Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Look! I have mah Twitter updates on the right side --->>>>
You can now know what I'm doing. >_>
ANDAND mah goals for teh holidayz (and for teh year) are underneath. ^_^
I haven't achieved any of them yet. -loser-
I watched the Simpsons.
Bart was all like, "For once in mah life, I had a cow."
And I was all like, "LOLDUDE."

Oh and Bart nearly had to marry Mary cos her parents have this thing where the guy has to give their daughter a cow to marry her.
And Bart gave Mary a cow, not knowing about the marriage thing.
It was like "nodding as a marriage proposal" except it was "giving a cow."
Does that mean if Dale gives me a cow, I get to marry him?
Wow, I'm getting ideas.....


All I need to do is find Dale Thomas.
I'm excited now.
EXTREMELY excited.

I'm going to go now.
See ya, peeps! X]
P.S. Do you need to read any other books before you read Peeps by Scott Westerfeld? Like is Peeps a sequel thingy?

Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey peeps.
I read the TV Week blog.
Oh yeah. It was funneh.

Apparently, the TV Week blogger isn't going to blog about Survivor on Tuesday.
So, how will I know what happens?
1) I'm not staying up late and 2) I don't really watch Survivor anyway.

Oh well. I feel like doing a ~Jaclyn Moriarty and making a list of goals.
1) Hug Dale Thomas and Buddy.
2) Bake a cake.
3) Manage to get an A+ in my Biology exam. (I'll need a miracle though)
4) Draw a picture of Dale Thomas that looks awesomely real.
5) Read Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and see the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging at the cinemas.

If you have any more goals you'd like me to achieve, feel free to suggest them.
And don't bother suggesting "daisy chains" like some ~other dork. (I'm not saying who because I don't remember who)

Throughout the Zoidberg Tales life span, I'll update you on how these goals go. ^_^
Later, peeps.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Some people are SRSLY blind.
I was reading my friend's blog and it was like, "KYLE SANDILANDS GOT MARRIED."
Tamara Jaber must be blind to marry that moron.
Well, everyone already knew she was blind when she sang, "OOH AAH, I LOST MAH BRA."
Hopefully Kyle and Tamara don't have children.
We don't want to have Pete Wentz and Trashlee's children running around AND have Kyle and Tamara's children running around TOO. We already have a weird kid in the world. Which is me.

Anyway, yesterday was the Grand Final.
I was planning on barracking for Hawthorn because Geelong won last year so they should share it around.
But then, when Geelong ran through the banner, I saw Jimmy Bartel's cute face and I was like, "Hang on, how could I barrack against Jimmy? He's so sweet!"
So I ended up barracking for the Cats.
Oh and also Gary Ablett's hair is MUCH better than Chance Bateman's.

But as everyone knows, you can't have your cake and eat it too, so Geelong would seem a little greedy if they won. That's why they let other teams win the Norm Smith medal, Rising Star award, Brownlow medal and the Grand Final.
Oh well. I'm sure Geelong and Hawthorn will have a lovely Mad Monday tomorrow.
Buddy will probably head out to a nightclub, stay up late and drink himself silly and Jimmy Bartel will sit at home with a glass of orange juice watching Beverly Hills 90210 and going to bed early.
(I don't actually know what Jimmy would do on Monday but it would be the opposite of whatever Buddy would do).

See, Jimmy is like a cute little kitten. And Buddy is like a tiger or lion - fierce and tough. And Dale Thomas is like a playful puppy.

So yeah. My Saturday was pretteh bad as little Jimmy Bartel lost.
And the Grand Final was good up until 3rd quarter when Mark "Can-I-Choke-Myself-Now" Williams decided to kick heaps of goals and all the other Hawthorn players joined in.
Cameron Mooney is a total d***head because he can't kick straight.
He missed a goal from about 5 metres out.
And Mooney was like, "I'm so tough" but I don't think he is.
He's not like Buddy at all. Buddy can kick GOALS.

At one stage of the Grand Final, the scores were even but Hawthorn had kicked two more goals and Geelong had kicked 12 more points.
So for every goal Hawthorn kicked, Geelong decided to kick 6 points.
Hawthorn must have been reading Collingwood's book called How To Beat Geelong. And Geelong must ALSO have been reading one of Collingwood's books called How To Lose Grand Finals.
NOTE: These books are at all good bookstores - get your copy now!

