Friday, December 25, 2009


A special note to my awesome 12 followers and the stalkers:
I won't be blogging for two weeks (till the 9th Jan) 'cause I'm going to see Adam and Eve in Eden and we'll sit around eating apples while my good buddy Noah builds a big ark and invites two of every animal. :D.

My song is awesome. It's from the Simpsons. :P.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHRISTMAS MEME. (Well, sort of Christmas, idk).

A tag from Lucy. :D. So enjoy.

+ Favourite colour: Mm. Probably pink and purple. Maybe a bit of blue, idk. :).

+ Facebook? Hell yeah. I'm on Twitter way more often but I still go on Facebook. My favourite part of Facebook is looking at the groups that everyone has joined and being like, "THAT'S SO TRUE" and then joining them. Hehe.

+ Christmas tree: real or fake? Fake. Fake is more practical because you can just keep the same tree every year and you don't have to continuously water it over the Christmas period. idk. We have a fake tree at home so yeah.

+ Favourite Christmas Song: I like the Glee Christmas song called "Last Christmas" or something. Glee songs are always good, lmao.

+ Hottest Celebrity: Mm, does my bf, Dale Thomas, count as a celebrity? :/. I have no idea. I don't really know much about celebrities. Just sporting players and stuff.

+ Favourite Restaurant: McDonalds. Okay, I'm kidding, Maccas isn't really a restaurant. idk. To be honest, I'd have to say Lazy Moe's. It's an awesome restaurant and the meals are, like, MASSIVE so you can get three meals between 7 people and each person only has to pay 10 bucks each or something. And the water is free and unlimited but soft drinks cost, like, 6 bucks or something. idk.

+ Favourite Magazine: I don't really read magazines much. When I was 15 or 16, I liked Dolly or Girlfriend. But I've stopped reading them because they mentioned Lincoln Lewis WAAAAAAAAY too many times. :/. And when I was little and liked Pokemon (stfu, I was 10 years old or something), I read K-Zone magazine, lol. Right now, I would prefer reading comics and manga over magazines. :D.

+ Favourite Holiday Drink: Umm, I don't have a particular drink that I drink on holidays. I know that an alcoholic (or just someone who likes alcohol) would say cocktails but I've never had a cocktail so that's not my holiday drink. I suppose I'll say Coke or something. idk.

+ Favourite Christmas Movie: Hmm... I really don't know. I'll just say Home Alone. I haven't really watched any Christmas movies. Well, I haven't watched many movies AT ALL but whatever. :D.

And that's the end of the meme. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y'all~!
Say hi to your mum for me, hehe.


Today, my grandmother asked me if I ever sexted. My mom then asked if she meant texting. She meant sexting. MLIA
Hehe, it's a story from MLIA.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello to my 12 followers, despite one of them being a fictional character.
Sorry for not blogging lately. (Does anyone actually care about me not blogging? Whut?).
I shall post some pictures to make up for my (not very long) absence.

Um, awesome quote. Will was like, "Sometimes, being special ...(dramatic pause)... SUCKS."

Daisy cupcakes! :D. Hehe.

Merry Christmas y'all~! :D. It's a lovely picture (that I drew) of Russell Robertson singing to Jingle Bells. Hehe indeed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Some cute pictures for y'all:

I love Guenter. He's the monkey from Futurama when they go to Mars. HE'S SO CUTE. :D.
And when he has the hat on his head, he can talk and is really smart. LOLLL.


Remember last year when I did this that I got from this person?
Yeah, well, I'mma going to do it again. Because that's how I roll. :D.

Okay. The date is 17th December. So, I'm going to do 17 things I love and 12 things I hate.
I love:
  1. Dale Thomas, my bf.
  2. Rove. I'm hoping he makes another TV show and comes back next year. ;).
  3. Mitchie, my bff. Oh yeahhhh, we still throw pies at everyone, it's great, lmao. :P.
  4. Glee. Channel 10 are putting Glee repeats on Sunday nights now that they've played all of Season 1. YAYYY, LOLLL! :D.
  5. Twitter.
  6. The Cleveland Show. I'm really enjoying this spin-off series even though Stewie and Chris aren't in it.
  7. Futurama. Lovin' the new episodes at the moment. Haha.
  8. The cricket. Go Australia, you good things! Shove a pie in Chris Gayle's face, Mitchie! LOL.
  9. Cookies from Subway. :).
  11. Katy Perry. She's like awesome, okay? I like that 3OH!3 song which she sings in, stfu.
  12. Jacob Black. Mm.
  13. Chocolate. Om nom nom.
  14. Neapolitan ice-cream.
  15. Hobbits. Like Sam and Frodo and Pippin and Luke (from the Kooks). LOLL.
  16. Alvin and the Chipmunks. I WANNA SEE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. Chipmunks = win.
  17. The Cadbury gorilla. We are totally getting married~, despite the fact that I'm getting married to Dale Thomas. LOLWHUT.

I hate:

  1. Really hot days where I'm drowning in my own sweat. I'm hoping there are none of the aforementioned days this summer. :/.
  2. Denise Scott. Just shut up already, okay? I DON'T CARE. :/.
  3. Amanda Kellar. As much as I love TAYG, Amanda sometimes gets on my nerves. idk.
  4. Psycho-tweenies who squeal over RPattz/Edward. Umm, he's not that great.
  5. Flies and mosquitoes. Two reasons for hating summer. Ugh.
  6. Games in which the object is to kill people.
  7. The song Gives You Hell by All American Rejects. Yes, I'm gonna have to dodge all your tomatoes but I've heard the song SO MANY TIMES on the radio and I hate it. No offence.
  8. Camping in a remote area like Eden where there's nothing to do and the interwebz cost $2 and you only get 20 minutes worth of interwebz time. Whut.
  9. Geelong. The football team, not the town. They can go shove their premiership cup up their arse. Thankyou. :/.
  10. Getting sunburnt because when you put on sunscreen, you missed a spot. (Hopefully, I won't get sunburnt this year or next year or any other year, lol).
  11. Worldshaker by Richard Harland. Umm, why didn't Col want to be with the gorgeous, lovable chick? WHYYY? I would've loved to have had her. Ugh. She loved pink and I love pink. THE WHOLE WEDDING WAS IN PINK. And I was like, "Yay, pink ftw!"
  12. Terri from Glee. Although, I liked it when she said that she was having therapy. OH, YOU NEED IT, TERRI, YOU DEFINITELY NEED IT. Whut.

And that's all.

