Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The evil aliens have found John, so now he will never escape them, never live a normal life with Sarah and have beautiful gifted children, unless he kills all the Mogadorians. FFFFFFFFFFF.
So, I'm up to the scary part.
As if the parts I've already read weren't scary enough.
It's all scary.
I don't want to watch the movie anymore. I'd be sitting there with my eyes closed the whole time saying, "MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!"

Fact about me: I'm a horrible person to take to an action movie. Even during Harry Potter, I get scared. The scene at Godric's Hollow? I was squirming in my seat, my hands covering my eyes. Terrifying. :/

Anyway, Sarah/Quinn will run off to Yale, and Six and John will fight these stupid alien dudes.


I've just got up to the part where Number Six enters the story.
She is described as having "dark hair".
Teresa Palmer has blonde-ish hair in the pictures I've seen?


John has just told Sarah/Quinn that he's an alien.
It's so romantic, you guys!
I love these two, they are so lovely omg I ship them so hard. :')

I just keep expecting Quinn will burst into singing Never Can Say Goodbye, and I will cry because it will be lovely and romantic and so wonderful.
Puck and Finn have never been like this, they've never saved Quinn's life. One of them knocked her up, and the other stole her away from her true love, Sammy.


Oh no, you guys.
Sam, Sarah/Quinn, and John went to a party at Mark James' house.
And the whole house is now on fire.
And guess what?
Sarah/Quinn is stuck inside.
She's going to be toast if her fire-resistant boyfriend doesn't save her.
Only, she doesn't know her boyfriend is fire-resistant.
Oh god, oh god, oh god.
If my Quinn dies, there'll be nothing to live for.
I will be way more depressed than when Zane died.
Save her, John! Use the forceeeee!

Monday, January 30, 2012


That's twice that they've mentioned Sarah/Quinn wearing berry lip balm.
I think this is a sign.
A sign... that Faberry is endgame.
True facts.
I don't even ship it (I like Finchel more, mainly because I like Finn) but I accept that it will be endgame.


So, John and Sarah/Quinn are madly in love.
One's an alien (specifically called a Loric) and the other is the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet (Dianna Agron).
I bet the next thing to happen is a mutant alien forming in Sarah/Quinn's stomach.

And according to the book, lots of people have had a Loric parent and a human parent. Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Buddha, Julius Caesar (the boy, not the girl), Isaac Newton, Aristotle, and heaps more.
So, it's not like Bella having a vampire baby, or Vivian having the demon spirit baby.
It's different.
John and Sarah/Quinn could create an exeptional and brilliant person, with so many talents such as fire resistant and switching off lights with the snap of fingers.

And mind you, it wouldn't be Quinn's first baby. Beth won't seem so perfect now, after Sarah/Quinn pops out the next member of MENSA.
And Puck will be like, "WHAAAAT?"
And Quinn will go, "Gee, sorry, I thought you were too busy raw dogging a beehive. :P"


John Smith, boy on fire. I'm still betting on you.

Oh sorry, let me explain. John just doused himself in gasoline, lit himself on fire, and did some training- in order to be ready when the Mogadorians come.
Did I mention that John is fire resistant? No? Well, he is. :D

John can also move things with his mind. I wish I had that. :P

Also, I love Sam. He said "wicked cool". That's like what I say, except what I say is "mad cool". Same diff.
And and and John goes to Sam, "EAT IT." And all I thought of was the Weird Al cover version of Beat It. EAT IT, JUST EAT IT.
Glee Hee!
<3 MJ.

CRICKET update

Wadey and Starsky into the AUS One Day squad.

Poor Twatto, though. He's gotz a calf injury or something. Didak had one of those last year. It takes ages to heal, I think. Although, I'm not a doctor. And god help society if I ever do become one. :/

And Mitchie J! I miss him so much, omg. I'm going to stuff my face with pies.

Anyhoo, I hope Australia dominate the One Day series just like the Tests. And Tendulkar better not make his 100th century. The whole thing is stupid. You can't throw the number of centuries from two different forms of the game together. That would be like saying Glenn McGrath has taken 9283747385 wickets. Okay, let's just say he has. If Tendulkar can do it, why can't we?
Seriously, omg.
If Sri Lanka bowl badly and gift Tendulkar a century on our turf, I will hang Malinga from a passionfruit vine and wait till the cows come home. And I don't even live on a farm so the cows will never come home and Malinga can stick that in his juice box and suck it. jfc.