Rove is on tonight. Lady GaGa is going to be performing! LOL.
Say hi to your mum for me! ^_^

Friday, September 26, 2008


I went to the Melbourne Show yesterday.
It was exciting.
'Cept the Ferris Wheel was scary. Especially when it kept stopping and left me hanging in the middle of the sky. T_T
I got three showbags! And a Wonka hat! ^_^
Maybe I should come as Willy Wonka for the semi formal. Willy Wonka with bright red boots and a cute purple hat.
We saw Kung Fu Panda and he was like doing a dance on stage. It was funneh.

I also watched Before The Game last night. And John McCarthy was in a Toyota Challenge and he won! I was all like, "ILY, Johnny!"
Speaking of winning, guess who won Tool Of The Year?
He won a barbecue. And he was all like, "Heath Shaw can drive me home ^_^"
And I was like, "Oh, Dale. Y SO AMUSING?"
Oh and Russell Robertson sang a pretteh cool song. It was about saying goodbye to certain things this year. A few things he mentioned were: Heath Shaw's licence, Gary Ablett's hair, etc.
And then he got to the part when it was like, "Saying goodbye to Melbourne's away strip."
So, Russell Robertson was like, "WHAT? YOU CAN'T GET RID OF THAT! THAT WAS GOOD!" And he smashed his guitar because he was really angry.
Russell Robertson is pretteh cool.
He has a sense of humour like Aker. When Aker won the Jason Player of the Day, he won a pillow with Jason on the front. So, Aker was like, "OMG, it even has mah name on it ^_^"

Footballers are pretteh awesome. They're all like, "Yeah, no, I can't make up my mind."
Oh, Steve Hooker, I don't care that you're a hooker... we share the same views on stuff.

Rove is on Sunday night. ^_^
I was watching 5th Grader and Rove and Smiley Sean was acting like gorillas.
And Rove was like, "Sean does it better. He always has a smile. He's the happiest kid I know."
And then in Biology the next day, we were talking about gorillas and apes and evolution.

I love Rove. And Pete.
Pete was on Before The Game last night. ^_^
He was on the panel. And then Strauchanie was on the panel.
And Strauchanie wants to be captain for Collingwood. Because Scott Burns retired.

Anyhoo, I'll go now.
Later, peeps.
P.S. Did anyone realise that stamps cost 55 cents now?
P.P.S. Hawthorn are going to win. Buddeh will kick 100 goals.
P.P.P.S. Did you know that Jeff Kennett is a BO-GON? LOL.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday, I watched the oh-so-funny All New Simpsons. It was awesome.
But it is even better to have a REAL LIFE Simpsons moment.
For example, on the Simpsons, Homer engaged to Marge and he couldn't afford a proper ring so he gave her a burger ring.
Yesterday, Adam Cooney (Brownlow medal winner 2008) said that when he proposed to his fiance, he gave her a burger ring. Because he didn't want to give her a ring she didn't like and he knew that she loved burger rings.
Anyway, my point is Adam Cooney is pretteh cool for doing a "Simpsons moment."

He isn't as cool as Buddy Franklin, Jimmy Bartel, Dale Thomas and the rest of Collingwood.
But still cool.

Anyway, I also like people that quote from the Simpsons. -coughbellacough-
That was my favourite part in Breaking Dawn.
Jacob: I told you so!
Bella: Jacob, did y'know that 'I told you so' has a brother? His name is 'Shut the hell up.'
Jacob: That's a good one.
Bella: I got it from a Simpsons re-run.

Anyone know anything about super-critical-carbon-dioxide?
I didn't even know it existed. O_O
I just thought there was carbon dioxide...
Oh well, I'll just ask Jordan's Chemistry teacher. Oh, right, Jordan is a fictional character in the book I'm reading. Dammit.
Speaking of the book I'm reading, there is a girl called Angela (no, not Angela Weber) and she has a friend called Nick. And Angela's dad thinks Nick is gay because he wears a scarf but Angela is all like, "No, he's not gay."
But when Nick was driving Angela to the New Year's Eve party (hosted by the Hattie "I'm-Going-To-Run-Away-But-Come-Back-With-My-Tail-Between-My-Legs" Draper), Angela was all like, "Nick, are you gay?"
And Nick just laughed. And he didn't answer the question. But luckily, Nick is still friends with Angela.

Anyhoo, 3 more sleeps till the BUDDY VS JIMMY game. Or THE BUDDY SHOW, as other people like to call it.

