Thursday, April 30, 2009


Heath Shaw and Maxwell are playing tonight. WIN.
Rove is going to win the Gold Logie on Sunday. So, Home & Away fans can DIEEEE.
Because, y'know, Channel 10 > Channel 7. Well, any channel with the Simpsons is better than anything. :D

Athletics Carnival today.
A day where I sit around and do nothin'.
In that order.

SAY HI TO YOUR MUM FOR ME. #rove #awesomeness #he'sgettingagoldlogie #i'mgettingswinefluKIDDING

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Thank God You're Here was on last night.
I was going for Cal Wilson but no, some other guy had to win. He was still funny though. :)
And Damien Fleming did this thingy where he had to talk about the Australian Synchrotron. It reminded me of a Chemistry lesson. Because we had to research the Australian Synchrotron to answer one of the questions in our textbooks. :|.

The Simpsons was also on but I missed that. Why does Channel 10 put The Simpsons on AT THE SAME TIME as Thank God You're Here? FAIL.

And yeahhh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Umm, yes.
Wipeout should be on TV today but no, they decided to take it off. FAIL.
But guess what is on tomorrow night???
Well, yes, it is good that you are here but I was talking about the TV show.
Don't ask me why it was moved to Channel 7. My only theory is that Shane Bourne was too lazy to be on two channels. It is either that or the fact that Channel 7 offered Shane Bourne millions of dollars for him to stay at Channel 7. :|.

On Twitter, Cal Wilson was like, "Masterchef is just making me want to eat and eat and eat." And I'm like, "That's why I don't watch Masterchef, lol."
So yeah.
Does anyone watch Masterchef, jw?

Anyway, my Dream Team are coming 12th on the ladder. :|
Because I put Richo on my team just before Round 5 started, thinking that he'd go really well.
But no, he decided to get himself injured. Or something like that, idk.
But Jimmy Bartel and Jack Riewoldt went FABULOUSLY well. Win.
Also, I have about 1 million Collingwood players on my team yet none of them got a decent score. (And when I said "decent", I meant over 100).
The only Collingwood players who got over 100 were ones like Pendlebury and Swan. AND GUESS WHAT? THEY WEREN'T ON MY DREAM TEAM. EPIC FAIL.

To finish this post, here is a picture of the cutest child in the entire universe.
Dale's girlfriend's niece

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yes. She did. :D
Charlie and Talia were in the Final 2 and Nat Bass was like, "And the winner of So You Think You Can Dance 2009 is... -drum roll- ..."
And I'm like, "TALIAAAAA."
And Nat Bass goes, "Talia."

Rove was also on last night. Epic win. Except it isn't on next week because Rove will be receiving his Gold Logie next week. (I haven't voted - do you think I should?).
Some awesome things that happened on Rove:
  • Haydo's hair. It is awesomeeeee. HE GOT A HAIRCUT. lol.
  • Haydo and Nick's Dance-off in the RoveDailyPlug. Haydo won. ^___^
  • Pete has a beard. So, Rove was teasing him saying, "Beardy." And Pete goes, "At least I can grow one." And Rove goes, ":| ... That's true. Sympathise with me... and VOTE!"
  • Matt Lee taking off his hat. And here I was thinking his hat was GLUED to his head. Anyhoo, Matt has a fringe. It looks awesome, kk.
  • Gretel Killeen. Um. Big Brother was crap but her books are AWESOME. My Life is a Toilet, My Life is a Boob Tube, etc.
  • Carrie Bickmore. Always funny.
  • Y'know who else was funny and cracking jokes left, right and centre? CHARLIE. Charlie. pls stop making us feel guilty for not voting for you. We're sorry, okay?
  • Rove's PIN number is 8742. Thank you Carrie, for that information. Brb, Rove's monies is MINEEEEEE.
  • Um. Talia was on the show. WIN. She was awesome even though she was still shocked from winning against Charlie. ^________^
  • Amy Winehouse is writing a children's book! lmfao. Children of the future will have corrupt minds. Amy Winehouse is making sure innocent children are no longer here.
And yeah. That's all that I can think of. I don't know who will be on next week. Because they didn't say on the basis that Rove is at the Logies next week. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


SYTYCDA is ending tonight so I'm doing a Best Moments Tribute.
BIGGEST SHOCK: When Lamb went home. It meant that I couldn't continue my "Lamb Chop" jokes. Whut.
BEST GROUP ROUTINE: Matt Lee's Top 4 routine to Womaniser. Good song and good choreographer. Win.
BIGGEST LAUGH: When Bonnie and Jason RAVED about the routine and then, Matt goes, "I didn't like it at all." And everyone goes, "O___O. WHUT?" And Matt goes, "KIDDING!" Also, anothor lol-moment was when Jason goes, "I hope you all pick up the phone and dance."
BEST DANCE FOR YOUR LIFE: Um. I can't remember them but I'll just say BJ's DFYL when he danced to Get Shakey.
BIGGEST TRAGEDY: When BJ was eliminated. ;_;
BIGGEST KLEENEX MOMENT: When Kat and BJ left on the same night.
BEST COUPLES ROUTINE: BJ and Talia's Dead And Gone routine. Win. ^____^

And yeah. :D


UPDATE: I just replied to Rove's tweet by saying, "Hi Rove, my mum says hi."
Oh, pls reply, Rove. lmao.


