Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay, I have to do a debate thingy for my Biotechnology subject. (It's in groups, btw~).
Anyhoo, I'm thinking of doing this topic:
"A biotechnology company's sole concern is to maximise its profit by satisfying the market."

So, what points could I make?
What could I say about this topic?
Should I go for or against?


Friday, March 26, 2010


And the AFL is back.
(Although, the horrid Carlton had to thrash the awesome Richmond. Fail).
There was a guy playing for Richmond who had the same hair as Tim Minchin. lolwhut.
(For those of you who don't know Tim Minchin, watch TAYG this Sunday).

Anyhoo, Matt and Jess S were eliminated from SYTYCDA.
Matt was going to be the Charlie of last year's competition. And Jessie H is going to be the Talia. ;).

My predictions for the rest of the (horrible) season:
TOP 4: Jessie H, Ivy, Robbie, and Kieran.
(But I wouldn't mind if Carly was in there).
(Actually, I would. Ivy is so cute).
(Phillipe is also good. Nick is not).
(Jessica P is my little mathematician. She's so awesome).

I was so happy when Ivy and Robbie were partnered together. They are so awesome, omg. ^________^

ALSO: More good news. There is going to be a DVD coming out of the whole season 1 of Glee. lol, I'm so excited. It comes out on March 31st or something. And if you get it at JB Hi Fi, you get a free phone mock/sock/whatever they are called. OMG.
(So, basically, if you wish to stalk me, I'll be at a JB Hi Fi on March 31st. I'll be seeing you there, Creepy Stalker #1).
(Btw~, Creepy Stalker #1 is my #1 stalker. Follows me everywhere, it's great).
(But stay out of my underwear drawer. Thank you).
(And could Creepy Stalker #2 stop looking through my garbage bin? Please?).

And yeah.
Say hi to your mum for me, mofos.
(Go you good things, Collingwood! Thrash those Doggies on the weekend!).
(Speaking of Collingwood, my bf was on the radio this morning. Anyone listen to it?).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, yesterday, I was watching The Bounce.
For those who don't know, it is a new footy show on Channel 7. Hosted by Peter Helliar (aka Strauchanieeeeeeeeeeeee!).
Now, considering that I miss Rove and really want him back, I need another TV show to enjoy, y'know.

So, I watched The Bounce.
Good thing: RICHO RICHO MAAAAAN, I WANNA BE A RICH-- um, yes, Richo was on there. He was so funny. ;).
Bad thing: Leigh Matthews. YOU ARE BORING EVERYONE, BORING! I don't care about your ~awesomeness~ in 1990! That was 20 years ago, you are not awesome anymore. Get with the times!

Anyway, another boring thing: They went through all the games being played this weekend and talked on and on about it. Whut. And at least Richo made some quips during this, because Leigh Matthews didn't. He was talking in his ~boring~ voice. :/.

And sometimes the audience would laugh at something on a segment, and I'd be like, "Noooo! That wasn't funny, go away. Did you have too much laughing gas today?" Crazy people.

And in the newspaper and stuff, The Bounce got described as "Rove meets Before The Game" and "a family show".
Well, just to mention, Rove was (oh god, why the past tense?) not a family show. Channel 10 put it on at 9:30pm! Kiddies don't stay up till 10:30pm! ...Or do they?
Anyhoo, the similarities with Rove and The Bounce: a monologue at the start by the host, funny segments, and live audience.
Differences: A LOT. There was no Rove (as in the guy, you know that awesome guy that would constantly make me laugh and I blogged about a lot?). And some segments just weren't funny (unlike Rove, where EVERYTHING is funny).

And Pete was a good host and all, but he needs a catchphrase at the end or something. Like, Rove says, "Say hi to your mum for me" which is quirky and fun. And Cal Wilson and Shaun Micallef say quirky things at the end, like, "I am, and hopefully in the future, [insert name here], goodnight!" Whatever. It concludes the show. Wraps things up nicely.
Pete should say something like, "Smell you laterz" or "Say hi to MY mum for me". I don't know, I fail at quirkiness.

