Friday, December 31, 2010


Just the obligatory New Year post in which I tell you all my New Year's Resolutions that I'm probably going to end up breaking but whatev. :P

2011. Twenty eleven. MMXI. The year Collingwood wins its 16th premiership. Etc. Etc.

Anyway, happy new year to my awesome 20 followers! And don't even bother unfollowing me this year, because I have a team of Gremlins that instantly finds you and sets your entire family on fire. :P

What did everyone do on New Year's Eve?
I went into the city with some friends. We caught the train, then went to Crown, then walked along Southbank where we saw the fireworks. It was amazing. It was all like, "FIREWORKZ!!!111!!1!!~". And then Katy Perry came along.
(I'm joking, Katy Perry wasn't there. And she wouldn't have kissed me at midnight anyway, due to the fact that I wasn't wearing cherry chapstick. Whatever.)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, Australia can't win the Ashes. Poo. :(
But they can still draw the series! Hahahaha. :P

Anyway, I'm no expert but I think Australia need a spinner. Like, an actual spinner. Doherty was good and I think they should've kept him but he didn't have much Test experience.
(I don't know why they want Michael Beer in the team because he has no Test experience, but whatever. The selectors probably have ulterior motives.)

I don't see what's wrong with Nathan Hauritz. (If you have any ideas, post a comment. I'd like to know.)
He's a good spinner! Why is he not selected in the team?
And he can make runs. Sometimes. I'm sure he could have made as many runs as Doherty, maybe even more.

Also, as well as a spinner, Australia need some middle order batsmen. (Or maybe just some batsmen, regardless of whether they are middle order or not.)
-MHuss can stay, he's been good in the first three Tests.
-Clarke should be dropped. idk.
-Ponting can stay.
-(t)Watto can stay. (Funny story: I has a poster in my room of Shane Watson. And it clearly says "TEAMWORK" on top. How ironic.)
-Haddin is definitely staying.
-Smith might stay. I don't think they should've replaced Marcus North with a bowler, but Smith is an alright batsman. Not much compared to North, but whatever.
-Siddle can stay, and may as well join the middle order after his 40 runs at the MCG. (But he should restrain himself from mis-timing his sixes. What even.)
-Hughes can stay. We shall overlook his run-out and blame (t)Watto for that. :P
-Johnson should go. But then again, Bollinger isn't much good with the bat either and neither is Hilfy. (My suggestion is Clint McKay but I know that will be ignored.)
-Hilfenhaus can stay. Batting is poor, but his super bowling is good.

I really want Harris to stay, because he's probably the best bowler (after Siddle and Hilfy).
But he's injured. :(

Anyway, I suppose Khawajahaja can come into the team, right? RIGHT?! /wishful thinking.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I know this is a little bit late, but whatever. Christmas has come and gone, and I still haven't blogged in what feels like ages. :/.

For Christmas, I got: a Glee DVD, a Glee CD (with songs from Season 2), shoes, socks, and some more stuff that I've probably forgotten. Whatever.

The Boxing Day test has started. Australia aren't doing too well. They are up to Day 4, and Australia still need about 250 runs to equal England's score, plus another 200 to give England a good run chase. Then, they still have to bowl England out.

And England already have 6 wickets (and maybe one more, because Ryan Harris is injured) and Haddin and Mitch Johnson have to keep batting for two whole days for a draw. :/

Anyway, England may have the urn, but hopefully Australia can win the Sydney Test. It will make the One Day matches a little more interesting, right?

Oh and I saw Hairspray on Boxing Day! :D
It was really exciting and bright and colourful. They sang a lot, and it was really loud, but it was pretty funny and stuff.
I have never actually seen either of the two Hairspray movies, but I still understood what was going on. :)

And the winner of the first SYTYCDA season (Jack Chambers) played Link, the teen heart-throb who the girls had a massive crush on. :P

And yeah. Good times.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I feel like writing another fanfic. Even though you stalkers couldn't give a crap about my epic fanfics, you can put up with them anyway. :P

In another time zone, me and Mitchie sat outside the WACA, soaking up the sunshine.
"La di da," Mitchie mused, happily. He'd just finished playing cricket for the day, and was feeling very joyful.
Naturally, I was jumping out of my skin, because of Mitchie's awesomeness at cricket.

A guy drove past us going really fast.
We didn't notice who he was, until he braked suddenly and said, "Mitch, I want your phone number."
I gave him a fierce look. "Whaaaaaat?"
Kevin Pietersen repeated himself. "Mitch, d'urg? Phone number? Please?"
Mitchie shook his head. "Get lost," he said, frowning at Kevin.

I opened my bag and started to get the pies out. Mitchie beat me to it and grabbed one pie and shoved it straight into Pietersen's ugly face.
"Go Mitchie!" I yelled.
But Mitchie kept going. He got another pie, and shoved that in Pietersen's face.
"Bam!" I cried, grinning.
Mitchie ended up throwing four more pies into Pietersen's ugly face.
"D'urg?" KP asked, his face covered in custard and pastry.

"Hahaha," I said, high-fiving Mitchie, "That's the best 6-faaa of the day!"
Mitchie grinned back. "Uh huh."

Ashes update:
Mitch Johnson got 6 wickets(a 6-faaaa!), Harris got three, and Siddle got 1. Yay.
And (t)Watto and MHuss are going to make a big lead for Australia and bat all today and most of tomorrow. :D.
England were all bowled out for 187 in 1st innings. Shaaaaaaame.
But the hard part comes later when Australia have to get ANOTHER 10 wickets to win the game. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


(click on it to make it bigger.)
I copied the text from my 2010 NaNoWriMo story and pasted it in Wordle.
The above image is the final result.

