Monday, May 31, 2010


I found this really cool website.
Okay, well, it's not that cool, it's just a Google search engine.
But it will save the world.
Because it takes less energy to load a black page than a white page. FACT.
(Which is why the government are proposing to make my blog an official document and force everyone to have it as their homepage. Which I totally disagreed with, of course. I don't want randoms reading my blog, I already have enough creepy stalkers).
(And I certainly wouldn't want Dale Thomas reading my blog, as he'll definitely get a restraining order on me).

Anyhoo, the website is called "Save Watts". Which amuses me because Jack Watts totally needs saving. lol.
(Also, I wouldn't want Jack Watts reading my blog either, he'd also get a restraining order. And if any Geelong footballers read my blog, they'd come at me with knives). :/.

Anyway, you should all use the Save Watts search engine. Because I said so.

Friday, May 28, 2010


So, it's come to this. A blog post where I ramble on about Glee.
As y'all know, I watch Glee and am totally and utterly in love with it. :D.
Hence, I am going to give my opinions and what not.
  • Puck. When he was "sexting" while babysitting with Quin, I hated him. But now, in the last half of Season 1, he's growing on me. Like mould. His jazz performance was like whoa, and his Super Mario brothers obsession is win. If I were at McKinley High School, I'd join the Cheerios, sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, become popular and BAM! me and Puck will be bffs. Happy endings all round.
  • Rachel and her guy relationships. Okay, what is with these guys (Finn and Jesse) being all obsessed with Rachel? She's annoying and talkative and has an "I'm so much better than you" attitude. wtf. FINN, YOU ARE THE STAR QUARTERBACK. YOU COULD HAVE ANY GIRL IN THE SCHOOL. WHY RACHEL?
  • Kurt's "blokey" performance. Nooooo. I like him as a girly-guy who sings the Single Ladies, not a bloke who goes, "Eh, let's have a beer and watch the football." His relationship with his father was so sad, especially at the end after Kurt sang that awesomeeeeee song. Ahhhh, it was so good. :D.
  • Brittany. Ahhhh, she's been my favourite character from the beginning and always will be. I love her. Especially when Kurt's father goes, "Make sure you use protection." And Brittany goes, "...What, does he mean like a burglar alarm?" lmao.
  • Finn. Ahhh. If Puck wasn't available (or didn't like me, for some odd reason), I'd be dating Finn. No doubt about it. :D.
  • Santana and Mercedes' performance of The Boy Is Mine. Teehee. I love Santana, she's so awesome.
  • Emma. When she stood up against Will and told him it was over between them, I was so happy for her. Yessssssss, suck on that, Mr Schue! Serves you right for dating Idina Menzel and April Rose. :P.

And yeah. Post your opinions of Glee in the comment box. (Only nice comments though. If you think Glee is the worst show in the world, DO NOT COMMENT. I will hunt you down and kill you).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey everyone.
I has exams in two weeks, so if I'm not blogging much (or too much), you'll know why.
Uni is going alright, so many assignments (well, that's a slight exaggeration but whatever) and study and ughhh.

lol, funny story. After my tute (tutorial) today, we had this "focus group" thing which is like an evaluation thingy, and we just had to say what we enjoyed about the subject, what we didn't enjoy, etc.
And the person in charge (who had to take notes and stuff) was like, "Okay, this focus group is totally optional so feel free to leave at any time."
And the majority of the group (about 85%) got up and left. And me (and a few others) decided to stay because we would feel guilty if there was no one to answer the questions for the focus group.

And yeah.
Good times.
Oh and you know that "free bars" promotion that is on some of the chocolate bars?
Yeah, well, I totally bought a Twix bar and guess what?!
I won.
Oh yeah, I'm so awesome. :D.
(But then, I retrieved my free Twix bar, and I opened up the wrapper and it wasn't a winner. Booooo!).

Oh well. I guess I don't need those extra calories anyway.
Or do I?

Anyhoo, my bf is flying up to Brisbane on Friday. (I told him to stop drinking red bulls, but he wouldn't listen. And now, he has produced wings. I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy AND covered in feathers. Great).
But Dale Thomas will kick some arse on Saturday (and hopefully some goals too). :D.
And Fev and Jonathon Brown will be all like, "O_____O! This dude is owning us!"
(Hey, I just realised, Jonathon Brown will be playing against Nathan J Brown, and it'll be Brown vs Brown. Now, there's a commentators' nightmare. Haha).
(Or if Nathan J Brown isn't playing, Leigh Brown will be playing on Jonathon Brown. lol).
(Or Presti might be there. But I doubt it, because the Gabba has a hard surface apparently, and not good for someone just coming back from an injury).

Well, goodbye.
See you next time. ;).

Friday, May 21, 2010


It's Dayne Beams!
He's so cute. :D.
He kicked a super goal right before half time, to put the Pies back in the game.
But, unfortunately, he couldn't get a goal in the 4th quarter, and Collingwood lost by 36.
(But it wasn't Beamsy's fault AT ALL, because he kicked 4 goals).

