Monday, February 21, 2011


Yes, I am blogging about it again. :P
But as uni is back next week, I may not blog much. So sorry to all you disappointed stalkers. I'll still be on Twitter, you may follow me there. ;)

Anyway, next week on Glee, it's the best episode of all time where Sam (the guy in the picture above) sings a Justin Bieber song. :)
And Sue joins the Glee Club.
Lauren Z sings a solo.
Santana continues her evil ways and breaks up Quinn and Sam, so that she can have Sam. :/

My thoughts on last night's episode:
  • Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt's sleepover. Epic win. :D. I totally wish I was there.
  • Santana giving mono (the kissing disease) to Finn and Quinn. Ha! Serves them right. Finn, being all arrogant and pretentious, and Quinn, being queen bitch.
  • Lauren Z not wanting to date Puck. Why couldn't Puck choose a good song to sing? When he was trying to win Mercedes, he sung a epic jazz song and it was epic and Mercedes loved it. With Lauren Z, he chooses Fat Bottomed Girls and says he loves her fattiness. What even.
  • Rachel. She sang Firework. She gave up on boys and decided to focus on being a star. Good on you, Rachel! Four for you, Rachel, go you good thing. :)
  • Blaine. He really does suck at romance. Whut.

I got my uni timetable today (yay!) and it's pretty good.Although, on Thursday, I has stuff from 8am till 6pm. Good one, uni. Fabulous, I'm so excited, I'm about to wet my pants.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

FANFIC #1892.

I stabbed another pin into my voodoo doll.
"DIE, DIEEE!" I yelled, inserting a pin into the doll's right hip.

I heard someone come in the room and stand behind me.
"Whatcha doing?" my bff, Mitchie, asked.
"Uh, um, nothing," I quickly replied, shoving the doll under the couch and turning around to face him. "What are you doing?"
"That doll looks like..." Mitchie began.
"No, it doesn't look like your girlfriend, of course not!" I interrupted, smiling uneasily.

Mitchie sat on the couch with me.
"You going to the Annual Chocolate Festival today?" he asked.
"There's a Chocolate Festival. Right outside your window."
I ran over to the window and peered through the curtains. The street was covered in chocolate and there were stalls and rides and people EVERYWHERE. "Oh my god."

We both went outside and immediately bought a chocolate pie, decorated with tempered chocolate.
Sitting down on a chocolate seat, I took a bite.
Then Mitchie took a bite.

Before this story could get boring, a chocolate-coated person walked up to us.
"Yo, may I sit down?" the stranger asked.
"Sure." We moved over and he sat down.

"Everyone's been chucking melted chocolate at me!" he moaned, "D'URGGG?!"
"Oh, I know you!" I exclaimed, "Gary Ablett Junior."
"Yah." He nodded and smiled.
Mitchie stood up, holding our chocolate pie. "YOU MONEY-OBSESSED BITCH!" Mitch yelled, "How's your solid gold house? Do you sleep comfortably on a bed made of money?"
Gary looked bewildered. "D'urg?"
With some wonderful skill, Mitchie threw the pie in Gary Ablett's ugly face.

"Hahahaha," I said.
Mitchie and I ran away, pissing ourselves laughing.


Monday, February 14, 2011


What do you call those things... you know, where you do things and achieve goals and have hobbies and stuff?
Oh, that's it- A LIFE. Yeah, I need one of those. Are they on special at Coles? Do any of you know where to get one? Thanks, much appreciated. :)

Anyway, GLEE.
I can see why 26 million people in the USA watching this episode. :)

The mash-up of Thriller and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song was so good.
The girls joining the football team was very brave and exciting. At one point, Tina ran out to grab the ball and she got smashed into the ground. :(
But she was okay. :)

And Quinn, Brittany and Santana quitting the cheerios.
Take that, Sue! Serves you right for wanting to shoot my Brit out of a cannon and probably kill her!

So exciting.
Can't wait for next week, the Kissing Booth, the sleepover, Sam "I'm pretty, but I ain't dumb", etc etc.

And then, and then, and then, THE NEXT WEEK IS THE JUSTIN BIEBER EPISODE!!111!!
(Wow, I wonder how many followers I will lose with the above sentence...)

Anyway, Sam sings Baby by Justin Bieber (which, as I found out a few days ago, has more lyrics than just "baby baby baby oh" and a whole rapping part) and then the some of the other boys want to form a Justin Bieber tribute band with Sam. :D.

And Lauren Z sings a solo!! Yay. But she gets nervous so she pictures the Glee Club members in their underwear. :P

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Footy is back!
Just the NAB Cup, but whatever.