Um, well, Collingwood lost. Fail. :(
And um.. Patrick Ryder should die. idk.
Anyhoo, Collingwood will go better against Kangaroos next week. ^___^

So, um.. my weekend will be spoiled if Talia loses as well. Ugh.
Y'all have to vote.
CALL 1902 55 55 63.
SMS "TALIA" TO 19 10 10.
I read in the newspaper that Talia was the favourite. EPIC WIN.

Hm. I'm hoping Dale Thomas got a lot of points for my Dream Team. I think he had a lot of tackles. idk. Anyway, he's my Captain so he HAS to get points. :)
J.Anthony kicked 4 goals. He is also on my Dream Team. Win.

Before The Game is on tonight! ^____^
And Thank God You're Here is on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. :D
OMIGOD, I CAN'T WAIT. The only problem is that The Simpsons is on at 8 pm on the same night. OH, TV, DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE?

Anyhoo, bye.
SAY HI TO YOUR MUM FOR ME. #rove #awesome #lol

Thursday, April 23, 2009


School is great.
Nothing much has happened due to the fact that the teacher like to give us lots of homework. :|
Plus, there are exams in June. Fail.
Oh and I totally aced my Maths SAC yesterday. I think everyone did. They should really make it harder. I mean, they told us to learn all this stuff (like compound angle formula) but it wasn't even on the test. Whut.
Oh well. It was easy. :D

My Dream Team is going fabulously.
I traded off two players and got two new players in return. (I think I has Richo now. Win).
Hopefully I win this time because last round, I failed epically.
As for my footy tipping, this week was easy. Except for the Port Adelaide vs Saints. Um... does St. Kilda go well at AAMI stadium? idk. I just tipping St. Kilda, I think. :/

Anyhoo, byeeee.
Oh and in the book I'm reading at the moment (Game As Ned by Tim Pegler), the guy, Ned, he doesn't speak. And I'm like, "JUST TALK." Because Ned was the only witness to the rape. And now, the bully can't go to jail because no one believes the girl, Erin, was actually raped. :(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, I just watched The Simpsons.
It was awesome with Lisa and Juliet being BFFLs and they made up a fantasy world. ;)
And Principal Skinner was saying how he reads the students' Facebook pages. lmfao. I wonder if my Principal reads my Facebook page... Oh god, she's probably reading it right now. NOOOOOOOOO.
Anyhoo, in the Simpsons episode, Lisa had to stop seeing Juliet because her schoolwork was being affected. And Marge was all like, "You can't see Juliet anymore."
Whut. Why does everything relate to Taylor Swift?
Oh and Lisa totally knelt on the ground and said, "MARRY ME JULIET, YOU NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE, I LOVE YOU AND THAT'S ALL I REALLY KNOW~!"

Anyways, my rant is about what happened in the credits.
The credits came up. Normally I think, "BOOOOOOOORING. -turn off-"
But in these credits, Bart goes, "FALL OUT BOY". And I go, "OMIGOD, ily."
And FOB music starts playing. But then, some stupid ads come on. WHUUUUUUUT?
So, apparently, Fall Out Boy played the Simpsons theme song (just like Green Day did) and it was played in the end credits. AND I MISSED IT. Epic fail.
Channel 10, just so you know, I do not want to see your stupid ads for Merlin. It sounds boring. I hate dragon shows/movies. They breathe fire and kill people. Whereas, Fall Out Boy do not. Yes, Pete might kill people with AIDS but he can't help having AIDS. 40 million people have HIV/AIDS so therefore, it isn't deadly.
So, Channel 10, put your stupid ads ( especially that dancing eyebrows Cadbury one) in your pipe and smoke it.

Anyhoo, Channel 10 are still awesome because of the ROVEEEEEEEE AND SYTYCDA AND SIMPSONS AND BEFORE THE GAME. And also, they would be cooler if they axed the Biggest Loser and put a good show on at 7 pm. (Channel 9 would also be cool if they put Wipeout back on..)

Anyhoo, that's the end, my friends.
Vote Talia. Call 1902 55 55 63.
SMS "TALIA" to 19 10 10.


lmfao. That's funny. :)
Cedric Diggory is a VAMPIRE. He doesn't need Cho Chang anymore - he has Kristen Stewart. And he'll go back to Hogwarts and all the girls will be like, "OOH, IT'S A VAMPIRE!" And then, they'll be screaming, "OMIGOD" every time they see him. LOL.

Um, yes.
Emily Blunt is a voice actor for The Simpsons.
THE PLUG: Watch The Simpsons tonight at 8pm (22nd April).
She was on The Devil Wears Prada (y'know, the movie with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep). And she was like, "I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint, I eat a cube of cheese."

