Saturday, December 31, 2011



I went to a New Year's Eve party and I feel like blagging about it.
It was pretty cool.
I barely knew anyone that was there, lol. :P

Someone brought a mini Heineken keg, which was so cute, hahaha.
And then, there was a fruit platter (with pineapple, mangoes, grapes, etc etc) and I think beer from the keg was spilled all over the fruit.
So, pretty much, I ate beer-flavoured pineapple. Which actually tasted quite nice, okay. Whatever. :P

And then, someone had a polaroid camera, so they took some cool photos with that.
That was awesome, but when the photo came out, the picture didn't form when you shook it. It really made no difference to the picture formation whether you shook it or not. :/
Anyway, all that aside, I wantz a polaroid camera.

La la la.
It was a good night.
Everyone was like drinking and seemed tipsy (but maybe it was another year ending that made everyone so hyper) and I'm just like sipping my blood-orange-y soft drink and being all loser-y.

I gotz three of those glowstick things, wheeeeeee.
They were still glowing when I got home, so when I had to get to sleep with my room lit up like a carousel.
Well, maybe not that much, but you know whatever. :P

And yay, it's 2012.
I hope the world doesn't end on 12/12/12 or whenever the Mayans predicted it would.

I haven't thought of any good New Year's Resolutions yet. I really should get on to that, haha. :P

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I was so close with my Day 3 predictions, you guys.

I said Sharma would make 10, but he made 11. Close enough, right?
J-Pat didn't get many wickets, but the Indian middle order did collapse sooo...
Warner didn't make a century, but Huss NEARLY did (and is still going). And yes, the rest of them failed with the bat, except Ponting and J-Pat. :P

I should do these prediction things more often.

Okay, for Day 4, I predict:
Huss to make century.
Tendulkar to get run over by a Segway.
J-Pat will make 29.
Hilfy will get around 35.
The Indians will collapse, leaving Ishant Sharma to get all the heap of runs that they so desperately need. (He doesn't, of course, but you know, whatever).
Alex Keath will get 4 catches in the field, maybe 5.

If these don't happen, I will eat my shorts. :P

CRICKET: Day 2 of Boxing Day Test

So, after an alright-ish batting performance from the Aussies on Day 1, it was time for Day 2 which pretty much consisted of the Sehwag and Tendulkar smashing boundaries like there's no tomorrow.

Go the Victorians! Siddle with one wicket, plus a wicket on a no-ball. J-Pat with another wicket. And then, cute little Alex Keath as a sub fielder.

And Tendulkar won't make his 100th century this innings. Phew. Only about 7 innings left, plus the one-dayers. And then he will be out of our country, and free to get his stupid century on someone else's home turf.


I miss Mitchie J. Damn foot injuries. Who knew that those tiny things on the bottom of our legs could be so cruel?
They need Mitchie in the team. Someone to bowl the perfect line and leng--- oh forget it, I'm just going to munch on this custard pie.

And anyway, who said the bowlers in the current XI are terrible?
I think they are good. Most of them are quite young, but still.

And it sucks that ol' man Huss got out when he didn't really get out. Not fair. Bring back the review system. Who decides that the review system shouldn't be used? :/

Also, I wantz Twatto back. Sulk.

Anyhoo, my predictions for tomorrow: Sharma will make 10 and be bowled by Huss, then J-Pat will get the rest of the wickets. idk, whatever. Then Aussies will come in to bat, and Warner will make a century, so will Huss, and everyone else will fail. Except for Siddle and J-Pat, who add an extra 200 runs to the total.
The end~.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just another of my great ideas!

They should make an American Horror Story episode that is about Christmas.
Like, an obligatory Christmas special that all shows seem to be doing, y'know.

Christmas is a happy time, all joyful and stuff, but not in AHS.
It could be like Scary Christmas.
And all the characters can bring something, and they all go to the Murder House to have a lovely Christmas dinner.