Melbourne played on Friday night against both South Australia teams. And they won both games. Hahahaha. :).
Then, Collingwood played Carlton and Richmond, and beat both of them. :P

Dayne Beams with some back-bending and handballing skillz.

If you look very carefully at the photo, you can see Beams' new tattoo on the top of his leg.
Not sure if he has a premiership tattoo, but whatever. Instead of a simple one like the others, Beams will probably get some impressive and colourful artwork to depict the awesomeness of winning a Grand Final.

Anyway, it was a pretty cool match although Madagascar was on at the same time, and then The Naked Gun was on. I really need to sort out my priorities. :/.

Also, some of the rules were a bit weird. Like whoever is the last one to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds gets the free kick against them. They should just stick to the normal rules, that they have had for a long time and everyone is used to it.

Plus, they brought in the "third umpire". Like, Chris Dawes kicked a goal and the umpire went to the "third umpire" to check if it was a legit goal. It was, but it took FOREVER for them to check this. I hope they don't do this in the real football games. idk.

And then, last but not least, the interchange rules. For the real football matches, the AFL have brought in a NEW rule where there's only 3 on the bench and 1 substitute player (who wears a fluoro green vest). They want to limit the amount of interchanges each team does. Seriously? This rule will INCREASE the amount of interchanges, because there will only be 3 on the bench, meaning the players will want to be rested more often. And the substituted player is not allowed to play unless someone gets injured.

Why does the AFL make these rules? The rushed behind rule, the interchange rule, push in the back rule (last night, Taz just slightly touched someone's shoulder and the umpire gave the other guy a free kick. Taz did NOTHING. Just TOUCHED his shoulder. And another time, Taz shepherded so Steele could mark the ball but the umpire wasn't happy with the shepherd because Taz "bumped" him out the way. What even.) etc etc.

Whatever. :(.

So yeah.
Collingwood and Melbourne are into Round 2 of NAB Cup. :D.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, I know you guys don't like me blogging about Glee, but my therapist told me that it's good to write everything down... so here goes:

I watched the Christmas episode of Glee last night.
Yeah, I realise it is February, but whatever. :P
The best part about it: The episode only contained songs that I'd never heard of before. Like, Glee could've just chosen well-known songs like Jingle Bells or Deck The Halls, but that would've been a little cliche and predictable. :P

My thoughts:
Artie and Brittany. So cute.
Brittany still believes in Santa (!) and when she sat on Santa's knee, she wanted Artie to walk. Aw.
And Beiste (the football coach) put her husky voice to good use, and played Santa, convincing Brittany that it was impossible to get Artie to walk again.

And then, Brittany was all upset, so Beiste bought her something that allowed Artie to walk.
(It was called Re-Walk or something.)

Anyway, it was so sweet, watching Artie walking and Brittany so happy.
But what I want to know: HOW DID BEISTE AFFORD IT?
She's a teacher. Wait, not even a teacher-- a football coach. Seriously.

If football coaches were rich, Emma would've been more happy to marry Ken.
(No, seriously. Ken could've bought an awesome fast car and taken Emma for a wild ride, and then taken her to see Rocky Horror, and then bought red and green grapes to mix in a bowl together.)

Moving on.

Rachel and Finn.
It was so sad, when Rachel sang Last Christmas by Wham. Finn was so mean, being all like, "I've had two girlfriends in the past two years, and they've both cheated on me!"
Crybaby. Drama queen. :(Aww. ;)

Rachel was so cute. Yeah, she might be annoying and talk a lot, but she's probably one of my favourite characters. Don't judge me. :P

Kurt and Blaine.
They were so adorable singing together.
I hope they end up together. Perfect couple. :).

"I want chapstick. Lots and lots of chapstick".

Lauren Z.
"I want Puckerman to love me. He's such a fox. ...Oh and some sweet potato fries."

That's it.
(I also watching Good News Week. Josh Thomas was epic.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I worked in an op shop today. My second time. :)
It was pretty good, I just sorted books and clothes and stuff.

Interesting things I found/saw in the shop:
  • St Kilda scarf. Which had 2010 on it.
  • Justin Bieber book. A biography. With pictures.
Yeah. Someone donated a new St Kilda scarf.
Why would someone do that? I would never give away my Collingwood scarf even if they were the worst team in the universe.
People should stick by their team. St Kilda need all the support they can get, especially in this rough patch that they've found themselves in.

Glee is on tonight. Just so you all know. :P