Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things people have googled that have led them to my blog

I am copying Steph's blog post. Because I want to.

From the 'stats' section, it says what people google to reach my blog (like, the Search Keywords). Now, I doubt anyone reads my blog, let alone googles it, sooo this is going to be laugh.
  • 'buttercup hunger games' - lol wow, makes sense. I think I have expressed my love for Buttercup, because he is an adorable little cat, who is ugly and has a mashed-in nose. Still. Beauty comes from the inside. :P
  • 'palm tree tattoo' - well, this must've been my post where I had a picture of Brent Macaffer and his palm tree tattoo. Makes sense. Maybe Caff has set a trend for palm tree tattoos? YAY.
  • 'manicure lmfao' - LOLWUT OMG. No idea. I just googled this, and I got this post. Wow ok. I posted a picture of Katy Perry's manicure and said that I wanted one. Coool.
  • 'kanye west idiot' - was this post written just after he stole TSwifty's mike and did his infamous speech/shrug? I'm scared to google this myself, because I'll find many search items that aren't related to my blog. No offence, Kanye. :P
  • 'mmmmmmmmmmmm' - I'm presuming this was from my MMMMMM BOP post. Wow, that must've been popular. wut.
  • 'peeta drawings' - ok cool. It could be from anything. I do love Peeta, I have made that clear.
  • 'the most awesome thing in the world for real' - ME.
  • 'cedric diggory actor' - lolwut. I'm not the biggest Cedric Diggory fan, mainly because he's so arrogant. And as for the actor who plays him... well, not much of a fan either. :/
  • 'josh hutcherson as a little kid' - wut. Again, you'll be majorly disappointed if you love JHutch and read my blog. I'm not a fan, never have been, never* will be.
  • 'blonde actor' - Chord Overstreet? He's the love of my life, the one I'd do everything for. He plays Sam on Glee, and is so utterly gorgeous. <3
*Well, maybe in the future, idk. I want to see if he does a good job of playing Peeta. He better do a good job. Peeta was my favourite character and I hope that never changes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GODDESS review

My mum got free tickets to see Goddess, a movie coming out in cinemas later this year.

It was really good.
Firstly, it stars the extremely hunky Ronan Keating (who is shirtless at some points, and at one stage we got to see his arse ^___^), Magda Szubanski, Corinne Grant, Natalie Tran, etc etc.

How could you say no to this? HOWWW?

It's about this housewife (Elspeth Dickens) whose husband (played by the wonderful Ronan Keating) is always on boat trips. So he gives his wife a webcam.
And she sets up the webcam in front of the kitchen sink, and puts on performances in front of it and then loads them on the interwebz.

Anyway, it becomes a hit on le web, and so many people are tuned in to it, including the "mother's group" (consisting of Natalie Tran and Corinne Grant) who were mean to Elspeth and said that Elspeth wasn't very good at controlling her toddlers. Which was very cruel. Those toddlers were crazy insane, making a huge fuss in the supermarket and throwing tantrums. :/

And then, Magda Szubanski is looking for a goddess type woman, to promote the company's product or something. (No idea what the product was, or what the company were selling, this was a 'wtf' of the movie because we had no idea where they were making all their moniez and junk).
Magda was so good! I loved her character, she really used the marketing technique "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" in her lines (well, she didn't say that line, but it's what she implied), yet still stuffed her face with foods when she got the chance. :)

Anyway, Magda's assistant, Ralph (who was mad cool), found the video of Elspeth dancing at her kitchen sink, and showed it to Magda. And so Elspeth had to move away from Tassie, to go to Sydney.
(This meant getting a nanny for her toddlers, and hiding the webcam to watch over the nanny)

Oh and Rory! He was a guy busking on the street in Sydney. He was such a creep, and tried to get in Elspeth's pants. It was so funny though. I wish someone would follow me down the street, playing a song for me and trying to kiss me. Le sigh.

Anyway, it was a really good movie. Hope I haven't spoiled it too much, lol.
Totally recommend it.
Although, I don't know when it comes out in cinemas, I presume it will be later this year. You all should look out for it. It's called "Goddess". Laura Michelle Kelly is Elspeth. Her name is Laura. So she must be good. :P

And yeah.


So, I watched the Regionals episode of Glee yesterday.