Oh and at the end of the show, they had a Punk'd-style segment featuring Nick Maxwell and Steele "Rusty" Sidebottom. I was all like, "Omgomgomgomgomg~!" And then, it wasn't funny. I didn't get it. It was just about Nick Maxwell selling some Collingwood merchandise to some eager fans and Rusty was all like, "... Don't take my thongs!" and Nick went away for a minute and then, the police came and Rusty was like, "?" and Nick came back and was like, "Um, whut" and Peter Helliar came and was like, "Hahahahahahaha" and Rusty was like, "Oh, okay. Hahahahahahahaha" and then, they were all like, "Hahahahahahaha" and I was like, "?"

Anyway, while I was watching the Bounce (it went to 8:30pm), SYTYCDA was on and I missed the first 30 minutes. Now, at first, I thought, "Who cares? SYTYCDA is boring, and I won't miss my favourites because I like most of the dancers, lol."
So, y'know what they did? They put Jessie H and Robbie, Matt and Carly, dancing FIRST. Whut. Oh no they didn't! My four favourites and I missed them. FAIL. And the rest of the show was boring, except Ivy and Kieran. (And they weren't dancing together, ugh).

So yeah. Hopefully, the Bounce is better next week.
In the meantime, Before The Game is on Saturday (wooooo~) and TAYG and Sleuth 101 on Sunday. ;).
In conclusion, I want Rove back. Sadface.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yesterday, I watched two movies (which were on TV): Finding Nemo and Bruce Almighty.
It was so awesome, omg. :D.

"Yeah, I'm a clownfish." "TELL US A JOKE~!" Haha.
And also, "Fish are friends, not food~". True. I'll think twice about eating clownfish from now on. ;).

I love the hobo in Bruce Almighty. That hobo = me. Especially with the awesome signs and bad spelling. lol.

And it turns out that the hobo = Morgan Freeman. And at the end, he held up a sign that was like, "ARMAGEDDON OUTTA HERE". lmao.

And Jennifer Aniston was so good. She's awesome. Especially in Friends. :D. But anyway, in Bruce Almighty, Bruce was all like, "Just say you love me!" And I'm like, "JUST SAY IT, BRAD PITT DOESN'T WANT YOU BACK!" lol. :P.


Best quote from the movie: "SMITE ME, OH MIGHTY SMITER~!"

And: "B-E-A-UTIFUL." Which taught me how to spell "beautiful". Thank you, Jim Carrey. ;).

ANDANDAND: "That's the way the cookie crumbles."

And that's all. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do all you creepy stalkers like books?! BECAUSE YOU CAN WIN BOOKS~! Just click here, and enter the competition. Quite easy.

Kieran and Carly, being all awesome. ;).

"I'M A REAL BOY~~!" lol.

Robbie and Ivy. They did a Bollywood dance, lol.

Also, I watched SYTYCDA last night.

Ahhh, it wasn't that great.

Ivy and Robbie's performances were good, as per usual.

Bottom 3 Predictions: Heath and Jessica P, Renee and Phillipe, Nick and Jess S.

Eliminated contestants: Renee and Phillipe. (Or Nick. Or Heath).

Top 6: Jessie H, Ivy, Carly, Kieran, Matt, Robbie. ;).

(But I wouldn't mind if there were 3 Jess' in the Top 6, lol).

(Actually, I would. Ivy and Carly are too awesome).

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay, so if you look at the date (March 14th) from an American's perspective, it says "3.14.2010".
And 3.14 is the number for Pi! Mm, yeah!

So, today, I shall treat you all to one of my awesome fanfics (where me and Mitchie go round throwing pies), and pictures of pies. ;).


Everyone loves the Simpsons, right? ;).

So true, omg.

Om nom nom. :D.


