Thursday, January 31, 2008


More amusing tales. By Laura.

The garden was neat as Scarecrow walked up the path with Fox. He hadn't been here in so long. They stood on the porch and rang the doorbell.
A woman opened the door.
"Hey Mum," said Scarecrow, "This is Libby Gant, my fiance."
"Oh, Shane," cried his mum, hugging Scarecrow. "Come inside. Your brother is here too. You'll be sleeping in the second room."
Scarecrow and Fox went in and put their bags in the second room. The double bed was neatly made and the window looked out at the pool in the backyard.
"Wow! Your parent's house is beautiful," mused Fox.
"Yeah." They headed out to the lounge room where Scarecrow's parents and brother were sitting.
Scare crow sat down next to his brother, Eddie.
"Hey, this is my fiance," Scarecrow said, motioning to Fox.
"Whoa," Eddie said, amused, "You scored the perfect chick."
"Thanks." They got comfortable on the couch while Scarecrow's mum put out more food.

Scarecrow woke up the next morning and went to make some breakfast. His brother was already there.
"Hey, Shane." He looked up from where he was sitting.
"Hey there. What are you doing?"
"Thinking. Why are you so successful? And I am still living with mum and dad..."
"Dude, you should have been a Marine. I told you..." Scarecrow put two pieces of toast in the toaster.
"Humph. Could I have a piece of toast?"
"Uh, these are for me and Fox. Sorry mate."
"That is her call sign. Mine is Scarecrow."
"Oh, I see. Is it too late to join the Marines? I mean, I did the training except for the last week..."
"Oh, Eddie..." started Scarecrow, "I could easily get you in."
"Whoa, thanks."

Scarecrow went to back to his room. Fox was lying in bed, awake.
"Hey Fox," Scarecrow said, smiling.
"Oh, thank you!" She took a piece of toast and had a bite.
"Any time." Scarecrow started to eat the other piece. "My brother is planning to join the Marines."
"Oh. That's good. Did he do the training?"
"Most of it. Would it be easy for him to join?"
"Yeah, if you recommend him. Remember that guy who joined last year? He got recommended by his father," Fox said between mouthfuls.
"Oh yeah. I'll call today." Scarecrow smiled and leaned back on his pillow.


Okayy. So I didn't watch the previous episode but from what I gather, David and Mary came first... And they stayed in the game. Fyi, Peter and Sarah got eliminated. =]

So obviously David and Mary start off first. Then all the rest of the teams. They all reach the airport to buy tickets. Somehow, Dustin and Kandyy piss off Lyn and Karlyn (yay!) and yeah. But they all catch the same flight anyway so all is good.

They reach the place and swim over to a boat. Guess who is in the lead? DUSTIN AND KANDYY!!

Tyler and James (TJ) are in last place but they overtake a few as they are good at swimming to the boat and back. (Some teams struggle with that)

They all get to the detour. Salt- finding a salt shaker in a massive pile of salt. Or sea- Finding a sail on a massive island. Dustin and Kandyy choose the sea while everyone else chooses the salt (but end up choosing the sea).

The three strong teams finish the task first (Dustin and Kandyy, TJ, Rob and Kim) and they head to the pit stop.

OMG! "Dustin and Kandice- you are team number one!" said Phil.
Yay!!!! Finally. And they won motor scooters each. And Phil was like, "You can both take out a date or something..."
And Dustin and Kandyy are like, "Can we take out you on a date?" ^_^
And Phil is like, "Uhh..." But in his mind, he's like, "YES!"

Anyway, David and Mary come last. Eliminate them, Phil!
Phil would do ANYTHING to keep David and Mary in the race. Just eliminate them, goddammit!!!
But no, David and Mary are still in the race but if they don't come first, they incur a 30 minute time penalty and COULD be eliminated. (Let's hope that 'could' turns into a 'will')

So watch next week's Amazing Race to see who wins! X]

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whoa. X]

I get so bored easily.

This is my lovely artwork. *cough*
The South Park one is Patrick Stump.
And the Simpsons Style one is Matty Corby. Lawl. I really want to cut his hair. I'll be a hairdresser and on the shop window, there will be a sign saying, "MATT CORBY! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!"
Why doesn't his mum tell him to get a haircut? Dale Thomas' mum does that and Dale is 20 years old. That's older than Matt Corby!!
Anyway, I still love Dale. And Matt (but not in the 'frothy coffee' way)

AMUSING. Oh yeah...