Monday, April 20, 2009


Vote for Talia.
SMS TALIA TO 19 10 10
CALL 1902 55 55 63
If you don't vote, I'll come to your house with flaming pitchforks. (Or just a flaming hot chocolate, lmao)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I watched Rove and SYTYCDA last night. (As I usually do).
Best parts of SYTYCDA:
  • Talia and Charlie's dance to Warwick Avenue by Duffy. The song was awesome (much better than "I Rain On Your Parade With A Really High-Pitched Voice")
  • Charlie did a solo to Revelry by Kings Of Leon. Win.
  • Talia's dress for her solo. I want it. ;)
  • Charlie and Ben's dance to Gene Kelly. The song was Dancing With Myself which I has on my iPod. Epic win.
Best parts on Rove:
  • Jason Mraz performed. ^_______^
  • Arj Barker. 'Nuff said.
  • K-Rudd's segment.
  • Breaking news: The puppy has entered the White House. I repeat, the puppy has entered the White House.
  • Haydo when he was doing backstage. :)
  • Hamish & Andy segment. When Andy "wet" his pants. lmfao.
  • Haydo's RoveDaily Plug. When Haydo shot the other guy, I half-expected music to start playing, "MMM WHATCHU SAYYY..."
  • Petespace. My business card is awesome, kk.
  • Carrie At The Newsdesk. She always makes me laugh.
  • Hamish & Andy answering the big question.
  • TALIA IS ON ROVE NEXT WEEK. SCORE! (Well, they said the winner is on Rove but we all know who that is).
  • I has an ear on my arm. I can hear youuu.
And yeah.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just to let you all know, Talia is favourite to win SYTYCDA (According to the Dance forums whose source is Sportingbet).
But the voting, of course, hasn't started yet.
So, no one knows how the voting will go. SO, YOU HAVE TO VOTE. :)

I also went to see Confessions Of A Shopaholic on Friday. 17 Again was much better but both movies were good and funny and such.
I'd recommend you all see both these movies but if you are only wanting to see one, choose 17 Again.

School starts again on Monday (FAIL!) so yeah.
And also, I'm on 3/5 in my Footy Tipping. (Because I tipped Carlton and Hawthorn. Epic fail).
Hopefully, my Dream Team wins this round. My Captain (Dale Thomas) only got 120 points in total and apparently, Jimmy Bartel and Koschitzke are injured. Koschitzke didn't get many points either. ;_;

Oh well.
Chris Judd and Paul Medhurst and Tarkyn Lockyer went well. And I'm sure everyone else got a good score too. ^_______^

Friday, April 17, 2009


And Harry O'Brien and Dale Thomas were probs thinking, "OMG, DROWN HIM, DROWN HIM!"
And Travis Cloke(?) and Toovey(?) were probably thinking, "O_O! UMM.."


This is from Steph who is the awesomest person in the whole world. She is basically MADE of awesome. If you looked up "awesome" in the dictionary... Oh, don't worry, you get the point.
Anyway, I got this award for: "This award goes to awesome people who make the time to comment on other's posts."

The people I'm giving the award to:
  1. Sam13. Also awesome. We has the same birthday. LOL. And we both like Dale Thomas.
  2. Sonja.
  3. Steph.
  4. DogzRock.
  5. Aidan. Hasn't commented for awhile as he's in Japan but, y'know, whatever.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay, so the picture on the previous post didn't work. FAIL.
It was just a picture of Talia drinking Ribena. idk.

I've done my footy tipping for this week. There was a cartoon in the newspaper and it was like, "Demons vs Richmond, what a joke" or something like that. :D
I just tipped Richmond because I just did. idk.

Jason Mraz is on Rove on Sunday!! Win.
I'm hoping that Collingwood win tonight and that Dale Thomas (my Dream Team captain), Dayne Beams, Tarkyn Lockyer, Marty Clarke, Nathan J. Brown, Josh Fraser, Paul Medhurst (why is he on my Dream Team??? EW) and Jack Anthony get lots of goals and many kicks and handballs and tackles and yeah. Because the aforementioned players are on my Dream Team. And they need to get a helluva lot of points cuz it is the start of the Dream Team season. ;)



IT IS TALIA! ^_________^
I love how she is totally doing PRODUCT PLACEMENT yet probably doesn't realise it. lmao.
Ribena, anyone?
They should totally use this picture for their ads, rofl.
Anyhoo, y'all should vote for Talia. Because the whole of Dubbo will vote for Charlie. DAMN YOU, DUBBO!

I saw 17 Again today. :D
It was awesome. And so funny.
I recommend you all go and see it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


lmfao. "I know what you are... your skin is pale white and ice cold. You're impossibly fast." "Say it, out loud." "ICE-CREAM CAKE."

Aw, so cute. ^____^


I removed the gross picture from my blog. lmao.
Also: I had a request to remove it by ~Mr. Anonymous~.
It's alright, Mr. Anonymous, you can stay anonymous. But I know your I.P. address when you left your comment.

Mr. Anonymous, I has no idea who you are. You are safe. And anonymous.

Monday, April 13, 2009


LOL. Funny quotes:

Lemony Snicket: When I met you, I was lonely and you were pretty. Now I am pretty lonely.

Meg: He's going back to Cecilia? I can't believe I'm actually jealous!
Lois: I can't believe I actually touched him.
Peter: And I still can't believe it's not butter!

Peter: Wait, wait, wait, wait a second. You're tellin' me that I came all the way to Kentucky to get some of your fried chicken, and the Colonel isn't even workin' today?!?

Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'
Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.