Me and my bff decided on walking to the shops. It was Pi Day and unfortunately, I had no pies.
"It's a lovely day~," I said, walking along beside Mitchie.
"Yeah," Mitchie replied, grinning.
We reached the shop, bought ten pies and headed back home.
Suddenly, from out of the blue, a pie landed in my face. It was a cream-filled pie. My eyes, nose and mouth were filled with cream. I stopped where I was. I could hear Mitchie cursing.
"What the...?" my bff said, "Where did that come from?"
"I don't know," I mumbled.
"That bitch should know better," Mitchie said, really fierceeee.
I had never heard Mitchie being so fierce. "Why so fierce?" I asked him.
Mitchie was silent.
Confused, I wiped the cream out of my eyes and looked around. My bff had gone!
"Mitchie!" I yelled, wiping cream off my face, "Where art thou?"
I sat down where I was. Mitchie had taken the pies with him. I had no defence mechanisms AT ALL. What if the pie-thrower attacked me again? What if the pie-thrower had a lot more cream-filled pies and I drowned in cream? What if I was buried under so much cream that nobody would be able to find me again? What if...
Mitchie came running back to me. "I got him, I got him!" he yelled, happily and sat down next to me.
"You got who?" I asked, confused.
"Big Bad Barry chucked a pie at you so I chased him and threw our ten pies at him. He looked sorry and gave me the rest of his cream-filled pies!" Mitchie exclaimed.
He opened up the bag and it was filled with about 10 cream-filled pies.
So, me and my bff ate the pies and it was the best Pi Day ever!

And yeah.
Enjoy your pies today. ;).

Friday, March 12, 2010


My blog has changed around. Slightly.
Issy left on SYTYCDA. Aw. :(.
I was all excited because Renee and Phillipe were in the bottom 3 and I hate them so much. Boring people, ugh.
But unfortunately, Matt and Jessie H ended up in the bottom 3 too (I have no idea why, lolwhut).

But I still can't believe the judges wanted Renee over Issy. Uh, yeah, this proves my point of Mary Murphy dropping some of her drugs under the desk. Bonnie and Jason are livin' out the 70's again. :/.

Anyhoo, I should be happy that Don left! Yay, finally. :P.

I didn't watch Sleuth 101 (ugh, fail much).
Someone update me, plz. (Unless, of course, you have better things to do, whatever).

ANYWAYYY, I received a few questions the other day. So, here's a little bit of Q and A:

Q: What are you planning to do after uni?
A: Be a hobo.
Nah, just kidding, lol. Hopefully I become a mad scientist who likes blowing up labs and making crazy experiments. ;). And me and my bf, Dale Thomas, will get married and have 7 children.

Q: Is uni hard?
A: Yes.
I don't mean to scare any of you (well, I could try, lol) but it is waaaay different from school.
For starters, I don't have my usual group of friends to hang around with. And some of my friends are at the same uni as me, but their timetable =/= my timetable.
And the lecturers/professors don't stop and wait for you to write down notes and stuff. And you can't just put your hand up and be like, "YO, MR PROFESSOR, COULD YOU SLOW DOWN A BIT?" or "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT BIT" because there are 200 people in the lecture and they don't want to slow down - all the other students just want to be out of there ASAP.

And just say a lecture goes from 9am till 10am, the lecture only really goes from 9:05 till 9:55 (so that people coming from other lectures will get there in time). And everyone has their eye on the clock because as soon as the clock hits 9:55, EVERYONE packs up and there's a big rustling of papers, even if the lecturer is still talking. And I feel sorry for the lecturer, because they are trying to tell us something yet people are being all rude and stuff. :(.

Anyway, I'll get used to it. :D.

But there are some fun/awesome things at uni. Like, once a Sportsgirl van came and gave out free soft-serve ice-creams. Yum.
And once these people (ironically, it was a Christian Club) were giving out free books on evolution and species and stuff. lol.

And yeah.
Q and A is over.
If you would like to resume Q and A, feel free to ask as many questions as you like.
Say hi to your mum for me. ;).
Oh and I found this awesome blog. It was amazing. ^______^

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Issy, being all awesome and stuff. ;).

Jessie H, looking like a liquorice all-sort. Yum. (And Matt is lookin' fine).

Well, SYTYCDA was last night. :D.
Ahh, it wasn't that great.

The all-girls routine was a sexy-Chicago routine. Pfff, as if I care. They had bars as props (like, big bars that you see in prison) and they were dancing behind the bars. It looked funny, teehee. But the dancing was like, "Ooh, I'mma sexy oneeee~!" lolwhut.

The all-boys routine was better- it consisted of the boys, acting like a gang trying to kill another gang. Sounds like fun... NOT.
(But it was good, btw~. Me likey).

And then, after Jessie H and Matt's routine (it was a ventriloquist dance, it was SO GOOD, omg) to Ke$ha's song Blah Blah Blah, Nat Bass was all like, "IF YOU LIKE KEH-SHAAA" etc etc.
And I'm like, "IT'S NOT KEH-SHAAAAA! It's Keyy-sha." Pronunciation fail.
Nat Bass says the dumbest things when she's preggerz.

