Thursday, October 2, 2014

copeland trophy 2014

let's continue with the trend started last year and predict the winners of the awards tonight

for the main copeland trophy award, i'll guess the top 10-
1st: Scott Pendlebury
2nd: Dayne Beams
3rd: Travis Cloke
4th: Steele Sidebottom
5th: Jamie Elliott
6th: Jack Frost
7th: Brent Macaffer
8th: Dane Swan
9th: Heritier Lumumba
10th: Alex Fasolo

Best Finals player: uhhh yagz (does this award still count if the AFL team didn't make finals??? dammit poor yagz)
Best first year player: tom langdon, duhhhh
Best VFL player: again, duhhhh Kyle Martin
Leading goalkicker: Travis Cloke
Best clubman: idk probs Swanny or ummm Alex Fasolo (what's a clubman hahaha)
Desire indicators: brent macaffer

(is desire indicators the one that the players vote for??? so yeah probs Caff b/c he's so nice and a good team player and the players legit cried when he did his ACL again lol)

(really though, the top 5 are so even lol and idk how they do the voting b/c it's not like the brownlow b/c defenders get votes soooo idk)
(actually no, it's like pendles, daylight, then beams/trav/jamie/steele, then yeah the others idk)
(i'd like to see someone else win other than pendles, like some underdog who we didn't expect like jack frost or something idk)
(nothing wrong with pendles though, soz scotty)