Friday, January 29, 2010

My Tomorrow When The War Began Post. :D.

So, at the moment, I am re-reading Tomorrow When The War Began (shortened to TWTWB, kk).
I'm reading it again because the movie is coming out soon. In September, omg.
Here are some pictures and my comments:

Homer and Ellie. Homer was clearly my favourite character. Him and Ellie look good in this photo. This is sort of how I portrayed Homer, with the long-ish hair and stuff. idk.

Kevin and Corrie. I didn't really like Kevin the first time I read the book, and now I hate him even more because he's played by Lincoln Lewis. :/.
But Corrie. Omg, Corrie = awesome. Corrie is in the picture below too. RANGAAAAAAA, OMG. When I was re-reading the book, I must have missed the fact that Corrie had red hair. Oh well, I loved her anywayz.
I'm going to write spoilers in black writing (because the background is black) so DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THE NEXT PARAGRAPH UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK.
I was sad when Corrie died. It was like, "NOOO, NOT HER, ANYONE BUT HER!!111!!" And she was Ellie's bff and they used to have tea parties with dolls and stuff. Aw. And when her house got blown up, I was like, "OH NO THEY DIDN'T!"
(And I think Chris or Kevin dies too, but it was a long time ago since I read the Tomorrow series).

The picture above is of the country bumpkin Ellie. (Well, technically it's Caitlin Stasey but whatever). Omg. She's so cute on her bike, with her hat and stuff.
It's hard to see how Caitlin Stasey could pull off the ride-on mower scene and the bulldozer scene where Ellie cuts her head. Caitlin Stasey = so sweet. Ellie = so fierce. There's a difference, okay. Ellie is very Courtney-like, for all you Loathing Lola fans.

Anyhoo, I can't wait for the movie. :D.
The Tomorrow series is one of my favourite series of books.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So, I went to enrol at uni yesterday.
It was a huge place but I was able to find my way to the enrolling area. ;).
They gave us some sheets and booklets and brochures and a diary, etc.

And I was reading through the clubs which you can join at uni.
There's a Chocolate Society (yum!), a Book Club (for nerdy people who enjoy wine and quality French cheese), a Lord Of The Rings-type Club (win), and plenty of others.
And one of the sports you can do is Ultimate Frisbee. I KID YOU NOT. Omg, no way man.

And yeah. LOLL.

Also: I was listening to some countdown on Triple M and a few of the songs was Jump (y'know the one where they were jumpin' on the mattresses in Glee?), Somebody to Love (another Glee song, omg), Jack & Diane (Weird Al parodied this song, changing it to Homer and Marge, lol) and yeah. ;).

SYTYCDA is on Sunday, epic win. ^_____^
Except it's auditions. No offence, but Top 20 > auditions. Just sayin'.
Oh well.
And on the 7pm Project, Nat Bass was all like, "Umm, there's something that happens in audition week that changes everything upside down. Something they never expected."
And Nat Bass was likeee, "I'm sorry, I can't reveal it."
Fail to the Nat BASSTARD. :P.

Haha, I wonder if Nat goes around saying to people, "I'm Nat Bass" in a Chuck-Bass-style.
idk, whatever.

And the Biggest Loser starts on Sunday. Yay, because we all love the Biggest Loser... /sarcasm.
Why do they bother having the Biggest Loser? Can't they just send the fat people with Michelle and Shannon to an island where they have a training camp?
Or they could have Revenge Of The Fatties where the contestants go around to McDonalds and stuff and be like, "YOU MADE ME FAT, YOU MOFOS!" and "I'MMA GONNA TRASH YOUR STORE." And the fat people will throw burgers at the greasy-faced teenagers behind the counter. "COP THAT, BITCHES!"
I'd watch that. And the fat contestants can go to the airport and be like, "YOU MAKE ME BUY TWO SEATS? I'MMA GONNA CRUSH YO FOOL!" and they'll throw pies in the air hostess' faces. :P.

Actually, I'd go on the Biggest Loser just to do that. I wanna throw pies at people, omg. Me and my bff, Mitchie, can be all like, "TAKE THAT, MR WHIPPY, NOT ONLY DID YOU MAKE ME FAT, YOU GAVE ME SALMONELLA AND YOU GAVE MY CHILDREN SALMONELLA AND YOU GAVE MY CAT SALMONELLA AND I IS ANGRY."
Ah, good times.
I is bored.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, today, Apple released another product: the iPad.
(And no, it isn't a product to help with the layyydeeeees' menstrual problems...).
So, my first thoughts were: No, I'm not buying it. I've got an iPod, thank you very much.

