Sunday, August 30, 2009


I watched Rove yesterday.
It was exciting.
  • Natalie Imbruglia, supporting a cause of hard-to-pronounce surnames. I forgot the acronym but she was very funny."It's Natalie Bassingthwaite, not Natalie Bathing suit!"
  • Kristy Warner: "Australia, our koalas get Chlamydia!" LOLLL.
  • Quentin Tarantino's interview. It was very funny and stuff but they kept showing bits of the film, Inglorious Bastards, and it seemed like a scary film with all the guns and fighting and what not. I don't wanna see Brad Pitt fighting. Note to self: do not see this movie.
  • Kristy Warner was reading the news and she was going so well, like she hadn't burst out laughing at the funniness like Myf does. And then, at the very end, Kristy let out a giggle. FAILLL, KRISTY WARNER, EPIC FAILLLL.
  • Newton, singing his new song or whatever. Speaking of Newton, did you know that Newton (the guy who sat under the apple tree and an apple fell on his head) did not like women? Well, he didn't. ~THE MORE YOU KNOW~!
  • Kate Miller-Heidke who will be performing next week. Yay. Epic win.
  • And also, Hamish and Andy (and Haydo who didn't even tell me that he was also going to America) will be finishing their Caravan of Courage next week so Rove will be crossing live to them. :)
And yeah.
Collingwood lost yesterday but I'm sure you all know that unless you are living in a hole. :/
We will have to play St Kilda which won't be too bad if we beat the Saints, and Geelong lose, and Brisbane win. Which won't be too hard because Collingwood > Saints, Bulldogs/Brisbane can beat Geelong (they've done it once) and Brisbane will, of course, beat Carlton because a) it's at the Gabba and b) Carlton suck and don't deserve a place in the finals (DIEEE, CHRIS JUDD, GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF DANE SWAN'S BROWNLOW MEDAL!).
Okay, well, it's not Juddy who is the favourite to win the Brownlow Medal; I think it's Gary Ablett. But whatever. They both can go die. (Or just fall off a cliff, idc).

Whoa, that's a long post. I suggest that you don't bother reading this. Do something useful with your time like baking a cake for me or giving me one million dollars.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Everybody's sick.
Well, not EVERYBODY. But some awesome people are.
For example, Scotty Pendlebury has back spasms (Aw, get better soon!), Judith Lucy is unwell (Jess Harris is replacing her) and the kangaroo-turned-magpie Leigh Brown has a virus. :/

Oh well.
Hopefully, Collingwood win. I don't mind if they lose by a point or something, though. As long as they remain third. :D

I watched Before The Game last night. Russell Robertson didn't bring out his guitar and play a song. EPIC FAILLL. But he made up for it with some funniness. ^____^
And Angus Monfries was on. (I am now following him on Twitter, yay!).

I'll post a longer post tomorrow. idk.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi everybody!
TAYG is on next week but it's the SEASON FINALE. Ugh. That means it won't be on in the next week or the week after. #fail.
But they are having a Christmas Special. ^___^
And Josh Thomas is dressed up as Gerard Way from MCR for the Season Finale. I would like him even more if he brought out a guitar and sang Teenagers. ;)

And also, Collingwood have to play on Sunday. At, like, 4 pm.
Is the fixture for the Home & Away Season done by random or did someone actually choose who plays on what date?
Someone is a dumbass if they thought, "Hm, Bulldogs and Collingwood won't make the finals so they can play late on a Sunday night..." Um, Bulldogs and Collingwood have only made the finals for the LAST THREE YEARS!!!11!!!
I want Collingwood to finish in 3rd place because then, they play the ~easier~ team but then, they have to play on Friday night which means they'll only have a 5 day break or something.