Whoa. No way! Sharp edges, eh?
My TV Guide for this week is set: (Just for 7:30 pm timeslot)
Wednesday: Don't Forget The Lyrics - Channel Ten
Thursday: The Amazing Race - Channel Seven
Friday: Twenty20 Cricket - Channel Nine
Saturday: Survivor - Channel Nine
Sunday: So You Think You Can Dance - Channel Ten (I have NEVER seen this before... So this show mightn't be on my tv guide ever again...)
Monday: So You Think You Can Dance - Channel Ten (depending on how I liked it the night before...)
Tuesday: The Simpsons - Channel Ten

And at 6:00 pm every night, I watch the Simpsons. X]
Skill. I worked out my TV for a week. =]

Hm. I wonder if I'll be dissecting in Biology this year... That would be fun. Knife goes in, guts comes out... Lol.
I have an idea for my hair.
I dye it a chocolate colour. Then I get a whole lot of strawberries and dip them in my hair. Oh joy! And I can get peanuts too and dip them in....
Wait -- bad idea. I don't want to be BALD like Britney Schmitney Spears. <-- My new name for her.

Oh My Gosh. Shane Schofield. USMC. Whoa. Why am I so shocked about that? This post is turning into random spam-ish crap. Oh dear.

Well goodbye people. X]

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm reading a book at the moment and guess what the main topic of discussion is. C'mon, guess.

Plastic surgery. The book is set in America and the girl in the book (Cameron) is really pretty, smart, good friends and a hot boyfriend. She just had a freaking nose job (she used to have a abnormally big nose) and now she wants boob implants. Her parents are like, "No way!" and she's like, "I'm freaking 18. I can do what I want."

Cameron has a little sister (Allie). She loves playing soccer but she has a big nose. But unlike her older sister, Allie doesn't give a shit about her freaking nose. Which is good. Saves money. But her mum is like, "Allie, we want you to be perfect. Let's get you a nose job." And Allie is like, "But my soccer team is going to Colorado and I need to be there or otherwise I won't be in the rep team."

But Allie doesn't want to say NO to the nose job because her mum would be disappointed.

Anyway, the book is called 'Fix' by Leslie Margolis. I would rate it 2/10 and I suggest you don't waste your time.

But read this book instead: Bryan Strauchan My Story by Peter Helliar and Paul Calleja

Thursday, January 24, 2008


More stories on the Scarecrow and the Fox. =]

The restaurant was empty. A bit too empty. Fox sat at a table alone. A waiter came past.
"Would you be ordering your meal yet?"
"Not yet." Fox looked at her watch. They booked the table for 7 pm. It was now 7:45.
Suddenly, the door of the restaurant opened. It made a loud creaking noise and a large bald guy walked in and sat at the piano. He started playing.
Fox looked up. It was her favourite song. She heard a voice (a faint one) singing the words of her favourite song. It sounded more and more familiar as it got closer.
It was the Scarecrow!
He walked over to Fox, stopped singing and hugged her. Then he sat opposite her.
"Oh, Scarecrow..."
They had a perfect meal. So romantic.
On the way home, they stopped at traffic lights.
"Scarecrow, could you..."
"Who is that?" Scarecrow interrupted, pointing at the guy crossing the road.
It was a younger version of Snake.
"Snake's son, eh?" Scarecrow watched in amazement. "Well, hopefully I don't bump into him in the future."
Scarecrow kept driving and dropped Fox home.

The next day, Scarecrow woke up to the doorbell. He opened the door, still in pajamas.
"Hello," said the boy, "I'm your new neighbour."
Scarecrow looked closely at the boy. He looked about 21 but then again, Scarecrow was half asleep.
"Hey there. Would you like a coffee?"
The boy came in and Scarecrow made the coffee. They both sat down to drink it.
Scarecrow looked up at the boy. He looked familiar but how?
"So, what is your job?" the boy asked, politely.
"United States Marine Corps. Yours?"
"I'm still at university. My father used to be a Marine..."
"Really?" Scarecrow racked his brain. Was there a Marine that died and also had a son?
"Are you Buck Riley's son?" Scarecrow asked, half asleep.
"Uh, no."
And then it clicked. This was the boy that Scarecrow had seen crossing the road yesterday.
Scott Kaplan's son lived next door to him!
"ARGHH!!!" screamed Scarecrow.


