Monday, January 31, 2011


This may seem like a long and boring blog post but whatever. :P

I watched the Glee episode, where they went to Sectionals (in Season 2).
Because Kurt left McKinley High to go to an all-boys boarding school, I thought I mightn't enjoy this episode.

But oh my god.
It was amazing.
Rachel and Kurt were all pissed off, because they couldn't get to sing a solo for their respective schools at Sectionals. So, they bonded over that and became friends. :)

And then, Rachel found out that Finn had slept with Santana. So, they broke up and Puck came along to have a "make-out" session with Rachel. Hahaha.
Then, Rachel told Finn about what she did with Puck, and Finn was all angry and everything and they broke up again. Seriously.

Finn and Santana did way more than what Rachel and Puck ever did. Even with the Run Joey Run and Sweet Caroline and whatever. FINN HAS NO RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. If he continues with this, he'll end up like Will. ALONE.

Speaking of which, Emma and Carl. They got married. (In Las Vegas! Yay.)
I'm okay with them getting married, but why were they kissing and eating each other's faces off in Emma's office???
Emma, you are at WORK. Due to your obsessive compulsive-ness, your office has a sparkling clear window which looks on to the corridor. Everyone can see your snogging, and it's gross. Get a room. Preferably one without windows. :(.

Moving on.
When Kurt left the Glee Club at McKinley High, there were only 11 members left. They needed 12 for Sectionals.
So, Puck went around the school to find the 12th member. After a big adventure and ending up in a portable toilet, he found Lauren Ziziesshjf. (I don't know her surname, lol. We'll just call her "Lauren Z" for now.)

"This is totally going to get Robert Pattinson's attention~"

Anyway, Lauren Z joined the Glee Club, despite not even liking show choirs.
But she is so much alike with me!
We both love eating chocolate, are both fat, and have the same first 4 letters of our name. :P
(Except she can dance and sing, and I can't.)

And when the Glee Club members were all fighting in the Green Room before they performed, Lauren Z was just sitting there eating a chocolate bar saying, "BEST. GREENROOM. EVER."
Omg. :D.

Anyway, I can't wait for next week. It's the Christmas episode of Glee. Yes, that's right, CHRISTMAS. In February.
Oh well. Better late than never, eh? :P

Friday, January 28, 2011


Penguins Quack has given me this award because I'm a "good buddy". Doesn't sound like me, but whatever you say, Penguins. :P

Anyway, I have to write 5 things about myself and pass the award on to 5 of you.
(Just a quick note: I suck at lists. And writing about myself. I just suck at everything, okay.)
  1. I am studying Biotechnology this year, and it's my 2nd year. It's a science-y course, and I'm majoring in chemistry, with biology subjects too. I have no idea what to do when I finish, haven't thought that far ahead. :/. I'll probably just end up in some dead-end teaching job in the day, and getting wasted at night. Either that, or a hobo. Meh.
  2. I have a terrible obsession with the song Pocketful Of Sunshine. No, seriously. I watched Easy A a few nights ago, and the song features in there. :P
  3. Chocolate is one of my favourite foods. Along with ice-cream, cake, and cookies. I'm such a fatty.
  4. Glee is the best show of all time. Or, at least, in my opinion. Seriously, you guys, if you haven't watched it, you are missing out. I love Season 1 (and I have it on DVD) but Season 2 is still good, because it involves Beiste and Sam. Hahahaha. ^___^
  5. I barrack for Collingwood. They won the premiership in 2010, just by being awesome. I don't attend many games, but cheering from the couch is just as good. (Okay, I'm lazy. I don't care, stfu). I also go for Melbourne and Freo, and my reasons are totally legit, okay. (I like Freo, because of their epic purple-ness; and Melbourne, because of their... um.. epicness.)
And that's all. Now I have to name 5 of you bitches and force you to accept my award.

But seeing as none of you are good buddies (except Penguins Quack, who gave me this award) and are only here to stalk me, then you deserve nothing. Go home and wallow in self-pity.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Anyway, I went to Hanging Rock during the day.
We got there early, set up our chairs and food and stuff, some people went to put bets on, and waited for the first race.
And waited some more.
Then, when the race was about to start, some kangaroos decide to hop around the racecourse.
So, the horses couldn't race and the security staff people thingy couldn't get the kangaroos off (have you ever heard of shooting a kangaroo on Australia Day? No, me either. A little bit un-Australian, y'know.)

Don't worry, no one shot the kangaroos. They were just left to have their fun on the racecourse, and then, the person on the loudspeaker said that all races were cancelled, and the kangaroos scattered and went elsewhere. WHAT EVEN.

Anyway, it was still only 1pm, so a lot of people continued to stay, betting on the Caulfield races and such.
Some people had brought a beach ball, so they were throwing that around. And it got caught in the tree twice, so people would throw their shoe or an umbrella up there. Good entertainment. :P
And then, some party pooper/policeman got hold of the ball and took it away. Rude.

