Thursday, March 31, 2011


Collingwood's guernsey for tomorrow's game against Kangaroos.

Right. I can see that this jumper will serve its purpose: to distinguish the Collingwood players from the Kangaroo ones.
But isn't it a little over the top? Couldn't they just expand each black stripe (instead of merging them all together) and Kangaroos expand their white stripe and bam! Problem solved.

Who was in charge of this design? Luke Ball and Maxy Hudgton? Do they really miss their old jumpers that much, that they need to incorporate the design at their new club?

I mean, really.
Which brings me to another point: Can't all jumpers be left as they are traditionally and just have minor changes when playing certain teams? Like, some team's away strips (and some home strips, too) are so crazy.

Let's just copy St Kilda's design.
Yay, we can totally play like them with an ugly blonde goalkicker (Leigh Brown, the lemons are over there), some arrogant player who claps when he gets a goal and no one likes him (umm, idk, Dick used to clap after a goal?), a really good player that looks like his face got run over by a steam roller (I'm sorry, Nick Maxwell, but you landed this role), and some hot guy that sits around all day cracking jokes on Twitter and making me laugh (Daisy Thomas, duh).

(If you aren't aware, the St Kilda players I described, in order, were: Nick Riewoldt, Stephen Milne, Brendon Goddard, and Steven Baker. Yes, I am cruel. Shut up.)

Stay tuned for next week, where I go crazy about Hunger Games and Glee. Oh, wait, that's EVERY week. Oops. :P

Friday, March 25, 2011


Krakouer and S.Buckley doused in red powerade. Welcome to the team, boys.

Anyway, Collingwood beat Port Adelaide today. 75-point victory. Sweeeet.

Collingwood were totally owning for the first half, Swanny had three goals and 92 Dream Team points.
Then, in the 3rd quarter, Port Adelaide was all like, "I'mma blow this joint" and kicked about 8 goals to get within 16 points. It was like, "Whoa, scary Port" but luckily, Collingwood topped off the quarter with around 4 goals. :D.

The 4th quarter was pretty much Collingwood extending their lead. I think Port Adelaide kicked 1 goal. Hahaha. :P

And Krak, on his debut, got 96 Dream Team points and his goal was AMAZING. I didn't see it, but the radio commentators were good at describing it. Pretty much, Krak dodged a few opponents and then surprised them all by kicking the ball on the outside of his boot, kicking a sort-of banana.

Swanny went a little quiet in the 2nd half, but oh well, he still made over 100 in the Dream Team and he's my CAPTAIN so it got DOUBLED.
La la la.

Pretty good game, you guys. Maybe the defenders could've been slightly better, but hey, a good start to the season. :)
Top of the ladder, yo!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yeah, that's right, I spoiled Glee for all you Australian fans. Haha.

I won't say who won at Regionals, but Blaine did a really good performance of Raise Your Glass and it was amazing and yeah. Not that I watched the episode, okay, I saw a promo on Channel 10. :P

And Santana sings this kick-ass song called Trouty Mouth, which she wrote for her boyfriend, Sam.
I know it's really cruel to tease Sam and his big mouth, but it's funny. Whatever. I'm a heartless person, but my Sammy Evans still loves me, right? RIGHT?!

They've chosen a Katniss for the movie. Some blonde actor named Jennifer Lawrence. Anyone know her? Good, 'cause I don't. :/

A photo of Sam and someone's drawing of Peeta. THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE. NONE.
Suzanne Collins probably based her character on Chord Overstreet/Sam Evans. She's probably a massive Gleek and spends Saturday nights at home, having Glee marathons and stroking her cat.

And you may think I'm totally making this up, but I can relate some of the characters in Hunger Games to some characters on Glee. Not even joking. And no, I do not have too much time on my hands.
  • Katniss = Rachel. They can both sing REALLY WELL, have brown hair, both are strong independent girls, etc etc.
  • Peeta = Sam. Blonde hair, not afraid to be seen as dorky, both are in love with a girl and would do anything for her to love them back (I know Fabrevans is over, but just sit back down and stop interrupting), likes painting (colour me mine!), etc.
  • Effie Trinkett = April Rhodes. One of Effie's main quotes is "May the odds be ever in your favour!" And in the song that April sung on Glee, it pretty much has that line. And they are both bubbly, happy people, and I'm sure Kristin Chenoweth wouldn't mind wearing a pink wig. :P
  • Gale = Puck. Hard to explain, but yes, Gale is a badass mofo who f*cks every girl he meets. Okay, fine, this isn't true. But Gale has kissed a lot of girls, and he did/does love Katniss. But she doesn't/didn't love him back in the same way, even though they were both from "the Seam". And Puck wanted to get with Rachel in the Mash-Up episode, but Rachel wasn't keen, even though they were both Jews.
  • Cinna = Kurt. Both love fashion and makeovers, and I have a hunch that Cinna is gay. Just a hunch, though.
  • President Snow = Sue. EVIL, SO EVILLLL. But kind of cool too.
  • Haymitch = Will Schuester. President Snow killed all Haymitch's loved ones (including the girl he loved) and now he's alone. He now spends his Saturday nights wasted. YES, I JUST RELATED HAYMITCH TO WILL, WHAT OF IT?
  • Foxface = Quinn. Sneaky, sneaky, and very smart. Ha. :P
  • Finnick = Jesse St James. "You're my girlfriend and I want to know all your secrets" = "Have a sugar cubes and tell me all your secrets". They are twins, okay! Sexy and stunning twins. Blahhh.
  • Octavia, Venia, Flavius = Santana and Brittany. All of them care about their looks, and like to gossip and talk.
That's all I've got. :P
See you next time, you horrible stalkers!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haven't blogged in ages, sorry. But I want the pillows in the picture above. Oh my god.

