wrinkle cream does anyone else wear? Or are you all young? =|

I was watching Video Hits yesterday, and Fuzzy was talking to Simple Plan and I was like, "How ugly are they?"
And then, they put on a video clip. And there was a kinda hot guy in the video clip and I was like, "Is that guy hot? Or is he only hot because I'd just been looking at Simple Plan??"
Then I realised it was Jesse McCartney. And I was like, "Jesse McCartney is fawesome!"

And now I want to see Horton Sees A Who, lol.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yeah. I'm not going to blog about The Amazing Race in detail. I can't really be bothered... It is 39 degrees today.. *dies*

Anyway, I will say this: TJ WON THE AMAZING RACE!!! *victory dance*
And when they won, they got to ring up their parents and TJ were like, "Hey Mum, just won the Amazing Race..."

But they said it so casually like they win the Amazing Race every day. =]

And yeah. X]

I want to go on the Amazing Race. I'd purposely annoy other teams. Fun. Lol.
Oh and I'd go on with Dale Thomas. We would win for sure.

OMG! This picture is of the Jonas Brothers. The one in the middle is Joe and he is kinda cute with the fringe. Oh and the purple scarf is fawesome. =]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Like the random title? I know you do. X]

Anyway, I love the band Operator Please. So I was ecstatic to find they were touring Australia. And they are coming to my state at some place. So, I went to my mum and asked her if I could go. And she's like, "That is an over 18's place..."

And I'm like, "Dammit!" So I have reassured myself because there is a Rogue Traders coming up in May. *celebrates*

Anyhow, Laura left SYTYCD. It was so sad. I'll miss that Avril-Lavigne-style chick. Ah dear... And to add to my misery, Nat Bass just had to put Simple Plan on the show. I felt like hitting my head on a brick wall listening to Eminem then listen to Pierre Bouvier trying to be like a wannabe punk rocker without the flowers in his hair.

Oh and Matt Lee wore another (Yes, another) hat on the show. But I kinda like Matt Lee because when the dancers have performed, his criticism is short n sweet and Bonnie and Jason's criticism are too long and my patience wears out.

So anyway, my theories are: Brett Lee goes to the supermarket and get a trolley full of Weet Bix, Ricky Ponting gets a trolley full of chewing gum and Matt Lee gets two trolleys: One full of hats and the other one full of Weet Bix (He has to carry on the 'Lee' name and eat Weet Bix).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

MY FAWESOME BASS GUITAR... (Well, hopefully)

Wanna be starting something... Got to be starting something....

Yeah. I love that song. Michael Jackson FTW!
I went in for a competition on Video Hits for a bass guitar. An Operator Please bass guitar. Click on the link and go to Competitions. The competition is called 'Homegrown Soundhits.'

And when I win this fawesome bass guitar, I'll walk around the house playing it. Not that I know how. =|
Anyway, I'll pretend to be like Pete Wentz. Lol. Not in the dirty way...

Hehe. One of my email buddies (a friend who I send emails to) is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. And so far, she's sent me FIVE Jonas Brothers songs including S.O.S. Pretty cool, huh?

Hm. X]
SYTYCD is on tonight! Rhys and Laura FTW! They aren't partners though. Hopefully one of them does Jazz.

Jazz = fawesome. Yeah, so worship it. Now!

Reader meekly goes and listens to jazz songs like How Sweet It Is and Orange Coloured Sky.

Okay. Now that you're gone, I'd better wind up this blog post. Goodbye!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yes. I missed the start but Tyler and James (TJ) reached the road block first. They had to grab some camel meat (Sounds gross, right?) and mince it up and put it on skewers. Once the meat cooked, one team member had to eat it.

As TJ ate the camel meat, Dustin and Kandice rocked up and started to make their camel skewers. Don't ask how Dustin and Kandice got into second place. The other teams don't even know.

Okay, so Dustin and Kandice finish the camel meat and are leaving the place when they see Lyn and Karlyn and Rob and Kim. They are all lost and can't find the camel. (Yay! I hope they lose.)

Anyway, they have to drive to the airport and fly to Barcelona in Spain. TJ and Dustin and Kandice drive to the airport. They get the tickets for the same plane. Moments later, Lyn, Karlyn, Rob and Kim turn up. They also get on the same flight.

They get off the plane and obviously, Dustin and Kandice run ahead and grab the first taxi. Yay! They get to the maze first but the goddamn maze doesn't open until morning or whatever.

So all the teams arrive at the maze and wait. Dustin, Kandice and Kim use their bright people skills to ask for a taxi to come and pick them up once they've been in the maze. Awesome. My three favourites are smart enough to get a taxi.