The fox darted across the road at full speed. She perched herself on a seat in the park and waited. Finally, the scarecrow with silver anti-flash sunglasses came walking towards her.
"Scarecrow!" called Fox, "Over here!"
Scarecrow came over. "Hey there."
Fox and Scarecrow sat side by side, gazing at the sunset.
"So beautiful," Fox said, nudging closer to Scarecrow.
They sat there for a few minutes when a plane whizzed over the park and knocked Fox of the seat and on to the ground.
A whole group of people crowded around, including Scarecrow.
"Do we have a doctor here?" asked a woman.
"I am," said another man, "She needs CPR. Mouth to mouth anyone?"
Scarecrow had never kissed Fox. He didn't know what it would be like. He wanted to but felt too shy. In his brain, he was like, "Yes, no, yes, no, yes..."

"I'll do it." The voice came from behind the crowd. The doctor looked around and saw a guy with silver anti-flash sunglasses calling out, "I'll do it! I will."
So Scarecrow bent down beside Fox and started pushing on her heart. Then he bent down further and put his mouth on hers.

Fox opened her eyes. And saw Scarecrow kissing her softly. Well, actually it was mouth to mouth. But Fox didn't care. As soon as Scarecrow had lifted his mouth off hers, she sat up and hugged Scarecrow.
"Oh, Scarecrow!" Fox cried, "I love thee."
Scarecrow hugged her back and the crowd cheered.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hey ladies and germs!
I am Zoidberg the Lovable Tramp. X]
Oh, I amuse people SO MUCH.
But Zoidberg has always been amusing.
You'll miss me when I'm gone. (Thanks Pierre Bouvier.. I just stole your line..)
But as long as I'm useful somewhere, I'll have a WONDERFUL time.
Anyway, go onto my blogs. Please! Not that I've posted anything lately... <-- Look, it is about mee.. Zoidberg. =] <-- Two people have contributed in this blog.
My blogs are cool. Do not hurt them! X]
Oh and does anyone watch The Amazing Race or Survivor?
Well, you should.
Survivor fans:
Anyway, I'd just like to say, "YOU SUCK CHANNEL TEN!"
Because I am Zoidberg and Zoidberg is on Futurama and Futurama is on Channel Ten at 6:30 pm and next Monday, Neighbours starts again. At 6:30 pm.
Oh and my friends will be happy about Neighbours coming back on. I think all of them. Well, most of them.
And one of my friends in going to start watching Neighbours this year. Unless Dean Geyer quits Neighbours. =]
Well, see ya later. X]

Friday, January 4, 2008

BIRD!! =]

Look! It's a bird! Who is smart and kind and stuff. X]


No hope. No love. No glory. No happy ending...

Nice song. It is by Mika. The first time I heard it, I thought it was by someone else. 'Cause I didn't like Mika's other songs so I didn't think it was his song. X]

But now, I think Mika is a pretty good singer.

Anyway, is Mika's Happy Ending song a cover of another song?? 'Cause lots of people say that but I'm not sure.

Anyhoo... I probably won't blog for AGES... So don't expect many blogs on here.

But go on and comment. =]

Thursday, January 3, 2008


7:30 pm. Thursday 3rd January... X]

Rob and Kimberly start off first. Then everyone else follows. Dustin and Kandice are last. Argh. Can they catch up? Yes they can because they get to the train station place and it doesn't open till later. Phew.

They all catch the SAME train. Dustin, Kandice, Peter and Sarah stick together. Rob, Kimberly, Tyler and James stick together.

They all get off the train. As they can't buy plane tickets at the airport, they have to take a taxi to a travel agent. This plane ticket stuff is SO confusing.

Anyway, guess who gets the earliest flight?? DUSTIN AND KANDYY!! Oh and Peter and Sarah. They take the bus and find out the next task is a detour. Most teams choose the one where they have to tie up a crocodile and release it in another area. Except David, Mary, Tyler and James choose the rice. They have to make a pattern with rice. Harder than it seems. X]

The next task is the road block where teams have to drive in a typical Indian street. It is chaos. But all the teams do fine.

Guess who arrives first?? Oh, wait... Dustin and Kandyy arrive second. Dammit! X[

Peter and Sarah-With-Fake-Leg come first. They win gym equipment. Interesting...

But guess who comes last? David and Mary. I was so happy 'cause I thought they'd be eliminated. But no. Phil says that they are back in the game. AND they have their money AND luggage. But what's this??? Phil says there is bad news. JOY!

They have to come first in the next leg or otherwise they get a 30 minute penalty... Awesome. X]

Well, stay tuned for next week. No wait -- in two weeks, I will blog about the amazing race. 25th or 26th January.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My special little collage! X]

Yay for Fry. =]

I love theeeeeeeee....... XD

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


If you can't see, Natalie is saying, "Oh, I love this guy." And Matt is saying, "This shirt makes me feel sexy."