Lois: So doctor, is Peter healthy?
Doctor: My goodness, you'll be dead within a month.
Peter: What?
Doctor (revealing comic he was reading): Oh, Hagar the Horrible, if you keep up that lifestyle of pillaging and eating giant turkey legs, you'll be dead within a month. Now, onto you.
Peter: So, what do you think? Pretty healthy, eh?
Doctor: Well, Mr. Griffin, let's take a look at your physical results. Argh! There's a spider in here. Now, here we go. Mr Griffin, you're going to expire in a month.
Peter/Lois: Argh!
Doctor: This is your driver's licence, isn't it? Now, unfortunately, I'm afraid you're going to die...
Peter: Argh!
Doctor: ...when you watch these Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.
Lois: Will you just tell us how Peter's health is?!
Doctor: Ah, Mr. Griffin, I'm not quite sure how to say this. Kim Bassinger? Bass singer? Bassinger? But now, onto the cancer.
Lois: Oh my goodness!
Doctor: You are a Cancer, right? You were born in July? Now onto these test results. My, they're much worse than I thought.
Peter/Lois: Oh!
Doctor: My son got a D minus on his history test. Now Mr Griffin, that liver's got to come out.
Lois: What?!
Doctor: It's been in the microwave for three minutes, it'll get dry. Now-
Lois: Please, please, we can't take any more schtick.. Please just tell us, is Peter healthy?
Doctor: Oh, yeah, he's fine, he's just really fat.


I got 5 in my footy tipping.
And I want to ask you all: Who should I tip out of Melbourne and Richmond? idk.

I just read the TV Week blog. She blogged about SYTYCDA on Sunday.
All her favourites have left the competition so the blog was a bit.. um... negative.
But she doesn't like the judges either (especially Bonnie and Jason) so that's good. I don't like Bonnie and Jason either. ;)

Talia will win.
Talia will win.
Talia will win.
Talia will win.
Yes, Talia will win So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

And yeahhhh.
My Dream Team is going well. I has Chris Judd, Jimmy Bartel and a few others who get 100 every week. I hope Nick Maxwell isn't on my Dream Team. He got suspended. For two weeks. ;_;
And Heath Shaw probably got suspended too. For touching the umpire. Fail.


LOL, um... look at the picture on the right.
It is funny. idk. Hence the caption "ANYONE FOR CHAMPAGNE".
Btw~, I got 5 in my footy tipping. I can't believe I picked Carlton and Fremantle. Don't ask me why I picked them. :|

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I watched Rove and SYTYCDA last night.
The SYTYCDA was just a "Easter Special" where all the Top 20 dancers performed once. (or in Gianne's case, twice).
The best dance: BJ and Kat. (And Lamb's, lmfao).
Best choreographer: Nacho Pop.
Best group dance: Top 4. (i.e. Talia, Charlie, Amy and Ben). Choreographed by Matt Lee. AND THEY DANCED TO WOMANIZER! ^_________^

Some of my favourite parts on Rove:
  • K-Rudd's segment. Hilarious, as per usual. :)
  • When Adam Hills told his Inflatable joke. Ahem. "There once was an inflatable boy. He went to an inflatable school with inflatable teachers, furniture,students, etc. One day, the boy came to school with a pin. The principal said to the boy, "You've let me down, the school down and yourself down." lmao.
  • PeteSpace. ^____^
  • Ryan Shelton. Okay, I lied about taking two chocolates from the church. I actually stuffed my pockets full. ;)
  • The fact that Jason Mraz is performing next week on Rove. Win.
  • Arj Barker is also on Rove next week. SCORE!
  • And yeah. Basically the whole thing was awesome. Except for the fact that Haydo wasn't on. WHYYY?
As Lamb Chop walked offstage after her performance, she hugged Jesse.
"Oh, that was FABULOUS!" Lamb squealed.
"I know," Jesse replied.
Lamb had done her performance with Jesse. They had danced as "lost tourists" and they had to "dance their way out of the problem".
"I think the judges LOVED it," Lamb commented, standing next to Jesse and her BF, Pork Ribs.
Jesse smiled. "Mmhmm."
They watched the Top 4 do their dance. It was choreographed by Matt Lee. IT WAS FABULOUS. The audience loved it.
Talia and the others came offstage. Lamb ran up to hug Talia. "OMIGOD, you were so good," Lamb congratulated.
"Mmm, I know," Talia said, hugging Lamb.
Lamb wandered around. She sat in her room. Tim was also there.
"Oh, Tim, have a fabulous time on the Top 10 Dance tour," Lamb cried, "I'll miss you."
Tim looked up abruptly. "What? Where are you going?" Tim asked, shocked.
"Well, I want to see you at the Finale but... well... BJ is hungry now," Lamb explained.
"Huh? Lamb, you don't have to do this? What about Lamb-omatic, hm?" Tim said, grabbing Lamb's trotters.
"I have to, Tim. Lamb-omatic ended when I was eliminated. I promised BJ that he could have his favourite meal," Lamb said, walking towards the door.
"NO, LAMB, I WON'T LET YOU," yelled Tim, crying.
But Lamb had already gone.


Yes, I made this on Paint.
Pretty crappy, yeah?
Oh well. There's Dale Thomas and Buddy and Jimmy and the wonderful BEEEEJAYYY.

Happy Easter everyone!
I got a big chocolate egg and a chocolate bunny. And when I was walking out of the church, there was a basket of Easter Eggs. So, I totally took two. ^________^

SYTYCDA is on tonight. It is an ~Easter Special~. With all of the Top 20.
BJ and Kat and Talia and E-man and Lamb (I can continue my Lamb Chop jokes, lol).
And Rove is on tonight with Adam Hills, Hugh Jackman, Ben Harper and maybe some actors from Fast & Furious. idk.