Dear all you followers/stalkers/mindless zombies:

Do this meme sometime soon, okay? :D.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I has 12 followers for this blog. :P.
Oh yeahhh, epic win.
Hello to my 12th follower who also got 87 for an ENTER score. :D.
And now, for some pictures:

Will and Emma ftw. :D. OTP. Emma's so cute. I hate Ken for dumping Emma on the wedding day. Whyyyy. Poor little Emma was all upset. SHE WENT TO SECTIONALS TO HELP THE KIDS, NOT WILLIAM. I HATE KEN. ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL. :/.

It is all the members from the Glee Club. I will try and name them all.
Back row (left to right): a football guy, Puck, Finn, another football guy (?), Will.
Next row (left to right): Brittany, the sexting girl, Quin, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina.
Front row: Artie.
Ugh. I can't name all the boys. Especially the ones wearing red jackets. (Well, I know which one is Puck, lol).
Brittany is awesome. She's one of my favourite characters. ;).
I hate the sexting girl (the one who was sexting Puck while he babysitted). But I don't hate her as much as Ken. KEN FAILS SO MUCH. Ugh.
Btw~, I didn't draw these pictures. I got them off someone's DeviantArt. :D.

WWE =/= WWF.

Except in this picture:
I found it funny, okay?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I got my ENTER score today. :D.
Okay, VCAA probably made a mistake because they gave me a 87.40. I suppose they were just in a good mood when marking my exams and scaling my results.
Like, my Specialist Maths score was 29 (which was the lowest out of all my subject scores) and it got marked up to a 37 and became one of my Top 4 subjects. Whut.

And my Chemistry and Biology scores (after everything got scaled) were my lowest scores and didn't get in the Top 4 subjects. Umm, whuuuuuut. I want to do science next year and my Accounting score > my Chemistry score. :/.

And my English score was 30. BUT GOT SCALED DOWN TO 27.85. And English has to be one of the Top 4 subjects because it's English and it's important. WHY DID THEY SCALE IT DOWN? FAILLL.

Luckily, my Maths Methods score got scaled up from 37 to 42 or something. Yay. And my Accounting score was 38 but didn't get marked up that much.

And my Biology and Chemistry scores were both 31. And Chemistry got marked up to 35. :D.

In the end, my ENTER score was 87.40. ^_______^
I feel smart even though one of my friends got 98 or something. :/.
Did anyone else do year 12 this year? What did y'all get?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Aw, poor Scotty.
Click on the link to find out what happened.
Hopefully, he'll be okay and be ready for the 2010 season. /hopeful.
And then, we'll take REVENGE on the person who did this to him. (I meant "we" as in "me and my bf Dale Thomas", okay).

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Okay, so there's this group on Facebook called, "Soldiers should get footballer's wages".
What does that even mean, I hear you ask? (Well, I didn't hear you ask it.. I only heard myself ask it but whatever).
It can only mean two things:

1. Those people in the Facebook group want soldiers to have the same wages as footballers.
Okay, fair enough. BUT WHY PICK ON FOOTBALLERS? Can't the soldiers have the same wages as another profession like doctor, teacher, garbage man? Why only footballers?
And also, all footballers get different wages. For example, Juddy gets paid more than Jack Watts.
Which footballer's wage do the soldiers want? Juddy's? Jack Watts'? A rookie's?

2. Those people in the Facebook group want the footballers' wages to be given to the soldiers. (Probably because soldiers are defending our country and footballers aren't).
Ummm, no. Footballers work hard for their moniez. Football isn't easy. Jack Watts played a few games during his VCE year and he played badly. He hadn't been training as much as the other players and couldn't play as well.
Also, being a footballer isn't a breeze. They don't get many holidays. Once the season ends, the footballers get a little break and then, in October/November, preseason starts. As soon as Jack Watts finished his exams, he got straight into training. No holiday for him.
And the wages depend on how good you are and how many games you play and how valuable you are to the club.
And also, soldiers may be defending the country but footballers are entertaining us by playing football. We get enjoyment out of it. If footballers didn't get payed, they'd have to have another job which would take time out of their football training and they wouldn't be as good. :/.

So, to all you Facebook people joining that group, think about what it's really saying. Do you want your footballers to be hobos? Do you want your footballers to be juggling a job along with their football career? No?
Then don't bother joining this group.
Thank you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I watched the Simpsons, Futurama, The Cleveland Show and another Simpsons episode last night. :D.

Best quote from the Cleveland Show: "I don't want my dog to be replaced like Brad Pitt replaced Jennifer Aniston, or like John Mayer replacing Jennifer Aniston, or like Vince Vaughn replacing Jennifer Aniston. My point is: my dog is not Jennifer Aniston."
Haha, wise words said by Cleveland's stepson. ^____^

Also, some more quotes from the Futurama episode I watched awhile ago. Bender was in the mental hospital and they were all sitting in a circle on chairs. And the Mad Hatter goes, "CHANGE PLACES!" and everyone changed seats. And I lol'd.
And then, the instructor person was like, "STOP.... it's hammer time~!" :).

Also, on the 7pm Project, one of the guys (no, not Charlie or Hughesy.. it was another guy) was wearing a T-shirt with George Bush and Osama Bin Laden on it and down the bottom, it said, "BFF". Wow. LOLWHUT.
And because you all like random pictures, here are some:
It's Buddy~! (No, I didn't draw it... I found it on the interwebz).

Anyone for breakfast?

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I watched Glee yesterday.
IT WAS EXCITING. ^_______^
Will finally found out about the non-existant baby inside Terri. :D.
And it would be totally awesome if Will and Emma could get together and sleep on the mattress in Will's office. :/.

Okay, I am too hopeful but whatever.
I reckon in the next episode, Will goes back to Terri. I hope not. But I reckon he will. idk. Because they can't just kill off a character, y'know. I want them to, but they won't.

Anyhoo, in the next episode, I think Quin reveals her secret about the father of the baby. YAY~!
And then, Puck will, hopefully, become mature and be Quin's bf.
Although, if he does become mature, Rachel might want him too. Ugh, whut. :/.

Oh well.
I'm hoping there'll be a Season 2 of Glee. Because there's only one episode left of Season 1. :'(.

And now to overload your computer with cuteness:

And yumminess:

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yum, it's a Cookie Monster cupcake~! :D. Om nom nom.