And Constance can cook the turkey and stuff in her kitchen. :D
Plus, Tate can bring the potatoes. Well, his name is Tate and all. It's very fitting.
Violet can get some flowers, some purple ones if she must. :P
The gay dude (Zachary Quinto?) can bring the roast pumpkins. Wow, this is working out better than I thought!
Moira, the slutty maid, can clean the place, making sure it's all clean and stuff before the guests arrive.
Cam from Modern Family can come back from the dead (zombie!) and bring a nice ham.

I want to write that Adelaide can bring some water, but that's just horribly cruel, and water is water, no matter what state it is from. Taking an easy dig at South Australia's water supply is cheap and nasty, and I shouldn't do it. I'm sorry. :P

I have no clue what Ben and Vivian can do. I suppose they are hosting this thing so they can sit back and relax, and try not to be spooked out by every little thing.

Also, I'd like Hayden to come, but god only knows what she can bring. Maybe some unicorn blood. That would be nice.

Plus, the policeman dude, whatever his name is. He is awesome, of course he can come. I seem to be organising this, so I choose the guests?

Oh and Larry! The terminal cancer brain dude, whatever. He can bring.... a bowl of brains. Mainly for Vivian, but I'm sure the others can have a bite too.

This Christmas party is turning out to be fabulous.
I wish I could come.
Really, I do.
I'd make a good guest, okay.

Now, to make this party into something scary, maybe the turkey could be alive or something. And as they sit down to eat, a duck jumps out, and then a chicken jumps out of that. It's a barnyard in a bang! Turducken!

Okay, okay, maybe not.
Maybe Violet could just start bleeding everywhere from one of her cuts and then they all drown.

And they can all do Kris Kringle/Secret Santa.
Tate will bring a present for Violet, some gay porn magazines. But they end up with Ben, who licks his lips and quietly heads upstairs to a quiet room.
Hayden brings a present for Ben, some contraception or something. But Ben is too busy in a quiet room, so it goes to Violet. She grins happily.
Constance will bring a present for Tate, like a toy fire-truck or something, because he's her special little boy. But it ends up with Larry, who uses it to put out the fire that he created in the basement.
Vivian brings a present for Violet, something fun and happy like a funny picture book to lighten her mood. But this ends up with Cam, who takes it home to read to his lovely daughter, Lily.
Moira brings a present for whoever, a free ticket for a BJ. It ends up with Constance, who is a little confused at first, but says 'what the heck' and starts doing Larry.

That's all that I can bothered with.
I hope Ryan Murphy reads this and enjoys my ideas. I'm sure he will. They are lovely ideas. :P


One of the greatest people you may ever meet:
Dave Warner, rocking up to meet some teammates, wearing a mad cool rockstar clothes. :P
(Of course, due to keeping this blog G-rated, I'm not putting the picture of the T-shirt on here, but if you wish to view it, you may.)
(Although, the T-shirt isn't that bad, and the beer that she's drinking could just be a coke or something. Who knows? Maybe she fills up beer bottles with mineral water and likes to tan her body? Nothing wrong with that.)

Anyway, jokes aside, this has been a Dave Warner Appreciation Post. Keep up the awesomeness, Warner, and smash some Indians out of the park next Monday! :P


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today, I went to see Daisy Thomas shave off all his hair.
It was exciting.

At the start, some guy showed us around the Westpac Centre (Collingwood's training centre thingy). We saw the gym, the pool, and yeah.
This is my favourite picture:

It reminded me of Kurt and Blaine from Glee. I was so happy when I saw it, I just had to take a photo. Everyone probably thought I was nuts. Which I am. :/

Daisy is so adorable. Two girls did the shaving, because their dad had the highest bid on some thing, idk. Also, in the photos, there is the back of someone's head. Just ignore it. I could crop it out, but you know, whatever.

This is at the start of the shave:

This is halfway through the shave:
He has some hair sticking up, like a rooster, and some of it shaved. :P

This is a side-on view of the wonderful Daisy:
It looks like he has a mohawk.
It's funny.
Maybe he should have kept the mohawk. It would've been cool.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is the new Daisy.
He still looks cute. :D
He doesn't look too bad, though. It may take some time getting used to, but I do like it.