But then I read THIS. ("THIS" as in "another blog where someone has discussed the iPad").
And I found out one feature of the iPad is to read books. Reading books on an iPad? BY GOLLY, WE'RE SAVING PAPER! SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT, OMG! :D.
Goodbye, library!
See you no more, bookshops!

So, I got all excited.
I hate going to the library because the book I want is never there.
I hate buying books from bookshops because the books cost, like 20 bucks, and I'm only going to read them once and shove them on a shelf, never to look at them again.
HENCE, this iPad is great. (Despite that the iPhone and iPod Touch already have an app for reading books... whatev).

And in the picture above, the iPad comes with one of those poke-y things, y'know. So, if your fingers are too fat, you can poke the buttons instead of pressing several buttons at once. (idk, I've never actually used an iPhone or anything so I wouldn't know the benefits of a poke-y thing. But whatever).

So anyway, I continue reading the aforementioned blog, and my excitement dies down.
There are different prices for the iPad, depending on what size you want and if you want wifi with 3G or without 3G.

The cheapest price is $499, which is for 16 GB and wifi.
The iPod touch is cheaper, isn't it? So, why not just buy an iPod Touch? You get the reading app with the iPod Touch, methinks.

Unless someone can tell me what else the iPad can do besides reading, I'll just stick with going to the library and re-reading books I already have. COP THAT, STEVE JOBS! :P.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


More pictures. ;).

Lady Gaga is amazing, lol. :D.

Yeah, alright, Sam, you're cute and all but quit stealing everyone's water. :/.

That's a day in the life of me. :).

And yeah.
It's Australia Day tomorrow.
Whatchu doing for Australia Day?
I'm probs just going to be sittin' around, doing nothing, y'know.
Anyone been watching the cricket or tennis lately?
Shane Watson = win.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Because I'm nice and all.

Aw, Pikachu is such a qt. ;).

The true story of Cinderella. :'(.

Turn to page three hundred and ninety four. :P.

And yeah.
Speaking of Snape, I watched Love Actually yesterday at my friend's 19th.
It was pretty funny. Good movie. :D.
I can't wait for TAYG and SYTYCDA to start this year. Omg.
(And yes, the acronyms are back. Deal with it).
But Channel 10 have put TAYG on Sundays. Whut, SYTYCDA is normally on Sundays, what is this? :/.
Y'know what else is normally on Sundays?
Anyhoo, Gabriella Cilmi and Operator Please are both producing an album very soon, omg.
I'm excited about Operator Please's new album, I love their music and always will. :D.
But I'm not as excited for Gabriella Cilmi's.
Her first album was amazing. But now, she's making her new album seem all "sexy" and stuff.
Why would Gabriella Cilmi want to seem sexy? She is a girl, she has girl fans. Those girl fans like her voice and her awesome singing voice, not her body.
So, I'm hoping no one buys her "sexy" album and Gabriella Cilmi learns from it and sticks to the stuff she's good at: singing.
Btw~, Ricki Lee did the same thing. She was a great singer, had a lot of girl fans, yet screwed up by working on her "sexyness" and doing "sexy" photo shoots and videos and performances and stuff. Like, at the Idol finale last year, Ricki Lee began her performance by climbing off a bed. :/.
Basically, if you are a singer, you got to work out who your fans are and work out what they want to see from you.
Gabriella Cilmi has no use having girl fans yet acting all sexy and stuff. Those girl fans aren't going to appreciate her sexyness (unless they are that way inclined) and won't be interested in it. Which will be a waste of Gabriella's time, making herself appear sexy.
And yeah.
That's all the ranting I'll do for today. ;).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, yesterday, the year 12's from last year (in Victoria... idk about other states) found out what course they got into.
And I got into Biotechnology at Monash. My first preference. :D.
Biotechnology (for those of you who don't know) is like a Science degree but more Biology and Chemistry. ^______^

One of my best friends got into Monash too (the same campus). Yay. Hopefully, the Science part will be close to whatever part my friend will be at. :).
And two girls in my Chemistry class (and maybe more, idk) got into Science at Monash. Omg. Hopefully, I have some of the same classes as them. idk.

And today, I went to see It's Complicated. With Meryl Streep and Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin and Hunter Parrish and John Whatever-His-Surname-Is (who is in The Office).
IT WAS SO FUNNY. Meryl Streep is such a good actor. Hard to believe she's 60 years old.

And Hunter Parrish was good. Better than he was in 17 Again, whut. HE WAS HORRIBLE IN 17 AGAIN. HORRIBLE. :/.