Anyway, if Tendulkar even THINKS about making a century, he can just forget it. Because it won't happen. Not here, not anywhere. The only place I will allow him to make a century is England, preferably hitting sixes off Swann and Anderson's bowling. Because then I can enjoy it too. Hahahaha. :P
And, when he is on 1, 23, 45, 69, and 99, I want Tendulkar to hit the ball in the air, and Alastair Cook will be the one under it. And Cook has to drop it for those 5 times. :P

My plans are awesome.
Shut up. :D


Good news: Henri is not dead.
Bad news: He's probably held hostage and John has to go save him.

lol, Sam and John are driving to Athens in Sam's dad's truck. :P
And neither of them has their licence or knows how to drive.
Don't worry, John, driving isn't that difficult. I've had three lessons, and I haven't crashed* the car once!

And John broke Sarah/Quinn's camera. On Thanksgiving. Luckily Black Friday is the day after, so Sarah/Quinn can get a new camera cheaply. Go figure!

*Well, I've only driven in areas where there are no cars- like the factory area near Woop Woop. And one time, I had my blinker on to turn left, and I forgot to brake so I drove right past the street. Oopsies. And then another time I put my foot on the brake because there was a stop sign. And I still haven't got it through my thick head that when you hold down the brake, you have to keep holding it down to stay stationary. I play too many video games, where you hit the brakes once and you're stopped. Damn cars and their rocket science. Jay-sus. Also, I was only driving at 30 k's for most of the lesson. My dad got me to drive at 50 k's once, and I almost shat myself. :/

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Oh god. John, who doesn't know if Henri is dead or alive, just worked out that he can open the chest if Henri dies.
Holy crap man, I'm scared.
What if he opens the chest?
Then Henri is dead.
Meaning that the Mogadorians probably killed him?
Oh no.
I can't keep reading.
I don't want Henri to die. He reminds me of Haymitch. And I love Haymitch!
Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone that reads my blog and is annoyed with my constant I Am Number Four updates.
If you are annoyed, please say so now. I don't mind, okay, and I don't bite. :D

Saturday, January 28, 2012


So Henri has just left to go to Athens and he hasn't come back.
And John & the Hart family have already started eating Thanksgiving dinner.
This is so depressing, what if Henri never returns?
What if John has to live all on his lonesome?
What if John needs to get inside the box- the one with the Legacies or something?
What if it's parent-teacher night at school?
What if the government/police/whatever find out that there's someone under 18 living on their own and John gets sent to the community home?
What if the Mogadorians run the community home and they eat John for breakfast?

Sorry, I'm a little scared.
I don't want Henri to go.
I imagine him to be like Haymitch, and look like Woody Harrelson. Except maybe without the drinking. I think.


Sarah/Quinn has just invited John over for Thanksgiving, to have dinner with her and her parents.

Is there any chance that John will burst into, "YOU'RE HAVING MY BABY~ WHAT A LOVELY WAY OF SAYING HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME."
Is there? Is there???!

Or maybe John can reveal his secret through song. He could sing somethingt like, "I'M AN ALIEN". idk idk are there any songs that have those lyrics? Whatev.


lol, the Sam kid thinks that his father was abducted by aliens because "he just went somewhere and never came back".

Um wow, okay, did you ever think it would be a drug overdose? I have watched so much Glee, I know everything okay. I wish I could meet this Sam dude, slap his face, and yell, "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS ALIENS!"
Because there isn't.
It's silly.
Everyone should stop talking about them, because they aren't real and you're all silly. jfc.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to steal Daisy Thomas, jump into my unidentified flying object, and head back to my home planet. Bye!


So many times I've read sections of the book and think, "This better happen in the movie!"
Because yes, after I read the book, I'm watching the movie.
I don't know why I never saw it when it was at the cinemas. Expensive, maybe? Me being all cheapskate-y. :/
Anyway, the further I read into the book, the more I want to see the movie. IT'S SO GOOD.
Also I saw some pictures from le movie.
Here are my favourites:
Sam Goode, being all cutesy and awesome. :)

Sarah/Quinn, gorgeous outfit. So cute.