Anyway, Ben Reid and Tyson Goldsack were there, too.
I had a photo with each of them. It was awesome.
I think Reidy and Goldsack were the only players there. Besides Daisy.
(When we were in the reception room thingy, I think we saw N.Bucks. But he was going through a door and I only saw his back.)

And then, I gotz some of Daisy's hair. I will keep it forever and ever. :P
I didn't get that much hair, though. One woman got, like, a whole bunch of it. And she said she would give some to her grandchildren or something, lol.

And then, the best part, the part that is the most awesome: I gotz a photo with the awesome (and bald) Daisy Thomas.
It was pretty special.

Disclaimer: My photos with Reidy, Goldsack, and Daisy are on my friend's camera, so yeah. They may appear on my blag in the near future. Maybe. If I'm nice.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

AUS v NZ, Test, Day 4.

In my previous post, I predicted the outcome of Day 4 of the 2nd Test between Australia and the Kiwis.

I got two of them right: Warner made a century and the middle order collapsed.

Young Warner making his first Test century! :D

I got one half-right: J-Pat got Man of the Series, not Man of the Match.
I got another half-right: Khawaja made 44... divided by 2, and plus 1.
And sadly, it wasn't Starsky nor J-Pat with the winning runs.

It was a real nail-biter, and very nerve-wrecking.
Warner was the only one who made over 30, the rest couldn't do much. Some went for ducks, some went for golden ducks, and some just failed to make more than 10.

In the end, it was down to a gutsy Nathan Lyon (a.k.a. Lord Nate 2.0) who held in there for so long and was a good partner while Warner made the runs.
Warner and Lyon made around 30 runs, and had 7 runs left, when Lyon was clean bowled. :/

It was a good loss, because now the selectors can drop the old guys, and bring in some bright and fresh players.

My ins and outs:
In - Twatto, Wade, some other uninjured player (maybe Dan Christian, or T-Pain).
Out - Haddin.

I really want to write MHuss and Ponting in the "out", because they are not performing like they should. By being in the team, they are stopping young talented cricketers from being chosen.
But I can't.
MHuss has been so good in the past. He's saved our necks, he's held the team together. (Not recently, but you know, whatever).
And Ponting... he's a legend, they can't drop him. I know he should've retired long ago (yesterday, to be exact) but he's had so much success, as captain and as a batsman.
I'm so glad that I am not a selector.

That's it for now.


Just some of my (stupid and not-so-expert) suggestions for the AUS XI (and cricket in general)-
  • As much as I adore Ponting and ol' man Huss, I hope they do not play well tomorrow. They need to fail, so they get dropped and learn their lessons. We need bright young stars in the team, to provide energy and hope for the future. Is the upcoming Test matches vs India important? Maybe. Is the Ashes important? Hell to the yes.
  • Haddin should be dropped. Bring in T-Pain or the wonderful Wade. idk, whatever.
  • Warner, regardless of his near-50 today, should continue to be in the team. He will only get better. His scores, respectively, have been 3, 12, 15, and now 47 not out. Improvement is evident.
  • J-Pat continue to be in the team, but looked after thoroughly. Injuries need to be avoided, this guy is going places.
  • Starc (or as I would call him, Starsky) should remain in the team. Less wickets than J-Pat, but still bowls well. Also, he looks like this:
  • It was sad when Chris Martin didn't get a king pair (two golden ducks in both innings of a Test). I wanted that so badly, hahahaha. :P
  • Congratz to Warner and Hughes for making a fine partnership. It was good to see. :)
  • I miss Twatto.
  • And Mitchie J.
  • Also, I really wanted to watch Pat Cummins play this summer.
  • Bowlers' injuries suck.
  • And getting a piece of metal in your foot. That sucks too.
  • Sad panda.
  • Alastair Cook is mighty fine. I cannot wait for the next Ashes.
  • Pup is beginning to grow on me. I don't like this.
  • I hope Tendulkar doesn't get his 100th century on our turf.
  • Fun.
  • I hope the Aussies win tomorrow. Predictions: Warner will make a century, Khawaja will get to 44, the middle order will collapse, and J-Pat and Starsky will get the remaining runs. Plus, J-Pat for Man of the Match.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last night I watched American Horror Story.
It was particularly confusing, with the parents' relationship and Violet freaking out about Tate and his murderous ways.