In other news, Buddy Franklin (y'know, the guy that everyone loves) kicked 4 goals today.
That means that he's kicked 11 for the season. Only 89 goals to go, Buddy. 89.

And also, I've been listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a lot.
I really like the song Zero, btw.
And I've been thinking... has anyone noticed that some people say "ask" and other people say "arsk"? Because Taylor Swift and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs say "ask" but I (and many others, c'mon admit it) say "arsk".
idk. I think it's an American thing to say "ask". Ugh, I've probably confused you.

Anywayz, I'll leave you now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pretty Talia. ^__^
I hope she wins.
Last year, the winner of SYTYCDA got to go on Rove. HOPEFULLY, that will happen this year. I want Talia on Rove. I love her smile. :D


Do you know what this is? It's a Flaming Hot Chocolate. Do you know where to get them? Torquay. kk.
No, I didn't go to Torquay. :/
But Dale Thomas did. ^______^

I heard Beyonce's new song on the radio. The one called Diva.
And I thought she said, "I'm NOT, I'm NOT a diva, etc."
So, there I am, singing along to the lyrics above. Of course, they don't make any sense but what do I care?
So, anyhoo, I just checked the REAL lyrics. And Beyonce says, "I'm a, I'm a diva, etc."
Am I an idiot?
Yes. Yes I am.

In other news, Collingwood lost on Thursday. :(
And West Coast got THRASHED. By ST.KILDA. LOL. That is so amusing because I didn't know West Coast were such a bad team. Wow, I think we know who'll get the wooden spoon this year. Should we just hand it to them now? Yes, West Coast have won a game this season but holy cow, they got thrashed by ST.KILDA!
West Coast, you are the new owners of the wooden spoon. Treat it with respect. ;)

Anyhoo, it is Easter tomorrow.
Chocolateeeee. *drools*

And Rove and SYTYCDA are on tomorrow night!!! Win.
Before The Game is on tonight. One of the special guests is THE Adam "Burger Ring" Cooney. Epic win.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay, my previous post basically said, "I need a hobby - think of one for me."
And because I only got one idea (thanks Sam), I'll ask you all a different question.
What hobbies do YOU do?
And don't bother saying something like "homework" or "studying". NOT A HOBBY.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Just thought I'd put another picture of the ~sexy Talia~ on here. ^____^
I really want Talia to win. Have I told you all that? (Correct Answer: ALL THE TIME.)

So, it is holidays. YAY.
Well, it has been holidays for awhile now. Basically, this is my sixth day of holidays and it has been fabulous. Sleeping in, doing nothing, FUN. D:
But I feel like I need a hobby or something.
I mean, all I've doing these holidays is: wasting time on the internet (yes, I'm admitting Twitter, Facebook and Myspace is a waste of time) and homework.

So. I'll get to the point.
I need a hobby. (I would just get a job but then I have to do all the induction stuff and training and I have homework/studying/exams).
And I want a hobby/job because in November, when I finish my exams, I won't have homework/studying to do. I'll be wasting time on the internet which is NOT a good thing. Dale Thomas will need to get a restraining order. :(

SO, HERE'S THE PART WHERE YOU (yes, I meant you eating the bread) HELP ME.
Just suggest some ideas. Any ideas.
And don't just write "drawing" or "reading". Be specific.
E.g. Write a story about 40,000 words or something. Except you can't use that example. Go and think of your own.

So yeah.
Maybe my hobby should be ~private investigating~. That's what the guy did on the Simpsons. He had to find out info about Lisa. And Ralph was like, "Lisa's a girl at my school." And the Privete Investigator was like, "Um, yes. >_>"
I should ~investigate~ people. Like what Gracie is doing. Gracie would approve of that. Teddy would not. But Teddy is still awesomeee. He's like the twin brother I never had. ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, if you read my Lamb story (Part 1), then you want Part 2, yeah?
Well, here it is.

~PART 2~
Lamb Chop sat on her bed of hay and cried. She never received a call to say that she could come back instead of Penny. The rules had said Gianne was to go back. Damn.
Suddenly, the phone rang. She was going to be back on the show on Sunday for an EASTER SPECIAL!
All the top 20 would be there including Talia (her BFF), Tim (her dance partner) and Pork (her BF whose last name is Ribs).

So Lamb quickly picked out some fabulous clothes and caught the first bus to Sydney.
When the bus reached the Dance studios, Lamb got off and walked into the studios.
"LAMB!" yelled Talia, running over to hug her, "YOU'RE BACK!"
Lamb hugged Talia back. "Yes. For the Easter Special."
"GUESS WHAT, LAMB?" Talia squealed.
"What? Are you back here too for the Easter Special?" Lamb asked.
"Um, yeah. BUT I'M IN THE TOP 4!" Talia grinned.
"Aw, well done. Who else?" Lamb smiled back at Talia, "Tim?"
"Uh, no. There's Charlie, me, Ben and Amyy!" Talia said, "BJ got eliminated. ;_;"
"OIC." Lamb put her suitcase in Talia's room.