Sarah/Quinn, with her camera. <3

John showing Sarah/Quinn his glowing hands. I want those glowing hands, omg.


I wonder how they do the glowing from John's hands in the movie.
It seems cool.
I wish my hands would glow like that.
I wish I could be resistant to fire.
Fire is one of my worst phobias, I am terrified.

First thing I'd do with fire resistance is go on Masterchef. I'd write on the application "resistant to fire". They'd be like, "WHAT OMG HOWWWW" and they'd have to invite for an audition-y thing. I'd cook a meal, removing things from the oven with my bare hands, touching the stove.
And then, they'd have to let me on the show.
I'd be the coolest contestant everrrr, and people would call me "Laura: girl on fire" and the ratings would be off the charts.

LOLLLL shut up I kind of want to go on Masterchef. Leave me alone. They meet all those cool chefs and eat lots of food and go to awesome and expensive restaurants. :P

And I'm afraid of the dark too, so the glowing of my hands would be handy. GEDDIT, HANDY. Omg, go me. Punny.
I could read books late at night, without having to turn my bedroom light on. Omg wow.
I wonder how Alex Pettyfer did it.
I need to ask him.
Or Dianna.

Friday, January 27, 2012


John went to a Halloween festival, where they have different floats. Not all floats are scary or Halloween-y, there's the float carrying the high school footallers throwing out candy to the children and another float with high school cheerleaders.
Also the mayor rides in a red convertible and throws candy to the children. :P

And then Sarah/Quinn walks alongside the cheerleaders' float and takes pictures. She waves and smiles at John. Cute!

Of course, as I read this, I'm listening to Human Nature, sung by Sam and Mercedes. FFFFFFF. :/


So, John and Sarah/Quinn are in the same Home Ec class.
They made blueberry cupcakes.
I was waiting for Sarah/Quinn to be like, "Once I got hit with a blueberry slushie, and looked like a creature out of Avatar down there" but sadly no. :P

Chapter 10 of I Am Number Four

So, the big quarterback guy (Mark) stole John's mobile phone.
But then Mark's ex-girlfriend (Quinn*) managed to get it back for John. And she put her name and number into the phone. :P

Here's what I think happened:
Mark put the phone in his locker, and had no plans to give it back.
Quinn broke into the locker.
I bet anything, that she got into the locker because she's handy with a nail file.
And no, I didn't get all this from Glee**.
Oh and she put her number into John's phone because she loves him. There must be some kind of romance about to happen. I hope so. I hope John dates her. I'm sure he will, I don't think anyone could refuse the chance of dating Quinn/Dianna Agron. Except maybe to raw dog a beehive. :D

*Sarah, but I think of her as Quinn. Shut up.

**Or did I?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


...Is what I'm reading at the moment.
I haven't seen the film but I do love Dianna Agron because she's stunning and gorgeous and everything that I'm not. Same with the whole Glee cast.

Anyway, I'm only up to chapter 5 in the book, but it's so good.
The main character (John) just moved to Ohio (that's where McKinley High is!). And when he thinks of Ohio, he thinks of "cows and corn and nice people". And on the license plates in Ohio, it says "The Heart Of It All".
Yes, okay, I like reading things about Ohio. Shut up. I'm obsessed with Glee, and everything related to it.

Anyhoo, John reaches Ohio, and goes to school. (The city is called Paradise, not Lima. Damn.)
And he meets a girl (Sarah, but I shall call her Quinn) who is very friendly and likes taking photos. John thinks that Quinn is the prettiest girl he's ever seen (duh!) and is in awe of her (like me!). Quinn used to be a cheerleader and dated the quarterback (like Glee!) but when she quit the cheerleading group (preggerz maybe?), she dumped her boyfriend.
Oh and the new kid, John, goes to his first class and it's Astronomy. Guess who's in the class? Quinn! Reminds me so much of Fabrevans, hahahaha.