But overall, it was really good.
Cameron (Eric Stonestreet, dude from Modern Family) was in there, and he was kind of crazy (as is everyone in AHS) and the unfaithful husband (...Ben?) was trying to help him through his problems.
He died anyway. ;___;

The funniest bit was Tate climbing into Violet's bed. Oh my god, how I pissed myself laughing. Oh Tate, you nutter butter, you. <3

Then, today, I watched the fabulous new Glee episode!!
It was so exciting, okay.
Mainly because Sammy Evans was back, omg yay! :D
And he wants Mercedes back. They are an adorable couple, okay. I am such a Fabrevans fan, I really am. But come on, no one can deny the cuteness executed by Sam and Mercedes when they look (or even think) about each other. They are ADORABLE. Absolutely, no questions asked.

Also, my picture below...
(I screen-capped it, but it still came out fuzzy.)
You get the gist though. Brit and Damian hugging and singing together! Yay.
After all that shit in the leprechaun episode, I'm glad these two can be friends. Even if Damian doesn't get his pot of gold. ;)
Plus Lindsay was so good.
She sang a song at Sectionals, which was super good.
But as good as Lindsay was, and as good as the Troubletones were, the New Directions kicked butt.
Okay, it did help that they performed last with a 7 minute performance, which meant they were the freshest in the judges' minds. But whatever. It's still good. :D

And Quinn not being so nutter butters and focusing on enjoying her teenage life = awesomeness!
Yay Quinn, I was starting to think you were officially dead and gone. But now you're back, I love you. :)

And to finish off, I loved it when Santana made one final insult about Finn's fatness and said "It would be rude if I followed you around and everytime you took step, I played a note on a tuba".

The above quote is from Family Guy.
You may watch the hilariousness right here:

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So, Australia managed to win a Test match on home turf (since the disastrous Ashes series, Melbourne and Sydney in particular).

But it finished way too early.
I would've liked Chris Martin to smash some fours and stuff, but no, he had to go and get his 31st Test duck. Whatever.
David Warner hit some boundaries to win the game, so that was pretty awesome.

And James Pattinson, a lovely Victorian, got Man of the Match. On his debut! :P

After the cricket, I watched Arthur, where there was a blackout and they did fun things with their next-door neighbours. The next door neighbours knew how to survive a blackout, mainly because their Abuela taught them stuff. And I know who an Abuela is. It's their grandma. /proud.
(I probably spelt Abuela wrong. Whatever.)

And then, I watched Celtic Thunder Christmas Special.
Damian McGinty (who was on the Glee Project and then on Glee) was performing with them, wheeeeeeeeee.
Speaking of which, Damian will get more episodes on Glee! THIS IS AWESOME, YOU GUYS, MY CAPS LOCK IS STUCK, OMG.

And Glee is on Wednesday!
And it includes Sam Evans. :D
And they go to Sectionals (which is located at McKinley High so they don't need to have a bake sale to fund for the bus trip).
And Sam will fight to get Mercedes back. Yes! At the end of Season 2, Glee teased us with "Samcedes" and then at the start of Season 3, they were like, "lol jk". And Mercedes moved on to another dude.

Well, you know what?
Finn and Sam should get together to derail this Shane dude.
They both want Shane out of there. Sort of. Maybe. idk about Finn, but I presume he still wants his football scholarship, right? RIGHT?
(Although, his stepdaddy is now a congressman thingy, so he could afford to send Finn to college and Kurt to NYADA, and bang! Finn and Kurt are both happy happy happy.)

And yeah.
EDIT: American Horror Story is on tomorrow. Yeah.
Expect a whole recap of it, okay?
Although, my recap will only include Tate and Eric Stonestreet but you know, whatever. :P