Oh noes, the legalisation of gay marriage will devour the world! ARGHHHHH! :/.
And also, I received another question.
Why do you like science? me- i want to strangle it!!! (yes, i loathe it that much)
I like science because I find the topics and stuff interesting.
Like, in Biology in year 11, I was interested in the topics that we learned about. And it's the same with chemistry. :D.
But with Accounting, that is a really boring subject. The ONLY thing interesting about Accounting class was that we got cake and food in some classes.
And yeah. Science is a lot easier for me than writing essays and stuff.
Hopefully, that answered your question. idk.
Would anyone else like to ask a question? YES, YOU CAN. :D.


I received a few more questions from some anonymous person/people/zombies/ninjas/aliens/your dog. :D.

Are we human, or are we dancers?
Well, I think human. Because some people (like me) cannot dance. Hence, some people (like me) cannot be dancers.
So, to answer The Killers' question: WE ARE HUMAN. :).

What would you do if i sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Umm, idk. I probably wouldn't walk out on you.
Because I always sing out of tune so if it were me doing the singing, I wouldn't want anyone walking out on me.
Hence, I would stay seated and listen to you sing out of tune. kk.

Hey! I love your Dale Thomas comics.
Yes, someone actually sent this to me. Whether they were lying or not, I have no idea.
But the important thing is that: SOMEONE LOVES MY DALE THOMAS COMICS! :D.
To whoever wrote this awesome sentence: YOU ARE AWESOME. KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS. SINCERELY, LAURA. :D.

And would anyone else like to write a question or tell me how much they like the Dale Thomas comics? Because you can.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I feel as if I hasn't blogged in awhile. :/.

Anyhoo, I went to my friend's house for, like, three days.

And we watched many movies like Hot Fuzz (weird movie, idk), She's All That (an average teen movie where the loser girl gets with the popular guy), Anastasia (a singing and dancing cartoon depicting bits of the Russian Revolution, idk), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Steve Martin is so funny, haha), Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different (really funny. It was basically a bunch of funny skits made by Monty Python) and probably other movies, idk.

And we watched several episodes of the Big Bang Theory (a TV series about a group of science nerds) and Black Books (a TV series about three people who own a bookstore and they go through many problems/arguments/etc). And we played Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers on the Wii. :D.

And yeah.

Haha. You may all view my latest Buddy comic. Because I know y'all want to. It shall be up on my DeviantArt laterz. ^_____^ (In the second scene, the thing on Dale's face is a pie, okay? And the purple filling splatters on his face and yeah).

Om nom nom pieeeee. Yay.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I has 11 followers on my blog. :D.
Wow. That's a big number seeing as I only blog about Dale Thomas and Glee and other random crap. :/.
And to overload your computer with cuteness, here is a picture:

And here is another picture to make your computer explode with cuteness:

And this is what y'all have to buy me for Christmas:
See, it's all the precious items that Voldemort put his soul into. Clever, huh?
So, my plan is to get this bracelet and put some of my soul into each item. AND THEN, I'LL BE INVINCIBLE~! lolwhut.

Where's Wally?
And all you readers are jumping out of your chairs going, "OMG, I FOUND HIM, I FOUND HIM!!11!!"
Amazing achievement. Y'all must be very proud.

Yeah, I can't be bothered doing Science at university. I'M BEING A GHOST INSTEAD. Epic win.
It seems like a tiring schedule but on Sunday, I can sleep so all is good. :D.

And that is all. I hope you enjoyed my lovely pictures. Because they are lovely. Totally.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I totally watched Glee today. (I taped it on Sunday).
My thoughts on that episode:
  • When Quin was hugging Will, WHY DIDN'T TERRI TELL HIM ABOUT THE BABY? That would have been the PERFECT time to tell him. whut. :/. Just tell him already.
  • Puck is a bitch. I never thought I'd say that. But I did. Basically, if you didn't watch it, Puck was "sexting" girls while babysitting with Quin. Why? Because he's immature. FAILL.
  • Awkward moment #12893: While they sung True Colours, Quin would glance at Finn, then Rachel would glance at Finn, and then Kurt would glance at Finn. OH GOD, THIS IS, LIKE, A FOUR-WAY RELATIONSHIP. Awkward much?
  • Puck, telling Quin what he does on Friday nights. He stands at 7/11 and waits for someone to offer him a beer. That sounds... fun?
  • Also, what is Sue trying to do with the Glee Club? I don't get it. :/.
And yeah.
Good episode though.
Papa Don't Preach was a good song choice for Quin. :D.
She's a really good singer.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


After starting NaNoWriMo later than everyone else (because of exams, I started on the 12th), I still managed to write a 50,000 word story without my hand falling off. :D.

My story is about a road trip where a girl and her four friends went on a road trip across America. My story involves a lot of singing by the characters because, frankly, I needed to get to 50,000 words and it was very easy to copy and paste a whole lot of song lyrics.

So yeah. Now, that I've FINALLY finished NaNoWriMo, I can get back to doing what I usually do... whatever that might be. :/.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I watched Ratatouille last night.

It was awesomeeee~!
The ranga kid and the rat made a good team. :D.

And Luke Ball got drafted to Collingwood (yayyy!).
Maybe if you click on the picture, it may be BIGGERRR!
This is one of the DaleThomasComics. (The comic above isn't on my DeviantArt yet, it'll be up later).
Also, if you want to see the other DeviantArt comics, navigate your way around the internet and somehow you will get there. :).

And I watched New Moon. ^________^
If you hasn't seen it, I suggest you should.

  1. Jacob Black, with short hair. Ahhh. :D.
  2. Edward leaving and saying that he didn't want Bella. Oh yeahhh, time for some Black Swan~!
  3. Bella falling off the cliff. :D.
  4. Jacob and Bella, about to kiss. ^___^. And then, Edward just had to ring on the phone and ruin the moment! :/.
  5. Jacob, as a cuddly browny-coloured wolf. Aw, cuteeee! I want a pet wolf.
  6. The sparkliness. Everytime Edward sparkled, I'd be like, "SPARKLYYY~!" :D.
  7. Jessica Stanley. She's, like, my favourite character in the Twilight series (except for Seth and Leah). Mike and Eric weren't really in the New Moon movie much, FAILLLLLLLL.
  1. Bella, choosing to save Edward in Italy rather than stay with Jacob.
  2. Jacob, with long hair. No, just no. :/.
  3. Edward, proposing to Bella. Umm, she hasn't even finished school yet AND YOU'RE ALREADY SUGGESTING MARRIAGE?? Whut. In the books, Edward didn't suggest marriage till the end of Eclipse.
  4. Not enough Jacob. idk. When Jacob taught Bella how to ride the motorbike, that only lasted, like, a few minutes in the movie.
  5. Whenever Bella did something reckless, she would see Edward and he would talk to her. Umm, Bella, you've been smoking WAAAAAAAAY too much pot on your front porch. :/.
  6. Bella, jumping on the motorbike with the guy, thinking that the guy was Edward. Umm, no, Bella, just quit smoking pot on your front porch, okay?