The reach the maze, get lost, but end up out of the maze at the same time. The clue that they receive is the detour. Lob it ( find a piece of paper in a stack of tomatoes while getting tomatoes thrown at you) or the other one where you get into a massive costume and walk a mile.

Rob, Kim, Dustin and Kandice have a taxi waiting for them. So they are able to get away faster. The others have to wait (Haha!)

Dustin and Kandice choose the massive costume one. Rob and Kim choose the tomatoes one.
Once Lyn and Karlyn have gotten a taxi, they head off to the tomatoes. TJ go to the massive costume thingy.

At the tomatoes thing, Kim chucks a tantrum; crying. And they are fighting. Again. But they find the clue and all is good. They head to the pit stop.

TJ and Dustin and Kandice get lost but end up finding where to go and also head to the pit stop. Lyn and Karlyn find the piece of paper in the tomatoes and also head to the pit stop.

And the first to the pit stop is... KIMBERLYYYYYYYYY!!! *hugs Kim* X]
(Why am I so happy? Dustin and Kandice will be eliminated if they don't come first..)

Anyway, Rob and Kim come first for this leg of the race. Lyn and Karlyn (dammit!) come second and TJ come third.

And guess who got eliminated? Dustin and Kandice. *cries* I am so going to miss them.

So, be prepared to watch it next week. It is the finale and hopefully TJ or Kim can win. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Oh My God. I didn't watch it all but Aussies lost the cricket. Argh! Poor Gilly. It was his last match... And I'll miss him. *tear*

You should have seen Hopes when he made his half century. I was like, "Whoa, go Hopes!"
And he was like all shy and everything. Nice little guy. I adore him.

Oh and when Australia went all out, the Indian team were all jumping around and what not. And the Aussie team came on the field to congratulate people and stuff. And the Aussie team all patted Hopes on the back as if to say, "Well done." And Hopes was holding his stuff looking shy. And I think he thinks he let down the team by losing. But I still love him. *hugs James Hopes*

I didn't like Hopes in the Twenty20 match because his nickname (on his back) was Catfish. I hate that name. It sounds like an ugly sort of fish. Like fair enough if they call him "Cat" or "Fish" but don't put them together. Ew.

But I love him a lot now. X]
I just found out that James Hopes is freaking 29! That's older than Mitchell Johnson. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Goddamn it Hopes. Why don't you combine with Ishant Sharma (guy with long hair). Okay, my plan is: I want James Hopes to look the same but to have Ishant Sharma's age which is 19.

Nice plan? I hope so. (OMG, I just said in James Hopes.. ^_^)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Whoa. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and oh my god. Rhys did a dance (sort of ballroom) and the music had the words from the Romeo and Juliet prologue in it. For example, "Two households both alike in dignity." Or whatever the words are. I was like. "O_O! Awesome."

And there was a celebrity judge on the show. Her name was Mary Murphy and she was really loud. Matt Lee (his name sounds like Mattalie - lol) was so proud to sit next to her. I had never heard of her but she's cool. I think she's from America. =]

Anyway, Laura did a cool dance too. My favourites would be: Laura, Rhys, Rhiannon, um... I liked Hilton and Courtney... but they left.... and Camilla and Sermsah (can't spell) always do a good dance. I like Stephanie. Her clothes are always wicked. I hate Vanessa and Henry because Vanessa was all whingy about doing Animation Hip Hop a few weeks back. I mean, dude, it is a freaking reality TV show. Why would you whinge? Geez...

And Henry. I hate him because he looks like a girl with long hair. Like, his hair is so long. Looooooooong. His mum needs to tell him to cut it. At least Dale Thomas' mum tells Dale to cut his hair. =]

Oh and Australia lost the first final of cricket. Damn you, Sachin Tendulkar! I will get my revenge one day.... =]

Saturday, March 1, 2008


So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. Yay. X]
And so is the cricket... The first final - Australia vs India. C'mon Mitchell Johnson!

I was doing my maths work just before (Neeerd) and also listening to the radio. And Nine in the Afternoon came on and I was like singing along to it (Well, trying to sing) and now I have the song stuck in my head. =]

I usually only listen to the radio after school when Akmal is on. He's so funny.

Yesterday, I went to the library (double neeerd) because I finished reading Twilight. And I was searching through the books and I found Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. So I was like, "Whoa." And I went to the counter thingy and they were like, "This is the last book in the series, you realise that?"

And I was like, "Huh?"
Then they were like, "Have you read Twilight and New Moon?"
And I was like, "Not New Moon. But Twilight, yes."

So I took the book back to shelf and looked for New Moon but they didn't have the book! Argh. Instead, I got another book with vampires. The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld. =]

Yeah, sorry to bore you. I had to blog about something. =]