Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yeah yeah whatever, sports sucks, blah blah blah

And a much needed list for Buckley and co:
  • 18 x players on the field (dunno, it might help, all I saw on Saturday night was red red red yellow bald head more red and Marley and then Beamsy Jamie Marley more red then Marley again and Pendles Josh Thomas)
  • 22 x Marley Williams
  • 1 x Rising Star nomination for Marley Williams
  • 1 x Rising Star medal for Marley Williams
  • 1 x car for Jamie Elliott (basically, he's got Mark of the Year in the bag.)
  • 82642 x books titled "how to kick goals for dummies"
  • 1 x essay from each player on how to kick a goal delivered to Bucks' office by Wednesday morning
  • 1 x Jackson Paine 
  • 1 x Kyle Martin (I think he's learnt that he's not the star of his local footy club anymore with all the flair b/c good, put him back in)
  • 3 x Josh Thomas
  • 284 x spoons of ice-creams for Alex Fasolo
  • 1 x Ben Kennedy
  • 1 x Jarryd Blair
  • 1 x Nathan J Brown
  • 1 x Mitch Brown
  • 4 x large sacks of money dropped on Tom Scully's head
  • 1 x Sharrod Wellingham
  • 1 x coleman medal for Travis Cloke
  • 1 x rule book for the umpires (they weren't even bad on Saturday we can't even blame the umpires, except the push-in-the-back on Keeffe sigh)
  • 1 x Daisy Thomas
  • 1 x date for me & Daisy
  • 1 x wedding for me & Daisy
  • 1 x honeymoon in a nice warm place for me & Daisy 

Here's a list for Australia in the cricket:

  • Dave Warner for the sole reason of punching that bloody Root kid
That's all.

Teehee, Ablett themes :P