I'm going to go now. Later, peeps!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I went into the city today.
It was quite amusing. There were lots of footy activities going on and some footy players there.
And there was a Collingwood player there!
Guess who it was?
I got a photo with him.
When I was standing next to him, I was like, "OMGOMGOMGOMG!"
So exciting.

Except I look really bad in the photo with Josh. I look better in the picture with Dale Thomas.
Anyway, Josh Fraser looks good in the photo. X]

In the city, we got a Bigpond showbag thingie for free.
And inside it, there was a picture of two footy players and it said to colour it in.
So on the train on the way back home, I coloured in one of the footy players to be Dale Thomas and I made the other one Buddy Franklin. I would have made one of them Jimmy Bartel but his stripes are horizontal and I prefer vertical stripes. Don't ask why but they look nicer.

I read the TV Week blog. She blogged about Australian Idol.
One of the contestants (a guy called Luke - not the guy from the Kooks though) sang Jack & Diane. And Weird Al sang that song on the Simpsons except Weird Al changed it to Homer & Marge.
And one of the boys sang Uptown Girls. LOL. That would have been funneh.
As well as reading the TV Week blog, I watched the recap of the performances because I turned on Channel Ten at 9:15 when Rove was starting and they were showing the recaps.

I also watched Rove last night! ^_^
Carrie does African Krumping (I know, right) and she says she is uncoordinated. And I'm like, "ME TOO!"
Me and Carrie are twins. Our only difference is she's funneh and I'm not.
Kevin Rudd was on. And he turned gay for his wife. Is your wife a man, Mr Rudd? How can you frggn turn gay for someone of the opposite sex? Unless Kevin Rudd interpreted the question as, "As you are gay, who would you turn straight for?"
LOL. That would be kinda funneh if our Prime Minister was gay. He would be attending Mardi Gras every year and posting gay porn on the internet. LOLWHUT?!

Whilst you are getting the image out of your head, I'll tell you my predictions for the Grand Final and such.
Brownlow Medal: Jimmy Bartel
Norm Smith Medal: Buddy Franklin
Premiers: Hawthorn
Player who kicks 10 goals in Grand Final: Buddy Franklin
Copeland Trophy winner (Collingwood Best and Fairest): Dale Thomas
Tool Of The Year: Dale Thomas for blogging in the shower.
Click on the link above to vote for Dale Thomas - Round 17.

Anyhoo, enjoy your holidays everyone! ^_^
Later, peeps.
Say hi to your mum for me!! Rove is teh funniest person EVER!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm watching the footy at the moment.
Buddeh hasn't kicked a goal yet.
I'm barracking for Buddy so then when I'm watching the Grand Final, I can be all like, "GO BUDDEH! GO JIMMEH!"
And everyone will be like, "O_O! Who are you barracking for?"

Today, I saw two magpies (as in the birds, not the footy players) on the footpath dead.
And I was like, "OMG, they probably died because one was drink driving and the other one was in the passenger seat but pretended he wasn't there..." LOL. I'm so funneh.
I'm sorry, Heath. There are SO many jokes to make on this topic.

Jimmy Bartel was on Before The Game!
He was all like, "I'm taking mah housemate, Sam, to the Brownlow!"
And I was like, "Dude, is Sam a boy or girl? Or were you referring to the chick sitting next to you?!" (He was sitting next to Sammy Lane)

And Lehmo was all like, "You should take Hughesy!"
ANDAND Jimmy was all like, "SURE. LOL."
ILY, Jimmy. ^_^

Rove is on Sunday night. And the Brownlow medal count is on Monday night.
I'll probably be watching both of those shows.
I am hoping that Jimmy Bartel wins the Brownlow medal. Just like I am hoping Hawthorn can beat St Kilda. =]

And yeah.
Oh and for those bookworms out there, has anyone read a Jaclyn Moriarty book?
She is Writer-In-Residence for INSIDEADOG for a month! YAY. Finally, someone who has written books that I have read.
When Steven Herrick was writer in residence, he was talking about his books. And I'd be like, "I haven't even read your books! STUFF YOU!"
And when James Roy was writer in residence, I didn't realise how good (and funneh) his book called Town was. WOW. X]

Anyhoo, I'll go now. Buddeh is injured. I'm going to cry.
Later, peeps.
Say hi to your mum for me! ^_^