Yeah, I was reading it at the races in Kyneton. While drinking a blue slushie. Moarrr Fabrevans references!
Sam and Quinn's first conversation was after Sam got slushied, and Quinn said that once she had been hit with a blueberry slushie and she looked like a creature out of Avatar. :D

And then I betted on some horse called Bullseye Wade. I didn't realise it was 9 years old when I chose it. Oops.
It came last. :(
But yeah. I chose it because it reminded me of the lovely Matthew Wade who will replace Bad Haddin some day. SOME DAY. Mark my words, my little Wadey will be ready to rumble when the next Ashes rolls around. :P

And yeah.
The Aussies are doing well in the cricket.
I didn't watch it today, but Siddle got a five-faaaa (Victorians ftw~!) and they bowled out India for under 300.
But unfortunately one Indian (Kohli) got a century. The first century for an Indian player this series. Wow.
And yay Pup! I like how he respects his bowlers and doesn't choose to send India into bat again. That's so nice. :D
Also, Dave Warner did okay in the 2nd innings, making about 28. Cowan did alright too, but it's Marsh that's letting the team down. He got a duck. Again. jfc, he's working so hard for that Jack Shite Medal. I reckon he's got it in the bag, now that Haddin has proved he can bat*.

And yeah.
I listened to some of the Hottest 100 on Triple J.
I picked Gotye for number 1, so GO ME. (Even though everyone else would've done the same, hahaha whatever).
I also picked some Wombats songs in my Top 10 (heaps of them) and I know some Wombats songs made the list. YAY.
Also, Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine got #13, I think. :D
And I picked Lisa Mitchell's song for my Top 10, but I don't know if it was on there. Matt Corby's song got number 3, so that's pretty good for a ex-Australian Idol person. Or maybe that one fan** was voting over and over again. Who knows?

*And by "bat", I mean making a decent score against some not-so-good bowling and not very well-placed fielders. Bravo, Haddin. Good luck making that score against Sri Lanka, or even England.

**It was probably Marcia Hines or one of the other judges. Kyle, maybe? Dicko? Mark Holden? idk idk, whatever, they probably think that if an Aus Idol contestant made it in the Top 10, then Aus Idol may come back and they will get their jobs back. :P. Oh wait, Kyle got sacked, didn't he? Well, the other three will get their jobs back. Hahaha.

Monday, January 23, 2012


So, what's the deal with 21st's anyway?
Why is the age 21 so important?
It's just another number. Why not celebrate 22 or 43? What's the big deal anyway?

Anyway, it's my 21st coming up*.
And I have to celebrate it in some way**.
Some ideas:
  • Restaurant. Breadstix? Nah, too far. A local one? Mayhaps. Taco Bell? OMG KAREN YOU'RE SO STUPID I CAN'T GO TO TACO BELL I'M ON AN ALL-CARB DIET.
  • Murder mystery party. My mum's idea. I'd come as Sherlock, of course. Or I'd be Watson and just sit there saying, "F*CK YOU, I WON A BAFTA." Hahaha omg wut.
  • Picnic at le horsey races. Also my mum's idea. I'm not a big fan of horses, unless they are on a shirt as a carousel. I spend way too much time watching Glee, hahaha wut.
  • Party at the Murder House. With an added serving of Tate!
  • A party like the one Rachel Berry had on Glee. There will be red solo cups, drunkenness, spin the bottle, and me dueting with Blaine. Yay!
Yeah okay, I'm bored. :P
Deal with it.
All you stalkers can come. You're so skilled at stalking, I don't even have to tell where I'm having my 21st. :D

*March 6th, for those of you that care. Not that anyone reads this. Still. A present would be nice. I live at 221B Baker St. Send some flowers and Daisy Thomas. kthx.

**Unfortunately, sitting in my room eating ice-cream isn't celebrating. :(

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mitchie J and Bad Haddin.
Another fanfic, presented as a comic.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FANFIC #8329899

