Saturday, October 27, 2007


I'm going to a social soon. Yah.

And I'm dressing up.

Costume ideas: Spy, Photographer, Furniture removalist, hobo, first female man on the moon.... etc....

I'll post the pictures on here. X]

Except with the Inspector Gadget picture, I want a BLACK coat, BLACK hat and BLACK sunglasses.

And there is a picture of a camera because of my photographer idea.

And the hobo pictures are also what I might be dressing up as. X]

And now I leave you with.... HARDCORE NUDITY... (next week).

Friday, October 19, 2007


This is the most funniest (and grossest) album EVER! X]

If you own a copy of this album, God help you. Just draw some clothes on the child and you'll be right. =]

How is everyone going? X]

I am good. Anyone like Dale Thomas? He is cool.

SURVEY FOR ALL: (Put your answers in the comment)
Who is hotter:
Dale Thomas or Pete Wentz or Nick Riewoldt or Dean Geyer or Delta Goodrem or Audrey Kitching (can't spell) or Amy Winehouse or Aleisha from Big Brother '07.

Yeah. I'd love to see your answer. X]
So yeah. See ya next time. XD

Thursday, October 18, 2007


There are many celebrities who look like other animals/creatures/other. X]

I will put some pictures up with different celebrities who look like other things. You may comment/criticize/hate or anything else you want to do. =]

Dean Geyer is being compared to a dog thingy. Lead singer from Nickelback is being compared to the Paddle Pop Lion. Marge Simpson is being compared to AMY WINEHOUSE!!! X]
And yeah. Tell me what you think. X]

And don't forget to tell other ppl about my blog. Please. X]

Yeah. I like comments. I do. X]

I will find other look-a-likes to add to this blog. Keep updated dudes. =]

Friday, October 12, 2007


Look at both their eyes. X]

Don't ya think they both have BRIGHT blue eyes?

Yeah. They do. Matt reminds me of FRODO BAGGINS. X]

Look up pictures of these two. Find close ups of them. It is easier to see the eyes. (Make sure Matt doesn't have his eyes closed).

Lol. See ya. X]

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Click on the link.

And now click on Learn.

On the right hand side, click on What is chocolate. X]

"Cadbury buys 65 million litres of fresh milk each year. Farm fresh milk is purchased from 90 Tasmanian dairies to make Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. The milk is collected from the dairies and stored in stainless steel chilled vats at the Cadbury factory."

Quote from the site. Yeah. I gave you the link because you need to know what chocolate is. X]


Yo. X]

Clinkers are YUM. =]

My scenario with Clinkers:
Me: (takes a clinker) Please be PINK!! (bites into it)
Me: Ohh. It is green. =[
Me: (takes another clinker) Please be YELLOW!
[Clinker turns out to be pink]
Me: Oh S***! Gotta keep trying. X]

Yeah. I love anything with chocolate. Specially the Clinkers. X]

Thursday, October 4, 2007


The goal attack (GA) in the picture is Dale Thomas' sister, Jessica Thomas. X]

Yeah. She plays for Gippsland
Storm. I think she used to play for Melbourne Phoenix but quit this year. =]

I think she plays in under 17's. So that means she is younger than Dale. Well, I'm not sure because some sources say older and some younger.

Nathan Buckley announces retirement. X[
Another captain will be chosen. Tarkyn Lockyer for Captain! X]

Nathan Buckley is the one on the RIGHT. The guy. In the black and white jumper. Lol. X]


Look. A pudding, eh? X]

Go to

There are many recipes. This was a picture for one recipe. =]

I love pudding. Except this isn't pudding. I think it is marshmallows covered in chocolate. And then white icing, red and green lollies. X]

So don't go making it if you want REAL pudding.



Is rad.

Except his owner isn't. =]

His owner is Pete Wentz. He puts inappropriate pictures of himself on the internet.

Try to avoid these pictures. I have. X]

Hemingway is really cute. Don't you think?