All the dancers sat down for dinner. Lasagna!
Lamb squeezed in between her BFF (Talia) and her BF (Pork). Pork was the guy who did the Twitter updates or the "man upstairs" as everyone referred to him. Except he wasn't a "man", he was a pig. A sexy pig.

After dinner, Lamb went to practise her dance for Sunday night.
Lamb was sharing a room with Talia, E-man and Tim. It was awesome. E-man was telling them all his stories. He had been away from SYTYCD for awhile now so he had many stories.
"Isn't it sad how me and Lamb don't get to tour with the STYTCDA dancers?" E-man commented.
"Yeah." Talia burst into tears.
"Talia, we aren't dead. We are still here," Lamb said, firmly.
"I know.." Talia blubbed, "But.. but.. I'll miss you."

Awhile later, Lamb, Talia, E-man and Tim went to sleep. They had a long day that day and it would be a looooooong day tomorrow.

When they woke up, it was morning. The day before the Easter Special.
Lamb rubbed her eyes and followed Tim out to breakfast. All the other dancers were already there, including her BFF and BF.
"Good morning," Lamb told everyone, before sitting down next to Pork.
"I love you so much," Lamb told Pork.
"I love you so much it's retarded," Pork replied. #nickandnorah #lol

Part 3 will be up AFTER the Easter Special on Sunday. kk.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I just thought I'd comment on the Top 4 dancers in SYTYCDA. ;)
I still want BJ back in the competition. ;_;
Okay, in the photo above, from left to right, there's Talia, Charlie, Amy and Ben.

Okay. Charlie is from Dubbo. In the audience of SYTYCDA, there are many signs saying, "DUBBO LOVES CHARLIE" and the like.
He will probably win because he is so much like Jack from last year. And he has a WHOLE town voting for him. (Explains why he has never "danced for his life").

The red dress is pretty.
I kinda like Amy. But then, sometimes I don't. idk.
She comes across as a good dancer yet tries hard to be ~sexy~. Like, she's a dancer with a good technique but tries to make it into a sexy technique thinking that it will get her votes.
Well, it has, I guess. I suppose other people see her differently. idk.

He's too much of a show-off. In his Dance For Your Life last night, he took off his shirt and started showing-off to the crowd. Whut.

Now, I said that Amy's dress was pretty. But Talia's is WAYYYYY prettier.
Talia is a ballet dancer so you'd think that she couldn't do Hip-Hop and Jazz and what not.
She can do ~anything~.
Anywayz, Amy is TRYING to be sexy; but Talia IS sexy.
But she's so sweet. And gorgeous.
I really really really want her to win. REALLY.

But I have theory (which I got from Loathing Lola) that reality TV shows have producers and writers and scripts. And, in actual fact, they have everything planned out beforehand - like the winner and such.
In Loathing Lola by William Kostakis (THE BEST BOOK EVER - I SUGGEST YOU READ IT!), the girl, Courtney, is on a reality TV show. She finds out that the reality TV show has producers and writers and scripts and that they had already planned to kick Courtney off the show and get Lucy McMahon (a singer who isn't a good role model) on the show.
Y'all should read the book now, kk.
Go buy ten copies. It would totally make the author happy.

So, my theory is that the writers of SYTYCDA already know the winner and who'll be eliminated each week. But the contestants, of course, don't know. And I don't think Nat Bass and the judges know. Well, if they did know, they must be REALLY GOOD ACTORS.

And yeah.
This theory also works for Australian Idol/Big Brother/other reality TV shows.
idk. It's just a theory. You don't have to believe it. :/
Oh and I'm sure you are all asking, "WHY do they do this?"
WELLLLLL, they do this BECAUSE the producers/writers know which contestants are entertaining. AND THEY CHOOSE THE MOST ENTERTAINING.
Because if the decision was left to the viewers, they mightn't choose the RIGHT one. The viewers might choose the nice one (like Courtney) and then the entertaining one (Lucy McMahon) would leave. Then the show might lose ratings and it'll get axed. So, then the producers of that show will have to find another job. So yeahhhh.

Come back tomorrow for a theory on "What is the meaning of life?".


Whut. BJ left SYTYCDA last night. He was eliminated. Ugh.
I think it is kinda unfair when one contestant has A WHOLE TOWN voting for them. Like, Charlie comes from Dubbo so I'm pretty sure the Dubbo residents are all voting madly.
Which is unfair.
Because BJ isn't in the Top 4. ;_;
I'm glad Talia is in the Top 4. SHE'D BETTER WIN. Otherwise, I'll hunt down Jason, Bonnie and the Dubbo people and I'll KILL them all. (Matt in the Hat with Kat on a Mat and Nat Bass are spared. They are too cool).

Anyhoo, I would have voted for BJ but I didn't know whether to text "B.J." or "BJ".
And also, I am a cheapskate.

The girl that left, Kat, was also my favourite. ;_;
So, now I only have two favourites in the competition. Charlie and Talia. Well, I like Amy too. Sort of.

The winner will be: Charlie.
I want the winner to be: Talia. Or BJ if he manages to snap Ben/Charlie's ribs. (Whut? Gianne snapped Penny's ribs.)
Maybe... Gianne can snap the ribs (as she's so clever at it - maybe she should be a PROFESSIONAL RIB-SNAPPERER) and then, BJ can be BACK in the competition.