Oh and in the middle of the racecourse, there was a massive lake with signs all around it saying "Beware: Snakes" and other such warning signs.
And some people (probably after a few drinks) decided to jump in the lake and swim over to the island in the middle. That was entertaining, but then the security/police-y people went over and ordered the people out of the lake.

Overall, it was a good day. I didn't place any bets, but I did walk around the whole racecourse. The horses weren't using it. :P
I didn't get lost at Hanging Rock, hahaha. If I did, I think people would be too absorbed in making a movie about it, then actually searching for me. :/.

Now, onto the cricket.
Besides the fact that they lost and didn't manage to hit many sixes, Australia still did pretty good. They made 276 or something, which is a pretty good score for a One Day match, but unfortunately England had made 299. :(.

If only (t)Watto, DHuss or Cameron White had stayed in longer.

Whatever. Apparently the bowling wasn't too good, with DHuss getting 4 wickets, and Steve Smith getting 3. Brett Lee only got 1, and I don't even think Bollinger got any.
I hope this means Siddle and Hilfenhaus will be back. :).

La la la.
I want Mitchell Johnson to come back in the team, but they don't really need a wicket-taker, just an economical bowler who won't concede many runs. (i.e. Hilfenhaus.)

And yeah.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


As well as blogging about cricket, I also blog a lot about Glee.

In the picture above is Sam. He's so cute, omg. :P
And Rachel is on the left, with her eyes covered by the "Extra" sign.
But yeah, Sam is one of my favourite characters, despite the fact that I probably like every character on Glee. Whatev.

I really can't wait for January 31st, when Channel 10 will FINALLY show the Glee episodes that have been shown in America, but not Australia.
(There's like two or three episodes that Australia hasn't seen yet. I feel so behind.)

Fun facts/spoilers on new episodes of Glee:
  • Santana and Sam start dating. And by "dating", I mean Santana's version of dating. ;).
  • Sam sings a Justin Bieber song for Quinn, and she doesn't like it, so all the boys start singing Justin Bieber. Hahahahaha, lol. :P
etc etc.
Can't remember anything else, or maybe I only know the spoilers that involve Sam.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yeah, okay, I'm blogging about cricket too much.

Australia won. Again. :P

This time, it was exciting, because Australia batted first (does Strauss always win the toss? Cheater) and they were 4/35 after about 15 overs.
Which was really bad. :(

But Shaun Marsh (who is not selected in the World Cup squad) and Cameron White (budding Australian captain plus an awesome Victorian) worked hard to build up a good total for Australia. They made about 130 or something, and White went out.
Man Of The Match: Shaun Marsh. :)

Then, Smith, Lee and Hauritz got 2 runs between all three of them. And both those runs were Hauritz'. :/.

So, Bollinger (who I, and several others, like to call "Disco Dougie" due to a certain Vodafone ad) came in and surprised everyone by hitting fours with perfect timing, and sometimes I thought it was Marsh batting when really it was Dougie. :P

Anyway, Marsh and Disco Dougie had a lot of fun, getting Australia to a defendable total of 230.
Marsh was on 95 and he hit a massive six that had some England player tripping over the rope. Hahahahaha.

And the bowling was really good by the Australians!
They managed to get some early wickets AND were pretty economical with the runs. :D.
Disco Dougie got 4 wickets, I think.
(t)Watto with one wicket, 2 catches, and a run out.
Smith took one wicket, and a catch.
DHuss took a catch.
etc etc.

But unfortunately, Hauritz (who played his first game for the summer) got a serious shoulder injury during the game, and he was in so much pain. :(.
(Tait also got an injury. But I suppose anyone that bowls that fast would be more likely to get injured. Brett Lee, for example.)

And yeah.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


For those of you who don't like cricket, you'll just have to scroll faster. :P

Because this blog post will be about Shane Watson and his epic win at the MCG.
It was really amazing, because England batted first and they made 294, which is a really good score for One Day matches.
And Mitchell Johnson's run out was SO COOL. He bowled the ball, and the batsmen hit it a few metres away and decided to make a single, so Johnson ran over to the ball, kicked it onto the stumps and GOT HIM OUT. Hahahaha.
(Although, Johnson might run off to play for the Socceroos now, but whatever.)

Oh and Stevie Smith got his first wicket for the whole summer! :)
(And then, he got another wicket, yay!)
Although, I had no idea why he came in to bat before Cameron White and the Husseys. He only made about 5 runs, but that's okay because he only faced 4 balls.
(At least he didn't just block each ball, and do defensive shots all the time. That's what Clarke did, and it annoyed me. Seriously? Clarke made about 30 runs, yet probably faced about 60 balls. The required run rate was about 7 per over, and I don't even know if Clarke hit a four.)

Anyway, Mike Hussey and White were really helpful to (t)Watto. They actually made runs, while Watson could have a break up the non-striker's end. :P

And Watson hit, like, 4 sixes or something, and made 161 runs. He has some amount of skill. :D.
He was (obviously) Man Of The Match, with his match-winning century. Haha.

And yeah.
Good times.
Hopefully, Australia can win the other 6 matches, and England can go home crying into their stupid urn. :P

Saturday, January 15, 2011


(click to make it bigger)

These are the words I mostly use in my latest blog posts. :P
I made it on Wordle.

