Saturday, March 31, 2012


I finally saw it for the first time.
And it was awesome. :D

I loved Caesar, he was like a big Oompa Loompa and when he did his big smile... hee hee. :P
And Seneca and his beard, he was the best! But at the end, I don't get what happened when they locked him in the room with the berries... did he die from the berries? I thought he was hung, because maybe Katniss just made that up. Whatev.
If only Seneca could be in the next film. But it'd be a little weird, haha. I hope Katniss draws his mad cool beard on the dummy. ;)

Anyway, back to the important subject of the Hunger Games movie, I love Cato and Glimmer, and Marvel's creepy face, tee hee.
But it really bugged me throughout the movie.. I had been pronouncing "Cato" wrong, I'd been thinking it was CAT-owe and in the movie, they said CAY-toe. I think CAY-toe sounds a little better, to be honest.

And Peeniss! They had some good moments, but I loved when Rue was like, "What's going on between you two? Is there something there?" etc etc, HAHAHA. :P
But then when she died, it was really sad, but also really sweet, with the flowers and stuff. Poor Rue. ;_____; And the whole near-uprising in District 11, whoa! Wasn't expecting that.

And yeah.
The wolves scared me. They just jumped out and I was like, "ARRRGH". :/
Did I miss anything?
The flames were pretty cool, on the chariot ride. And when Katniss was spinning around at the interview with Caesar, all I could think of was in Catching Fire, when Katniss does the same thing and the whole dress bursts into flames and she turns into the mockingjay.

Umm yeah.
Good movie.
I suggest you go see it.
And if you've already seen it, SEE IT AGAIN.
Anyway, bye.
P.S. Freo beat the pussycats, yaaay! :P

Monday, March 5, 2012

The biggest reason why I love Jennifer Lawrence:

Okay, there are many reasons why I like Jennifer Lawrence*. She's cute, lovable, gorgeous, everything that I'm not, etc etc.

And I adore Katniss too, okay.
But one of the scenes in Hunger Games, when Peeta and Katniss were on the roof and book-Peeta was saying he wanted to die an honourable death and not be some pawn in the Capitol's stupid games, and book-Katniss was all d'urg and "um wtf are you on about Peeta your a crazy nut omg get out" or something. And it really peeved me off because I like Katniss yet in that scene, she was the biggest stuck-up bitch.

And I know we've only seen trailers, not the actual movie, but when Jennifer Lawrence is in that scene and movie-Peeta goes, "when I die, I want to just be me" and movie-Katniss goes, "I just can't afford to think like that". And I'm like, "SHE DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A STUCK-UP BITCH!"
Either JLaw is a terrible actor and didn't play Katniss right in that scene, or they changed it so Katniss isn't so stuck-up.
Anyway, I love JLaw and I reckon she'll do a super job of Katniss. :D

*who I nicknamed JLaw, for obvious reasons. Josh Hutcherson is JHutch, and Liam Hemsworth is Sex God. :P