Also: John Whatever-His-Surname-Is. He played Harley. Harley was so good. SO GOOD.

And yeah. Good times. ;).
Now, I wanna see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Omg.

Friday, January 15, 2010


My collage pictures are awesome. :D.
The first one is with some of my favourite footy players. My bf, Harry, Jack Anthony, Tarkyn Lockyer, Juddy, Buddy, my twin, Richo and Dayne Beams.
I was bored, stfu.

And this next one features my favourite cricket players. :D.
Such as: My bff, Andrew McDonald (ranga), Cameron White (BundyRum), Little Huss, David Warner, MHuss and Shane Watson.

And yeah. Enjoy! ^_____^

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What's the time?!
IT'S JOKE TIMEEEE~! (As opposed to Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Hammer Time).
My comments are written in italics.

1. How does a butcher introduce his wifey?
Meat Patty!

2. How do you beat a vampire at poker?
Raise the stakes.

3. What's brown and sticky?
A stick!
My favourite joke, omg. Because you think the answer will be something rude but it's not. :P.

4. A sausage and an egg are frying away in a pan together, when the egg turns to the sausage and says "getting a bit warm in here..." The sausage looks over and says "ARRGH!!! A talking egg!"
Technically, the egg could just be like, "ARRRGH, A TALKIN' SAUSAGE!" because the sausage talked too. But oh well.

5. An Irishman and an Englishman walked into a bar. ...Surely, one of them would've ducked.

6. What do you call a deer with no eyes?
No idea.

7. What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
Still no idea.

8. If Richmond and Collingwood merged, what would the team be called?
Tiger Woods.

9. Why does E.T. have big wide eyes?
He saw his phone bill.

10. Why was Tigger looking in the toilet?
To find Pooh.

11. Why was Mickey Mouse looking in the telescope?
To find Pluto.

12. What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
Roamin' Catholic.

13. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
Fo' drizzle.

14. I put the SEXY in DYSLEXIA. :P.

Post your own jokes, kk. Funny or not, I still wanna read them. ;).

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday, despite the weather being 43 degrees, I ventured out of my house and went to my friend's 19th birthday (and her going away party).
It was great fun. :D.
We got there and just sat around and talked and stuff.
And then, there was a box of cookies (which my friend had made) and they were om nom nom. ^____^
And then, someone hid the cookie box and we were like, "NOOOOOO, WHERE DID THEY GO?"
But luckily, we found them again. Om nom.

And we played Sing Star. I had a go at singing Like A Virgin (which I failed at 'cause I only know the chorus...). Well, I would failed at every song 'cause I can't sing but WHATEVERRRR. :(.

And then, we played Jenga (which is a game that they played on TAYG where you have to take out the blocks in the tower and place them on top). It was quite difficult but very funny. :D.
After a while, we just built towers with the blocks. Good times. :).
It reminded me of primary school when we had those block thingies and we built towers with them. idk.

And there were balloons around so we started chucking balloons at each other. BALLOON FIGHT~! (As you do, lolwhut).
(Someone drew Mercedes' face on a balloon. I lol'd).

And the cake was om nom nom. ;).
Stay tuned for the next blog post: THE SUMMER WHERE I SURVIVED A HEATWAVE. *dun dun dun*.

And I really wanna see Alvin and the Chipmunks (the sequel one). Chipmunks are so cute, omg. I want one. ^___^

Saturday, January 9, 2010


...Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's got 13 followers on her blog... :D.

Anywayz, I went to Eden to visit Adam and Eve. We basically sat around eating apples from some tree and comparing our leaves. Whut.
There wasn't much rain so we didn't need to build an ark.

I know it's late but HAPPY NEW YEAR~!
What did you do on New Year's Eve? I went to the beach (which was, conveniently, right next to where we stayed) and watched the fireworks. It was fun. ;).

And I went to the movies to see Avatar. ^_______^
Epic win.
Sam Worthington was so good. :).

I came back to Melbourne today and I find out it'll be 40 degrees on Monday. Fail much? :/.
And soon, I find out which uni course I'm in. OH GOD, PLZ HOPE I GET INTO MONASH OR RMIT, PLZ. Scary.
I really want to get into Science (just a basic science degree) or Biotechnology (a science degree with more Biology).
Speaking of which, my inner nerd enjoyed this:

In my year 12 Specialist Maths class, we only learned gravity as 9.8. I'm glad this panda is more exact. I'm sure, in the future, we shall see some pandas building our bridges and fixing our cars, ain't that right, Mr Panda?

Anyhoo, I shall go now. Hehe. :D.