Anyway, bye.
Rove is on Sunday! Thank God it's the not the season finale, which means Rove shall continue to be on TV every week, YAYYYYYYY~!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Guess what I watched yesterday?
In case you missed it and you feel like wasting a bit of precious time, here are some awesome parts:
  • Kristy Warner reading the news and saying that Twitter is either pointless crap or mindless dribble. :D That's why I go on Twitter!!
  • Alice Cooper telling everyone that zombies will come and attack everyone... so, wear a jacket.
  • Peter Helliar's new book "I feel like a headless chicken tonight!" Mm, headless chicken... chicken tastes so much better without the head. ...Excuse me, I'm just going to see why there are blue-and-red flashing lights outside....?
  • When Ricki-Lee was talking about the "16-year-old boy" incident and Rove was taking a sip from his drink. And he sprayed his drink EVERYWHERE. lmao. Small things amuse small minds, stfu.
And also, Australian Idol (y'know that show where try-hard singers think that they are the best at singing and when they are eliminated, they cry and whinge and think the judges are bullies when really, the judges are just telling the truth) is on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night ANDDDDD Thursday night. Whut.
Which means TAYG (Talkin' 'bout your generation) won't be on. Whyyyyyyyy?
How can I survive without TAYG for one week?
(Actually, I survived 4 weeks without Rove and gosh, that was a tough four weeks).

Anyway, I shall survive.
Natalie Imbruglia and some Newton guy (no, not the one that had an apple fall on his head) are on Rove next week. Plus Hamish and Andy. YAY. Hopefully, Judith Lucy will be on because she wasn't on yesterday. (She's not on every week because she took over Hughesy's place and Hughesy wasn't contracted to be on the show every Sunday).

Y'know what would make Australian Idol interesting?
Instead of singing on a Sunday night, they could all dress up in wacky outfits and totally run around playing wacky games for a trophy and a night in the Rewards Room with one other person. It could totally be like Big Brother's Friday Night Live. All you need is a bunch of Aussie bogans, some awesome hosts (Mike, Bree and Fitzy) and some wacky ideas.
I'd watch that and I wouldn't mind so much if Australian Idol went for a little bit longer because it would be INTERESTING.

Okay, fine. I'm presuming you all hate my idea because I doubt any of you were stupid enough to watch any Big Brother episode including Friday Night Live.

In other news, I got 5 in my footy tipping. Basically everyone got 5 or 6. :D
Okay, this post is getting long so SAY HI TO YOUR MUM FOR ME and goodbye.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It totally reminds me of 1984. And Big Brother = RPattz. HE'S WATCHING YOUUUU~!
And everyone will be like scared and frightened of RPattz watching them and all the psycho-tweenies will be walkin' around in nothing but their underwear and staring constantly at the telescreens hoping that RPattz is tuned into their wire at that moment.

And then, the loudspeaker will be like, "THIS IS RPATTZ. TEENAGE GIRLS, REPORT TO THE DIARY ROOM IMMEDIATELY!" And the psycho-tweenies will be like squealing down the corridors towards the Diary Room while simultaneously checking their hair in the windows' reflections.

Yes, I is reading 1984 by George Orwell at the moment. And yes, my English is fine. "I is reading" is a perfectly constructed sentence. :/

And yeah. I watched the Amazing Race yesterday. One of my favourites teams (an all-girl team) came last but luckily, it was a non-elimination round. GIRL POWER~! There are three all-girl teams still in the Amazing Race. :D
I'm still pissed off that Amanda and Kris had to leave. WHYYYY? They were the best and were kinda like Rob and Amber except Kris wasn't as competitive as Rob. But when Amanda and Kris were gone, the other contestants were like, "YAY~!"

Anyway, on the Simpsons, Bart and the new kid did the Mentos and Diet Coke trick MULTIPLIED by 1 BILLION! ^____^
And Rove is on Sundayyyyyyy~! With some rock legend Alice Cooper, All-Americans Rejects who totally wanna, Hamish and Andy in the States ANDDDD Ryan Shelton being filmed on Twitterrrrr. ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


TAYG was on last night. :D
And Gen Y won~!
Josh Thomas can pack a car for a holiday faster than any other generation. :P
And I learned that you can see Russia from Alaska. Because there's an island near Alaska which is owned by Russia. So all you people who thought Sarah Palin was a dumbass, PUT THAT IN YOUR PLASTIC CUP AND CHEW IT!!

