Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Remember some time ago when I related characters of Hunger Games to Glee characters?
Yeah, well, I'm bored again, so I'll now relate City of Bones characters to Glee ones.

Let's begin, shall we?

  • Marley Rose = Clary Fray. I mean, come on, absoutely adorable, both of them. And yes, Clary is a ranga and Marley's not, but ADORABLE. And they both love a guy who's like a badass but also a mega stud. And that guy loves Marley/Clary more than anything in the world and would never ever hurt her.
  • Jake Puckerman = Jace Lightwood. Both badasses and tough, but would do anything for the girl they like, and would never hurt them.
  • Sam Evans = Simon Lewis. So geeky and nerdy omg. Simon's in a band, Sam's in the glee club. Both play guitar. Did I mention adorable and geeky? Both of them love Star Wars.
  • Kurt Hummel = Magnus Bane. GAYGAYGAYGAY and loves glitter and fashion and cats.
  • Blaine Anderson = Alec Lightwood. The alpha gays. More manly than their respective partners, they were the pants in the relationship.
  • Quinn Fabray = Izzy Lightwood. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning but can be ruthless if need be. Both of them are in love with a nice geeky guy (Sam/Simon)
  • Tina Cohen-Chang = Maia. Kind of shy, I guess? But really nice sweet girl, yet if a guy mistreats her, watch out.
  • Artie Abrams = Jordan. Artie may have said some horrible things to Tina, but he didn't really mean them and loved her. Same with Jordan, except Maia/Jordan is endgame; and Artie/Tina is my fantasy.
  • Finn Hudson = Luke Garroway. MY DREAM GUY. Always helpful and selfless and so great (well, Finn tries to be helpful but he's a little thick) and they love their respective partners a lot. 
  • Rachel Berry = Jocelyn Fray. Rachel's somewhat annoying and Jocelyn is an overprotective parent. Same diff.
  • Sebastian Smythe = Sebastian/Jonathan. EVILLLL. 
Yeah, idk any others.
Please feel free to add your own in the comments. If anyone is reading this. Which I doubt it. 

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