Sunday, July 15, 2012


I went to Queensland for two weeks, if you didn't know, but of course you did because y'all missed me so much.
Anyway, first we spent a week in Airlie Beach (which is near the Whitsundays) and we went for walks and were amazed at how sunny and blue and cloudless the sky was.
And there was a Cold Rock and a Macca's near our hotel, but I managed to survive without stepping foot in either of them so yeah. :P
I did go to Subway for a meatball sub and ate a burger at some cafe which had free wi-fi but WHATEVER. Shut up.

Also, we watched the State of Origin at some pub, and I barely understood the rules and had to restrain myself from yelling "HOLDING THE BALLLL!!!11!!!" but yeah. Queensland won, which was good because we were in Queensland and my aunt was with us and she lives in Queensland so yeah. Also there were quite a lot of people cheering for NSW at the pub we were in, but I think that was just because NSW supporters would be rare in Queensland so those few NSW people had to scream extra loud.
Sport wasn't all good though, Pies lost to Carlton, which sucks monkey nuts ughhhh why no jfc i hate life blah.

And we went on a boat trip to see the Great Barrier Reef (or some part of it, idk whatever).
It was pretty cool, I went on a glass bottom boat and stuff to see the coral and other stuffs, and my parents and my aunt went snorkelling but I didn't because I suck at swimming and probably would've drowned.
Also, the boat trip on the way back was scary rough, but I managed not to vomit by eating ice and sitting down and not getting up to go to the toilet. And then, after all the scary rough waves and several people vomiting or close to it, it got a little calmer so they brought out some cake and I had several pieces of that  because you can never have enough cake even when you've just felt (slightly) queasy.

Then, because we couldn't get enough of scary rough seas or maybe because we're slightly insane, we went on a yacht/catamaran/boat to sail around the Whitsundays.
There was no TV on the boat which intensified my TV withdrawals and no TV and no interwebz makes Laura something something.
We went to Nara Inlet for the first two nights, and went on a walk and stuff. (From what I remember, it was sunny for the start of the boat trip, and then it became rainy around the middle of the week and horrible grey skies and then at the end, it became sunny again.)
After Nara Inlet, we went to Cid Harbour, and then sailed (no motoring, just the sail) to Butterfly Bay. Although we sailed most of the way, we motored at the end when it was scary rough and really scary and did I mention it was scary?
Then, after Butterfly Bay, it was back to Cid Harbour for some drastically horrible rain and grey sky. We still managed to go for a walk, so we put on our yellow raincoats and did a bushwalk and had to jump over several streams and raging rivers and we were all wet and soaked but it was kind of fun.
Then we went to Whitehaven Beach, because it's a famous beach so we had to go there. And we sat on the beach eating cheese and biscuits and the adults had champagne and I had Fanta, and then it rained and it was all misty and stuff. And the sky was 50 shades of grey. Or maybe just one shade of grey. I should write a book, omg.
Then we went to Hamilton Island (with a detour to Chalky's Island for snorkelling except, again, I didn't snorkel because of drowning and sucking at swimming, you know, the usual).
We managed to find a pub at Hamilton Island, which was awesome because the mighty Pies were playing against the sucky pussycats. And it turned out fabulously because the Pies beat the hopeless pussycats and we went to the top of the ladder which was awesome even if it was only for a few hours.

Also, I got to drive the boat for a bit, just for half an hour or something. It was pretty difficult, okay, or maybe I'm just stupid. I should add it to my learner's permit logbook. And for the wet/dry option, I'll put "wet, real wet". ...I watch too much Glee, shut up.

Anyway, overall, it was a pretty awesome holiday. I guess it was worth missing an episode of New Girl, two episodes of Hamish and Andy, three episodes of the Glee Project, and the episode of Winners and Losers that was filmed at Monash. ...Sigh.

But it is nice to be back in civilisation after that boat trip, even if it is a little cold and not being able to go outside for fear of hypothermia.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm going to Queensland tomorrow so obviously I won't be blagging much (not that I blag much anyway but you know whatever).

But yes, Pies beat Freo yesterday, so we remain on top of the ladder, where we belong. We may as well make ourselves at home there, you know, because we're awesome and good and everything. Also, I want that premiership cup so badly, if we miss out this year, I'm going all Lima Heights Adjacent on y'all.

And yeah.
I saw the last bit of the Pies/Freo game (just the last quarter as I was elsewhere). I saw Painey steal Daisy's goal (but they were all smiles afterwards), Mr Number-48-who-isn't-Jye-Bolton (Caolan Mooney) had two goal assists, and then I saw some other highlights on the Collingwood website e.g. where Fasolo does an AMAZING tackle and Painey gets the goal wheeeeeee~.
Also when Mr Number-48-who-isn't-Jye-Bolton got doused in powerade, I saw that online, it looked FUN. :P