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I had a Walkathon today.
We walked to a park (which was like 6 kms) and had lunch there.
And I had ordered one piece of pizza. But when I collected mah pizza, they gave me two pieces.
So I was all like, "YAY, FOOD."
ANDAND they forgot to collect my token. So me and my friend went back to get two more pieces.
It was funneh.
And then, we all walked back to school (which was like 4 kms).
Then we could go home. So I went to a bookshop (nerd!) and I sat there reading Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. I got up to page 23. Georgia (the main character) is all depressed at the start. But it is funneh when she talks in French to a ~gorgeous guy. And he's all like, "I don't speak French." So he took Georgia to a French shop and the woman spoke in French to Georgia for like forty years. LOL.

I feel like Neapolitan ice cream. I'm still tired from the walkathon and my feet are hurting. I should have worn actual walking shoes but instead I wore mah comfy shoes.
Gosh, Napoleon!
I'm going to watch Napoleon Dynamite and eat Neapolitan ice cream.
That sounds like fun!! ^_^

Geelong and Bulldogs are playing tonight.
I want teh Doggies to win because Hawthorn can beat them easily and also, Geelong were in the Grand Final last year. Be like West Coast and give other teams a turn. Gosh!
AND I want Hawthorn to beat St Kilda. Serves them right. Saints need a good beating. Well, most teams get cocky after they've beaten Collingwood.
They are all like, "We beat Collingwood! We must be invincible!"
Well, they do have a Shaw still playing. Because Heath will be back. I know it.
I don't really know about Rhyce Shaw though. He is Heath's brother but I don't think he had a very good 2008 season.
If Heath doesn't play next season, I'll cry. SRSLY. My little Heath is gorgeous. If I can't marry Dale Thomas, I'm marrying Heath. Totally.

Speaking of Collingwood, guess who retired?
My little environmentally friendly Shane Wakelin. ARGH.
What will Collingwood do without Shane?
Force little Nathan J Brown or my darling Johnny McCarthy or even Brent "McCafe" McCaffer to play on Buddy Franklin and Barry Hall and Nick Riewoldt and Brendan Fevola (don't get close to him - he could pee on you).
I'm going to miss Shane Wakelin. I think I have something in my eye. Oh wait - it is just an eyeball. ^_^

Anyhoo, Buddeh is going to win the Norm Smith medal and Jimmeh Bartel will win the Brownlow medal. And Dale Thomas will win the Copeland Trophy (Collingwood best and fairest).
So then ALL my precious little guys can win something. LOL.

I'm going to go and eat ice cream. Later, peeps.
Say hi to your mum for me!
(Y'know how Rove says that line at the end of Rove? Well he has started saying it at the end of 5th grader too, lol)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay. Today was pretty much a bludge day.
We had Religion where I watched my friend go on random websites that had nothing to do with religion.
Then I had Biology. My Biology teacher is obsessed with the "smart board" so we were in a classroom with a "Smart board."
We learned about evolution (in a Catholic school - I know, right). We have the same ancestor as that gorilla on the Cadbury ad that plays drums. Interesting, right?
ANDAND we got our results from the last Biology SAC.
Guess what I got?
22 out of 25. ^_^
The comment was all like, "Well done on an excellent SAC." And I got the application questions right! *celebrates*
After Biology, we had sport. So me and four of my friends went to an oval and walked around it a few times. We just talked about stuff and the semi formal.
We are thinking of going as Disney princesses. Hopefully someone goes as Cinderella so then I'll be an ugly step sister. I won't have to dress up!
After sport, we had Accounting. We basically just did Ledgers (like Heath and his family - kidding) and I finished mine so I just talked to the people behind me.

And then the day was over. Pretty bludgy, eh? Too bad we didn't have English or otherwise it would be BLUDGE TO THE MAX!

Anyway, I have decided that Kenny (toilet cleaner - my future occupation) should play for Hawthorn. I mean, Kenny likes toilets and stuff that goes into the toilet, right? So he would like Hawthorn and the Hawthorn colours. Brown and yellow (famously known for Hawthorn colours) are also the colours that Kenny enjoys to watch because they go down the toilet.
Get it?

Has anyone actually watched the movie Kenny or the TV show Kenny's World?
I haven't.

Speaking of toilets and stuff, has anyone read Captain Underpants?
I read one of the books ages ago but today I saw a book review on one of the books.
I love Captain Underpants books. Good times. ^_^
This is SAM GAMGEE from Lord of the Rings. (above)

And below is LUKE. But his real name is actually SAM TEH LOVABLE HOBBIT.