Oh, I made myself laugh. ^_____^

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last night, I saw my friend's dog, Timmy. HE WAS SO CUTEEEEEE. And we went on Omegle and my friend was writing random stuff to the random strangers. It is so addictive. ^____^

And this morning, I watched SYTYCDA and Rove as I taped them last night.

Favourite performance of the night: BJ and Talia dancing to Dead And Gone by Justin Timberlake and T.I.

Funniest part of the night: Matt in the Hat and his quirkiness.

Favourite part of the night: Napoleon and Tabitha choreographing BJ & Talia's routine AS WELL AS Charlie & Kat's routine.

Best costume: Kat and Charlie's costume in the SECOND routine. (They wore RED and did the tango).

Top 4 should be: BJ (definitely), Talia, Kat and Charlie.

I also watched Rove.

Funniest parts: ALL OF IT. In particular:

  • When Rove said, "It smells like when you lick your hand and rub it." Cut to me, licking my hand and rubbing it.

  • When Hughesy talked about Twitter. ILY, HUGHESY. I follow you.

  • In K-Rudd segment, K-Rudd was ~twittering~! ILY TOO, K-RUDD.

  • The Grates.

  • That comedian whose name I can't spell. SHE WAS HILARIOUS. D:

  • Haydo in the ad break and also, when he played tennis.

  • Me, when I was bored, and I started singing, "MMMWHATCHU SAYYYY..."

  • Rove asked Glenn Robbins, "What's with the two n's in Glenn?" And Glenn goes, "What's with the v in Rove?" ZING!

  • The James Mathison tribute at the end. Whut. The. Hell. I NEVER NOTICED JAMES MATHISON'S BIG EYES THAT DON'T BLINK. How did I miss that? ;_;

  • Carrie Bickmore explaining that she locked her keys in the car WITH HER 18-MONTH-OLD BABY. And she was like, "I'm a bad mother." And I'm like, "Oh, Carrie, you can be my mother any day." And Rove was like, "Yeah, once I went outside and the front door closed. And my cat was staring at me from inside the house. Why won't it understand me and open the door?"

  • The fact that Adam Hills is on Rove next week. SCORE! Prosthetic leg stories FTW.

  • Ryan Shelton is also on Rove next week. ^_________^ ILY, RYAN.

  • Also, New Zealand's Kochie saying that girls having moustaches is wrong. Whut. Why?

So, how was everybody else's day? Anything exci-- MMM WHATCHU SAYYY.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I feel like writing a fanfic with Loathing Lola, Dale Thomas and Twilight. Enjoy! It shall be from Courtney's point of view so whenever it says "I" or "me" or something like that, it means "Courtney". kk.

"Ugh, it's raining. My hair will get wet!" squealed Katie.
"Katie, calm down. We'll be there soon," I said, matter-of-factly.
"I wanna get there naoooo!" Katie squealed, jumping along beside me, "Why didn't I bring an umbrella?"
I sighed. Spending the day with Katie in the pouring rain was not on my agenda. But Katie had pleaded me to come to the cinemas with her to see the latest chick flick.
We reached the cinemas and queued up to buy tickets.
"OMIGOD, LOOK!" Katie squealed for the millionth time today, "It's that footballer with the gorgeous hair!"
I glanced at the footballer and sighed. It would be a long day.
"I'd like to start dating him," Katie commented, very matter-of-factly.
"Katie, you've dated basically everyone," I said, moving up in the queue.
"Courtney, there are many guys I wouldn't date," Katie muttered, "Like that guy." She pointed to a guy walking towards us with long, black hair.
"Don't point," I hissed, "He's coming near us."
The long, black-haired guy came up to us. "Hey, what movie would yous be seeing?"
"Um, that one." Katie pointed to a movie on the screen up ahead.
"OIC. I'm Taylor Lautner. Y'know, the guy in Twilight," Jacob said, holding his hand.
"As a matter of fact, the guy in Twilight was named Robert Pattinson and he was much hotter than you!" Katie said, fierceeeeeeely.
I sighed again.
We reached the front of the queue. Taylor had walked away. Which was good because I didn't want to have to calm Katie down.
We bought the tickets and went to buy food.
"Court, look!" squealed Katie, "He's coming over!"
Sure enough, the blonde-haired footballer that Katie was in love with was coming over.
"Hey." D'urg.
"Um, hi," I said. Katie was standing next to me, with her mouth open. And drooling.
"I couldn't help but notice you from across the room," the guy said, d'urgggingly, "My name's Dale. Dale Thomas."
Katie fainted a little. Dale was gazing into my eyes.
"Uh, I already have a boyfriend," I said, and me and Katie walked away.
"How could you turn him down?!" Katie yelled, a bit too loudly.
"I have a boyfriend," I repeated.
"Whut?" Katie had her hands on her hips.
"A boyfriend. Jackson Hammond? Remember?" I kept walking towards the cinemas.

Crappy fanfic. Tell me what you think. kk.
I can't write fanfics/stories/anything.
My dream of being an author has flown out the window and landed in a mud puddle. And a truck just ran over it. Not that I had a dream of being an author. :
ALSO: Y'all should read Loathing Lola by William Kostakis. Then you'll know who Courtney and Katie are.