Hopefully, seeing as "The Best Parts" outweighed "The Worst Parts", y'all will go see New Moon. Because, y'know, my reviews are awesome. :D.

Also, I want to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs just so I can sit in the cinemas with a Snickers bar. Mr T would have wanted it that way. ;).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Why is everyone on Chelsea Lately?
Rove, Josh Thomas, etc.
No fair.

I watched Celebrity Masterchef yesterday. They had to make this tower of profiteroles (I know, I'm hungry too) and the profiteroles were dipped in caramel to help them stick to the tower. And then, a butterfly had to be placed on top.
And I was going for Rachel and Eamon. And Rachel's tower was PERFECT and Eamon's almost perfect. So, naturally, they both got through to the Final 3. :D.

Rachel's PERFECT tower of profiteroles. The judges couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. :D.

I wanted Kirk to leave, but Alex Lloyd's tower was lopsided and looked so bad. FAILLL.

Alex Lloyd's profiteroles. Gary and George just laughed at it. LOLL.

The final 3 would have been PERFECT if it was Rachel, Eamon and Josh Thomas. Oh well. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

And I watched the TAYG Christmas Special yesterday (I taped it) and Josh Thomas mentioned May Day or something. And Charlie was like, "WHO CELEBRATES MAY DAY?!" And later on, Charlie goes, "Yeah, let's not get carried, it isn't MAY DAY."
And I lol'd.

It was an awesome episode of TAYG. ^_____^
And I'm seeing New Moon tomorrow. Epic win. :D.

ALSO: Guess who replied to my tweet on Twitter? :D.
(Harry O asked what movie would be good to watch and I replied to say, "New Moon" and Harry replied to that).

Monday, November 23, 2009


So, Rove is on Chelsea Lately sometime. On the channel called E!. EPIC FAILLLLLLL.
And I'm going to miss it. :(
No fair.
So, because Rove quit doing his show on Channel 10, I hope he doesn't choose to do a talk show in AMERICA, because then, it mightn't be on TV in Australia. :/.
And also, if it was on in Australia, it mightn't be as good because Pete and Kristy and Jess Harris and Haydo and Nick Maxwell and Hamish and Andy and Ryan Shelton and Judith Lucy won't be there.

Speaking of TV, I watched Good News Week last night.
It had Josh Thomas, Corinne Grant, Frank Woodley (He was so funnyyy!), Cal Wilson (aka an Awesome Ranga), and other funny people.

And I also watched the Hamish & Andy: Regifted thing. That was pretty awesome. I loved the Freating thing (I know how to survive as a hobo now~!) and the walkie-talkie thing was awesome. :D.

I also watched a bit of the 7pm Project. But where was Charlie??? Is Andrew Gee only going to be on the show for Monday or for the whole week? :/.

Still haven't watched TAYG. Or New Moon.
This year, for Christmas, instead of buying me a gorilla (with a drum kit), you all can buy me a werewolf. Preferably a cuddly one like Jacob or Seth or Leah. :D.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Anyone else watch some good ol' TV last night?
I taped TAYG (because that's how I roll) and watched TV at 7:30pm.
And on Channel 9, David Warner was batting and on Channel 10, Hayley Warner was singing.
Well, the better Warner of the two decided to leave after a few minutes. WHYYY?

Anyway, Australian Idol was pretty boring. I mean, we already knew the winner (I knew it from the beginning) so basically, it was a whole lot of filler. I did watch Mika's performance. And he sang one song and then, the crowd started chanting, "WE ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK WE ARE!!!" And I'm like, "OH NOES, THE IDOL FANS ARE OUTRAGED! MAYBE MIKA LIP-SYNCHED THE SONG?"
And then, the Idol crowd starts chanting, "WE ARE GOLDEN! WE ARE GOLDEN!"
And Mika started singing We Are Golden.

And I watched Stan's performance but unfortunately, he didn't sing Single Ladies. FAILLLL.
But Hayley sang Funhouse. :D.
And I watched the winner being announced, even though I already knew.

And I watched the cricket but not the end. So, I don't know who won. :/.
I was going for the Australian team (the one with David Warner, Siddle, Little!Huss, etc) because they are awesome.
Also, I always knew that Cameron White's nickname was "Bear" but I never knew till yesterday why he had that nickname. See, his last name is White, and polar bears are white, and the Bundy Rum Bear is white, HENCE his nickname is Bear. (I only found that out yesterday because someone on his team referred to him as "Bundy").

Actually, why is Cameron White's nickname based on the Bundy Rum Bear?
Maybe it's because 1) he likes drinkin' Bundy Rum or 2) he gets the LAYYYDEEEEES.
In other words, idk.

And also, Gilly was wearing PINK GLOVES. :D.

And I don't know why Mitchie or Hilfyy weren't playing. Whut. They are awesome.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The TAYG Christmas Special is on tonight. :D.
All the good shows are all stuffed into this week because it's the last week of "ratings television". Apparently, people don't watch TV during December and January.

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I will continue watching TV during December/January.
Y'know what sucks? Channel 10 haven't even put the whole of Season 1 of Glee on TV yet the Glee episode this Thursday is the last one this year.
But I've seen ads on Channel 10 for other shows in December. Like, The Cleveland Show (a spin-off of Family Guy), Futurama, The Office, and some new show.
I haven't seen any ads for Friends. I likes Friends.

Back to discussing the TAYG Christmas Special.
They are going to do a nativity scene with Josh Thomas as Baby Jesus (wow, that's going to take a lot of acting skills; Josh Thomas doesn't even look like a baby...).
And I was reading the Sunday magazine that came with the Herald Sun today. And my bff, Charlie, had written an article on Hip Hop Wisdom.

Speaking of bffs, I read an article on Jack Watts. And guess what subjects he did in year 12?
Two maths, accounting and english.
And guess what year 12 subject he did in year 11?
And he's twenty days younger than me.
Except I don't think he did Chemistry. I think he did one less subject than me. Because he only went to school four days a week because he plays for Melbourne and stuff.

And that's the end of my boring blog post.
I miss Rove. Why can't he just continue the show? Or, at least, keep tweeting. He hasn't tweeted since last Sunday or something. FAILLL. (Well, obviously, he didn't leave Twitter because he would have written a rap song like Miley Cyrus did).

