Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random update

Ever since I posted that Goddess review, people have been finding my blog by searching "ronan keating tattoos".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yeah, I said it.
They will.
Trust me.

We started off 2010 pretty shit, nearly losing to the Dees in Round 2, unable to kick straight against St Kilda in Round 3, losing to the pussycats in Round 7, and the Hawks in Round 22.
And a few injuries won't hurt us.
Lukey Ball is really valuable to the team, I love him just as much as the next guy. But Jarryd Blair could have the same role, right? We've got young midfielders coming out of our ears, all they need is a little confidence and the reins to really 'get in there'.

As for the other injury, Taz, who needs him*? How many premierships has he won us? Nathan J Brown on the other hand...

And yeah, Carlton are belting teams at the moment. So what? We belted the crap out of teams at the start of 2011, and we were so burnt out by the end of the season that we nearly lost to Brisbane, West Coast (semi final), and Hawks (prelim), and we did lose to the pussycats TWICE.

So, when October rolls around, we will have seen the following things (my photoshop skillz are pro):

My precious Alex Fasolo winning a cup

Carlton losing some sort of final (or better yet, not even making the finals hahahaha)

*Not a rhetorical question, the answer is me. :(