ASFDGFGH. She's so cuteee. Aw!
I love Dakota Fanning, btw.
She's so adorableee. I haven't actually seen any of her movies (well, I might have... idk).
But she was in the video clip called Across The Universe. And she was wearing a red dress, holding a red balloon. ^_________^

I never liked Jane when I read New Moon.
But now, I do. Because Dakota Fanning is so cute, I guess. idk.
I wonder who's playing Seth in the movie. Hopefully, someone really cute like Dale Thomas or something. Whut.


Collingwood won yesterday.
Which is brilliant. Because 1) Collingwood are awesome and 2) I tipped them in my footy tipping.

I also has a Dream Team.
Which is very similar to Dale Thomas' Dream Team with the Buddy and the Jimmy and the Dayne Beams and, of course, the Dale Thomas. ^___^

Rove is on tonight.
The Grates are performing. The other guests on the show are either boring (Mick Molloy) or I just don't know them (the other girl - I forgot her name).
I'm kidding - Mick Molloy and Glenn Robbins aren't boring. They are in Boytown!
Ah, good times.

WOW. The Jonas Brothers have a movie coming out on 14th May. And Taylor Swift will be on it!
ANDAND Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince is coming out on 16th Julyyyy. ^_______^

So yeahhhhhh.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I was on Omegle. And this is the random conversation I had. ^______^
"You" is me. And "Stranger" is some stalker. idk.

Stranger: Hello Stranger
You: Hello Random Stranger
You: I like llamas too
You: What do you know about llamas?
Stranger: I herd u liek llamas
You: yeah
Stranger: I know nothing about llamas, unfortunately.
You: Oh. They are really cute animals.
Stranger: Yes they are
You: ;)
Stranger: Oh no, it appears as though my cookies are burning.
Stranger: I must go. D:
Stranger: Goodbye llama-loving stranger, this was fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


As I said in the previous post, today was my last day of Term 1. ^______^
And me and my friend were walking to the School Assembly. And there were all these year 7's around. And they were crowded around the really-tall-P.E.-teacher-that-they-all-drool-over. And I'm like, "Gee, he's not that great. >_>"

So yeahh. That was amusing.
Also, I want to see 17 Again. Yes, I still hate Zafron.
But Chandler (from Friends) is in it. ^________^
And Hunter Parrish (can't spell) who is kinda cute.
Apparently, 17 Again is a bit like Suddenly 30 except the other way around. And I loved Suddenly 30. D:

I was reading the Dolly magazine (boring!) but among all the crap about fashion, beauty, etc, there was a section titled, "DO YOU ENJOY CHEMISTRY OR PHYSICS?"
And I'm like, "Yes!"
So, it listed some occupations like Biochemist, Winemaker, Pilot, Engineer, etc.

Anyhoo, say hi to your mum for me. ^______^


I has no more school for TWO WEEKS.
Except the teachers gave us MOUNTAINS of homework so that we don't have a life.
And when I said "mountains", I wasn't exaggerating. :/

And I did this Careers Test today.
I've decided to become a Private Investigator.
I can find out info on people.
Dale Thomas should be worried.

Rove and SYTYCDA are on Sunday!
And Before The Game is on Saturday!
So freaking exciting.
Hopefully, some good footy players are on Before The Game. Some Collingwood players. HINT HINT.

And yeahhh.
Scroll down to see pictures of DALE THOMAS/GIRLFRIEND/DOG/FISH/IDK.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, Missi is adorableeeee. We know that. But look at her eyes. lmao.

Dale's new pet - Fwed the fish. No, I didn't spell that wrong. That's how Dale spelt it.

Dale looking serious. And Kylee looking cuteeeee. I just want to hug her. AW!

Dale and Missi reading the newspaper. ^______^
And also, Dale bought a PS2 game. 50 Cent Bulletproof. lmfao.
That's so amusing. X']
And no, I do not stalk Dale Thomas. How dare you come to that conclusion!


Lol, I just realised I had Toby Thoolen in my Dream Team. Whut.
He scored no points though :/
And Collingwood lost the previous game so the chances of him playing on Saturday are basically ZERO. I'm sorry, but I think that's right.
Who should I trade off my Dream Team? Heath Shaw, Sharrod Wellingham, Josh Hunt or Johnny McCarthy?
I can only trade two, I think. :(
And the four that I mentioned above scored zero.

I has Chris Judd on my Dream Team.
I could actually afford him.
Oops, forgot to trade Ben Cousins off my team. WHYYYYY DID I PUT HIM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE??????? He's a frggn druggie. I hate him.


FAIL blog, where has you been all my life?
OMG, it's so funny. REEEAD it. Or not... idk.

Anyhoo, Before The Game is on Saturday!!
And Rove is on Sunday.
Except the only baaaaaaad news is that Mick Molloy is on Rove AND Before The Game. Ew.

Oh well.
I like The Grates.
HIIIIIIIIIIIGHER, HIIIIIIIIGHER. (btw~, the song is Trampoline by The Grates or something).
lmfao. Annoying song. idk.
Some girl (who used to go to my school) sang that song. And everyone was like, "Ugh. :("
Ah, good times.
ALSO: That girl sung Shake It by Metro Station last year. Ew.
Except I think she sang a good song at Speech Night. I forgot what it was called. It was a song I'd never heard of but it was pretty good. They were all in red and I'm pretty sure someone had a red balloon.
Or maybe I'm just thinking of Dakota Fanning. idk.