The good parts:
  • New Directions won! YIPPEE. They are going to Nationals! Look out, Jesse, the girl you have a crush on is getting married you're going down!
  • Sam Evans. Always the best part of Glee episodes. ALWAYS. Especially in Season 3, because he's so different... more confident.
  • Rory. He's so cute and adorable. When Mr Schue gave him peanut butter, my whole computer exploded with cuteness. BE CUTER, RORY, I DARE YOU.
  • Sebastian and his little meerkat face.
  • Finchel getting married. It's going to be hilarious. They'll be married, and then they'll go back to their separate houses and be like, "Yeah, see you tomorrow at school." lol, as if they could afford to buy their own house. I hope Jesse is invited to the wedding. I want to see his reaction. :P
  • Sue having a baby. Aw. I really want to know who the father is. My guess is Ricky Martin. What a sexy baby it will be! Coming out of the womb with duende and passion in its non-existant pants. Mm.
  • Eating lollipops to help with the morning sickness when you're preggerz. I'll note that one down for later. ;)
Bad parts:
  • Karofsky. His "friends" at his new school painted F*G (it wasn't censored, but I'm censoring it here) on his locker, and wrote mean things on his Facebook. Poor thing. I'm not the biggest fan of Karofsky, but some kids can be so cruel. :(
  • When some asshole truck driver smashed into Quinn's car. I bet it was Ryan Murphy. ;____; I don't want Quinn to die! I want her to win Nationals in Glee Club and in Cheerios, I want her to go to Yale, she deserves good things! Not being stuck in a wheelchair or something... no offence, Artie.
All in all, the episode was good. Except for the two bad parts. Which were bad and depressing and I really can't wait till April 10th to find out what happens.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So, I finished reading The Power Of Six. So, there'll be no more Power of Six updates. :P'
It was really good. Except John was a major asshole.
And SAMMY. He got stuck in the mountain and is probably dead... or something. Creys. Sam was my favourite. ;____;

My next order of business will be to watch I Am Number Four (the movie).
Whenever that is, I hope it's soon. I'm desperate to see the awesomeness that is Dianna Agron.

I've been watching Glee lately.
The Valentine's Day episode was good and bad.
My otp (Rory and Sugar) became canon, even if it was only for an episode or whatever. idk.
My other otp (Sam and Mercedes) decided not to start dating, which was very upsetting to see my Sammy so sad. But Mercedes broke up with Shane so that's good, I guess?
Blaine was awesome, and sang Loveshack and was just generally awesome.
Kurt was adorable.
Brittana kissed!
Samuel (a joint winner of Glee Project) made his debut. I was so glad they didn't make him into a homophobic Christian. jfc.

And yeah.
Regionals is next week!
I hope the New Directions win. :D
(But I love Sebastian, hahaha, so it will break my heart to see his little meerkat face so sad. HAHAHA.)


Monday, February 13, 2012


"We're right near Sarah's house," John says, tongue dangling like Bernie Kosar, nose in the air smelling the berry lip balm coating Sarah's lips. He turns into a toddler and cries, "I WANNA GO, I WANNA SEE HER, WAHHH." Sam calms him down, and they cuddle in the middle of the forest. Sam suggests hot gay sex when they reach the safety of a motel somewhere. John whimpers and nods. They walk off, arms around each other, and find Six and Bernie Kosar. They all jump in their fancy SUV, and drive away, away to nowhere in particular, just away.

Oh sorry, that's just an exercept from the story.
I'm kidding. Only the first 7 words are from the story, the rest is what I made up.
I still think John is an asshole.
He can't go visit Sarah. The Mogadorians will attack, they'll be anticipating that. It'll put Sarah in danger, and I don't want Sarah to die. I love Sarah.

John and Sarah, in I Am Number Four.

The gorgeous Dianna Agron at some awards thing. :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The story is split into two parts, with alternate chapters being from Number Seven's point of view (in the convent) and the other chapters being from John's point of view.

And I reckon Number Seven's life is very much like Hunger Games. Marina is like Katniss, and Ella (a little orphan girl) is like Rue. And they are a team. Against the baddies. ;)

And John's life is very much like Harry Potter. John is Harry, on the run from basically everyone, having to stay in hiding. Except Harry was never an asshole. So maybe I can't say that John is Harry, because that is mean. Harry is not an asshole. John is.
And Six is Hermione, the smart one. And Sam is Ron. And when they went back to Godric's Hollow even though it was dangerous as, that's like how Six, John and Sam are going back to Paradise. :P

So yeah.
I can relate this story to other stories I've read. Maybe Pittacus Lore has been copying other books or... whatever. :P


Oh right. Six and John are soulmates, destined for each other. Their parents were bffs and always joked that their children would fall in love. With each other. :/

I suppose I should be happy with this news? That Sarah doesn't have to stay in Paradise, waiting for her asshole boyfriend to come back.
Although, now the whole Six/Sam romance will seem weird. I love Sam, I really do, but wasn't he in love with Emily back in Paradise? Seriously? Does he really think he can start a romance with Six? What happens if he makes it home to Paradise and sees Emily? Awkward.