Anyway, Jimmy Bartel was really mean and didn't listen to me.
I told him to go easy on Collingwood and let them win, but alas, Jimmy isn't like the Freo players and doesn't obey my commands. Booo.

And Gary Ablett was also mean, him and his baldness. (Or as some people say, "his baby-like features". Haha).

And in the picture is my lovely bf, who looks like he's about to kick the ball, but is really planning on kicking Jimmy Bartel (who is behind him) back into the closet, just the way Aker wants it. :P.

Yeah, I really hate Geelong. REALLY.

Hopefully, my weekend gets better. And you know how it can get better?
If Jack Watts kicks 10 goals and wins the match. Come on, Jacky, I have faith in you!

Anyway, next week, Collingwood will take Brisbane Lions, and thrash their pants off.
(Except maybe not Fev's pants, they can stay on).
(Actually, all the Brisbane Lion's players' pants can stay on. Ew).

Oh and in non-footy news, guess who got 100% for their Statistics assignment?
I know right.
I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T.

Speaking of which, I was watching the Simpsons last night and guess what episode it was?!
Favourite quote-
Smithers: I told you so.
Mr. Burns: Smithers, did you know "I told you so" has a brother? His name is SHUT THE HELL UP.

Omg. That quote was used in Breaking Dawn. Which is one of the main reasons I like Twilight.
(Basically, if you quote from the Simpsons, I love you and you are made of awesome).


Thursday, May 20, 2010


And by "defending", I mean "getting a sword and threatening people to back off".
Jason Akermanis (more commonly known as Aker, Handstand Dude or That Guy Who Got Kicked Out Of Brisbane Lions With The Blonde Hair And Brown Beard) wrote an article today saying that footballers should not come out as gay.

And this has become even more controversial in the media than that time when Aker said the footballs were shaped differently and were affecting his kicking skillz.
So, I am blogging to say, "LEAVE AKER ALONEEEE!!!111!!"

He's only stating his opinion. And homosexuality is a very touchy subject for some people, because of the church being so "ehhh, gay people aren't allowed in society" attitude.
Which I don't agree with, of course.
But I do agree with Aker.
Aker isn't being homophobic. He isn't saying he hates gay people. He's just saying he doesn't think footballers should come out of the closet.

And he backs this up with an anecdote (which is very effective).
Basically, Aker once played in a football team (not in the AFL, another league) where there was an openly gay footballer. And the team had a very good win, and were all showering together naked (as footballers do). And then, the openly gay footballer walks in, and the other footballers quickly put their towels on and walked out.
Hence, it makes an awkward situation if there's an openly gay footballer, not because the other footballers are homophobic but because it's just awkward. Especially when it's such a team sport, everyone's got to stick together, etc etc.

Showering in front of a gay man would be awkward, from a footballer's point of view.
"Is he perving on me? Should I ask him? Is it polite to ask him about his personal issues? Does he admire me?" is what the footballer would be thinking.

I think Aker is right. Open homosexuality does not belong on the football field.
Especially with Stephen Milne around.
(lol, jk, I'm sure Milne isn't homophobic, I just remember when he called Paul Licuria a "homosexual" to which Mick Malthouse replied, "You f*cking rapist!").

(I will probably lose followers over this, but whatever. I'm sticking with Aker's opinion).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I haven't blogged in ages, have I?
What a failure.
Anyway, hello to all my lovely followers who all keep an eye out for my blog posts! (lol, I'm sure you all have a life, hence wouldn't bother doing this. But let's just say you do).

Collingwood beat Freo last weekend. Yay.
But alas, poor little Fremantle. They have worked so hard this year, and Collingwood just *had* to beat them by 30 points or something. Rude.
And more bad news happened to Freo. One of their players, Michael Johnson, got caught with Coke (he was thirsty, okay! Leave the poor dude alone!) and is probably suspended or something, idk. Whatever.
The point is that Freo have got a number of injuries (i.e. Luke McPharlin, who just happens to be on my Dream Team, whut) and now, thisssssssss.
Now, when the finals draw near, I hope Collingwood and Fremantle both make it to the Grand Final. (If not Collingwood, I hope Melbourne gets there. It doesn't matter. I just want either Jack Watts or Dale Thomas to play in a Grand Final).
And Freo > Collingwood in the Grand Final. And they'll be all like, ":P. SUCK IT, ALL YOU BITCHES! ...Except for you, Michael Johnson, you've had enough. :/."
Haha. :D.

And yeah.
Collingwood are playing Geelong this Friday.
And Geelong will get THRASHED and will DIEEEEEE. (Except for Jimmy Bartel, he shall be spared).
(And Gary Ablett's dead body will be shipped to the Gold Coast. So that they can see the blood and horror of what could've been a star for the Gold Coast. Haha).
I'm sorry if you're eating your dinner as you read this. I'll keep it G-rated from now on.

OH WAIT, I HAVE GOOD NEWS. But I'll write it in black writing, and warn you all that it may seem disgusting. Because it is. (But it also seems very fun, lol).
In Biology next semester, we get to dissect a cane toad.
I know right.
(I don't like cane toads, hence it will be awesome to stab it with a knife. Haha).
I wonder if the cane toads that we have to dissect are full of poison and diseases... I'll store the poison in a jar and feed it to whoever I feel deserves it. (So far, it's going in Dale Thomas' girlfriend's dinner. But the next victim is Mitchell Johnson's girlfriend. Because she is evil. EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL).