Okay. The pictures may not look alike. But if you saw Rove a few weeks ago, you would agree with me.
Lead singer of Kooks, Luke, is twins with Sam.
Which means Luke = Sam Teh Lovable Hobbit. LOL.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Okay, so wind and rain don't go well together.
It's just annoying.
Anyway, I survived the Titration prac today.
Well, I have to admit that I didn't get the right colour. But still. We nearly did.

The Grand Final. Four teams are still in it.
Out of those four, I don't want Geelong or Western Bulldogs to win.
Geelong have already won a premiership recently and Aker has already won MANY premierships recently therefore Dogs can't win either.
So that leaves Hawthorn and St Kilda.
Which one am I barracking for?
Well, that is obvious.
You don't need to be Captain Obvious to work that out.
If you've read this blog, you'd know.
So yeah. I'll be barracking for Buddy. (i.e. Hawthorn)
I don't really like Hawthorn but I do like Buddeh.
Just like I don't like Geelong but Jimmy Bartel is pretteh cool.

I watched Rove last night.
Steve Hooker (lol - nice name) was on the show.
On Futurama, Bender got kicked out of the amusement park and he was all like, "I'll start my own amusement park! With blackjack and hookers. Actually, forget the amusement park."
And it was funneh. Hookers = cool. Kinkeh. ^_^

Anyway, Tom Petrovsky (Why so non-spelling today, Laura?) and Carrie Bickmore are really good at keeping a straight face while telling jokes. I wish I could do that. Except the problem is that I laugh at everything. EVERYTHING.

Speaking of funneh-ness, I read the TV Week blog.
It is so funneh.
She always makes me laugh.
She blogs about Australian Idol.
Even though I don't watch Australian Idol, I still found it funny.
So I advise you to read it too, k?
From a non-Australian-Idol-fan, I want Brooke to win. Why? Because there were 3 Brookes in the Top 24. So my message to Brooke is, "WIN IT FOR THE BROOKES!"
Later, peeps.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I AM TEH BEST... *cough*

Guess what I did today?
I got the Ting Tings album. ^_^
LOL. It is the best album ever. (Not including Gabriella Cilmi's)
When I got the CD, I also looked for Kooks album.
But there were none left. I was all like, "DAMMIT."
And then the person next to me was all like, "Okayy..." And he walked away.
I don't care if people don't like The Kooks.
Sam Teh Lovable Hobbit is the lead singer. Nuff said.
I didn't want to buy the album though. Just wanted to look at the coolness of it.

I have finished Breaking Dawn.
And now I'm reading a book by Gill Hicks. It is so sad but Gill is SO optimistic.
If I lost my legs, I'd be moaning and groaning for about 200 years.
And yeah. I am teh biggest complainer though.

ANDAND I will be reading another book on Tuesday. Or Monday if I'm lucky.

I was watching Before The Game today.
Strauchanie wanted to make a team from Horsham. So that he would be picked to play. (Because he is from Horsham and what not).
And the guernsey has Strauchanie's face on the front.
I'd wear it. I'd be all like, "Look! I'm Strauchanie! ^_^"
And everyone would be like, "Uh, that's not cool."
And I would be like, "Well, you'll be jealous when I'm in a footy team eating Mars bars all day."

Ah, good times.
I'm gonna go now.
Later, peeps.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm in teh school library.
The world didn't explode. Sorry for scaring everyone but no one died. ^_^
I watched the Simpsons yesterday.
It was all jazzy and stuff.
Bleeding Gums is pretteh cool.

I finished Breaking Dawn.
The ending was fabulous. It was all like, "Forever. We'll be together forever."
And I was all like, "Aw, that's so sweet. I wish Dale Thomas would stay with me forever."

My story for the English SAC is pretteh cool.
It is about Heath and Rhys.
Their relationship is their brotherly love - Wait, I meant brotherly hate. They hate each other, lol.
ANDAND in the story, Heath is reading Twilight. ^_^

If you didn't know, the theme for teh semi formal is IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.
Such a broad category.
And I have no idea of what to wear.
My brain goes absolutely blank when it comes time to think of something to wear to a fancy dress thingy.
It's all like, "Um.... wildest dreams... um.... something..."
And I'm just like, "Think harder, you stupid brain!"