"Alright, I'm ready," I called, standing in the crease and glancing up at Starsky. He came at me, menacingly, and I watched his left arm came around and the ball came straight towards me...
I swung, and completely missed.
"Fffffff," I said, careful to watch my language as there were children in the park.
The stumps went flying as the ball smashed into them.
"Aw, Starsky, don't be so mean," I whimpered.
"That's just how I bowl," he said, with a shrug.
"Can't you be like the other Mitchie?" I whined, "I miss that Mitchie."
Starsky grinned. "But I'm here now!" he said, his eyebrows dancing, "I'm in the Test team! We can do fun things too."
"Okay," I agreed, "Umm, let's..."
And then suddenly, we were ambushed by a short man.
"I WANT MY CENTURY," the man yelled, d'urggggingly. "AND I WANT IT NOW."
"No!" I cried, fiercely.
I felt around in my back pocket for a pie. There was none. Crap.
"It's alright, Laura!" Starsky called.
I turned around to him. He was standing there, holding a raspberry pie.
"Throw it!" I yelled excitedly.
"D'urg?" Tendulkar said.
Starsky chucked the pie, and it flew through the air. The pie hit Tendulkar in the knee, and splattered on his left leg. He ran off crying.
"Terrible shot," I told Starsky, shaking my head, "You really need to practise."
Starsky shrugged. "I'm not as skilled as your bff," he said.
"Whatev," I said, and then smiled. "Let's go eat cheesecakes!"

Author's Note: Starsky is my new bff. His name is Mitchell Starc, and he's a fast left-arm bowler. But he doesn't bowl pies. :/
Anyway, Mitchie J hasn't been replaced in my fanfics. I still love Mitchie J, but I've kind of forgotten about him. Sorry Mitchie J, I will make it up to you. :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


lol wow. The American Horror Story finale was AMAZING.
It may be a messed up and crazy show, but it's awesome. :D

The way that the Harmon family & co kicked the other family out of the house was so good. :P
It was crazy.
I felt bad for Tate, he was so sad. But I don't really ship Violate. I mean, they are cute together and all, but I think Violet (unlike me) is smart not to fall for Tate's good looks and be swayed by his charm.

And Constance was so awesome. How she managed to end up with the antichrist baby, and how he turned into a mini Tate. :P. When she blamed something on Violet, I nearly stabbed something, but she will be a good mother. I guess.

I can't believe it's produced by Ryan Murphy.
Hey Ryan Murphy, how'd you manage to produce something as amazing as American Horror Story, and at the same time, cough up a whole lot of shit and call it "Glee"?
Yes, I love Glee, but I'm allowed to criticise it, okay. It's shit, I know it, you know it, but I'm addicted. It's like my own personal brand of heroin. :/

Anyway, I can't wait for Season 2. I think Jessica Lange has signed on for the next season (she won a Golden Globe, so I guess RM couldn't risk losing her) and I hope Evan Peters does too.
I hope it's just as good as Season 1, but judging by Glee and how that is going, I shouldn't get my hopes up. :P

Anyway, bye.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, the Aussies win another Test meaning they have won the series.
India just couldn't hang on to make Australia bat again, even though Bad Haddin was doing everything he could to help them. :P

Anyway, the next Test is on the 24th January.
In Adelaide.
I think the team will just be left as it is.
Unless someone gets an injury, what's the point?
Cowan and Warner have proved useful openers, Marsh is so-so, we know that Clarke, Ponting and Huss can bat (from the SCG Test) and Bad Haddin is Pup's bff.
The only problem is Lyon. Does he fit in the team?
I say yes.
But I love Starsky (Mitchie S).

Oh well.
I think, because this next Test doesn't really matter, they should put Wade in. And maybe Dan Christian instead of Marsh.
Just to see how they go.
Just a little test, to see if they can handle a Test match.
To compare them to the players that they replaced.
And if we lose? So what, we still keep the trophy and we will know that Wade and Christian aren't ready for Test cricket.
And if we win? Then we know that Wade and Christian are somewhat ready depending on how they play.

The Ashes is in 2013.
It feels like a long way off, but this upcoming Test is a good way to test out several debutants.
I hope the selectors see it from my point of view.
I don't care if India win in Adelaide. Good for them. They have played somewhat well, they deserve a win.
With T-Pain injured, they need to try out another Bad Haddin replacement. Matthew Wade.

The new Glee episode, Yes/No airs on Wednesday in Australia, and I am so excited for it, I could wet my pants. Samcedes cuteness, Summer Nights, synchronised swimming, three proposals, one couple eloping, your face, Sam's shirtlessness, Sam, Damian, Sam, Sam, Sam.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AMERICAN HORROR STORY - The episode with medical scenes and horrorrrrrrr.

lol wow.
Spoiler alert: Everyone dies.