Friday, November 20, 2009


Here's some more of my opinions on Glee.
  • If Quin needs moniez to support baby, WHY IS SHE ASKIN' FINN? It's not Finn's baby and also, Finn won't be looking after the baby when it's born. Quin should just ask Terri.
  • Kurt should have got the part singing the Wicked song. I felt so sorry for him. :/. (Btw~, at my Speech Night, they did this Wicked medley and they sung Defying Gravity. It made my day).
  • Why doesn't Quin want Puck? Their food fight was awesome, when they were totally throwing things at each other. Quin should have Puck, so Rachel can have Finn. THEN EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY~! idk.

And guess what I'm seeing next Thursdayyyy?

NEW MOON~! :D. Werewolves ftw. All these people went to the midnight premiere with "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward" on their T-shirts and so, I'll come with a T-shirt saying, "I Like Seeing People Fall Of Cliffs" and "Jacob is awesome".

Oh and also:

My story is about a road trip and so, I've made the characters sing songs on the road trip. So, I just copied and pasted a whole heap of song lyrics. :/. And no, that is not cheating. idk. Actually I could just write "Dale Thomas" a million times. LOLLL.

Also, at my Speech Night, last night, there was a drum performance which was good. But I was expecting a gorilla to come and starting hitting the drums. WHYY WAS THERE NO GORILLA? /cadbury.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So, this article is worth a read if you are a Twilight fan. (Or if you aren't a Twilight, you probably have the same views as the article so you should still read it).

I agree with the article. Anne of Green Gables > Twilight.
Anne of Green Gables was a good book. I quite enjoyed it. Except I didn't like how Anne desperately wanted to dye her hair so she bought some dude's hair dye thinking it was black but it was green. What was wrong with Anne's hair in the first place? There's nothing wrong with having red hair. Rangas are awesome. :D.

Some awesome rangas include: Seth Green (voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy and does other stuff too like drinkin' champagne on Rove), Jess Harris (was a cast member on Rove), Ron Weasley (um, he was in some book/film... idk), the other Weasley children, Jason Akermanis (except he dyed his hair but whatever), Adam Cooney (some cheesy guy who likes burger rings), Lindsay Lohan (when she was in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls), etc.
Click on the picture to enlarge. :D.

Although, some not-so-awesome rangas include: Cameron Ling (some loser who plays for some loser team), Lindsay Lohan (when she was on drugs), etc.

Anyhoo, back to the Twilight article.
It's a pretty interesting article. I suggest y'all take some time out of your busy lives and read it. ^____^


Monday, November 16, 2009

Yay, I has written 10,006 words on my story. It's a pretty bad story but oh well. I doubt I'll get to 50,000 words but still. :D.


Okay. Racecar spelt backwards is racecar. MIND BLOWN. That is the smartest thing EVERRRR. There are some clever people (with too much time on their hands, whut).

And look! It's a cupcake representing the awesomeness of Neapolitan Ice Cream. :D.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile. :/.
So, I watched Rove yesterday. It was all funny and everything (as per usual) but it was LAST EPISODE OF ROVE EVERRRRRR.

But Rove's barbeque looked fun. Like, all the cast bought a plate of food. And Hamish and Andy bought a apples with a hot dog threaded through each one. :/
And Kristy Warner's What Have We Learned was funny. "I like my steaks just like parking inspectors. Rare and bloody." LOL. Ah, I'll miss you, Kristy.

What am I going to do on Sunday nights?
Apparently, Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie are breaking up and going their separate ways too. Whut. WHY IS EVERYONE LEAVING???
I'm hoping that TAYG will still be on next year. And Before The Game. And any other show that I watch.
Speaking of shows that I watch, guess what's on Monday nights at 8pm on Channel 10????
It doesn't make up for Rove leaving, though.
Rove > Futurama.

And also, speaking of people leaving, Richo left Richmond. :/.
Maybe Richo could have got his hamstring fixed in surgery or something. Without Richo, Richmond is a hopeless team. They need to find their feet and become good again. And Richo's awesomeness could have distracted everyone from Richmond's hopelessness while they became good. :D.
But I suppose the surgery in order to make Richo's hamstring good was too much. Dammit.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GLEEEEE. ^_____^

I watched Glee yesterday.
Except it was a repeat of an episode that I'd already seen before. :/.
(They should have put on the Single Ladies episode but whatever).

Anyway, my thoughts on Glee so far:
  1. Terri should just tell Will about the baby. JUST TELL HIM ALREADY. He's gonna find out anyway. Well, probably. Like, he'll see the baby and be like, "WOW, IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE EITHER OF US, IT LOOKS LIKE PUCK, whut."
  2. And Quin should just tell everyone the TRUE father of the baby. Like, why is she lying? To keep Rachel away from Finn? In my opinion, Rachel already knows the truth. I mean, she keeps wanting Finn and doesn't seem very interested in Puck. Whut.
  3. Emma. I love Emma, she is one of my favourite characters (besides Will and Quin and Puck). But I don't want Emma to be with that fat sport dude who coaches the football team. Emma deserves better. (Btw~, yesterday on Glee, I loved it when the Glee Club did a sexy dance in front of the whole school and everyone was like, "O______O" and Emma was just dancin' along to the music, lovin' it).
And yeah. It's a good show, btw~. Y'all should watch it, if you haven't already. :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's a table. :D.
I want one.
So, all my exams are finished. ^______^
The Chemistry exam was pretty good; much better than the Unit 3 one, idk.
There should have been more sulfuric acid stuff (I studied that SO MUCH, ugh) and I would have liked some Lead Acid Battery stuff but oh well.

Glee is on tonight!
But it's a repeat, methinks. Because I keep seeing these ads for Glee where they are singing Gold Digger and I'm like, "Haven't I already seen that episode? whut."
OH WELL. It's Glee so it doesn't matter. Every episode of Glee is awesome.
Especially the one where the football team sing Single Ladies. :D

And Rove is on Sunday night. Win.
Except I hasn't seen the previous episode of Rove yet. :/

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I received some more questions today.
Although some of them weren't really a question but whatever.

How do I do vectors?
Love, Aidan

Vectors are the worst thing about Maths. With all the independent and dependent vectors and then, remembering all the formula thingys for scalar resolute, vector resolute, perpendicular stuff (actually, the perpendicular ones are alright because you just make the scalar product equal to zero).
And then, there's the vector calculus stuff. Which includes equilibrium and Lami's Theorem and ugh.
In conclusion, vectors SUCK. I'm so glad I've finished Specialist Maths forever. :D
(And yes, my answers to the questions are fabulous because I is awesome).