Well, I don't think there is a brain in my head.
But oh well.
Later, peeps.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm in teh school library.
And Myspace and Facebook are been blocked. Again.

Anyway, I watched the Simpsons yesterday.
At 7:30 pm, there was an All New episode on. And then there was a Treehouse of Horror repeat. But it was excellent.
And I watched Wipeout in the ad breaks. OMFG.
If you haven't watched Wipeout, you are srsly missing out. It is teh funniest show ever.

Theme for the semi formal - IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.
I have no idea of what I'd wear.
Any suggestions, peeps?
Preferably something easy.

Lol, my friends were all thinking of coming as religious people. And doing the whole Jesus thingy. Like breaking the bread at dinner and drinking wine - Oops, I meant soft drink because we aren't old enough to drink alcohol. ^_^

So yeah. I'm planning to just come as Strauchanie and eat Mars bars all night.
Is there anything else to do at a semi formal besides eat?
But then again, whenever I go somewhere, I just eat. Sad, isn't it?

Ah, good times.
Breaking Dawn is such a good book.
I'm up to the last chapter.
The Volturi left. I was like, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Aro!"

I have a purple pen in my pencil case. And y'know what? It is really dangerous.
Yes, I know what you are thinking. Pens cannot be dangerous.
But they are. Especially this one.

Stay tuned for next week - DIARIES OF THE EVIL PURPLE PEN.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hey peeps!
I'm at teh school library because I got here early. *nerd*
I listened to my hamster CD yesterday.
I was all like, "Thank God, I'ma country boy."
Twas funneh.

Anyhoo, I have nearly finished Breaking Dawn.
I'm up to the part where Garrett is all like, "I KNOW YOU'RE LYING, ~MR. ARO."
And he makes a huge speech about it.

I turned on teh radio and it was all like, "WHITE NOISE. white noise. WHITE NOISE etc."
And I'm like, "YAY. A GOOD SONG, AT LAST."
Because I'm sick of hearing that Jason Mraz song on the freaking radio. Ew.
Anyway, I should go now.
Later, peeps.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I watched Rove yesterday. ^_^
Kenny (aka Shane Jacobsen) was on.
He went around the world looking at different toilets and stuff.
And there was a Toilet Of The Year thingy. O_O
Gosh, you must feel proud to win that.
I mean, people have trophies for Logies, Aria, sports and heaps more.
And now someone has a trophy of a dunny because y'know, sometimes we forget what a dunny looks like when we're not in the bathroom. So we want to be reminded by having one on our trophy shelf. That makes sense.

Anyhoo, I turned on the TV and Rove still hadn't come on. So I was watching Australian Idol. And they were choosing the Wild Cards.
So I was watching and then I realised that there were three Brookes in the competition.
So I am going for the Brookes. I don't know how many are in the Final 12; but there are three in the Top 24.
One of the Brookes (who Kyle called "Sherbert") sang a country song. And the judges were all like, "Some country songs aren't really country anymore as they have been twisted around and used in Hollywood."
So Brooke started to agree with them and said that there weren't many actual country songs nowadays.
And then Kyle (he was so funneh) was started singing to a country song.
And he was all like, "Thank God he's a country boy."
So he was singing to the hamster song. And I'm like, "OMG! I love that song! ^_^"
Hamsters = cool.

And someone on Australian Idol sang Love Song by Sara Barailles (can't spell - we'll just call her SB, k?).
Hopefully that girl gets through to the final 12. Because Love Song is such a fawesome song.
Ah, good times.

Did anyone watch Before The Game on Saturday night?
I want to know who won Tool of the Week.
Was it Dale Thomas?
Anyway, Collingwood are playing St Kilda next Saturday. On Bella's birthday.
I'm glad they aren't playing Geelong otherwise they'll have to play really well.

On Rove, Peter Helliar put Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson in Petespace.
Apparently they are dating.
And Pete was like, "They had a nice candlelit dinner... until their faces started to melt."
And I was, like, laughing. Because I don't like Pamela Anderson. I don't know why I hate her. I guess it's because the boys are all over her and she's kinda of a slut. Or would be a slut if all the boys could have their dreams come true.
Also, Pete was like, "I wonder what they're children will be like.... ?"
And he showed a picture of a plastic chair. It was funneh.