Tate climbed out of Violet's bed the same way that he climbed in. This amuses me greatly, omg.
I can't believe Violet yelled at Tate to go away.
Look princess, Tate was your everything. Get off your high horse. He may have killed people, but you killed yourself. You are the reason your parents stayed so long in the murder house, because you wanted to be there. You caused them grief and worry. Freaking hell, stop being so high and mighty.

End rant.

But yeah, the episode was pretty good.
No idea what happened to the babies, Constance took one of them and I have no idea, wut. Did the smaller one die? Why can't they just tell us?
And at the end of the episode, Eleven didn't even tell us that the next episode would be on next week. They usually do. And this week they didn't. What the heck. Omg, do not tell me that there's no AHS next week. Omg, I might die. Omg, where's my Tate? I'm not dying without my Tate. Hell to the no.

Oh great, I just found out that for Season 2, no characters from Season 1 will be there.
No Tate?
Omg no.
This is not happening.

Rant-y mood today.

*Not sorry at all.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, I just finished reading Zombies vs Unicorns. It is an anthology of short stories, with different authors writing either a zombie or unicorn story.

I just want to say: Before I read the book, I was not really Team Unicorn or Team Zombie. But I kind of liked unicorns so yeah.
But the team captain for unicorns, Holly Black, didn't really convince me that unicorns were better.

It was Justine L. (whose surname I can't spell because it's way too long; why she didn't use "Westerfeld" I will never know, omg, feminists* amirite?**) who convinced me that zombies were way cool and I should totally switch to their side. She makes a good argument. I loved her descriptions before each story. <3.

I will now comment on each story. I will try not to spoil them too much. I will give the stories a rating out of 5. :P

1. The Highest Justice by Garth Nix (unicorns)
This was kind of weird, just a princess who was mad at her father or something. Didn't really yell "UNICORNS ARE THE GREATEST" to me. It was meh.

2. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson (zombies)
Now, this story was good.
It was about a zombie-type guy who was in love with this boy. (Gay love!)
Written so well, and now I want to read the author's novel, Moonshine.
Loved the title, but it reminded me of The Wombats and only a bit of Joy Division. Haha. :P
And the zombie dude liked the boy because he smelt like macaroni and cheese. And they had similar taste in music.
But the boy's dad was an ex-cop or something. And the dad was forcing his son to defeat zombies and evil monsters.

3. Purity Test by Naomi Novak (unicorns)
Again, this unicorn story didn't really rock my world.
It was about a unicorn who was wandering the streets of New York, and found a hungover girl lying on a park bench. Then the unicorn asked the girl for help, and they went to some evil wizard's house (no, not Voldemort!) and it was all weird and shit.
It had some amusing things though, like how they got the troll guy to sleep. :P

4. Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan (zombies)
This was kind of weird, it was about a girl who lived on an island with several adults. And her dad was the leader.
I didn't find it very interesting, except when the pirate/zombie came to rescue the girl and said that her dad was a terrible ruler. I cried a little, and thought he was so romantic, like the hero who saves the damsel in distress.
lol yeah. It was okay.

5. A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan (unicorns)
This started off really well, with the guy looking for somewhere to pee. And he came across a unicorn, then found a girl lying in the grass.
And then some police-y people came, and arrested the guy, accusing him of something he didn't do.
But he was set free after a trial, and sent home.
Then they found out the girl was pregnant, so the police-y people visited the guy and killed him.
And then, it got weird.
So weird, that I barely understood it. :/

6. The Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson (zombies)
This story was SO BRILLIANT.
It was freaky and crazy and so amazing.
A girl from America had gone to England to work for these farm people because her then-boyfriend had told her to. She hated the farm work, so this Angelina Jolie-esque woman offered for the girl to baby-sit some children.
The girl accepted (anything to get out of picking blackberries with little pay), and the actress gave the girl so much pay, comfy bed, all-she-could-eat food, and all she had to do with the children was put their food on a conveyor belt when it was feeding time.
It was too good to be true. The girl knew something was suss but couldn't figure it out.
So, at around midnight, the girl checked on the children to make sure they were okay.
The children were pressed up against the fence of their enclosure.
The girl was worried, as it's midnight and the children should be in bed.
So she thought "maybe they need a hug". So... she opened the gate to comfort these poor kids.
The kids ran straight to her and start to bite her.
The girl was like, "holy crap", and quickly got the hell out.
(Sorry for the spoilers).
Anyway, it was really good. :D