It's Fabrevans. A.k.a. Sam and Quinn, from Glee. They broke up, because Quinn cheated on Sam, and I was like, "NOOOOO!" because these two were so good together.


Last Monday, they had the Glee episode where they all get drunk and sing Tik Tok and start vomiting at the school assembly. Fun times.
But it was a really good episode. Like, REALLY.
Rachel tested her song-writing career, and wrote a song about a headband. It was a pretty emotional song, even if it was sung about a headband. :P

Next Monday (i.e. TOMORROW), it's the Gwyneth Paltrow episode.
Won't spoil it, but someone gets preggerz, Santana confesses her love to Brittany through brilliant acting skillz, and Gwyneth Paltrow tells the Glee Club that cucumbers give you AIDS. Whut.

Oh and Emma and Carl are on the show too. :P
And Emma, despite being married, gets a little jealous of Will dating Gwyneth. Right.

All in all, it shall be a good episiode. :D
Then, the following week, DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN~. A character on Glee will DIE after the performance at Regionals. Yes, that's right, a death. What the...?

My theories on who will die (these aren't spoilers, okay, just my view):
  • Sam. I've blagged about Hunger Games, right? Well, the film of Hunger Games comes out next year, and Chord Overstreet (who plays Sam on Glee) would make a fantastic Peeta. One problem: Chord has Glee commitments to attend. One solution: Kill him off the show. (I really hope this doesn't happen, though. I love Sam, he's so gorgeous, ahhhh.)
  • A singer from Aural Intensity. Sue, in an evil plot, fires one of them out of a cannon. They die.
  • Someone related to Kendra (Terri, maybe?). So that Kendra can attend the funeral and we can hear one of her witty quotes again. Such as: "Oh Terri, you worry too much. Our mum smoke and drank when she was pregnant with us, and we turned out totally normal", or "What's that smell" (soap) "What are you, exorcists or something?", or "you got the beauty, but I got the brains and the beauty". :P
  • Someone related to Sandy Ryerson (the ex-Glee Club teacher). Seriously, he needs to come back, I liked him! "Did someone change the name of this shop to Losers n' Things? Did everyone die so they had to hire you two morons? And where is my muzak? How can I shop without my Kenny G?" Hahaha.
  • The bird, Pavorotti. (I still think that bird should be called Fly-za Minnelli but oh well.)
  • Carl Howell. Oh, come on, they NEED to continue the Will/Emma relationship. Right now, it's all like, "So, um, how's life?" "Great. Me and Carl are looking for a house and Carl totally loves me and I'm so happy and oh my god!" *Will pukes in a bucket*
  • The unborn baby. Like, seriously, as if they will go through the whole pregnancy storyline again. Artie, just push her down the stairs, k? /horrible person.
  • It would be cool if Glee made a WHO DUNNIT? episode where someone is a murderer and they have to find out who.... oh, there I go again, suggesting ideas for Ryan Murphy. You better thank me for this!!!
And yeah.
That's all I've got. Will I be correct? WAIT AND SEEEEEEE... *ominous music*

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Even Google thinks so, because they changed their usual logo to something different - expressing their love for Will Eisner's (a.k.a mine) birthday.

Anyway, it is my birthday today. Hahahaha.

I got some presents such as a Glee book (the Foreign Exchange one) and some Collingwood pajamas. And apparently, I get more clothes too, which will hopefully be either of the following:

The top with the carousel horse. Awesome.

Purple hoodie. :P

I should just find the set of Glee and demand that Ryan Murphy let me loose in the costume department. Seriously. I'd go trawling through Rachel's clothes, and Kurt's, and Lauren Z's (because they'd fit me better) and not even a massive truck would be able to carry all the clothes I want.

Anyhoo, Glee is on tomorrow night! It's the episode where they all get drunk and play Spin The Bottle. :P

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Oh, hey, I've done 800 blog posts!! Yay.
(Well, technically, if you include this post, it's 801. But we're not including this one.)

Anyway, I've been back at uni for a week. Fun.
Nothing interesting as happened, just lectures, practicals, your face... :P

I did eat a Picnic Fruit n Nut bar today. It was pretty epic.
Cool story, bro.

My birthday is on Sunday (yeah, bitches, a present would be nice. And by "present", I mean "Dale Thomas jumping out of a cake") and Glee is on Monday. :D

Sorry, I didn't blag about the Comeback episode of Glee. But it was AWESOMEEEEE.
Ahhh, <3.
I wish Sam and Quinn could get back together. Or, at least, Sam and Rachel. :P
Quinn is so sweet and nice (except when she's acting like Queen Bitch and kissing the dumb little shit named Finn).
La la la.