Friday, April 29, 2011


I feel like stealing these questions from Penguins Quack, who got them from someone else... and whatever. There are so many questions though, but I shall do my best. :)

What kinda music do you like? Why? Did you ever like any other sort? What do you think of the indie scene? What about the mainstream stuff? Is there any music you hate? What do you think of people who get off knowing about obscure bands?
  • I like any music, really. I mainly listen to the radio, and pretty much like a lot of music going around, without even knowing the name. Today, on the bus, we were all singing along to Run To Paradise by The Choir Boys. Whut. Oh, I really hate that Happiness song by Alexis Jordan. It's so annoying and gets stuck in my head. :(
Do you watch TV? What about reading? Or do you play video games? Is the modern version of reading a novel playing video games? Or is the modern version of reading a novel reading a modern novel? Do you think people do it for the escapist element? Do you? Are you comfortable with that?
  • I watch so much TV. I'm (a little) obsessed with Glee, and Sammy Evans is clearly the hottest thing that walked this planet. The Simpsons, Futurama, and TAYG are also epic shows, yeah. At the moment, I'm reading Fix by Leslie Margolis, because it's a good book and I reckon Ryan Murphy stole the Lucy Fabray storyline from it. :P
  • Video games? Not really. I got the Simpsons Game for my birthday a few years ago and haven't really played it since. Oops. Anyway, I'm not really into video games, mainly because I suck. To me, reading requires less skill and brainpower. It's like, rest and enjoy story, what is stuff.
Do you know your family history? Are you proud of it? Do you care at all?
  • Not really. I don't know. I care about it though, because it's cool to know what your ancestors did in their spare time and what they achieved and shit.
Do you have a life story? Or do you think events are just happening and they aren’t connected?
  • My life story would be so boring, nothing much has happened. I'm sure I was a boring baby and toddler, then a nerdy boring kid at school, then even more boring at uni... :/.
Do you believe in a god or the supernatural? Do you believe what you’d like to be true or what you think is true? If you do, why doesn’t everyone know?
  • I believe in God, because I like the idea, that there's someone looking out for us. There's also a ghost in my wardrobe, he scares me. Plus a bogeyman under my bed, he's a cool guy but we don't talk much. I don't know about that 2nd question but I like to play the "Real Or Not Real" game. Me and Peeta eat cookies and play it frequen--- OH, DID I MENTION I LIKE HUNGER GAMES?
Where’s the best place to have a date? Is a movie really a good place take a girl? Is it slutty for the girl to be the pursuer in the relationship. That is, the girl is the one who gets the guys phone number, asks him out etc..
  • Well, dinner is good for a first date, if the girl and boy don't really know each other. Actually, dinner would be good for any date, everyone loves food. :P. A movie could be risky, so it depends on the boy and girl's tastes- some boys have different tastes to girls, yeah? I think the girl or the boy could be the pursuer of the relationship, doesn't really matter.
A guy and a girl are on a date. The night went rather well but after they leave MCDONALD'S and walk down a dark alley BECAUSE THEY SAW A SHINY THING DOWN THERE, they get held up by a guy demanding their money. What should the guy in the date do? Hand over his money or fight the other guy? What if the mugger had a knife? Or a gun?
  • I could just regurgitate what Penguins wrote, but that would be plagiarism. But I feel the same way. I mean, if I was on a date with a guy, I wouldn't be impressed if he physically fought some mugger with a knife. I'd be worried for him, and for me (in case the knife slipped out of the mugger's hand and came for me and attacked--- SHUT UP, I HAVE A VIVID IMAGINATION, OKAY). And yeah. The guy should just give his money or whatever is easiest and less dangerous. Then, we'd run somewhere safe and call the police.
When someone asks you how you are, what do you think of? What, to you, defines whether your life is going well or not? Having a boyfriend, good grades, good food, …?
  • Usually when someone asks "How are you?", I say "Good" because my manners suck. To define whether my life is going well or not, I think of good grades (neeeeeeerd!) and social life (non-existant). I don't know, I guess people (family, friends, relationships) come in there too, whether I am liked or not. Like, if people hate me and I have sucky relationships, then my life wouldn't be going too well, right? Whatever.
How do you define yourself? Is it your taste in music? Is it who your friends are, what you own, what your job is, what you study, …? Is it possible to not like who you are? Do you like who you are? If you don’t, would you do anything to change it?
  • I don't know how to define myself, I don't even know who I am. I like science, eating food, chocolate, TV, listening to music, reading, Collingwood, etc etc.
  • I like who I am, but I think it is possible to not like who you are. I don't know, but there is cosmetic surgery on the market, drugs, and other things that could change someone's life, change someone's perceptions and ways.
Huh. Those questions were so deep and meaningful, so philosophical, that I feel like watching something really crap, something so pointless, that I could be braindead and still know what's going on. HEY, ROYAL WEDDING, I'M A-COMING. :P

Monday, April 25, 2011


So, I woke up today, feeling like P.Diddy, brushed my teeth with a bottle of Jack, logged onto Twitter (ha, suck it, Ke$ha) and noticed NINE PEOPLE had requested to follow my Twitter account.

