Thursday, October 6, 2016


okay, as I've been doing every year, i'm gonna predict the Copeland awards, yo

The Top 10:
2nd: pendles
3rd: sidey
4th: grundy/reid
5th: jack crisp
6th: taylor adams
7th: nathan brown
8th: levi greenwood
9th: jordan de goey
10th: jeremy howe

Best Finals player: hahahaha i don't think this award exists any more
Best first year player: JOSH SMITH
Best VFL player: caff or ben moloney 
Leading goalkicker: ALEX FASOLO OH MY GODDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS (25 goals in 12 games yoooo)
Best clubman: alex fasolo's a clubman hahaha nah idk maybe caff??? or tooves
Desire indicators: hmmm jarryd blair

look i have no idea hahahaha but the top 3 is too easy hahaha

Monday, May 2, 2016


footy sucks again :(
i mean it was going okay in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but it just sucks, you know???
so i'm here to make another list b/c yolo
also i don't mind losing to West Coast b/c they are babes and i'd bang like all of them (mostly brad shep) but i DO mind losing to carlton and daisy thomas and other horrible people.

  • 1 x Ben crocker (he's too young for me but mmmm love me anyway but no i really liked his game in the vfl, setting up goals, running and chasing hard, he did everything in the 2nd quarter of the vfl)
  • 1 x tom phillips
  • 1 x cake for tim broomhead b/c he's learning how to goal celebrate and i am proud
  • 821834 x cakes for alex fasolo
  • 234 x steele sidebottom
  • 1 x uninjured taylor adams
  • 924 x travis varcoe
  • 6 x prayers for jonathon marsh so he gets better 
  • 1 x smelly fish in marc murphy's car
  • 1 x treasure map to lead alex fasolo to the love of his life (me)
  • 1 x brent macaffer
  • 1 x james aish
  • 1 x rising star nom for darcy moore
  • 20 x books titled "how to defend for dummies" for like all of them
  • 1 x box of donuts for daisy thomas to remind him of how many goals he's kicking on saturday (and to make him fat ha ha ha)
  • 1 x dane swan
  • 1 x jamie elliott
  • 7243 x alex fasolo b/c you can never have enough sexy babes 
  • 23 x books titled "kick to alex fasolo in the forward line b/c he needs goals, who cares if he's got 20 defenders on him and he's never gonna get it (my loving)" for all of them hahaha
okay i'm done
i just want ben crocker to debut
but idec, i just want ben shhhh

Sunday, April 17, 2016


no, it actually sucks.
so i have come here, to make a list, because we really REALLY need to beat essendon.

  • 1 x uninjured dane swan (PLEASE)
  • 1 x fit jamie elliott (PRETTY PLEASE)
  • 1 x cake for alex fasolo
  • 20 x books titled "how to deliver the ball to the forward line for dummies" mostly for tay, but also everyone
  • 20  x books titled "don't kick to alex fasolo if he's surrounded by 20 defenders because he's never gonna get it" for basically everyone
  • 1 x tim broomhead
  • 1 x ben crocker
  • 7264 x adam treloar
  • 1 x treasure map to lead alex fasolo to the love of his life (me)
  • 1 x smelly fish in brendan goddard's car
  • 1 x rising star nomination for darcy moore
  • 1 x miracle that ben reid can get through a whole year without hurting himself
  • 1 x box of donuts for joe daniher to remind him of how many goals he's kicking next monday
  • 824 x alex fasolo because again, we need way more of this sexy babe
  • 1 x brent macaffer
  • -1 x jesse white (he did a few good things but no thank you)
  • 1 x anthrax-infected moustache comb for joe daniher
  • 1 x jonathon marsh (PLEASE)
  • 6824 x travis varcoe
  • 92892842943 x steele sidebottom
  • infinite x tom langdon (and his cute man bun)
that's it.
i'll go mail this to bucks and we should be right.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


and footy sucks.
glad we found that out in round 1.
but alas, no! footy doesn't suck, the nab challenge series was actually pretty good, we can get that back
and that's why I'm here.
to write a list (you're welcome, bucks)

  • 1 x uninjured Dane Swan lol plz
  • 15 x adam treloar
  • 1 x cake for alex fasolo 
  • 20 x books titled "how to play football for dummies" 
  • 1 x 20 cent coin to dane swan so he doesn't retire
  • 1 x hair removal cream for trent cotchin's dumb luscious hair (hey cotchin will meet his old mate caff next week hehehe)
  • 1 x ben reid
  • 7284 x alex fasolo b/c we need more of this sexy babe
  • 1 x quick-fix for travis varcoe's hamstring 
  • 1 x treasure map to lead Alex Fasolo to me
  • 1 x smelly fish in jack riewoldt's car
  • 1 x rising star nomination for darcy moore
  • 1 x tim broomhead
  • 22 x players who get their little paws on the footy
  • 22 x players who can kick straight and use the footy properly
  • 15 x players who can find a target inside the forward 50
  • 1 x muffin basket for the MRP so they don't give sidebottom any weeks
  • 1 x waiving of josh thomas' suspension 
  • 1 x jamie elliott
  • 1 x box of donuts for ty vickery (just to remind him how many goals he'll kick on friday)
  • 1 x adam oxley
okay yeah i'm done bye
*mails list to nathan buckley*