I still regret saying my otp was Sarah and John. He's still an asshole.


John is still an asshole.


Remember when I said John and Sarah are my otp and I hope they live happily ever after?

Sarah is so lovely, she deserves better. Maybe Sam, or... Mark James? Yeah, I went there. :P
Seriously, I thought John loved her but now I'm not so sure. Couldn't John have run around the backyard? Then he wouldn't have needed to walk hand-in-hand with Six?
It may be nothing to them, but it means something to me. John is an asshole, and I don't care if he saves Sarah or Sam or anyone from a burning house, he's still an asshole.


So, your best friend has a crush on a girl, which is more obvious than my crush on Daisy Thomas. And you, in your total insomnia mood, decide to go for a walk with that girl holding hands.

I mean, yes, John and Six were invisible on their walk but ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Look John, you asshole. Just because you are a somewhat long distance from your gorgeous girlfriend, doesn't mean you have to go on night walks with another girl who you may or may not have a crush on.

I don't mean to be a bitch, or maybe I do. Anyway John, I will relish the chapter where Sarah is interrogated by the police/Mogadorians/her mother, and I will celebrate if she tattles on you. Because you deserve it. You're an asshole, John, and you don't deserve to date someone like Dianna Agron. You don't even deserve someone's grandma.

Friday, February 10, 2012


lol, wow. They found a stone in the Chest which allows you to transfer a superpower to someone else. But it only works for Lorien people.
So, John was able to turn invisible.

And then Sam grabs the stone, but nothing happens, so he's like, "Please! I'll only use it for the power of good. No girls' locker rooms."
OMG SAM YOU PERV. lol i love you Sammy. <3.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Marina's guardian is an asshole.

Henri cared SO MUCH about John's safety, about John surviving, about going back to Lorien even though his wife is probably dead. Henri still wanted to go back there.
And Henri worried about it all, to the point where he never slept, he just stayed up all night, trolling the interwebz, looking for signs of other Loric people.
THIS is how much he cared about John.

And then, the opposite occurs with Number Seven, Marina.
Her guardian does not care about going back to Lorien. At all. She only cares about staying in the convent, being a Sister, praying, and God. And maybe a tiny bit about Marina.

And Marina wants help with her Legacies (super powers), wants to know what's in the Chest (a box containing important secrets about Lorien or something), and wants to find the others to beat the Mogadorians as a team.
But her guardian wants nothing to do with this. Her guardian is a bitch, omg wtf. John was so lucky to have Henri. And even Six had a good guardian, but she died when Six was only 13. So Six has been on her own since then, poor thing. :(


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


lol wow.
On the planet Lorien, there was a statue of Pittacus Lore.
Does that mean in Forks, there's a statue of Stephenie Meyer?


So, apparently, the police have labelled John and Henri "international terrorists" and the whole Paradise city is in uproar.

This is bad. Not for John, I'm sure he'll survive. It's bad for Sarah. She'll get interrogated, whether it's by the local police (not so bad) or Mogadorians (so bad that she could die).
If she releases crucial information to John's whereabouts, that's okay. John wouldn't mind, because if she was threatened to give that information, John would prefer she was alive rather than dead. So would I.

Anyway, I hope all is well. Apparently there's another book coming out in August 2012. Ugh. I can't wait that long! Now I'll have to read The Power Of Six as sloooooooooooow as I caaaaaaaaaaaaaan, draaaaaaaaaagging oooooooout eeeeeeeeeeeeeveryyyy wooooooooooooord as if theyyyyyyyy arrrrrrrrrrre veryyyyyy impooooooooooooooortant. :P

Monday, February 6, 2012


Marina's guardian is a bitch. Holy crap. Marina wants to keep moving, on the run, to get away from the possibility of Mogadorians, you know? And her guardian is like quoting religious things and wanting to stay in the convent.
Um, okay then.
Good luck with that.


So, I'm reading The Power of Six (sequel to I Am Number Four).