La la la. You should all read Hunger Games, only because I seem to have written "Katniss" a lot.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Wow. Australia actually won a cricket match!
Okay, it was a Twenty20 match, not The Ashes, but whatever. :P

Anyway, Aaron Finch got Man Of The Match.
Hahaha. Victorians ftw~!

And Johnson got three wickets! :).
I don't know who will play in the One Day matches, but I hope they choose Johnson and (t)Watto.
And maybe Finch and/or DHuss, depending on how many other people are selected.
Also, they'd have to pick Steve Smith, because he's good in the field. (He took one of his awesome catches yesterday, and it was really awesome.)
(But then again, everyone was good in the field yesterday. That's probably why Australia won. Batting and bowling = okay, but fielding = win!).

MHuss will probably be in the team, although they may want to give him a longer rest, y'know?

Anyhoo, that's all. :D.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Coolest cat ever. :P

Anyway, I won't say much on Hunger Games, just that it's really good. :)

And yeah.
I've been watching Glee lately, because I have the whole of Season 1.

But I miss Sam, because he's in Season 2. :'(.
Whatever. It's still AWESOME.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm up to the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy.

It's so good.
I'll try not to release any spoilers (because you all should go read it yourselves).

Anyway, it's about a girl, Katniss, who gets picked for this reality TV show, which is very much like Survivor but the aim of the game is to kill the other contestants and be the last one standing at the end.
(So, it isn't as civilised as Survivor. There are alliances in Hunger Games, but they might not work considering there's only one contestant alive at the end.)

It's set in the future, with a little bit of sci-fi.
In a world like the one in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
And the hierachy is like medieval times, I think.
There's the Capitol at the top, which is the richest district where they have genetic enhancements and heaps of food.
Then District 1, then District 2, then District 3, etc etc. Right down to District 12, where lots of people are poor and have no food and where Katniss lives. The only job for the poorer people in District 12 is the coal mines, which is dangerous and dirty.

The government is very controlling (and corrupt?).
And they hate people who rebel. They hate uprisings.
The people that are caught trying to rebel are classed as criminals and they have their tongues cut off (so that they can't speak out against the government) and are servants to the rich people who live in the Capitol.

Anyhoo, it's a good read. :D.
I really recommend it.
If you liked Tomorrow When The War Began, it's a bit like that. Sort of. Obviously, Ellie lives in Australia and not a world like Katniss does.

But Ellie and Katniss are very similar people.
They both are strong-willed and determined, and can survive on their own, using whatever is around them and improvising.
They both have a best friend (who is a boy) who they are not in love with.
(Katniss is not really in love with Gale. I haven't worked it out yet, but I reckon Katniss is only interested in being his best friend.)
etc etc.

You could also say that Katniss and Scarlett (from Gone With The Wind) are similar people. Like, when Scarlett came back to Tara and had to hunt and gather food for everyone. That's what Katniss does.
And the boys situation is the same. Katniss doesn't really know which boy she loves, and by the time Scarlett worked out who she loved and cared for, Rhett Butler had gone. :P

Anyway, I'm done reviewing Hunger Games. Go read it, you evil stalkers. Hahaha.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Not a big day, the Beer didn't even last till lunch. :(

Smith made a half-century and top scorer of Australia's second innings. A good start to proving why he replaced Marcus North.

Only two Australians made a half-century in the SCG match.
And they were both bowlers.

I'm thinking Australia should just not bother with batsmen any more, just pick 11 bowlers for the team.
(Plus MHuss. And Haddin. And, because I'm feeling generous, Khawaja.)

And apparently, Clarke has quit being Twenty20 captain.
No idea who will replace him. Cameron White, maybe?

And that's the end of my Ashes blogs. Which are pretty lame but whatever. Deal with it. :P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


England goes berserk, and make 600+ runs while none of Australia's batsmen has made over 50.

England's batting is way above Australia's.
Prior to today's match, I didn't know Prior could bat. He made a century. The tail enders made about 30 runs each.
Australia needs to learn reverse swing. Or, for a start, just swing the ball consistently. :P

Also: Out of all the Australians, Johnson has the highest score (53) of the whole match at Sydney.
Pretty embarrassing for the rest of the team. :/.

And well done to Smith and Siddle for sticking it out till stumps. Only one more day to go, hopefully they can hang in there. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Not much of a recap, okay, just pointing out some poor captain decisions.

England trail by 6 runs and there's 1 over left before the lunch break.
Obviously, it would be a nice for Australia if they still had a lead while they ate their Chicken McBites and drank pink Gatorade.
So, Clarke has to choose someone economical to bowl this last over, mainly so it can be quick because everyone's starving.

Clarke chooses Mitchell Johnson.
What does Mitch Johnson do?
He bowls a wide on the first bowl.

Great one, Mitch. You know what? No lunch for you, Warnie gets to have your Zinger burger. You can have a share of (t)Watto's pink lamington. :P

At least Clarke knows when Beer O'clock is.