And guess what? TAYG isn't on next week because Australian Idol is on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday. How can I survive without TAYG for a week? :/
Oh well. At least Rove is still on Sunday. YAY~!
Also: Josh Lawson is totally on TAYG (not next Tuesday but the one after). Now, there'll be too Josh's on Gen Y. LOL. ^_______^

Aw, cute! It's a baby elephant! I want that cupcake. Someone make me one. Now. :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I watched Rove last night. :D
Some of the awesome things that happened:
  • Katy Perry who is made of awesome. :). She performed Waking Up In Vegas which is an AWESOMEEEEE song. ^____^
  • Judd Apatow, an American wearing a Saints guernsey and a Saints scarf, while carrying two meat pies. It was kind of ironic because St Kilda had just lost their first game of the season. LOLLL.
  • Comparing both newbies, Kristy Warner > Judith Lucy.
  • Kristy Warner read the news. She was pretty good (much better than Myf who laughs constantly while reading the news, epic fail). I think she seemed a little bit nervous but oh well. idk.
  • I liked the thingy where they played a few harmless pranks on Kristy Warner. And Pete kept calling her "Carrie". Pete was like, "Hey, Carrie, your car is on fire!" And everyone including Kristy rushed to the window and Rove was like, "Um, Pete, isn't that your car?" LOLLL.
  • Giant strawberries ftw.
  • Judith Lucy was pretty funny. ^___^
  • And Ricki-Lee and some other person/s are on next week. And All-American Rejects are performing. I don't particularly like their new song "I Wanna" but I shouldn't say too much unless I want to be covered in tomatoes. :/
Collingwood beat Richmond on Saturday.
And my Dream Team went well which is a shame because I had already been knocked out of the finals. #FAIL.


I went to a party last night.
So, all you followers and stalkers who thought I had no life: PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT~!
Anyway, we totally had chocolate mousse and cake. It was yum. And there were paper plates and each plate had a different animal on it. And guess which animal I got??
A TIGER. I kid you not.

Also, I went to Swinburne University today.
And we went to a Biology/Chemistry/Biotechnology thingy where they showed us some awesome experiments to encourage us to choose Swinburne for our tertiary education.
And one of the experiments was using borax so I totally volunteered for it because I knew it would involve SLIME. :D
Oh and they had fairy floss at the Open Day but I think it costed moniez. idk.

Rove is on tonight! ^_____^
That's a normal-sized strawberry, btw~. And it's nearly as big as Rove. Ah, it's great being vertically challenged. ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, the picture should be working now. :)

Harry O'Brien has a cute little kitten! (I think there's two kittens in the photo; one's black, one's white).
Anyway, I suggest you all ask Katy Perry a question. Click here. Your question could be read out on Rove, and Katy Perry will answer it! YAY.

I have a task for you. Do the following:
Open Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99)
And then press ENTER then see the magic…

It is amazing. O_____O

Aw, that lion is a qt. He's my favourite lion because he's an individual. Individuality is not a threat to social cohesion~!

Apparently, Dale Thomas was on the Footy Show. Whut.
I had no idea. Because no one bothered to tell me. #fail.
But I did manage to watch The Amazing Race. it was amazing.
Well, not really. My favourites (the deaf guy and his mum) were going so well and then, they U-Turn'd Kris and Amanda. And I'm like, "NOOO, NOT KRIS AND AMANDAAAA!!!"
Because Kris and Amanda were awesome, okay? They should totally get a degree in awesomeness. TOTALLY.
Anyway, Kris and Amanda were eliminated. ;_;


Hey everyone!
Rove comes back on Sunday! :D
As I said in the previous post, there are two new additions to the cast on Rove (YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, GUYS~!) and I think there'll be a guy and a girl.
The girl is Judith Lucy and I hope that the guy is Haydo (y'know the one who does the RoveDailyPlug and backstage?). idk.

I haven't blogged in awhile because, well, there's nothing to blog about.
So, I think all you followers/stalkers/whatever should comment and suggest stuff to blog about. It can be anything like, um, food or TV or Twitter or even suggest I write one of my crappy fanfics in which I pretend to be BFFs and BFs with celebrities who have no idea I exist and probably want a restraining order against me.

Collingwood play on Saturday~! And Sharrod Wellingham will be playing and it'll be Leigh Brown's 200th game. (Whoa, how did he manage that when he's only been at Collingwood for less than a year?!)
P.S. I am awesome.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


'Sup to my lovely 9 followers and hello to any stalkers out there! (Just don't stalk me, I'm not that interesting...)
Anyway, Rove comes back on TV on Sunday!
Omigod, epic win.
They are adding two people to replace Carrie and Hughesy. One of the replacements is Judith Lucy. I remember her from somewhere (probably on TGYH, idk) but I've forgotten whether she was funny or not. I get all comedians mixed up. :/

Um, and yeah.
Nothing much has happened recently... OH, WAIT, NATHAN J BROWN JUST TWEETED.. brb, reading his tweet.