What colour is the sky, really?
*looks outside the window*
The sky is pink.
Because I said so.


And I received other questions which just said "Noob" so I won't put them all on here. :/.
If you would like to ask your own question, ask now.

Also, I hasn't watching Rove yet (the episode from last week). Fail.
But the last episode of Rove this year is next Sunday.
Channel 10 should continue Rove till December or something. Who cares that the Idol finale is in two weeks and Rove has to finish up a week before.
They don't need an Idol finale.
We already know the winner.
It's Stan.
Stan, who sung Single Ladies in Big Band week and did backflips last week, is the winner.
Australia voted those Idols out for a reason. Because they suck. :/.
And the Idol Finale is about announcing the winner who will get a record contract and some money to pay off their phone bill. AND WE ALREADY KNOW THE WINNER.
Just give Stan his prizes and crown and continue to put Rove on Sunday nights. That's all Channel 10 need to do.
Rove > Australian Idol.
I'm pretty sure Rove has been getting better ratings than Australian Idol. Despite being at a bad timeslot, Rove is funny whereas Idol is just a boring singing show which drags out for two hours.

Anyhoo, it sucks that Rove doesn't start till April/May next year. :(
But hopefully, SYTYCDA will start in February. And Masterchef will hopefully be on in April/May. ^_______^

Friday, November 6, 2009


How awesome is this sticker? :D.
Rove is on tomorrow night, epic win!
Except I'm taping it because I has an exam on Monday. :/
But on the upside, I only has two more exams to go! TWO MORE. ^_____^


Makes me a sandwich, because y'all are awesome. :D

The second-last Rove show this year is on Sunday. SECOND-LAST? Oh noes, how am I going to get my weekly dose of Rove? Whut.
And Rove won't be starting till April/May next year. WHYYYYYYY?
That means I'll have, like, 4 whole months without Rove.
And apparently, they are changing around the format of Rove to a Hey Hey It's Saturday format.
Um, what?
Will Petespace and Kristy Warner At The Newsdesk and Philophisationing (I can't spell) With Ryan Shelton still be there? And will Haydo and Nick Maxwell still be there? And what about Jess Harris? She's funny... I likes her.

Omg, they can have a Red Faces thingy where people paint their faces black and danceeee. And then, invite Harry Connick Jr on the show. OH, I IS CLEVER.

Oh, I just received a question.
How many nostrils does one have?
Hint: The answer is NOT 2.
Love Aidan
Oh, drat, my first guess would have been 2.
My guess is: FOUR HUNDRED.
Actually, I lied. My guess would really be: 5. One for each finger. :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I received some more questions. :D. If you want to submit more (aw, come on, you HAVE to), you are very welcome to.

You know you love me. xoxo
Uh, yeah, sure thing.
xoxo to you too.

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm...
To finish the sentence: ...really awesome.
Because, y'know, I am really awesome. ^_____^

And yeah.
They weren't really questions and I have no idea who wrote them but thanks. :D

I watched Glee today (Today is Friday.. I taped Glee to study for my Maths Methods exam which I did pretty good in, hopefully).
Anyway, the episode was basically about Will/Emma, Puckleberry, slushies, choosing between footy and Glee Club, and receiving Slushie Facial if you're not cool.
And then, at the end, the Glee Club were all drinking Slushies and one of them goes, "Hey Will, haven't you ever been Slushied?" And Will was like, "Nooo..." And the Glee Club advanced on him and threw their Slushies in his face. :D. And I lol'd.

Oh and it was funny when Puck goes, "Rachel was a hot Jew and the Good Lord wanted me to get into her pants." HAHAHA. Puckleberry is win. Unfortunately, I think they broke up. Like, Rachel was like, "We should go back to being friends." And Puck goes, "We were never friends." wtf.

In other news, I only has two more exams left. Maths Methods (calculator one) and Chemistry. And I know where I'll study for Chemistry....

EDIT: I was watching 7pm Project and Andrew Gee was wearing a T-shirt with the periodic table on it. So, I wasn't really listening to what he said, I was studying for my Chemistry exam. :/

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Okay, I received some more questions. If you would like to submit more, you're very welcome to. :D

I just read your last post with all the answers. And I am laughing a lot. It's like the funniest thing of all time. OF ALL TIME. But not really. What's your favorite blog?
Thanks for enjoying the answers. Yay.
I has a few favourite blogs. They include: Dale Thomas' blog, Bland Canyon, Josh Thomas' blog is rarely updated but is still funny, and there are plenty more blogs I like. idk.
You can check my Blogger profile for all the awesome blogs that I follow. :)

What's your fave book?
Um, probably Loathing Lola or Everything Beautiful.
I was going to say Twilight but I can't be bothered dodging all your tomatoes. :/
And The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend is a good book too. Except she chose the wrong guy at the end, whut.

Are you just going to endlessly ask for questions, then people will ask them, then you'll answer them, and then you'll ask them to ask questions again?
When will we get updates about what you're watching on TV if you're always doing that?
Speaking of, what are you watching on TV?
Yes, I will endlessly ask for questions because I likes answering the questions. idk. :D
And yes, I do watch a lot of TV.
I watch: Rove on Sundays, Simpsons at 6pm every night, All New Simpsons on Tuesdays, sometimes I watch Celebrity Masterchef on Wednesdays, Glee on Thursday (Awesome show except Terri should just tell Will about the baby. Will is my favourite character and I likes Quin too and yeah), and yeah. Sometimes I watch the 7pm Project and before Rove, I sometimes watch Australian Idol but I don't like any of the contestants this year. They suck. They suck every year but still. Whatever. (Actually, I like Stan because he sang Single Ladies...).

Oh, I wonder who wrote this one....

Oh mystical oricle that is Laura, will I pass my exams or am I going to fail miserably because I'm doing this and not studying?
You will pass your exams because asking me questions is better than studying. :D

And that is all. :D
I hope y'all enjoyed the answers to your questions. And you may send me more questions. I know you want to. :D

Monday, November 2, 2009


I got some more questions but I still think y'all should submit more. idk. Whatever.

