Sunday, February 23, 2014


Last night was the Top 20 doing a bunch of dances and stuff, idek I tuned out through half of it.

Best parts:
Sam's dance (Sam-sational!)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
other stuff

I have no idea if they do eliminations next week, but I'll do some predictions anyway.

My Predictions:
Winner: Sam
My favourites (so far): Sam & Zoey
Eliminated: uhh idek i can't remember, I'll go with a blonde girl (there are too many and it's confusing???) and ummm maybe one of the guys who didn't take his shirt off (there was probs only one or two)

And yeah.
idk it was kinda boring, and I only paid attention to Sam's and Zoey's dances and now that they are paired up together, I'll only pay attention to one dance. Go figure.

(I hate it when you only tune into a reality TV show for one performance, and they put that performance at the very end. That's why I hated Australian Idol.)

Monday, February 10, 2014


but it's only the Top 100, and there's still two more to go :(
idk, I prefer the main shows, when it's down to the Top 20 or whatever
Like, I want to pick favourites but i can't get too attached b/c they mightn't make it through (cough Alex on Masterchef cough)

Okay okay, here goes... my favourites so far (based on little knowledge):

  • Sam (i giggled at "sam-sational" omfg)
  • all the guys with a ponytail (there are approx. 83747274 of them)
  • the hip hop tap dancer (dork)
see, i've forgotten all their names, oops

oh my god
ALEX FASOLO <3 div="" nbsp="">
and also Nathan Freeman and Taylor Adams and Timmy Broomhead and other babes are playing <3 div="">
oh my god
it's just a pre-season game but FOOTYBALL