Anyway, bye.
P.S. Rove comes back on Sunday. Did I mention that? I'm so excited. I've waited four weeks and I'm barely surviving.
P.P.S. Hi.
P.P.P.S. TAYG is awesome. js.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Twilight cupcakes! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's the healthiest cupcake you'll ever eat! 100% apple.

Twitter isn't working at the moment. #fail.
Apparently some hackers hacked in or something so it's malfunctioning. :(

I'm reading a website at the moment and it has some AFL players and their lookalikes. So there's one that says Mitchell Johnson looks like Scott Lucas (??? - NO WAYY!) and there's another one that says JP Duminy looks like Peter Burgoyne (well, that's a lie).
The funniest one is Barry Hall looks like Kearney! LOLLLL. :D
Another funny one: Fev looks like Sideshow Bob. Ha!

Yay, Twitter's working again! ^_______^
And Rove comes back on the 16th August. Omigod, can't wait.
Say hi to your mum for me~! #rove.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BLOG POST. Because it is.

I watched TAYG yesterday.
It was exciting. Because Gen Y won~!
And I learned the lyrics to my all-time favourite song, What's A Doodle Doo. Shaun Micallef is the best singer; he should totally audition for Australian Idol. js.

And yeah. Nikki Webster was also on TAYG. I hate her slightly less. But just slightly. Apparently she posed for Zoo Weekly. I don't know how long ago that was but anyone is an idiot for posing for a trashy magazine that sleazy men would read. Yuck, Nikki Webster, just yuck.

Well, that's a great way to lose followers, bag the hell out of Nikki Webster. No wonder Hey! Teenager of the Year has 169 followers and my blog has been going for longer yet I only have 9. Epic fail.
(Hey Teenager of the Year was just an example, okay? There are plenty of blogs which have more followers than me).

You have got to be kidding! I've got Montagna, Riewoldt and Goddard on my Dream Team and they've been doing exeptionally well AND THEY ARE ALL INJURED THIS WEEK. Whut.
And I have no trades left. WHYYYY? This is the first week of the Dream Team Finals and I have no second chance so if I lose, I'm out. :(.
So I basically have about three people on my Dream Team who will get zero and I have no player who is guaranteed to get a fantastic score (except Jimmy Bartel who is now my captain).

Whoa, Hamish Blake is on TAYG next week. You heard it here first, everyone, you totally did.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today, I got my results for the exams that I did in June.
Basically, I got an A for Accounting. And a B for Chemistry. The Accounting one wasn't a surprise but the Chemistry one was. I thought I failed that exam. Maybe they gave me sympathy marks. Aw, how sweet! :)

In other news, Kyle Sandilands got dumped from Australian Idol. Finally.
Maybe Australian Idol will get MUCH BETTER ratings this year. idk.
I might actually consider watching Aus Idol this year. If there's a cool, awesome contestant on the show, then I will.
I wonder if they'll bring back Mark Holden. He was better than Dicko, Kyle and Marcia. In my opinion, that is.
Let's name some awesome people that could replace Kyle:
  • Rove McManus. Okay, he already has his own TV show but c'mon, he'd make the show funny. HE MAKES 5TH GRADER AWESOME, OKAY? Enough said.
  • Shaun Micallef. TAYG is so popular because of the funniness which goes by the name of Shaun Micallef, sings awesome songs and does the best Woody Allen impression.
  • Matt Preston. Well, on Idol, he'll be judging singers and not food but I'm sure Channel 10 can stick a bowl of peanuts in front of him to make him feel at home.
  • Dale Thomas. It would get ratings, okay? Every teenage girl in Australia will tune in to Australian Idol on Sunday nights. Including me.
  • Matt Lee. SYTYCDA is an awesome show. js.
  • Mary Murphy. Make everyone deaf. YAY.
  • Hayden Guppy. He is pretty awesome on Rove, kk.
Suggest some more, if you like. Yes, I know my suggestions aren't very good and most of the aforementioned people have other commitments but whatev. Like, y'know, whatever.

Rove is back from Africa with facial hairs. lmao.