So, pretty much, I used the word "Sam", "Jack", "Melly" and "Jess" quite a bit. They were the four main characters in my story, so it makes sense. :)

A little recap of my story:
Melly (main character) has been to several different schools but can't make friends at any of them. So, she goes to McKinley High (the school where Glee is set) and meets Sam (blonde guy in Glee). They start dating and are really good friends, until Sam's ex-girlfriend Jess goes to the school. Sam starts dating his ex again, then they both get expelled (I know, it's weird), so Melly is all alone. She makes friends with Mercedes (a girl in the Glee Club) and Ellie (new girl). Sam goes to another school, gets expelled from that, and goes back to McKinley High in a disguise of brown hair and alias of Matt. He befriends Melly and Ellie, who have no idea about his real identity. Then, Sam rings up Melly to explain that Matt was actually him and wants to be friends again. Melly accepts, and is happy that Sam is back at school with her.

And yeah. Long paragraph, I know. And it's a pretty crap story, but hey, I got to 50,000 words! Hahahaha. :P

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, today I made muffins. There was a banana sitting on the bench, and it was about to go black, so I made these epic banana muffins. :P.

I don't know why I chose pink icing. I couldn't find any cocoa (because I totally wanted to do chocolate icing) so I had to choose either red, yellow, green or blue food colouring.

And I chose red. Because it's Christmas coming up, so I thought, "Hey, why not?"
But they turned out pink. (I should've known that white icing sugar + red food colouring = pink. Whatever I was doing in art class in primary school, I don't know.)
(There's nothing wrong with pink, though. I just wanted Christmas, is all.)

Anyway, they are muffin-cupcake hybrids. Because they aren't in little cups (so I can't call them cupcakes), yet they are iced like a cupcake (hence they can't be muffins).
And everyone loves a hybrid, right? RIGHT?!

My muffins are totally awesome, that they make Masterchef's creations look like poo. Hahahaha. :P.
Matt P would be silly to give my muffins anything under 12/10. Ha!

And yeah.
Good times.
I get bored sometimes. Clearly, I need to get out more. :/.

Hm. Glee is on tonight! ^_____^
It's the episode where they bake cupcakes (coincidence? I think not) and they can't sell them so Puck gets some drugs and then, the cupcakes sell really quickly. And all the money goes to Artie, so that he can travel to Sectionals with the rest of the team. :D.

Also in the episode: Sue's older sister who is Down's Syndrome. It's so cute and happy, watching Sue and her sister. :).

That is all.
See ya later, peeps.

EDIT: Has anyone ever been on Dear Blank, Please Blank?
It's pretty funny.
Anyway, I found this one:

Dear Cupcakes,
The fact that you cover yourselves up with icing says a lot about your self-esteem.
Sincerely, Muffins.

Yeah. Obviously, my epic cupcakes have self-esteem issues. Great. :(.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well. I probably haven't blogged properly in ages. Like, besides the fanfics and stuff. (They are good fanfics, I'd totally read them if I were you.)

I've been watching the Ashes lately. (the cricket- Australia vs England.)
Australia hasn't been doing too well. Like, they were lucky to get a draw for the first match, but in the second match, EVERYTHING was going England's way. :(.
(Well, maybe it was because England > Australia, and their batting and bowling was way better, but whatever. It could've been just luck. Who knows?)

Oh well. Australia can win the next three Test matches, no problem. Just bring in some other players, maybe Hauritz (cos he has experience at Test cricket, right?).
And I don't know who can substitute Marcus North, because you'd need someone who can score runs AND bowl a bit too.
And maybe drop a bowler. idk, maybe Bollinger?

La la la. :)
I watched Glee on Monday night. It was a repeat but still good. ^____^
I so hope that they put the Glee Christmas episode on TV in December, and not next year in March or whenever the ratings season starts again. :/.

Anyway, I am awesome. :P
Goodbye for now, peeps!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"La la la," I said, bored. It was raining heavily, as me and Mitchie stared out the window sadly.
December promised summer and sun and fun times to be had! But all we could see was the gloominess out of the windows of the pie shop.

"Let's get another pie!" Mitchie said, brightly.
So we did. And we ate the hot apple pie, enjoying every last bit of it. Mmm.

Our moods dampened when the pie was finished. "If only I was going to Adelaide, y'know," Mitchie said, glumly, "I'd get away from the east coast, leaving the rain behind me~".
"Yah, too true," I agreed, sadly, "If only."

Minutes went by. Then it turned into hours.
But before hours could even think about turning into days, a guy walked into the shop.
"Howdy," the guy said, taking off his hat and glancing around at the shop, "I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow, d'urg, I need a pie for a snack, y'know?"
The shopkeeper looked at him. "What flavour pie?"
"D'urggg," the guy said, "A custard one."

When the shopkeeper gave the custard pie to the guy, I finally realised who it was. Andrew Strauss.
"Ah, you century-making bitch!" I yelled, jumping up and grabbing the pie off him.
"D'urggg?" Strauss asked.
I was about to chuck the pie at him, but I slipped on something wet on the floor. As I fell, the pie fell from my grasp. "Nooooo!" I screamed, falling to the floor, "The pie, the pie!"
Mitchie was already on it, standing up and swooping down on the pie before Strauss.
In an ineffable pie-throwing motion, Mitchie chucked the pie right in Strauss' face. Score!

"Hahaha," I said, still on the floor. I reached up to high-five Mitchie, and then he helped me up.
"Teamwork," Mitchie said, grinning.

(Note to reader: Comment the story if you wish for any characters to appear in a fanfic.)