It starts off with Number Seven, checking the interwebz and finding out that John and Henri Smith demolished a whole school on their own (LIES, it was the huge beasts!), killed 5 people (what?), and left nothing as evidence except piles of ash (dead Mogadorians).
And the police are like, "We will find Henri Smith and his son."
UM, LOL DUDES, Henri is like dead, you know. And John is on the run with Six and Sam, and has probably changed his name soooo yeah. Good luck with that. :P

Also, Number Seven (Marina) and her guardian came to Earth the same time as John, yet they were poor and homeless and ended up living in a convent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Why did Henri have a shitload of moniez and junk, and Marina's guardian didn't? OMG WHY. :/

Anyhoo, I hope Sarah gets mentioned in this book. I hope Sarah and John live happily ever after and have a child more perfect than Beth. :D

Friday, February 3, 2012


This is the last I AM NUMBER FOUR update.
Because I finished the book.
It was really good.
But John, Six and Sam had to leave at the end, as they are running from the Mogadorians. So John had to leave Sarah in Paradise, wahhhh. My otp.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next blog posts: either I AM NUMBER FOUR (movie) updates or I AM NUMBER FOUR (sequel) updates. Whatever comes first. I haven't decided yet. /indecisive.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FANFIC #92834034

I chucked the ball hard, and Wadey caught it with his special blue and green gloves.
Then he threw it back and I caught it in my sequined gloved hands. Hee hee!
"Nice," Wadey said, nodding in approval at my catching.
"Thanks," I said, grinning, "You're good too."
We kept passing the ball back and forth, throwing it harder and harder at each other.
"Are you ready for the game tonight?" I asked.
"Yeah, you bet," Wadey replied, smiling.

Suddenly I heard a sound behind me.
I swivelled around, just as Wadey had thrown the ball. It hit me in the back. "Ow," I cried, rubbing my back and staring at the stranger in Wadey's backyard.
"Who are you?" Wadey asked, also staring at the stranger.
"Virat Kohli," the stranger said, very d'urggggingly, "D'urg."
"YOU CENTURY-MAKING BITCH!" I yelled, fiercely.
"D'urg?" Kohli said.
"Laura, we won anyway," Wadey told me quietly, "Don't worry."
I grabbed a pie from my back pocket and chucked it hard. The blueberry pie went straight into Kohli's face, turning his whole face blue.
"Bam!" I cried, happily, high-fiving Wadey. "My bff has taught me well."

Author's Note: Wadey is the new AUS wicket-keeper. He doesn't throw pies. But I do! :D


Excuse me.
Henri just died. ;____;

And now they (John, Sarah/Quinn, Six, Sam, and Mark) are in a hotel. Or something.
Bernie Kosar is alive, you guys! Yay!
And the romance between John and Sarah continue. Aw. So lovely, omg ahsjahswjcfhdjdfhffsoi. <3.

Anyhoo, I'm nearly finished the book. Which should I do first: watch the movie or read the next book? Tough decisions. :/


Why don't they just find a big truck (like a garbage truck or a huge bulldozer) and when the Mogadorians come, they drive right over the top of them. Or something.

I mean, it worked for Ellie & co in Tomorrow When The War Began. They needed to get an injured Lee out of the town, so Ellie stole a huge truck and drove out. It was invincible to the enemies' bullets. They were safe.

I'm no rocket scientist (I study how chemicals react, not rockets) but this idea seems very flawless. Come on, John, I dare you to comment and explain why my idea wouldn't work. Quit fighting the evil aliens, and come on my blag. Do it. I dare you. Prove me wrong.

Seriously, you guys. In my last blag post, I said 'don't ever give up hope', but what if I have? What if I believe John and Sarah won't survi--- NO! Snap out of it, Laura! Think of Sarah's pretty face and how cute she is! Think of the perfect couple that John and Sarah are! Think! They will survive! They will triumph over the evil aliens! Hope!


John can talk to animals!

...or communicate with them, at least.
Which just makes his relationship with Sarah/Quinn* even more cuter and romantic. If they don't defeat the Mogadorians and live happily ever after, I will cry so much.
If John dies, and we never hear what happened to Sarah/Quinn, tears will pour down my face.

*Sarah/Quinn went to Colorado for a week with some cheerleaders (Santana, Brit, and Becky) and they helped build shelters and stuff for the animals. :). So, Sarah loves animals and John can communicate with them, so yeah. They make a good team.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Bernie Kosar to save the day!
He's a shape-shifting animal, who is native from the planet Lorien, having the ability to change shape into any other animal. He came to Earth with other animals, on a rocket with fuel.

lol wow.


John, Six and Henri are still stuck at the school. Eep.
And the beasts and Mogadorians with swords have arrived. Double eep.
But John & co haven't given up hope.

"There is always hope. New developments have yet to present themselves. Not all the information is in. Don't give up hope just yet. It's the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope." -Quoted from the book. Lovely. :D


They are fighting the Mogadorians.
And John feels someone grab him from behind, so he goes to deflect it and probably throw them into the next county.... until he realises...
It's his girlfriend.
It amused me, shaddup. :P