Oh and Renee and Phillipe are still trying to bore me with their boringness. And the judges are still trying to prove to me that they are on another planet watching an entirely different performance, by saying how awesome Renee and Phillipe are. Whut. Or maybe Mary Murphy left some of her ~crazyyy~ drugs under the desk. I'm going with the latter.

But there were some really good routines. Robbie and Ivy, did a ballroom routine to Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition and it was awesome; Matt and Jessie H, did a fun routine, teehee; Nick and Jess S, did a good routine and I'm likin' Nick more; Carly and Kieran, who are made of awesome, did an awesome routine (I've forgotten what it was, lol); Don and Issy, did a good routine although Don still sucks; Heath and Jessica P, managed to bore me, lolwhut.

My predictions (YEAH, DEAL WITH IT):
Bottom 3: Renee and Phillipe, Issy and Don, Heath and Jessica P.
Eliminated contestants: Heath and Renee. (Or Don or Phillipe, idk).
Top 6: Jessie H, Issy, Ivy, Matt, Kieran and Robbie.
(If I could somehow get Jess S, Jessica P and Carly in there, I totally would).
(Maybe there could be a Top 6 which is ALL GIRLS. lol).
(No, wait, that would be bad. There would a sexy-Chicago routine EVERY WEDNESDAY. Ahhh, kill me).
(And also, I wouldn't want to lose Robbie and Kieran over the one-dimensional mathematician Jessica P).
(Whoaaaa, baby, got enough brackets?).

And yeah.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.
Goodbye. :P.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I got tagged by Penguins Quack and I have to predict where I'll be in 10 years and tag 10 people. :D. So, here goes:
  • In 10 years time, I'll be 29 years old (Oh god, I'll be OLD! Ew).
  • My boyfriend/husband/fiance (do I have to predict whether I'll be married or not?) will be Dale Thomas and we will be living together. ;).
  • I shall be a scientist (like a less smarter version of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) and I'll be blowing up chemistry labs with my awesome experiments.
  • I shall say, "Whatev."
  • The government will kick me out of the planet so me and Dale Thomas will fly to Mars (by this stage, they will have started human life on Mars). I will study at the Mars University, eating Mars bars every day, and making hats for monkeys to talk and be smart. While the AFL will already have started a Mars Football Club so Dale will join that. Teehee.
  • Me and Dale will settle in for a good life on Mars, having 5 children (Aidan, Jayden, Hayden, Richard and James) and a whole lot of butler monkeys.
  • THE END~!
I tag:
cbf tagging anyone else. TAG YOURSELVES, OKAY. If you didn't get tagged, pretend you did.

Today, I got free ice-cream at uni. Sportsgirl was giving them out FREE. Yay.
And some other people (ironically, it was a ~religious~ group at my uni) were giving out free books on Evolution and Species and Charles Darwin. lol. :D.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was my birthday yesterday. :D.
And some of my friends came over (5 of them) and we ate food, watched movies, and ate pizza. lol.

The movies we watched were: 500 Days of Summer and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
500 Days of Summer (shortened to 500 SD) was pretty good. Zooey Deschanel is a great actor. It was basically about a guy (Tom) who was in love with a girl (Summer) but Summer didn't really love him back. (Although, she kinda did, in my opinion). And the movie kept jumping back and forth between the days, but that was okay (it reminded me of The Pact by Jodi Picoult, lol).
I don't want to spoil it for you so if you want to know my thoughts on the ending, highlight the next paragraph.

I didn't like how Summer was engaged to another guy yet was flirting with Tom. Rude.
But it was clever how (at the very end), Tom met a girl and was like, "Let's go for the coffee." And the girl was like, "Nooo... Mmyeah." And then, she goes, "Btw~, I'm Autumn." And I lol'd. 'Cause there'll be three other sequels: 500 Days of Autumn, 500 Days of Winter, 500 Days of Spring, etc. ;).

And Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was a really funny movie. Especially with the chewing gum. lol, the chewing gum had an adventure of its own.
Anyway, Kat Dennings is a really good actor and very funny. We watched the Special Features and Kat's puppet show was epic. Especially the bear.

