Saturday, August 17, 2013

ugh Hawks, what a mean team. :(
As if we even need a list, it should just be-
Out: Q-Stick
In: Traffic Cone.

No list today, what if I do a Buckley's to do list instead? I mean, I didn't sneak into his house for nothing.
*secretly copies list from another time and posts it here*
Delivery to the forwards
That's it.
And maybe kicking for goal but that's good enough, like Trav getting 5.0 against Essendon and missing easy set shots against other teams.

Anyway, here goes: (Bucks' To Do List)

  • Buy the book called "how to play footyball" for Q-Stick
  • Ring up AFL HQ and demand that Brodie Grundy gets a Rising Star nom
  • Buy Alex Fasolo an ice-cream 
  • Clone Scott Pendlebury
  • Take the super defender Nathan J Brown out for coffee 
  • Book in appointment at Madd Hair
  • Search up pictures of George Clooney
  • Hire a forwards coach
  • Sweet talk Dawes to come back
  • If Dawes won't come, kidnap Jack Watts instead
  • Bring a large sack to the game next Friday to kidnap Sharrod
  • Practise carrying inanimate objects in the sack during the week so that you won't mess up Sharrod's hair on Friday
  • Kidnap Mitch Brown too, while you're at it
  • Tell Faz that there's a nice girl named Laura who likes him
  • Tell Faz not to follow Lindsay Lohan on twitter and to choose better people to follow such as @zoidberg_cool
  • Ring up Clarko and demand that his players be punished for the way they treated Travis Cloke
  • Burn all the tapes at the MRP office (except the one with Q-Stick hitting Mitchell, just pretend you didn't see when you scoured the office)
  • Pray to every god you can think of that Sinclair, Pendles and Daisy's injuries are fine
  • Send Daisy a 'get well soon' card and flowers
  • Deliver a letter coated in anthrax to John Worsfold
  • Sign the petition to throw all Selwoods off a cliff
And yeah.
Busy week.
Chin up, Bucks, we'll smash those Eagles.
And GWS or whoever will smash those Tigers, oh man 5th place is ours. :D