OK, who are your top 5 celebrity crushes?
Hmmm, that may be difficult considering I likes several. Okay.
1. Dale Thomas. I know, MASSIVE surprise. Whut.
2. Robert Pattinson. Duh.
3. Jack Watts. Except he's younger than me. But only slightly. Only by 20 days. :D
4. Josh Thomas. He's so lovable. WHY DIDN'T HE GO THROUGH TO THE SEMI FINALS ON MASTERCHEF, WHYYYYY? His Bombe Alaska > Kirk's Bombe Alaska.
5. Andy Clemmensen and Shaun Diviney. AT THE SAME TIME. (They are both from Short Stack, yayy!).
I may have forgotten some. That happens sometimes. :/

Have you seen Inkheart?
Well, this guy can read characters out of books and then they're in the real world.
What character would you take from their book and into our world?
Or, you know, characters...
No, I haven't seen Inkheart. :/
Hmm, I'd take Courtney, Katie and Tim out of Loathing Lola. They'd make great friends. :D
And I want to be bffs with Chloe from Everything Beautiful, haha. I like her because she's quirky and funny...

I like bread and butter...
Mm, me too. Yum.

After a short break to get some buttered bread, here are some more questions:
What did you think of iSnack 2.0?
It tasted yum. It was all cheesy and stuff yet still had the Vegemite taste.
But I didn't like the name "iSnack2.0". The name should've been "Awesomeness" or "YerMumMite" or "Black Cheese" or "KanyeMite" (YO, iSNACK2.o, I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND I'MMA LET YOU FINISH BUT CLASSIC VEGEMITE IS THE BEST VEGEMITE OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME~!). I will never get tired of that. :/

Are you going to try out for Masterchef next year?
Yeah, I would like to. Except I wouldn't get through the auditions because I doubt the judges will like my Vegemite on Toast. FAILLLLL.

Can/do you sing?
No, I cannot sing.
And no, I don't sing. Although I try to (ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, IF YOU LIKED IT THEN YOU SHOULDA PUT A RING ON IT~! WHOA OH OH~~) but I can't sing in tune. :(

Are you going to go to university?
What are you going to study?
I promise I'm not stalking you.
Or maybe I am...
Yes, hopefully, I get into university. HOPEFULLY.
I want to study Science because I likes Science.
You can stalk me but I'm not very interesting. My life consists of Twitter, the Simpsons and Dale Thomas. :/

What is your favorite movie of all time? OF ALL TIME.
I like it how the person who asked this question put "OF ALL TIME" at the end. You are awesome. :D
My favourite movies include: The Simpsons Movie, Mean Girls, Madagascar, Bruce Almighty, Twilight (excuse me while I dodge some tomatoes), and plenty more. :D

In a mud-wrestle-fight (whatever it is), who would win --
Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Bella Swan or Sookie Stackhouse?
Kanye West or Dale Thomas?
Um... I can't think of anymore.
Taylor Swift would beat Miley because Taylor Swift is AWESOMEEEE.

Edward would just stand there sparkling and Jacob would turn into a werewolf and wrestle the sparkly vampire. And the winner is..... JACOB.

Who is Sookie Stackhouse? :/. Whatever. Sookie Stackhouse will definitely beat Bella. Bella would just stand there saying, "I'M NOT AFRAID. I HAVE A SHIELD IN MY BRAIN, YOU CAN'T HURT ME." And Sookie would just be like, "Whatever. -wrestles Bella to the ground and stabs stake in her heart-".

Dale Thomas would be about to smash Kanye West with a chair and Kanye would be like, "YO, DALE, I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND I'MMA LET YOU FINISH BUT ROVE IS THE BEST CHAIR-HITTER OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME~!". Because once a wrestler guy was interviewed on Rove (the show), and Rove (the guy) came up behind him and smashed a chair on him and I lol'd.

(There was one question in which someone submitted an email they had received and I won't post the email on this blog but to that person who submitted the question with the email: THAT EMAIL IS A SCAM, DON'T DO IT, SCAMSCAMSCAMSCAM!).

Have you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show?
I haven't seen ALL of it but I've seen one of the scenes in which the freaky guy goes, "...SHIVER WITH ANTICIP...............................................................................................PATION."

Too weird to live, too rare to die.
Come on, guess where I quoted that from? GUESS. GUESS!!

I have no idea where you quoted that from. :/
But I will take a guess. My guess is: Dale Thomas. Because, y'know, Dale would say something like that and not even tell his own wifey, wtf.

When is your pet rocks birthday?
And how old is he?
from sam_daisy
I wonder who wrote this question....
My pet rock's birthday is June 21st and he is 1 year old. :D

No, I just have a lot of feelings. I wish we could all bake cupcakes and rainbows and all get along like we did in middle school. :')
And if you want to submit a question: ASK IT NOW.


Time to answer some of your questions.
I received 7 and I expect more, you lazy people. CLICK HERE TO FULFIL MY WISHES. :D

If you were given a million dollars by Channel 9 (or 10 or 7 or whatever) to make a reality TV show, what would it be called and what would the show entail?
(i.e. An Australian Idol/Survivor mash-up? Or a bit more Next Top Model/Hole In The Wall?)

Hm, idk. I'd probably do a Masterchef/Survivor mash-up where the people have to survive in the outback or wherever and cook up some dish with whatever they can get and then, Matt The Cravat, George and Gary have to eat and judge the food. :D.

Favorite color?
Pink or purple. I like them both and it's difficult to choose. :)

What's your fave food?
Or just anything that's edible. idk.

Shouldn't you be studying for exams? Or are they over?
Of course I'm studying. And no, my exams are not over. They finish on the 12th November, yayyy! ^______^

Hi, this is Steph. You're awesome. Bye.
This is not a question but I'll answer it anyway.
Hi Steph, this is Laura. Thanks, I am awesome. Bye.
(NOTE TO READERS: You may submit questions that aren't really questions, I don't mind).

Edward or Jacob?
Hmmm... I choose Edward because he's a sparkly vampire and also because despite Jacob being an awesome werewolf, he's a little bit young for me. idk.

Do you have any pets? Or siblings? Or weird sibling/pet combinations as a result of your mother having a baby with a wolf? Is Jacob Black actually your brother?(Not to say your mother is zoosexual. Frankly, that's just wrong.)
I don't have any pets (except a pet rock that won't move... MOVE, YOU STUPID ROCK, JUST MOVEEEEEEEE!) and I has two (annoying) brothers. As for weird sibling/pet combinations, I don't think I have any. Actually, maybe I do. Let me just check outside....
And no, Jacob Black is not my brother but it would be awesome if he was. I'd have my own personal bodyguard so if Nelson or Kearney or someone stole my lunch money, Jacob could launch into a werewolf and eat the bullies. :D

And that is all the questions I can answer because they were the only questions submitted.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know you followers have a lot of questions to ask me yet are too scared to ask them. (How do I know this? I KNOW ALL).
So, I have devised a way for y'all to ask as many questions as you want and you can do it ANONYMOUSLY. Yes, that's right, anonymously.

