Friday, May 2, 2008


By LauraD

Entry in fanfiction competition.

"Michaela! Wait for me!"
That would be my little sister. She is such a pain. I'm late for school and my sister just has to be there to make things worse. I stopped running. "Alright, Sophie, I'll wait."
Sophie caught up to me and we walked together. She walks so slow. Finally we reached the school. I walked in to my classroom just as Mrs Newbury was handing out the test.
"Michaela, what happened? You're late," Mrs Newbury said sternly.
"Sorry Miss. I'm really sorry."
"Well, don't dawdle. Take a seat."
I sat down with Natalie and Yasmin. And there was a boy with black sunglasses sitting with them. When did he come?
We all did the test and went out to recess. I found Natalie and the new boy sitting in our usual spot. "Hello," I said, sitting down.
"Michaela, have you met Agent Six of Hearts?" asked Nat.
"No, I haven't," I replied, "Hello Agent Six of Hearts."
"Hi. You may call me Six," the boy said.
"Sure." I started thinking about the name Six; it was unusual. And Nat said he was an agent. Could he be a ...
"Hey, Michaela!" Yasmin tapped me on the shoulder, "Stop daydreaming."
"Oh, what? Sorry..." I muttered.
"Why were you late? Did you sleep in?" asked Yasmin.
"No, my little sister is so slow at walking," I replied.
"Same as usual, huh?" Nat said, giggling. I didn't feel like giggling today. I had a headache and I also wondered what a spy would be doing in out school.

I walked home as per usual. I stopped at the milk bar to grab something to eat. I was getting my wallet out of my pocket when someone yells, "Michaela!"
"What?" I said, turning around. Six was standing there with his black sunglasses. Oh, he was so cute.
"Hi Michaela. I didn't think I'd see you here," he said, "How're you doing?"
"Um, yeah. I'm good." I flicked my fringe back and bought my chocolate bar. "Which way do you walk home?"
"That way," Six replied, pointing.
"Me too!"

So we walked together. He told me about his old school and how a boy bullied him.
"I can never fit in with boys - they are too tough. And the girls at my old school laughed at me," Six explained.
I put my arm around him. "Aw, don't worry."

We arrived at my house and Sophie came out to see me.
"Is that your boyfriend?" she teased.
"Soph! Shut up!" I said goodbye to Six and went inside. Gosh, that little sister can be a pest.

The phone rang later that night. It was Six.
"Hey Michaela," he said, "Want to come around to my house? We can go to a cafe. I can get 2 for 1 deals on a Saturday."
"Sure, I'd love to."
"Okay, see ya then!"
"Okay, bye." And I hung up.

We met at Six’s house and walked to the cafĂ©. I ordered a hot chocolate and Six got a frothy coffee and two muffins; one for me and one for him.
“Michaela, I heard that you are doing Biology this year,” said Six as we sat down.
“Um, yeah,” I said, shyly.
“I’m doing Biology too. The year 12 one. Are you going well?”
“Yeah. Considering I’m a year 11 doing a year 12 subject,” I giggled.
Six laughed. “You can help me study.”
“Sure. I helped Nat study for Maths last year. She ended up getting 100% for her exam,” I giggled again, “But she was always smart at Maths.”
“No, she wasn’t. She told me.”
“Oh.” I sipped at my hot chocolate and took a bite of my muffin.

We ate our food and walked along the street. So many shops along this road; with good quality items in each shop.
“Did I tell you I won a trip to Russia?” Six said suddenly, breaking the silence.
“What? Really” I’ll miss you,” I said, groaning.
“No, you won’t. I want to take you with me. I have two tickets for Russia.”
“Oh my gosh! Really?” I was excited.
“The trip is for about 5 years. I’m also doing an university course over there. I got a scholarship.”
“What? Then why did you bring up Biology?” I was so confused.
“Well, the uni course in Russia is medicine. And it involves biology.”
“I can’t go to Russia! I’ll miss my friends and family…” I started to cry. I couldn’t leave Australia. I loved this country. Adored it.
“Michaela, don’t worry. It’ll be fine. We’ll go to your house now and you can tell your parents,” said Six, reassuringly.

We walked back to my house. I got to the front door and rang the doorbell. My mum answered it.
“Hey Mum. This is Six; he’s my friend.”
“Hello Michaela. Hi Six,” said Diane.
“Mum, can I go to Russia with Six? He invited me because he won two tickets…” I trailed off but luckily Six stepped in and told my mum the rest of the details.
“Oh, Michaela! You may go. Russia is a good place to finish your education. I studied in Russia too. Did you know that?”
I looked up, amazed. “Really?” I asked, “You’ll let me go?”
“Of course. But I’ll miss you. When do you leave?”
“Tomorrow,” replied Six.
“I’d better pack now!” I suddenly exclaimed.

Once I had packed for Russia, I rang Yasmin and Nat to say goodbye. I hugged Mum, Dad and Sophie and started crying.
“Mum, I’ll call you every night. Dad, I love you and I’ll miss you. And Sophie… Sophie, I love you…” I told them all.
Mum drove Six and I to the airport. I said goodbye one more time and waved goodbye. I stayed close to Six and he put his arms around me. Everyone was pushing past us so we sat down and waited for the plane.