7. The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund (unicorns)
This story was also really good.
It was about a girl with really religious parents. And they lived in a town that had just been victim to killer unicorn attacks. And this girl, her cousins were killed by the unicorn.
Anyway, this girl and her friends go to a fair. And there's a unicorn exhibit.
Blah blah, the unicorn is preggerz, and it gives birth, blah blah, the owner tries to drown the baby, but the girl quickly saves it and takes it home to care for it in her garage.
The unicorn, under the girl's care, gets bigger and bigger, and the girl feels guiltier and guiltier because she's raising a weapon that could kill the entire town (or something).
It's so good.
Read it for yourself.
Amazing. :D

8. Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld (zombies)
This story was pretty good, but not as good as the previous two.
I loved the main girl (Ally) had a crush on another girl. (Gay love!)
And then the four kids all ran away together from the adults, hahahaha.
Sorry for the spoiler.
But the girl that Ally had a crush on liked one of the boys. :(.

9. Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot (unicorns)
This story was amazing.
I loved it.
So well written and interesting.
Not going to go into detail, but I totally enjoyed it.
The unicorn was cool, and farted rainbows. :P

10. Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare (zombies)
This story was okay.
It was about a girl who was in love with the mayor's son. But then the evil mayor made plans for his son to die, etc etc.
And they lived in a town where people could come back to life after they die and be zombies. But the zombies don't eat brains and stuff, they just wander around the streets.
So, the mayor's son comes back, blah blah blah.
Anyway, it was alright.

11. The Third Virgin by Kathleen Duey (unicorns)
I was so not a fan of this story.
What the heck.
Emo unicorns, anyone?
Not for me.
The unicorn just went around, looking for virgins and trying to kill himself. Or something. idk. Not very interesting. :/

12. Prom Night by Libba Bray (zombies)
This one was okay.
It was interesting, kept me amused for the whole thing.

And yeah.
So, to add up my scores:
Unicorns- 2 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 17/30
Zombies- 5 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 22/30

So, for me, the zombies win.
I am Team Zombie.
And that's understandable.
Justine L. was such a good team captain, she really convinced me that zombies are better.
And they had some amazing stories and authors.

Maybe another anthology should be written with better unicorn stories.
I still love unicorns, but now, thanks to Justine L, I love zombies a lot more than I did.

It was a really awesome book, and I totally recommend it. Totally. :D

*Hardcore feminists, I mean. The ones that refuse to change their name after marriage. Catherine Deveny wrote an article about it, and pretty much said "you're not a feminist if you change to your partner's name". SCREW YOU, CATHERINE DEVENY. I can be Laura Fasolo-Thomas-McGinty-Langdon-Evans-Overstreet if I want to. F*ck you.

**I didn't imply Justine L. is a hardcore feminist. She just didn't change her name after marriage, okay, I'm not criticising her or anything. I love you, Justine L, and your husband writes the most amazing books. <3.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yay, Aussies won the SCG Test!
Hilfy got a five-faaaa.
The Vic-quicks got 3 wickets between them. (Probably could've had more, but the 'keeper was kind of sleeping or something. idk.)

Anyway, I just thought I'd blag about it. Because I can.

Also, next Test is at the WACA.
It's time we brought out the big guns. And by that, I mean the W's.
Upside down Mitchie J.

Bad Haddin is a joke.
He nearly mucked up the Tendulkar wicket. Luckily Huss was paying attention.
The amount of leg byes was ridiculous. At one stage, the ball just went right past him and he just let it go past. jfc.
I think Wade would do a much better job.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm a bias Victorian. (or am I?)

Twatto is apparently fit to play now.
They can't leave a fit Twatto out of the team.
What did Marsh and Warner do? Besides taking a few catches in the field (Warner's were spectacular, btw~), nothing.
Plus, Huss 'bowling a few' is not ideal. Frankly, I'm sick of it. (Although, I love and adore Huss. Nothing against Huss, it's just his bowling is so-so.)

