Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's Brent Macaffer!
Haven't seen him in awhile, ay?
He's been to California (during the off-season) and had a palm tree tattooed on.
Is it meant to symbolise something? Or is it just a palm tree?

Here's something to swoon over:

Saturday, June 25, 2011


And Jack Watts ruins my footy tipping YET AGAIN.
How was I meant to know that Richmond were worse than Melbourne?
How was I meant to know that Jack Watts would kick 3 goals and play really really well?
How was I meant to know the umpires would favour the crap out of Melbourne?

Anyway, I gots some luck.
Cyril Rioli and Brad Sewell won't play next week due to injuries.
That's a few less things to worry about. :P

La la laaaaaa.
Yay for New York!
Marriage equality ftw!
Let out the gay within.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Finished all my exams.
Now to sit back and do nothing till next semester. :P

Anyway, on to some more serious news:

Buddy Franklin only gets suspended for a week.
I'd prefer if he didn't get suspended AT ALL. Because then, he'd be playing against Essendon, and he (and his stupid dirty teammates) would go all dirty on Bombers, fightin' and all that.
But now with this one week suspension, he will definitely play against Collingwood. Unless I can somehow push him off a cliff, hahaha.

The members of the Glee Club will graduate at the end of Season 3.
22 episodes left of this current cast before they all leave. ;_;
Can't they be sophomores forever?
Why do they need to graduate?
Why do they need to grow up?
Apparently, all the actors on Glee are 26 or 27 years old in real life. And the characters are all around 16 or 17 and in school. Big age difference.
I will miss the current cast.
Even if they get more actors once the current ones leave, it won't be the same. I, and all the other Glee fans, have got attached to this cast, this quirky bunch of characters.
It will be sad, to watch their graduation. :(

Last bit of serious news:
No idea why it is a public holiday for this momentous occasion. The queen gets one, why can't Daisy?
Whatev. Let's call it "Dale Thomas Appreciation Day".
Everyone gets cake.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick update

My Dream Team won.
Supercoach lost.
I got 7 in my footy tipping.

But I totally would've tipped 8, if the Demons weren't so mean.
Just because Freo hasn't won a game at the MCG since Jesus was here, that doesn't mean ANYTHING.

Gosh, Jack Watts, just because I like you, doesn't mean you can go around thrashing Freo's pants off. Rude.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well, the injury-prone footballers are almost back from their trip to the Magical Gypsy Land of Healing.

Although, the pixies and fairy dust floating around the place must have worn off, because Nathan J Brown had hurted his other knee. Great. :/

Anyway, I had an exam today and the guy next to me had a container of Tiny Teddies on his desk.
I could've leaned over and stolen one, but they'd accuse me of cheating. Whatever.

I will just have to survive with cheap chocolate bars and Goulbern Valley smoothies. Only $1. Cheap method for getting fat. :P

Monday, June 13, 2011


It's Alex Fasolo, getting doused in Powerade.
Fun times. :P

So, Collingwood thrashed some Demons yesterday.

And I, the worst tipper in the history of footy tipping, tipped 8 winners.

And yeah.
But the weird thing about this, about Melbourne and Collingwood, is their VFL and AFL teams.
Two days before the Queen's Birthday match, Casey Scorpions (Melbourne's VFL team) and Collingwood's VFL team played each other.
And it was a bit of a thrashing, with the Scorpions playing really well.

But let's think about this for a moment.
Collingwood's VFL team is made up of rookies, 19-year-olds, and some other randoms.
Melbourne, on the other hand, have got a VFL team consisting of Ricky Petterd, Matthew Bate, Lynden Dunn, Brendan Fevo--- OKAY I'M KIDDING, HAHA.

So, Dean Bailey, I know you're trollin' my blag.
If you wish to remain coach at Melbourne, here's what you do:

Ricky Petterd. Get him on your team, STAT. I don't care if he's recovering from injury or scratched his key on your car, he's a valuable player.

Matthew Bate. Okay, he may be out of form, but Dean, think about it. He played well in the VFL and yes, it was only against rookies and teenagers, but give the guy another chance.

Lynden Dunn. Give the guy a Gillette razor and get him back on the team. I mean, yes, he may be out of form, but remember what happened in the Ashes? Mitchell Johnson sucked in the first test because it was Movember, but played fabulously in the third test, when it wasn't Movember.

It's kind of silly if your VFL team is going wonderfully, cruisin' along, and your AFL team is sucky.
People care more about the AFL team than the VFL one.
Dean Bailey, think about it.

Thank you.

EDIT: If I didn't mention it earlier, congratulations to Alex Fasolo. Just take the whole bus.
You were absolutely unreal, keep it up. :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011



That was a good match last night.

Pretty similar to the Grand Final Replay last year.
Except this time, it was Steven Baker's 200th.

Steven Baker, getting the ball, looking like Cloke punched his head.

He didn't have a very happy 200th, though.
I mean, as well as his team losing, THEY DIDN'T CARRY HIM OFF THE GROUND.
If some has their 200th game, don't two players usually hoist the 200-gamer up on their shoulders? Don't they?!

Well, whatever.
Baker deserves to be carried off EVERY game.
Because he's full of awesomeness and rainbows and sunshine.
He watches Wife Swap and Masterchef, enjoys a hot tea after sunset, and morning swims at the beach.
Here's to you, Steven Baker, may your successful career continue, bumping and tumbling all the way home.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ah, good to see I won't be the only one missing the Dees vs Pies match due to an uncontrollable event.

Swanny, Jolly, L&N Brown, and Macaffer have booked their flights to Vegas Arizona, a.k.a The Magical Gypsy Land of Healing.
And they will miss thrashing the flailing Melbourne and their sucky coach.

Not that Dean Bailey is sucky. I think he's a very good coach. But then again, my assessments of good coaching skillz are poor, considering I was one of the cynical bitches who thought James Hird would be worse than Matthew Knights. Oops.

And thanks to the lovely Microbiology people, with their sterilised pens and cool hats, I will miss the Queen's Birthday showdown due to an exam, scheduled at 2:30pm.
Who schedules exams at the exact time that Collingwood are playing?
Creys. ;_;