Thursday, July 29, 2010


Masterchef is over for this year. ;_;
And I wanted Callum to win, but he didn't. :(.
But Adam won, and that's nearly as good. Yay.

But I will miss Masterchef. What will I watch every night? The wall?!
Apparently, they've got Junior Masterchef on soon. I've seen the ads.
And according to the ads, the kids are, like, 8 years old and cooking food that isn't Vegemite on toast. wtf.
How am I going to watch Junior MChef without feeling jealousy that kids 11 years younger than me are plating up food that looks nothing like my signature dish, burnt toast?

I hope Callum is still eligible for Junior Masterchef. His chocolate fondants will easily beat the food those kids plate up. And those kids are probably getting their parents to help them. Boooo.

Anyway, TAYG comes back on Sunday! Woooo~.
So excited. :D.
Prepare for one of my craaaazy recaps where I go crazy with the awesomeness of TAYG. :P.
(Or don't prepare. See if I care).
(Although, I mightn't be bothered to recap TAYG. Whatever).

The view's still good at the top. It's nice to look down on people for a change. ;).
Hopefully, Collingwood can thrash Carlton's pants off, and I can remain at the top rung of this awesome ladder. :P.

Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm in this group thingy, where each person can write a chapter of a story and so, it's called Collaborative Story mainly because it's a story with many people collaborating, and also because no one thought up a better title. lol.

I just thought I should tell you all, just in case you wished to laugh at my attempt at writing a story. :/.
Just to let you know: Only three chapters have been written on the story and I wrote Chapter 3.
(I added in a pie to the story, yay! I should've made Tim throw the pie at someone but whatever).

You should all click the link above and follow that blog. I promise it'll be a good story. It's a suspenseful thriller in a dystopian sci-fi world with a bit of fantasy. The main character (so far) is Tim, and he likes apple pies. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


And some of you are probably like, "Where's Laura? Oh noo, she's gone!"
Well, creepy stalkers, I'm here.
And to answer your question of where I've been: In front of the TV watching Masterchef.

But omg, Masterchef is interesting, okay!
I like Adam and Callum, and I hope one of them wins. :D.
(I was so happy when Jimmy left, haha).
And I never really liked Claire (she's got no personality, talks in a monotone voice, etc etc) and she gets pretty boring sometimes.
But when they were making the V8 cake (8 layers of vanilla), Claire goes, "Tempuring white chocolate is a bitch!" Omg. :).
(But then, in the next episode, she put her two meals in front of the judges and CRIED. wtf. YOUR DESSERT LOOKED NICE, STOP BEING A CRYBABY! Fail whale).

And the contestants had to express their cookbook idea last night.
None of the contestants' cookbook ideas really appealed to me, but then again, I ain't a chef and wouldn't know one end of a spoon from the other. :/.
Anyway, it would be awesome if Marion was still in the competition. She could have a Thai cookbook, and there are TONNES of good titles.
  • Thai-dye. It rhymes too.
  • Thai-tanium. It's Thai food with Chemistry involved!

I'm awesome, I know. Marion should thank me for my ideas. ;).

Oh and before I forget, it's a good view here at the top. Hopefully Collingwood can thrash Richmond's pants off so I can remain where I am and look down on everyone, feeling mighty superior. :D.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I now has a blog counter on my blog. (Look to the right).
So, now I'll know how many of you stalkers are creeping around on my blog, acting like ninjas so you don't get seen. Well, you don't fool me! Mwah ha ha. :P.

Anyway, guess who got three credits and a high distinction for her first semester of uni?
Yes, that's right, ME.
Be jealous, I dare you.
The high distinction was for Statistics, btw. What did it require to get a high distinction, I heard you ask? Well, a large bag with a dollar sign on it usually does the trick. ;).

And on Masterchef, Aaron and Jonathon were both eliminated this week. :O.
Although I don't really like either of them (Aaron's quirky pasta styles are pretty epic though), they both competed in the elimination rounds with Jimmy.

And I really don't like Jimmy. He's a joke. I mean, come on! For the Mystery Box challenge, he made a croquembouche (one of those towers of profiteroles or something). As if you'd make a croquembouche in a 30-minute challenge. lolwhut. I ain't no chef, but I do know that croquembouches take hours to make. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out.

Then, for the challenge where the contestants had to cook a signature dish for the food critics to taste, Jimmy gets a massive plate, chucks some curry on it with a whole heap of rice and stuff, and serves it. what the..?
Everyone else made five separate plates for each of the food critics, but Jimmy just chucked everything on the one plate, not even worrying about presentation.

And then, it was Jimmy, Alvin and Aaron in the elimination round and they had to Name That Fish.
And Jimmy named the most fish correctly. Noooo, go away Jimmy! Can't you see you're not wanted?
I didn't want my Alvin to leave. He's so cute! And him and Aaron had to make fish and chips, and luckily for Alvin, Aaron's chips weren't crispy enough for the fussy Gary and George.
Wooo~, go you good thing, Alvin! Now for your next challenge, I want a deep fried Jimmy with a lightly roasted Claire on the side. :D.