Upside down Mitchie J is a W.
And yeah yeah, his foot is probably not healed.
But come on, I miss him.
I can't go the whole summer without seeing his pretty face. The KFC ads aren't filling the large hole. I still miss him. Sulk. ;____;

And bye.

FANFIC #829375

"Check mate," I said, placing my pawn diagonally from the king and smirking.
Mitchie lifted his king and batted my pawn out of the way. "Nope," he said, grinning at me.
"Shit," I murmured, frowning. I kept doing that, I'm so stupid at this game. "Can't we do something else?" I whined.
It was Mitchie's turn to frown. "Like what?"
"Like..." I said, looking around, "Go for a walk?"
"You know I can't," Mitchie said, sadly, "My foot needs to heal."

We sat there for a few minutes in silence.
"Alright," Mitchie said, sighing, "I'll put my moonboot on, okay? We can sit at the park."
"Yay!" I squealed.

At the park, we sat at a picnic bench sitting opposite each other. It was sunny, Mitchie propped his feet up, and I was slurping my raspberry and coke slurpee.
"Sooo..." I said, "How's the cricket going?"
"Umm..." Mitchie said, uneasily.
"Oh right, the foot," I said, facepalming myself for forgetting.
"How's uni?" Mitchie asked.
"Meh," I said, shrugging, "It's alright."
"Cool," he said.
"Mm," I agreed.

Just then, Mitchie let out a gasp.
I spluttered and raspberry sprayed everywhere. "What?" I yelled.
Mitchie pointed behind me.
I turned.
A man stood there, as evil as the evillest thing on Earth.
"Gambhir!" I exclaimed, standing up, "Not you!"
He laughed evilly.
I put my slurpee down, and whipped out a custard and apple pie from my back pocket.
"Nooo!" Gambhir yelled. D'urgggg.
"Yesss!" I said, getting ready to throw.
I chucked it, a hopeless throw. I was losing my technique. The pie whizzed right past Gambhir's leg, and into the outstretching arms of Bad Haddin, who was lurking behind. The pie hit Haddin's gloves, splattered them, and skidded right off to land at his feet.

Then Mitchie screamed, "Don't worry Laura, I'm on it!"
He got out a pie, just a Four n' Twenty, from his pocket.
With the best pie-throwing technique that this country has ever seen, Mitchie whipped the pie into Gambhir's face.

I high-fived Mitchie and we grinned at each other.
Another good day!

Author's note: Gambhir is an Indian player, who I feel like using in this story. He made about 60-something runs today when he was only meant to make 0. :/
Also, Mitchie is Mitchell Johnson. He's my bff, I call him Mitchie. :P
Oh and Bad Haddin can't catch. Not even pies. He's so close to winning the Jack Shite Medal. The previous winner, Marcus North, won't be happy if he doesn't win but sorry North, you might be beaten. So sorry.
Also, Marsh may get the medal too. It could be a joint winner.
Speaking of medals, JPattz wins the one for Most Entertaining Appeals. They are super good. Bravo to you, JPattz. <3.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Siddle got his 100th Test wicket.

The Victorians cleaned up the Indian top order.

Marsh continued to show why Khawaja should still be in the team.

Ponting and Clarke clean up the mess that their openers made.

Fun times.
13 wickets fell in a day. This Test will be over in no time. Day 3 is Jane McGrath Day, but they should just swap it to Day 2 so that it still happens.

It was nice to see Mitchie J though. Even if it was on a KFC ad. I'm sure his foot is healing well, and he will easily get back into the team. There's only three fast bowlers so surely they will need a rest, right?

I miss Twatto.
Send Warner back to help his Sydney Thunder team, and make Twatto open with Ed Cowan.
And maybe Twatto could bowl a few overs (like what Huss does, except better).
I hate watching Huss bowl, even though he's one of my favourite players.
I mainly just hate it because I hate seeing Huss get smacked around too much.
It sucks.

I'm done.
Predictions for tomorrow: Ponting makes 60 and goes out; Pup to make a century; Huss to also make a century; Bad Haddin makes a half century and then, as the crowd is absolutely shocked at the possibility of him making runs, he reveals that he is actually Daisy Thomas; J-Pat and Siddle add 200 runs to the total.