I would recommend these movies. Totally. :D.

TAYG is on tonight. With Guy Sebastian, Brian Mannix (or something) and Marieke Hardy.
Did anyone watch Sleuth 101 on Friday night? (I presume you creepy stalkers did, I saw you peeking in the window...).
Sleuth 101 was pretty good, although I got the murderer wrong. lolwhut. (I thought it was the owner, idk).
Half the time, I didn't know what was happening. (Probably why I don't work in a hairdresser, teehee).
I liked the Maid Of Honour, she was awesome. The bride was so mean to her. :/.
And I liked the mother-in-law, only because I hated the bride. (Wooo~, thank god she died, hahahaha!).

Anyhoo, bye.
Say hi to your mum for me, etc etc.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Ugh, Dougy and Grace were eliminated from SYTYCDA last night. WELL, THERE GOES MY PREDICTIONS. Fail.
Oh and btw~, Kieran and Carly's routine was, like, awesome. And I forgot to mention that in the last post. And they were in the bottom 3 and I'm like, "OH HELL NO!" Because they both did an awesome solo (the "Dance For Your Life" one) but the judges didn't really like their solos. :(.

My new predictions:
TOP 6: Jessie H, Issy, Ivy, Kieran, Robbie and Matt.
The contestants that I like: Jessie H, Issy, Ivy, Jessica P, Carly, Kieran, Matt, Robbie, Jess S.
The contestants that I hate: Don, Heath, Nick, Renee, Phillipe.

By the way, Carly is so cute. I take back all the mean things I said about her. :D.

In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow~! SO, WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU CREEPY STALKERS. :P.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I watched SYTYCDA last night. My ears weren't wanting to (because Mary Murphy was on the show) but I insisted because someone was dancing to Bad Romance. :D.

Best performance of the night: Ivy and Robbie, dancing to Bad Romance. Omg. IT WAS AWESOME. Ivy was dressed as an ice-queen and Robbie was dressed as a joker. Amazing.
Bottom three: Renee and Phillipe (I don't care what the judges said, I HATE THEM), Don and Issy, and Kieran and Carly.
Two eliminated contestants: Renee and Phillipe. Or Don and Carly. I wouldn't mind either way.
Top 8 (yes, I have more than 6 favourites): Issy, Jessie H, Jessica P, Ivy, Dougy, Robbie, Matt and Kieran. (There is probably more, idk).
Winner: Jessie H. Or Dougy, idk.

I really didn't like Mary Murphy. Whenever she started talking/screaming, I pressed the mute button. She is so much better in mute, haha.
Although, at one stage, she was about to criticise someone's performance and she goes, "Okay, just boo me now, get it over and done with." And I was like, "BOOOOOOOOO~!" Teehee. I would make a great audience member, lol.

Oh and another part of the show, Mary Murphy goes, "I was on the plane coming to Australia... QANTAS, FLIGHT 12..." And I'm like (jokingly), "Omg, that was my flight!" lol.
But of course that wasn't my flight. Why would I want to be on a flight with Mary Murphy? :/.

I also liked Matt and Jessie H's routine. They had awesome hairzz and Jason was all like, "I DIDN'T LIKE IT." And I'm like, "WELL, I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER, JASON. :P".

And goodbye.


I've started uni.
Some of the awesomeness:
  • I haven't been late to a lecture.
  • The uni is massive (it has its own postcode, lol) so I have gotten lost but oh well.
  • On my second day, I got a free jam donut. (BEST. DAY. EVER).
  • Someone had set up a Jenga game but the blocks were HUGE. And I managed to remove a block and place it on top. Success. :D.
  • Meeting two girls from Africa. One was from Mauritius and the other was from somewhere else. But they both spoke (a bit of) French. And had (sort of) French accents. idk. ;).
  • My Chemistry and Biology lectures. They are pretty awesome, okay. I'm actually enjoying Chemistry despite that it's Physics-y stuff. idk, whatever.
  • Biotechnology lecture. It's good, okay. There's some other people who are also doing the Biotechnology degree. Yay.
And yeah. That's all I can think of now. :D.
But my first Statistics lecture wasn't that good. The professor dude was like talking about some Excel stuff and was all confusing. He wasn't very good, in my opinion. :(.

Anyhoo, bye.