Sunday, April 17, 2016


no, it actually sucks.
so i have come here, to make a list, because we really REALLY need to beat essendon.

  • 1 x uninjured dane swan (PLEASE)
  • 1 x fit jamie elliott (PRETTY PLEASE)
  • 1 x cake for alex fasolo
  • 20 x books titled "how to deliver the ball to the forward line for dummies" mostly for tay, but also everyone
  • 20  x books titled "don't kick to alex fasolo if he's surrounded by 20 defenders because he's never gonna get it" for basically everyone
  • 1 x tim broomhead
  • 1 x ben crocker
  • 7264 x adam treloar
  • 1 x treasure map to lead alex fasolo to the love of his life (me)
  • 1 x smelly fish in brendan goddard's car
  • 1 x rising star nomination for darcy moore
  • 1 x miracle that ben reid can get through a whole year without hurting himself
  • 1 x box of donuts for joe daniher to remind him of how many goals he's kicking next monday
  • 824 x alex fasolo because again, we need way more of this sexy babe
  • 1 x brent macaffer
  • -1 x jesse white (he did a few good things but no thank you)
  • 1 x anthrax-infected moustache comb for joe daniher
  • 1 x jonathon marsh (PLEASE)
  • 6824 x travis varcoe
  • 92892842943 x steele sidebottom
  • infinite x tom langdon (and his cute man bun)
that's it.
i'll go mail this to bucks and we should be right.