So, you can ask me about my bf, my bffs, an awesome TV show, my favourite colour, ANYTHING. And I'll answer all the questions on my blog. :D

So, ask away!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Today happens to be Halloween (and if you go to Google, it has a picture of lollies and says "CLICK OR TREAT") and also, the Melbourne Cup is in a few days.

If only the dog (in the picture above) was a horse because that would have been an AWESOMEEEE jockey. :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had my English and Specialist Maths exams today.
It was the non-calculator Specialist Maths exam and it had some REALLY hard questions and some quite easy questions. :D

And as for the English exam, the Language Analysis was pretty good (the article was basically some dude saying how awesome technology is and how if technology hadn't evolved, we'd still be swinging from trees and living in caves), my creative piece was okay (idk, I wrote about someone staying true to their goals and not letting others tell them what to do) and the Text Response was good, methinks (I wrote on Inheritance which I find is much easier than 1984, idk).

Overall: I think I went okay. :)
And also, I finished a few minutes earlier (wtf, I read over my three essays, like, 4 billion times and still had time leftover) and I noticed one of the texts was called Citizen Kane and I drew a cane next to it and lol'd.

Because in the Simpsons, Lisa was at a nerdy sci-fi convention and she was like, "ISN'T THAT THE CANE FROM CITIZEN KANE? WAIT- THERE WAS NO CANE IN CITIZEN KANE. :/"

And yeah.
So, 2 exams down, 5 to go. ^___^
How was your day and what are y'all doing for Halloween?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Because no one reads this blog, I thought I'd post a whole lot of (awesome) pictures. Idk why. It felt like a good idea at the time. :D
The pictures above are planning lists for certain books. If you can guess the book, you win...
Suck it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

GLEEEEE. ^_____^

Glee is awesome. :D
Especially when the football team randomly started singing Single Ladies. Ah, good times.
And last night, Will's wifey, Terri, gave the Glee Club members some pills to make them hyperactive and those pills were illegal or something and Terri couldn't be the school nurse anymore. (Well, she was never an ACTUAL nurse... she just wanted to spy on Will.. >_____>)

And yeahhh.


More awesome than Hollywood. Oh yeah!

See? My bf is totally famous. Suck on that. :P


I will never get sick of these Kanye West thingys. :D


Wouldn't y'all love this restaurant?

The candy heart that only I can receive because I am totally awesome. :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Oh yeah. It's Stephenie Meyer's planning list for when she was making Twilight. :D
It's totally written in blood if you didn't realise, LOLLL.

You can make your own. Just click HERE or HERE or even HERE.
(The third link is the insideadog website, kk).

In other news, today was Muck Up Day where all the Year 12's burnt down the school and all the teachers inside it.
Okay, I'm joking. We didn't really burn it down. We just put glad wrap everywhere and egged the teachers' cars.
OKAY, OKAY, I'm joking about the egging. :/

And then, we went to assembly where the year 12's all got a flower (yay!) and the Year 12 teachers got a present.

And yeah. Tasma's planning list is more awesome than SMeyer. Probably because Tasma is better than SMeyer. Duh.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I totally watched Rove and TAYG last night. :D
It was awesome because Rove was on TAYG so I basically watched two hours of Rove (yayyy!).

Some of the awesomeness:
  • Seth Green. Does the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy. How could you NOT love him? ^____^ And him and Rove swapped places because they have so much in common that they could be the same person. So, Seth had to be the host but it was extremely distracting because of his voice (an accent, idk) and his Ranga-Beard. :/
  • Ryan Shelton, explaining how there is no chocolate in Hell. OH NOES, NOW I HAVE TO BE REALLY GOOD SO THAT I CAN GO TO HEAVEN. Uh oh.
  • They'd showed a picture of some bird "rooting" some guy's head. I know, WTF indeed. Anyway, Pete goes to Rove, "Is this one of those ~sexy bird dances~ you do with Tasma?" And I lol'd. :)
  • Barry Humphries, explaining that "The Tasma" was the name of a coffee and that Tasma (Rove's wifeyyy) could have been named Starbucks. :D LOLLL.
  • And next week, Rove is going to interview as many people as he can within 60 minutes to set a world record. Hopefully they interview some really awesome people. Like Dale Thomas or something, idk. :D
And yeahhh.
So, how was everyone's weekend?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Y'know the guy on Rove who does the KRudd PM voice?
His name is Nick Maxwell and he's getting married today in Byron Bay.
And my bf and Harry O'Brien are going to be there. Because, y'know, they play footy with him. :D

But some Collingwood players aren't going to Nick Maxwell's wedding. Because Chris Tarrant is also getting married so all the ~bad boys~ like Swannie and Didak are going to Tarrant's wedding. FAILLL. wtf. Nick Maxwell > Chris Tarrant.

Btw~, Nick Maxwell was on Rove a few weeks ago, cheering up the Parramatta Eels and Nick was like, "I love rugby, and I would have played but I, uh, have a neck." LOLLLL. (Luckily, he didn't play rugby otherwise Collingwood wouldn't be so good...).

And I watched the 7pm Project yesterday. And they were discussing the Balloon Boy story.
(Basically, what happened was that everyone thought a little boy fell out of a hot air balloon so there were search parties EVERYWHERE because this boy was lost and he was only 6 and anyway, the boy actually was NEVER in the balloon; he was hiding in the attic).

And I really hope the episode of TAYG on Sunday is the episode with Rove. ;)

EDIT: Seth Green (some Family Guy dude) is on Rove. ^_____^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Aw, the cupcakes are taking a vacation. :/. DON'T LEAVE, SWEET LITTLE CUPCAKES!

Yes, I realise that I haven't blogged in awhile. idk.
(Not that anyone cares but whatever).

I watched Masterchef last night and Eamon Sullivan won! I was hoping that he would win. :D
Well, I didn't know the other two people who he was competing against (Anna Bligh and some Simon dude, idk) so yeah.

I wish Josh Thomas was still in it and then, I'd actually look forward to the semi finals or whatever. Epic fail.

ANDDDDDDDD also, on Sunday, TAYG is on at 6:30pm. And according to the TV Guide, it's the episode with Rove. ^_______^
And Rove is on at 9:30pm as well which is even more exciting. :D.
Australian Idol and its boringness ruins Sunday nights. The only good thing about Australian Idol this year is THIIIIIIIS. (Yes, it is a link to some blog where they recap Australian Idol every week... I KNOW, WHAT A BORING LIFE, WTF... but the recaps are always funny so yeahhh).

And yeah.