As you can tell, I'm not obsessed with Masterchef. :P.

Oh and speaking of being obsessed with Masterchef, in the newspaper, there was a story of some woman who bought glasses that looked like Marion's, and a guy who bought glasses that looked like Aaron's. lol.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Knock knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow wh--

Modern Family is such an awesome show. :D.
I loved last night's episode (called "Fizbo" or something) and throughout the episode, they showed the family at the hospital which gave the impression of someone being badly hurt, and it turned out to just be Luke with a broken arm because he "slipped on the stupid beads".

And Cameron's alter-ego Fizbo the Clown was so funny. Especially at the petrol station, with his giant clock. :P.

Anyway, Jonathon left on Masterchef. And even though I don't particularly like him (although, I don't hate him either, idk), I'm still not happy with it because Jonathon had to leave and Jimmy (the dude that can only cook curries) got to stay. FAIL WHALE.

Oh well. Hopefully, there'll be a Non-curry challenge later on, where the contestants have to cook something OTHER than a curry. Haha, suck on that, Jimmy! :P.

And yeah.
TAYG is coming back to TV on August 1st! Yay!
And hopefully, Glee comes back soon. /gleek.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, last night, I watched Masterchef and Glee.
And Marion was eliminated. :(.
Because Gary and George were all like, "Marion, your satay sauce was as thick as our heads" and "we're both nuts".

Fail whale.
Now who will win Masterchef? Marion was the winner that I predicted, why couldn't they just give her the crown and move on?

Damn Aaron and Jonathon for their knowledge of nuts. :/.
I hope Alvin, Adam or Aaron win. Someone starting with A. Because Alvin and Adam are so cute. ;).
Or Callum should win. Or Courtney. idk.
But not Claire, no wayyy. If Claire, Jonathon or Jimmy win, it will be a very failed whale.

Moving on to the epicness of Glee.
Ahhh. The New Directions' performances were AWESOME. They sang Faithfully and some other song and I was like, "Surely, they win. SURELY." And they did Don't Stop Believin'. Yay.
But then, Vocal Adrenaline sang Bohemian Rhapsody and I hate Jesse so much. :/.
And while Vocal Adrenaline were performing, they kept showing Quin giving birth. And it was funny, because she was in such pain when Jesse was singing. :P.

And in the end, Vocal Adrenaline won (epic fail) and the other Glee Club (Oral Intensity) came second. DAMN YOU, OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN!!! :(.
And the New Directions' sang To Sir With Love to Will and it was very emotional.
AND THEN, Sue was like, "Aw, I will miss you too much, Will! Your Glee Club can have another year. ;)". And so, Will sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow (yay!) with a ukelele (or a small guitar, idk. I fail at musikz) and all the New Directions' members were like, "Wooooo~."

So, there will be a Season 2 of Glee! Yayyyyy.
And also, there's a book/novel type thingy coming out in September of the Glee Club members before they started Glee Club. :).

So yeah.
With the epic failure of Masterchef, Glee was able to restore my joy. lol. :P.

And it is Dale Thomas and Harry O's 100th game today! Yay, I hope they beat Port Adelaide by 105 points. And Dale will score 10 goals, with one of the goals being Goal Of The Year. :D.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


In the middle of round 14, this is how the ladder stands.
And the team at the top is the most awesome team ever. :D.
So, in order for the ladder to stay like this, Melbourne and North Melbourne need to get their arses into gear. :P.

And I went to the West Coast vs Collingwood game.
It was really good, especially since Collingwood kicked 6 goals in the 1st quarter and West Coast kicked none. Haha.
And then, in the 3rd quarter, Collingwood kicked, like, 9 goals. And Didak really knows how to entertain a crowd. Like, the whole stadium was pretty much filled with Collingwood fans so when Didak kicked three goals in about 5 minutes, everyone was loving it. (Well, except the West Coast fans, but whatever).

And everytime Josh Kennedy was lining up for goal, everyone sitting near me would just laugh at his run-up. Aw. I like your stuttering run-up style, Josh Kennedy, I think it's awesome. :D.

And yeah.
Oh and I nearly got 8 in my footy tipping (if St Kilda, Geelong and Sydney win) but Essendon and their hopelessness just had to let me down. Booooo. I took a risk in tipping Essendon anyway, but I thought they were capable of winning a game interstate. FAIL WHALE.

Speaking of playing games in Adelaide, Collingwood has to go to Adelaide to play Port Adelaide. Oh yeah, get ready Port Adelaide, be ready for a thrashing. :P.
And it's Dale Thomas and Harry O'Brien's 100th game! Yay.

So yeah.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.