My first thought was that this is some kind of joke that some horrible person is playing on me. I mean, who would want to read my boring tweets?

But I still accepted all the requests (as a nice person would) and as you can see below, I has 101 followers. (Just look at the picture, don't go to my actual Twitter account. These 9 people may have already unfollowed me, realising that my tweets are as boring as watching grass grow.)

I'm awesome, okay. Despite that this may be a horrible cruel joke, I don't care. I'm awesome. :P

Continuing on with the awesomeness, Collingwood managed to beat a defiant Essendon by 30 points. Essendon kept challenging and kicking goals, but Collingwood responded well. :)

And Scotty Pendlebury kicked the last goal, after the siren, and everyone rushed in to congratulate him, as you can see below. GROUP HUGGGGG!!111!

Congratulate him on what, I hear you ask. Well, these Collingwood players, they know how the voting on the ANZAC Day medal works, and well, it's quite easy to pick who would get it. Pendlebury: 34 touches, 3 goals, ARE YOU READING THIS UMPIRES? Damn straight. The ANZAC Day medal isn't the only medal I want to see around Scotty's neck at the end of the year.

And yeah. Good times. ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011



Anyway, they have chosen more people for the Hunger Games movie!
(Yeah, they have. I was a bit worried that it would just be Josh Hutcherson on screen, being a prat.)

Elizabeth Banks is Effie Trinket.
Huh. Like everyone else, I was keen for Kristin Chenoweth. But I totally see Elizabeth Banks playing this role.
Now, I've never seen Zack & Miri Make A Porno, but I do remember Elizabeth Banks playing that crazy party animal in Modern Family. Yeah. Nice work, Gary Ross, four for you.

And Rue and Thresh have been cast as two unknown people. This is okay with me. As long as Rue is a nice and sweet little girl, I'm happy. :)

The tributes from District 1 have been chosen too. Both unknown actors, I think. I knew the girl's name was Glimmer, but I swear, there was no mention of the boy's name. Just like there was no mention of Foxface's real name.

The boy from District 1 (who dies from Katniss' good aim) is named Marvel. Apparently. And the actor, Jack Quaid, is so cute, omg.
I like him already. Yay.

And Liam Hemsworth is good too. He's from Australia, okay. He's already got my approval, even though I don't really like Gale. Yeah, go ahead and unfollow me, do it. I'm not saying I'm "Team Peeta" or shit like that. I'm just saying I never liked Gale. Ever.

Also, when Lincoln Lewis was on TAYG, I really liked him. But I will always hate Kevin from Tomorrow When The War Began. That's just how I roll. :P

I need a good way to like JHutch. I want to like the dude, I really do! It's just he's such a... um... prick. Yeah, a PRICK. Take that, Josh Hutcherson, I know you and your little cronies are trollin' my blog, you can't hide from me!! :P

On with this blag post...

Is this too much to ask for? For this girl to play Foxface? Pleaseeeeee?

Friday, April 15, 2011


The radio commentators described this as: "Swanny flying gracefully... like a swan."

Anyway, Collingwood thrashed Richmond's pants off last night. :P
Swanny and Daisy = awesome. They both kicked a few goals, took a fabulous mark and interviewed by Tim Watson at the end of the game.
(But they didn't end the interview with "Okay, mate" in Mark Thompson-esque style. I was slightly disappointed. Haha.)

And little Puckasaurus kicked one goal (his tally is now 11) but he isn't the leading goalkicker anymore. :(
He did have several chances to kick more goals but due to some unselfishness, he handballed it off to someone else. GOAL ASSISTS WILL NOT WIN YOU THE COLEMAN MEDAL, JARRYD BLAIR! Get that into your little head.

Anyhoo, the little guy turned 21 a few days ago. He celebrated by going out to dinner with a few friends, but I WASN'T INVITED. Whut.