And I'm done. Goodbye.
See you next time.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So, yesterday, Collingwood thrashed North Melbourne by 66 points. :D.

And this guy (Steele Sidebottom, aka Rusty, who is in the picture above) was AWESOME. He kicked 5 goals and the commentators were all like, "It's his birthday!" (It wasn't really his birthday, lol).

And during the match, ads would on after every goal and at quarter time, half time and three quarter time. (As per usual).
But one ad that was frequently played was an ad for Steel boots. ("Steel" is the company, I think. The boots aren't made out of steel).
And it was funny, 'cause Rusty was playing really well. (Maybe he was wearing those boots, hmm...).

Anyway, Rusty won the plasma TV for being the best player on ground (according to the commentators).
Although, the commentators mentioned that they were going to give the TV to Dane Swan or Heath Shaw, but seeing as Swan and Shaw probably have a house full of plasma TV's due to ALWAYS being the best on ground, the commentators gave the TV to Rusty. :D.

And I made this Clerihew poem:
Steele Sidebottom
Mother's Day, he had forgotten
So, he kicked 5 goals at the 'G
And won her a big plasma TV

And even though Collingwood thrashed North Melbourne, the player above (not Harry, I mean the REALLY REALLY blonde one) played really well. His name is Ben Warren and he kicked 2 goals. :D.

And I totally think little Benny, here, should get a whole Aker haircut, and grow a nice brown beard. And he'll do a couple of handstands and complain about the size of the ball, and there you have it - another Jason Akermanis. ^____^

(Seeing as Aker is probably retiring at the end of this year, we need another Aker running around on the field, y'know).

Ah, good times. ;).

EDIT: I just realised I didn't write anything about my bf. Oops. Well, here goes: Dale Thomas kicked a goal and played really well, and if Swannie, Shaw and Rusty weren't playing, Dale may have gotten that big plasma TV. Oh and also, Dale got 106 points for my Dream Team and it got doubled because he is my captain. Yay.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is my Twitter page currently (and by "currently", I mean as I'm typing this now. By the time you read this, those figures above may have changed).
Basically, if you looked at the line with "Following Followers Listed", it goes 1 2 8 8 2 1.
I know right.
Pretty awesome.
(I will probably never follow anyone again, never accept anyone's request again, and never be listed in a list EVER AGAIN as I don't not want to change these figures).
(I am a loser. I already know that).
(Say hi to your mum for me!).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


To overload your computer with cuteness...

Om nom nom, cookies! :D.

It's funny, teehee. ^_____^

That is my car (that I want in the future).

Yo, my awesome followers/creepy stalkers!
I have important news for all of you: GLEE'S ON TONIGHT!!!111!!
It's the Madonna episode, where they sing Madonna songs, and Kurt and Mercedes join the Cheerios and it shall be awesome. :D.

Sorry for not blogging lately (well, it FEELS as if I haven't blogged lately) but I've been doing assignments and stuff for uni, because my whole USB decided to stop working and be gay. :/.
And now, the worst thing about it, I've lost all my Dale Thomas comics. ALL OF THEM. Damn youuuuuuu, USB!
Anyway, I'm back.
In other news of the wonderful AFL, Ricky Petterd got injured and is out for whole season. Nooooooo. Doesn't he realise he's on my Dream Team and needs to be UNinjured? FAIL WHALE.
Oh and when I heard Ricky P being injured, I was like, "Oh goodie, Jack Watts will come back!" But no, Dean Bailey was like, "Jack just needs more time to find his feet."

Anyhoo, moving on to other AFL news, my lovely Dale Thomas has been saying "no" to go on the Footy Show. Yessssss. (See, I really hate the Footy Show, and I don't want my bf going on that show. It's a boring show, okay).
Well, I don't know if Dale Thomas likes the Footy Show or not, but he doesn't want to go on the Footy Show (or anything else for that matter) because he wants to focus on his footy and stuff.
(Although, he is on Nova on Friday mornings but I think that's an exception).
(Hey, I don't know what'll happen when Collingwood have to play Freo in Subiaco on Friday night. Will Dale still be on Nova in the morning? Hmm...).

Anyway, back to the news of AFL.
Gary Ablett was partying hard at the Logies, lol. (Although, he didn't drink anything but water... or that's what he said anyway..).
And a lot of celebrities were tweeting at the Logies (un-AFL related) and Catherine Deveny was making crude comments like, "Oh, hey, it's Rove and Tasma! I hope Tasma doesn't die too...".
Deveny got sacked by The Age for that comment (and for other comments too). Haha.

And now, to the news on Masterchef, they cooked meals for a child's birthday party last night. :D.
(Of course, I didn't see the birthday day, I found this out via Twitter).
Andandand Phillipe was nearly eliminated (because the kiddies only gave him three votes) but luckily two other people got lower votes than him and he's SAFE. ^_____^

And goodbye, say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.