Oh and Pete was like, "Pamela Anderson wants kids. And Michael Jackson REALLY REALLY REALLY wants kids. REALLY wants them."
Yeah, I feel sorry for those kids too.
Their life would be more horrible than Pete Wentz and Trashlee's kids. Actually maybe Pete Wentz and Trashlee's kids would be worse off. I don't know.
I'll just give my sympathy to all those kids.

Later, peeps.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I went to the city today.
We had to go to the Museum for Religion. And look at Aboriginal stuff.
It was great.
At the station, I picked up an awesome magazine.
It was so cool.
Anne Hathaway is going to be a voice on The Simpsons.
She is so cool. Kind of a klutz which is like me. And Bella.
Oh and when she was on Rove, Hamish and Andy were all like, "It was thick."
And Anne Hathaway was like, "That's what she said, lol."

I'm up to the scary part in Breaking Dawn.
The Volturi are coming to kill Bella & family.
And they can't beat the Volturi - they are like super-dooper battle maniacs who rely on ~kids to save them. (Basically because the kids are, like, super talented)
And yeah.
Sorry if I spoiled the book for you but only two people have commented this blog recently and they have both read Breaking Dawn. And they liked it. The taste of its cherry chapstick. Sorry, I just had to add that.

Um, yeah.
I have worked out that I only like 3 of my 7 VCE subjects.
Math Methods, Biology and Accounting. (Well, I don't like Accounting - I'm just good at it)
Anyway, in the other VCE subjects (including religion), the teachers have something against me. They are srsly out to get me.
Especially the Chemistry/General Specialist teacher.
I dropped the bottle of Sodium Hydroxide about a few centimetres. I'm so clumsy.
The teacher srsly thought that me and my friend were mucking around. Why would I do that?
And also, I broke the funnel. It split into two pieces.
Klutzeh. I think I've been reading Twilight WAAAAY too much.
Actually, another girl in my Chemistry class got the right colour for the Standardised Sodium Hydroxide and she reads Twilight.
After class, she was all like bragging to us as a joke.
And we were like, "Typical Sharpay..." Because she is playing Sharpay in this year's school production which happens to be High School Musical.
And yeah.

In other news, I was reading the TV Week blog about Australian Idol. I haven't been watching Idol this year but the TV Week blog is so funneh.
The blogger, Mary Kiley, was all like, "You go, boyfriend!" to James M. Because he agreed with her point of view.
And I'm like, "Yay, go James."
Oh and Tom Williams (the host of teh Mole) made it through to the Final 12.
Well, I don't know if he is the host of teh Mole but he has the same name. Except he is probably really ugly and probably doesn't say, "WAY ^_^" when someone says, "NO WAY."

Anyway, see ya!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Breaking Dawn is SO good.
Jacob imprinted (as in "fell in love") with Bella's daughter, Renesmee.
I was like, "NOOO! STFU, JACOB!"
Why would someone fall in love with a baby?
Two werewolves (so far) have imprinted on a little kid.

OMG. I read the TV Week blog. So funneh.
Apparently there are 3 people called Brooke in Australian Idol this year.
And the TV Week blogger was like, "Will it be too many Brookes spoil the broth?"
Lol. She's so funneh.
Also, there is a Tom Williams who got into Australian Idol.
I'm wondering if it's the same Tom Williams that hosted the Mole.
Maybe I should watch to find out... Or maybe not.
I love Tom Williams from the Mole.
The contestants were all like, "NO WAY!"
And Tom was all like, "WAY. ^_^"

Ah, good times.
I watched Rove yesterday. ^_^
When the band came on to play, I was like, "Meh. I don't know this band."
And I was about to turn the TV off.
But then, I saw the lead singer.
And I was like, "OMG, it's Sam teh lovable hobbit!"
Y'know Sam from Lord of the Rings?
The lead singer of the Kooks reminds me of SAM.

In other news, there is a new word of the day.
Yes. It sounds brilliant.
It doesn't beat INDUBIOUSLY though. That word cannot be beaten.
Say it out loud.
I love it. Can't get enough of it, lol.
Another good word is CHAGRIN.
Well, I love the Twilight series and I certainly love that word.
So yeah. Interesting words, eh?

I have an Accounting SAC tomorrow. Ugh.
But don't worry. It is only Cash Receipts and Payments Journals.
And stuffs like that.

My Biology SAC is on Thursday.
Wish me luck.
Reader: No, shan't.
Me: Well, shut up!

Bye for now but not forever.
Elliott is going on Australian Idol.