In other news, JHutch continues to be cast as Peeta. Blahhh. I hoped that this would some late April Fools joke, that Josh Hutcherson wasn't really in the movie, that they had actually chosen Chord Overstreet but couldn't tell anyone now because that would be spoiling the end of the McKinley High Prom where Blaine and Sam fight to the death, both wanting to get it on in the backseat of the limo with Kurt, and because Darren Criss is some kind of LIFE RUINER, he pushes Sam off a cliff. Sad, sad ending. BUT NOW, CHORD OVERSTREET IS FREEEEEEE! Free to play the baker's son, the boy with the bread, the gorgeous Peeta. Yay.

Let's play Real Or Not Real with these two pictures:

NOT REAL. This is Photoshopped. As if JHutch would go near a loaf of bread. I mean, really. He's too much of a prat.

REAL. Chord Overstreet holding a piece of PITA BREAD. And that's probably lamb stew with plums on the bread. The clues are obvious! We found the perfect Peeta! Yay!

The end.
P.S. James Hird, if you are reading this, YOU'RE GOING DOWN. Bring it on.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Top of the ladder, yo!
(Click on the picture to make it larger.)

Who's the leading goalkicker in the AFL right now?
(Tied with two other people but whatever.)

Let's just stop the Coleman Medal tally now, you guys.
Imagine if Blair did win the Coleman Medal. IMAGINE. He's only 4 foot 6, and probably just passed Grade 5.

Jarryd Blair, on the left. (On the right: Chris Dawes, possible Cleo Bachelor of the Year.)

Check out Blair's new haircut.
He should continue shaving the sides so that there's an awesome mohawk on top. Could totally pull off the Puckasaurus, yeeeah. ;)

Anyway, it was a good weekend of footy.
Collingwood, Freo and Melbourne all won (sweeeet!) and I got 5 in my footy tipping.
But my Dream Team lost (which means I break my epic two-game winning streak) and god knows how my Supercoach went. I'm pretty sure I'm on the bottom of the ladder and Scott Pendlebury is on top. Blahhh.

Just ten more.
Till this stupid Glee hiatus is over and we can watch lovely new episodes of Glee again! Yay!

Some spoilers for ye:
  • Sandy comes back, into a LEGION OF DOOOOOOM which is Sue's evil plot to destroy Will. I love Sandy, he's awesome. :P
  • They all are thinking about the prom. And Quinn is desperate for Prom Queen, and wants to go with Finn. (But I don't think they do, idk. I hope not, I hate Finn and Quinn together.)
  • Sam, Mercedes and Rachel plan to go to the prom together, and with all their hotness combined, the prom explodes and everyone dies. The end.
  • Beiste and Will go to the pro-- OKAY, I'M JOKING, I JUST WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO BAD, OH MY GOD.
  • Holly Holiday comes back. Blahhh.
And yeah. Whatever.
I miss Glee. :(

Monday, April 4, 2011


Yeah, yeah, the similarities are endless. The top picture is Winnie the Pooh and the bottom one is Brittany (from Glee). Or is it the other way round? Hmm...

Anyway, the new episodes of Glee don't start till April 19th. Great. :(

Collingwood thrashed North Melbourne's pants off last weekend. Yeah.
Swanny was the captain on my Dream Team, and Pendles is the captain on my Supercoach. And they BOTH went super duper and made about 150. So it got doubled to 300-something. :D

And guess what?
My Dream Team is THIRD in my league. I'm in the Top 3!! WINNING.
(My Supercoach is coming 2nd last, but let's ignore that.)

La la la.
...And they still haven't chosen a Peeta, yet.

Apparently the front runner is Josh Hutcherson.
Umm, do they mean this guy:

The kid in Zathura who was mean to his little brother and wouldn't play with him and thought he was so superior? FOR PEETA'S SAKE, NO.

(Yes, I know the kid has grown up since then and I should really find a more recent photo, but I don't care.)

Personally, I would love Chord Overstreet (who plays Sammy Evans on Glee) but I highly doubt that would happen, due to his Glee commitments and filming of Season 3 later this year. :(

So, I settle with Hunter Parrish.
No, not this one:

I meant, THIS Hunter Parrish:

(Of course, both picture above are of Hunter Parrish but the first one is when he was playing some bully in 17 Again and was as ugly as shit, and the bottom one is cute-as-a-button Hunter. They are different, okay.)

And the other fans seem to want Hunter Parrish, too. I'm not the only one, hahaha.

Well, goodbye for now. I shall blog again sometime in the future. :P